Most Awesome React Datepicker Example 2023

React Datepicker

Looking for an interactive React Datepicker? Well then, you will find the best one for your project in this list of React DatePicker examples.

Well, we developers are always seeking ways to speed up projects and save time. For that purpose, libraries were created in order to prevent developers from developing the same thing repeatedly. It is simpler for web developers to share comparable functionality across applications thanks to frontend frameworks like React.

We’ll discuss three extremely useful React Datepickers libraries in this article. We will only be looking at freshly updated libraries, so bear that in mind. To make sure it will function on your project without requiring you to jump through a lot of hoops, this is done.

Well, while working on React projects, we highly recommend using the React Admin Templates. Using admin templates can be very helpful as they offer ready-to-use components and also provides amazing features. If you are unfamiliar with the admin templates, Admin dashboard templates are basically a collection of web pages created with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript or any JavaScript libraries used to construct the backend user interface of an online application. You can use them to build any kind of web app.

Now, let’s get to the datepickers.

What Is A ReactJS Datepicker?

Date pickers, often called popup calendars, date, and time pickers, or time pickers, are graphical user interface widgets that let users select a date from a calendar and/or a time from a time range. React datepicker components serve the same purpose. User interface components that are built on React.js include React Datepicker components. The most widely used libraries for React are now these straightforward reusable components.

A datepicker is generally a GUI widget that enables the user to view and choose days, months, years, etc. from the calendar. Additionally, it occasionally offers the option of selecting just the time or just the date. Then, it should come as no surprise that these widgets are known as the date and time pickers and time pickers, respectively. Therefore, React Datepicker is a Datepicker constructed using the React framework.

In simple terms, It is a way to simplify the end-user experience when using your site or app and make it more convenient. Let’s clarify what we mean by presenting a couple of small benefits of using this widget.

In case you are completely new to React, then do refer to the React Ecosystem.

The Benefits of React-Datepicker

Using a React Datepicker eliminates the chance that the end user will select any nonexistent dates, such as February 30th or, more realistically, September 31st; Many React Datepickers allow a choice of date ranges, thus, conveniently narrowing down the choice for the end user;

React Datepickers solve the problem of date format confusion. For example, if someone puts the date 05/06/2022. Does this date mean May 6th, 2022, or June 5th, 2022? Well, React date picker solves the confusion very well. It solves this problem and visually shows you and our hypothetical end-user what day of what month and in which year the hypothetical end-user has chosen.

So, as you can see, a datepicker might seem like a small and inconsequential widget, but it provides convenience to both users and admin. While working with ReactJS, it is recommended to keep in check the React Project Ideas For Beginners for inspiration.

Now, let’s head to the collection.

The Best React DatePicker Example:

A React Datepicker eliminates the need to write down dates by enabling visitors to specify or select dates with just their mouse when used on a browser-based version of a website. Giving the customer a choice is also a good touch because it’s preferable for them to have something than to need something they don’t.

The visual presentation of various date selections will be made simpler with the help of a React Datepicker. For instance, if the date isn’t available for selection, the widget will omit the option to select that date. Well, like the datepicker you can also use the Javascript Calendar Library.

Please carefully consider the examples, requirements, and specs before choosing any React DatePickers for your project. We suggest checking the  GitHub repositories for a thorough examination. Various React date pickers support various types of work. Thus, make sure you check if the prerequisites are fully compatible with your system, or install them first if required.

It is advisable to use React Static Site Generators while working on React projects to make eye-catchy websites and web apps.

Now, let’s check the list of useful React Datepickers Example 2023.

React Dates

React Datepicker

With more than 11.9k GitStars, this one is one of the oldest and most popular React datepickers. Originally created by Airbnb, this is a mobile-friendly, internationalized, and accessible date-picker library for the web. Momentjs is a peer dependency on which this React datepicker depends.

Also, take note that react-dates now uses react-with-styles as an abstraction layer between how styles are applied and how they are written rather than relying just on CSS. It has a ton of amazing features, like themes and custom attributes, that help you customize the date-picker to fit your unique requirements.


