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10+ JavaScript Calendar Library and Plugin 2024

JavaScript Calendar Library

Calendars are a very important part when you are building a web or mobile application. Adding these calendars on your own can be a very difficult task and time-consuming. Hence, there are many JavaScript Calendar libraries out there that are useful when you want to add calendars to your web pages with multiple functionalitiesUsing these calendar js libraries can also save a lot of your time in development.

If you are looking for such libraries, then you will see here the list of the Best JavaScript calendar libraries. As a developer, using these libraries can save a lot of time and money but choosing the correct library becomes a very important part.

Hence, before directly jumping into the collection, let’s dig deeper into the advantages of a JavaScript calendar library and how you should choose the correct library for your project.

Why should you use JavaScript Calendar Libraries?

JavaScript Calendar Library

Source: Freepik

A JavaScript calendar library offers pre-written code snippets that can be easily integrated into your project to add calendars with multiple functions.

It helps developers as it eliminates the need to create calendars from scratch, providing tools to create interactive web apps.

Using a JavaScript calendar library gives you a wide range of customization options, templates for monthly, weekly, and daily views, easy-to-use schedulers, drag-and-drop event options, and more.

In addition, not only calendars but if you want to add an interactive and easy-to-understand timeline you can use JavaScript Timeline Library in your web apps and pages.

While working with JavaScript, you can also keep in check the best JavaScript Compilers and AI Coding assistants to boost your workflow.

Advantages of using JavaScript Calendar Libraries

  • Seamless User Experience
  • Backable Documentation
  • Great Outcome for Less Budget
  • Space to be Creative
  • Time-saving
  • Developer Community support
  • Avoid unnecessary code repetition.
  • Faster Websites
  • User-friendly, and many more…
Can I use the JavaScript Calendar library with other web development frameworks?

Yes, many JavaScript calendar libraries are designed to work with a variety of JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue JS, and Angular.

Does JavaScript need CSS to create a calendar?

No, JavaScript does not necessarily need CSS to create a calendar, but CSS can be useful for styling and formatting the calendar’s appearance. You can use JavaScript to dynamically generate the HTML elements and content that make up a calendar, such as the month, days, and events.

Criteria for a Good JavaScript Calendar Library.

1) Documentation

Documentation plays a very crucial role when selecting any library or framework. It helps you understand the library and simplifies its usage, saving you a lot of time.

Good documentation often includes sample codes, user guides, live demos, and tutorials, which kickstart projects without any issues. Every developer uses documentation because instead of figuring out the code themselves, they prefer using documentation to make their development easier.

2) Performance

The performance effect of a JavaScript Library on any web application is very important. If you are using a heavy JavaScript Library then it will indirectly affect your web page loading performance and visa-versa.

Hence, make sure you use performance testing tools like Lighthouse while using a bigger JavaScript library on your web page. I would prefer to opt for a smaller alternative if it offers more functionality.

3) Customization

If you are using a library that has more customization options then it can help you to give more variation and unlimited changes. Sometimes, you might have faced exceptional changes in your projects like changing the design, removing and adding functions, typography, etc.

Therefore, if you are using a customizable library that is easy to customize then you will not face any problems.

4) Compatibility

If your calendar app can work only on selective browsers and devices, it shows that your library is not compatible enough to work on every platform. Hence, the compatible criteria say that you need to make sure, that it works across all types of devices and all the major browsers.

5) User Experience

User experience is also important when you are choosing a calendar library. It should be easy to understand, simple design structure, and be visually appealing.

JavaScript Calendar Library

I hope this clarifies how to choose the perfect JavaScript Calendar library for your projects. Now, let’s jump into our list of the 10+ Best JavaScript Calendar libraries and plugins.

As a developer, adding multiple libraries can sometimes slow down your website. Therefore, I recommend using JavaScript Build Tools to enhance the speed, customization, configuration, and extensibility of your site.


FullCalendar JavaScript Library

FullCalendar is one of the most popular JavaScript calendar library that integrates popular front-end frameworks like React (Supports Next), Vue (Supports Nuxt), and Angular.

It features excellent documentation, covering integration, initialization, plugin packages, and CSS customization.

It also has a demo that lets you test features like drag-and-drop events, resource timelines, time grids, selectable dates, themes, and time zones.

FullCalendar offers both free and premium versions, with the premium version including Timeline View, Vertical Resource View, and printer-friendly rendering.


  • Vertical Resource View
  • Timeline View
  • Day Grid View
  • Date Navigation
  • Date-Nav Links
  • Date Clicking and Selecting
  • Multiple Themes and many more…



npm install @fullcalendar/core @fullcalendar/interaction @fullcalendar/daygrid

I recommend checking the license and support for more information. For usage examples, see the calendar app in the Materio MUI React Next.js Admin Template, which covers all basic calendar features. For chart libraries, refer to the collection of React Chart Libraries.

Materio MUi React next.js Admin Template calendar view

The Above Screen is taken from Materio MUI React Next js Admin Template. It is the Most Powerful Admin Panel that is not only responsive but it is developer friendly and easy to use. Besides, we’ve followed the highest industry standards to bring you one of the very best Materials Design React Admin Templates.

Moreover, this MUI React Next JS Admin Template is not only fast and easy to use but also highly scalable.

Also, available in the Django Admin Template version:

materio bootstrap django admin template

TUI Calendar

TUI JavaScript Calendar Library

TUI known as Toast UI is an open-source featured rich calendar library built on JavaScript.It is available in plain JavaScript, React, and Vue, with packages available on GitHub

It offers multiple view types such as monthly, weekly, daily, and bi-weekly. In addition, You can easily drag events and resize schedules.

Furthermore, it doesn’t matter whether you are having Monday or Sunday as a first day, TUI can easily change the start day of the week. The JavaScript Calendar Library supports many customizing options like date and schedule information, UI by theme, header & footer of a grid cell, and many more.


  • Monthly, Weekly, Daily, and Various View Types
  • Easy to Use: Dragging and Resizing a Schedule
  • Ready to Use: Default Popups
  • Supports adjusting a schedule by mouse dragging
  • The narrow width of the weekend, and many more…



  • MIT License


npm i @toast-ui/calendar

DayPilot Lite

Daypilot Lite JavaScript Calender Scheduler

DayPilot LiteΒ is an open-source JavaScript calendar and Scheduler library with UI components. It helps you to build calendars in your scheduling, project management, and resource booking applications very quickly.

If you are looking to create, move, and resize your events by simply dragging and dropping then you must consider using DayPilot Lite. It has an advanced date picker so that you can easily change the calendar date by highlighting busy days, free-hand range selection, CSS styling, week numbers, and many more.

This featured reached calendar js library supports custom event data properties to adjust the appearance of individual events. Also, you can translate the calendar automatically by setting a custom locale. Furthermore, it is not only available in plain JavaScript but it supports major frameworks like Angular, React.js, and Vue.


  • Integrated delete icon
  • Resource calendar that displays custom columns (people, tools, rooms)
  • Custom number of columns
  • Resource calendar that displays custom columns
  • Custom event data properties, and many more…


  • Apache License 2.0
  • Attribution is Required


V Calendar

Vcalendar is primarily not a Calendar library but it is a Calendar and Vue Datepicker Component that offers a versatile and wide range of feature-rich date-picking solutions.

It is lightweight and offers a flexible API that enables developers to integrate customizable calendars into web applications easily.

VCalendar supports single, multiple, and range date selections, making it suitable for a variety of use cases from simple date pickers to complex booking systems.


  • Single, Multiple, and Range Date Selections
  • Highly Customizable
  • Popovers and Modals
  • Touch-friendly UI
  • Event Handling
  • Localization, and many more…



npm i --save v-calendar


  • MIT License

Scheduler: JavaScript online calendar

Scheduler JavaScript Widget

Scheduler is an online JavaScript calendar widget that integrates easily with any business web app or project. Its customization options allow you to add calendar functionality effortlessly to your web pages.

Scheduler supports various view modes, including fullscreen, compact, agenda, today, day, week, and month views. You can add new events using drag-and-drop or familiar hotkeys (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-V).

Additionally, you can create and edit events, including recurring ones, and set their color and channel. This premium JavaScript calendar widget is perfect for creating an awesome calendar with its simple design and customizable functionality.


  • Classic online calendar
  • Working schedule planning
  • Easy frontend integration
  • Easy setup and customization
  • Division into sections
  • Drag and drop event mode, and many more…


  • Custom Pack: From $848
  • Company Pack: From $2499
  • DevTeam Pack: From $3999
  • Unlimited Pack: From $9499


Vanilla CalendarJs Plugin

Vanilla calendar.js is a simple and featured rich built on plain JavaScript without using additional packages. It’s lightweight, with a size of approximately 37.3 KB (9.9 KB gzipped).

As I said Vainilla is written in pure JavaScript you can use this plugin with any framework or library like Vue, React, or Angular. Moreover, you will get many calendar types and methods like months, days, years, weeks, etc.

The plugin includes comprehensive documentation and a demo section with examples like popup info, disabled selection, date range, time management, and multiple select days. This makes Vanilla Calendar.js one of the best open-source calendar libraries.