  • Date, date range picker
  • Localizable
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Accessible


React Datepicker

One of the most well-liked React datepickers available today is React-Datepicker by Hacker0. The fact that react-datepicker is written in English in its usual version is a drawback. So, if your forthcoming application or project is not in English, some fiddling about will be necessary to alter it. However, it is still straightforward and dependable, and a classic is always a good choice.

The best part about this library is that it includes examples of any use case you can imagine in its documentation. There are equivalent examples of things like adding date and time filters, utilizing custom class names and highlighting particular days. Their examples also make use of standard JavaScript, thus the programmer is free to choose any date library for date manipulation. However, it uses date-fns for localization.


  • Time, date, and date range picker
  • Adjustable
  • Accessibility
  • Localizable
Materio React  Admin Template

As shown in the above image, We have used this React JS Datepicker in our latest Materio MUI React NextJS Admin Template. It is the best React Admin dashboard template that can be used for any kind of web app such as:

  • SaaS platforms
  • Project management apps
  • E-commerce backends
  • CRM systems
  • Analytics apps and many more.

Furthermore, the Materio MUI React NextJS admin template comes with unique and useful tools such as Quick Search, Dark, Semi-Dark & Bordered layout options, Advanced cards, and Charts. In addition, it comes with the following features:

  • React Admin Dashboard with Next.js v12
  • Built with MUI Core v5 stable version
  • 100% React hooks & Functional Components
  • Redux Toolkit & React Context API & many more

The next one on the list of React Datepickers is React big calendar. Instead of the conventional tables-caption method, React Big Calendar utilizes a contemporary flexbox. Therefore, using it as an organizing tool or event calendar is preferred. Compatibility with the most recent browser versions, the ability to use custom stylings, and the availability of SASS files are all nice extras. It is a very useful Javascript Timeline Library.

Additionally, it has a fully functional Calendar component for organizing events and dates. It is incredibly snappy and performant because it lets the browser handle the bulk of the layout-related labor.


  • Customizable
  • Comes with 3 localizer
  • Easily accessible

Material UI Date/Time pickers

Material-UI is a High-quality & one of the most widely used ReactJS UI frameworks & component libraries in the world. Well, date and time pickers are a part of it. Furthermore, Material-UI has packaged its collection of date and time pickers separately. You will most likely need to use Material UI’s date and time picker if you’re utilizing it as the foundation for the UI elements of your project. Although you are limited to Material Design, this library has the advantage of still being highly customizable.

To select a single date, date pickers employ a dialogue window or an inbuilt popover. A filled circle designates the chosen day. A distinct color and type of weight denote the current day. Dialogue is used by time pickers to choose just one time (in the hours: minutes format). The formed circle at the end of the clock hand designates the specified time. Material Designed styled everything. This one is definitely worth looking into. It is the best react datepicker example.


  • Follows Material UI design
  • Date/time picker
  • Date library agnostic
  • Localizable

For example, you can check the Materio MUI React Admin Dashboard. This template uses the MUI Datepicker as well.

Materio React  Admin Template

Carbon Components Date Picker

React Carbon Component

It’s basically IBM’s version of Google’s Material Design Guidelines. However, Carbon supports Vue, Angular, Svelte, and even plain JavaScript, unlike Material UI, which is exclusively accessible for React. So you may employ this date picker if you wish to employ Carbon Design in your upcoming project.

A stunning enterprise-grade React components library that essentially meets all of the needs of designing modern apps is IBM’s Carbon Design System. It is thoroughly tested, maintained, and upholds the highest standards. A super-smart date/time picker with three primary features a straightforward date input, calendar pickers, and a time picker is included in the library. It is the best react datepicker example.


  • Consistent design
  • Date, time, date range picker
  • Localizable

React Day Picker

React Day

If you’re looking for a lightweight library for your project, choose this React datepicker example. It is one of the simplest libraries on the list. Despite its small size; it can offer all the typical functionalities date pickers require, plus more. Its basic design is quite straightforward, which makes customization simple. It includes built-in date utilities for manipulating and localizing dates. However if you like, you can utilize your preferred date library.

The fact that this library offers a long list of examples for practically everything you can do with it is one of its best features. For instance, you can choose to choose a date range or mark a certain day as disabled.


  • Date range picker
  • Calendar and text field input
  • Localizable
  • Customizable
  • Comes with its own date utilities

React Date Range

React Date Range Picker

A helpful React component that allows you to select a date range inside of an opening calendar and can even tell if you click elsewhere. This can be a valuable addition to any app because it relies on date-fns and has an 18K bundle size.

This kit is for you if you want a pleasant React datepicker example with minimal to no CSS adjustment on your end. Additionally, this library still offers a lot of customization options. The documentation and examples may use some refinement, but that is the only drawback. Therefore, if you want to add any unusual date range picker feature, you can run into some difficulties. Thus, it is one of the most used React Datepickers.


  • Stateless Data operations
  • Highly configurable
  • Multiple range selection
  • Based on native js dates
  • Drag n Drop selection
  • Keyboard friendly

React Native Datepicker

React Native datepicker
React Datepickers

TimePickerAndroid and DatePickerIOS, are popular web components for iOS and Android. Well, they are basically React Native DatePickers. This is one of the most well-liked repositories for the widely used React Native date picker. Additionally, a complete list of React native libraries can be found here.

You can check the Example above of its functioning in both Android & iOS.

React Date Time

A React.js component with a date and time picker. It can be utilized as a time picker, datepicker, or both at once. This is one of the very configurable React datepickers that even lets you change the milliseconds of a date. Besides, MomentJS is used for localization. It is the best react datepicker example.

As it is built on React it is suitable to use with React projects. In our React Admin Template, we have also used a similar React date picker as a form element in the template.


  • Date, date range, time picker
  • Localizable
  • Customizable
  • Accessible
  • TypeScript support

React Rainbow DatePicker

React rainbow datepicker

The next item on the list of React Datepicker examples is React Rainbow Date Picker, which is, in fact, a collection of UI components similar to Material UI. Therefore, if you already use React Rainbow, you will probably be forced to continue utilizing its date and time components. If not, you’ll need to adopt the entire library in order to use it. The date picker modal, DateTime picker, and date picker are all present.

It offers a variety of vibrant, high-quality, tried-and-true, usable, and attractive components. In fact, this collection has more than 80 of them. Each one may be downloaded separately using the link below, and each one will certainly make a lovely touch to your project.


  • Date, date range, time picker
  • Localizable
  • Accessible
  • TypeScript support


React date Picker

React-DateTime-Picker combines the functionality of the React time and date pickers into a single feature that is independent of moments. Additionally, no date library is required for this React date picker to work. It has a calendar display that may be changed to show a month, year, decade, or even century.

Because of its versatility, you can opt to make things like decade pickers and numbered weeks with various formats. So in some very particular use cases, this might be quite useful. Additionally, it has above 90% test coverage. It is the best react datepicker example.

  • Date, time, picker, and date range picker
  • Localizable
  • No date library dependency

Some Other Useful React-Datepicker:


Well, here we wrap our list of useful React DatePicker. As you can see, there are a variety of date picker libraries available. Some merely include a date picker component, while others have their own time picker component.

Given their widely used functionality, React time and date pickers are undoubtedly among the most widely used components in the open-source community. This list of individually helpful date and time picker components for React is intended to be a handy resource of pre-existing components that can be reused and modified rather than having to develop everything from scratch.

We hope this list of React datepickers helps you to choose the right date-picker. Do share it with your colleagues. Also, let us know in the comments below if you’ve tried a nice date-picker library that isn’t included in the list above. You may also find our collection of Bootstrap Date Range Picker & Vue Date Picker example helpful as well.

Apart from this, we also suggest using UI kits while working on any web apps as UI kits are very helpful to create appealing web apps. You can use the free UI kits as well.

In case you need the Typescript-based React Admin Template, you can check the best Typescript React Admin Template.

Happy Coding..!!

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