  • Select the time directly in the calendar
  • Does not initialize week numbers
  • Easy to change on the First day
  • Supports Language localization
  • Customize the calendar name to fit your design and many more…



npm install vanilla-calendar-pro
# or
yarn add vanilla-calendar-pro


  • MIT License

MobiScroll- Modern Javascript event calendar

Mobiscroll Modern JavaScript Event Calendar

Mobiscroll is a premium Modern JavaScript event calendar and you can use it on JavaScript-based mobile and desktop web apps. The calendar view supports single to multiple-week views with various ways to render events

The Calendar JS library also supports a scheduler with a time grid for managing the selection and execution of multiple tasks. The timeline view comes with customizable month, day, and week views, built-in resources, event D&D, and CRUD operations.

In the Agenda, you can list out the events for any range grouped by days. You will get easy-to-understand documentation and examples for each feature to quickly get you started on your projects. In addition, in the demo, you will get a Mobile and desktop view in IOS, Material, and Windows OS for a more detailed overview.

Also, if you are working on a project, then we recommend using an Admin Dashboard Template and Design UI Kit as the pre-made components and UI elements will help you to accelerate your development process.


  • Week, month, and year views
  • CRUD Operations
  • Resource Support
  • Supports Third-party calendar integrations
  • Fully Responsive and many more…


  • Pre Framework License: $595 (Customized)

DHTMLX-JavaScript Scheduler Event Calendar

DHTMLX JavaScript Calendar Library

JavaScript Scheduler is a JavaScript calendar library inspired by a Google-like event calendar having more than 10 component views. It’s a premium library that is loaded with many useful features. It has a Clean UI and appearance which is highly customizable which every developer is looking for.

It gives you a timeline view which helps you visualize events horizontally and separate the timelines arranged from left to right. In addition, you can specify a custom template for the content of cells in all modes of the Timeline view.

You can also create multi-section events with this Feature-Rich JavaScript Scheduler – Event Calendar. If you want to create one task for several team members then you can easily create such operations with this premium calendar js library.

Furthermore, with this calendar js library, you will get understandable documentation and many types of samples like bar mode, cell mode, tree mode, days as timeline, and many more.


  • 1500+ demos and samples
  • Wide range of views
  • Extensive JavaScript API
  • Online export service
  • Timeline view
  • Well, Documented and many more…


  • Individual: $599
  • Commercial: $1299
  • Enterprise: $2899
  • Ultimate: $5799

Color Calendar

Color Calendar

Color Calendar is a customizable JavaScript Calendar library to show events on your calendar. It comes with 2 beautiful themes basic and glass theme. It is built on plain JavaScript with no dependencies.

Moreover, you can show your events in multiple calendar views like, daily, monthly, and weekly. This open-source library is Fully customizable using CSS variables, passing options parameters while creating a calendar, or overriding CSS.

You will get the documentation on the GitHub page and npm regarding the features and components information for this calendar js library.


  • Zero dependencies
  • Add events to the calendar
  • Perform some action on the calendar date change
  • Month and year picker built-in
  • Themes available, and many more…



npm i color-calendar


  • MIT License



Calendar.js is a drag-and-drop event calendar built on JavaScript and compatible across all major browsers. If you are looking to add a simple calendar that is responsive as well then you may consider using this open-source library.

You can add, remove, and update the events with full-color customization. It supports Daily, monthly, weekly, and all event views where all the events can easily be dragged and dropped. Furthermore, it is fully styled in CSS/SASS (including the buttons) and compatible with the Bootstrap library.


  • Full API is available via public functions.
  • Custom event groups
  • Browser notifications for events
  • DatePicker mode
  • Drop file support
  • HTML text support, and many more…



    npm install jcalendar.js


    • GPL-3.0 license


    And there you have it! The best JavaScript calendar libraries and plugins you should consider using in your web apps and pages. As mentioned all the libraries are handpicked and we have kept all the above criteria in mind while selecting them.

    The main advantage of these JavaScript libraries is that it allows you to do more with less code. As a developer and designer, you always need to offer value to your projects, and using these libraries can help take one step further.

    In the end, it will depend on individual needs and requirements. If you are looking for a fully functional calendar js library then we would recommend using FullCalendar. If you are looking for a simple calendar then Daypilot Lite and Vanilla Calendar are good to go but as we said all the calendar libraries are best so choose what best fits.

    Moreover, if you’re a React developer and want to add animations to your web pages, then we recommend using the React Animation Library to add interactive and creative animations.

    Apart from this, we also suggest using UI kits while working on any web apps as UI kits are very helpful to create appealing web apps. You can use the free UI kits as well.

    We hope you find this article helpful and noteworthy make sure to share it with your friends and colleagues.

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