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10+ Useful JavaScript Timeline Library 2024

JavaScript Timeline Library

Searching for the best Javascript timeline library for your project in 2024? Well then, you are at the right place.

Whenever we want to display information about events in chronological order on our webpage we prefer to use Timelines. It helps to narrate the story beautifully and it makes it visually appealing.

Now, if you want to show timelines on your websites, a worthy JavaScript timeline library will be beneficial to save a lot of your time. Hence, to speed up your development process we have created a list of the best free and open-source JavaScript timeline libraries.

Before jumping directly to the list, let’s first understand Javascript and timeline libraries and why you should use them.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a programming language that is widely used among web developers to create strong, interactive, and responsive web apps, pages, servers, games, and many more. According to research, 98% of websites use JavaScript on the client side and Web pages from their many third-party libraries based in JS.

We at ThemeSelection also use JavaScript in the development of our products like React Admin Templates, Bootstrap Admin Templates & VueJS Admin Templates.

Furthermore, it was introduced in 1995 for adding programs to webpages after that it has been adopted by all the other web browsers. JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language that uses prototypes instead of using classes for inheritance.

While working with JavaScript, you can also keep in check the best JavaScript Compilers and AI Coding assistants to boost your workflow.

What are the advantages of using JavaScript?

Using JavaScript Build Tools to optimize your site’s size and speed and simplify the management of 3rd party dependencies is highly recommended.
– Simplicity
– Speed
– Versatility
– Updates
– Server Load, and many more…

Why JavaScript Timeline Libraries?

As I said earlier, JavaScript is the most used scripting language and the popularity of JavaScript is increasing a lot.  The main reason for its popularity is its top-notch libraries which are very useful in saving a lot of time in development.

Timeline libraries are found to be very useful in narrating a story in chronological order in this digital world. It can help the reader to understand complex data in a very simple manner. It includes the growth of a company or a person, planning your projects and tasks, or illustrating events or activities in chronological order.

The major benefit of using timelines on a web page or app as it gives the reader exact information in an orderly manner. This is the main factor why the popularity of the Javascript timeline library is gradually increasing.

What are the advantages of using Timeline Libraries?

– Easy to track Progress
– Easy to analyze
– Helpful for Organizing facts
– To be more Specific
– Knowledge Sharing, and many more

How to add Timelines in your web apps?

Adding a timeline in your web apps depends upon your needs. If you’re using WordPress then there are many timeline plugins available. You can also use a JavaScript timeline library to easily add timelines in your web apps instead of building them from scratch!

Materio Bootstrap HTML Admin Template

Javascript Timeline Library

Now, without wasting any time let’s start the list of best Javascript Timeline libraries. We have collected many timelines based on Vanilla JS and many JavaScript frameworks like ReactJs, Angular, and VueJs.

We suggest you use IDE while working on your projects. IDE in Programming boosts your work and saves your time by providing the best development environment.

Now, let’s start the list of JavaScript Timeline Libraries 2023.


Timesheet is an open-source and relatively well-known timeline library. This Library is built on HTML 5 and CSS3. Moreover, using this JavaScript timeline library you can create a simple meline that can be embedded into an HTML file.

Moreover, it comes under the MIT license and the functionality of this timesheet is very basic. You need to have some familiarity working with calling JavaScript files and functions while using this library.

The advantage of this library is when the user uploads all the components to his/her web hosting there is no risk of tool breaking. It’s because the source host removes or updates the tool.


  • MIT Licensed


  • 6.9k stars
  • 591 forks


Labella.js is an open-source time library built fully on Javascript. It was designed to create packed timeline labels. There are some timelines in which you have to put a lot of labels because they happened in a very short period.

Now, here you can mark the time with a dot, but a label having the information of that time will take more space. Hence, this will create chances of overlapping and this makes the timeline massed with information.

Labella.js can handle this issue of label packing very easily where you can create labels as you can. you can also check their interactive demo to create your packed timeline labels.


  • Apache Licensed 2.0


  •  3.8k stars
  • 143 forks


React-Chrono is an open-source React package that is used to create beautiful-looking timelines. It allows you to display the information in three formats i.e. horizontal, vertical, and vertical-alternating. Moreover, you can add images, videos, icons, or any other custom items to make the timeline more informative.

This open-source Javascript timeline library is built on TypeScript. Moreover, you can customize your timeline by customizing colors, icons, emoticons, alt text for buttons, Font sizes, and many more.

While working on the React project, for faster development we suggest you use Materio – MUI React Next.Js Admin Template to build premium-quality single-page applications with ease.

Just look out to the Materio Timeline page where you can see the result of using the Horizontal layout from React-Chrono. The timeline shows the basic updates and the information shown is also in a very structured manner.

Materio Timeline Page

Available in Django Admin Template version.

materio bootstrap django admin template

Vertical Timeline

Verticle Timeline by Codyhouse is an open-source timeline library built on CSS3 and JavaScript. It supports bounce animation that affects desktop users while on mobile the structure becomes minimal.

Verticle Timeline comes with handy documentation and a useful demo to create the structure and understand it perfectly. Moreover, you can customize the style and handle the events in the timeline as per your needs.


  • MIT Licensed


  • 557 Stars
  • 179 Forks

Furthermore, for reference, you can check the Verticle Timeline component that we have used in the Sneat Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin TemplateIt clearly shows the status and information required as a basic Timeline. Sneat is the best Bootstrap Dashboard Template.

Also, if you want the Design UI Kit then check out its Sketch UI Kit.

Sneat sketch admin dashboard ui kit

Vis Timeline

If you are looking for a data visualization library to create interactive timelines and 2D Graphs then look no further than Vis Timeline library. It is an open-source JavaScript timeline library that comes with many features with easy customization.

Furthermore, to reduce the items away from mixing you can divide the events or data as per your need. In addition, you can move the timeline or zoom in and out to fit the items on the screen. The timescale in Vis-Timeline ranges from milliseconds to years which will adjust automatically as per the events and data.

Vis-Timeline comes with a wealth of documentation so that you can easily learn the contents of the library. Hence, you can use the documentation to start using the timeline quickly in your projects.


  • MIT Licensed


  • 1k stars
  • 199 forks


TimelineJS3 is a well-known open-source JavaScript timeline library. It has been used by many popular websites like Time, Mashable, Engadget, CNN, and many more. You can easily create your timeline by using the official authoring tool.

A step-by-step guide coming with this library will help you to create the timeline, and then you can embed the timeline into your website by adding a line of code.

In addition, you can also instantiate your timeline on your website instead of embedding it. This will help you to easily customize your timeline as per your events and information.


  • MPL-2.0 Licensed


  • 2.5k Stars
  • 561 Forks

React Calendar Timeline

React Calendar Timeline is a modern and responsive timeline component based on React. It is an open-source library in which there are basic functionalities of the timeline that include panning, zooming, and rendering of items.

In addition, you can easily move, resize, and drag the events and elements as per your need in the timeline. You can also change the content of the item on the calendar while creating the timeline.


  • MIT Licensed


  • 1.6k Stars
  • 503 Forks

React Vertical Timeline

React Vertical Timeline is very useful in creating an interactive and eye-catching Timeline. It’s an open-source library built on React.Js and CSS. If you want to create some animations in your timeline then this library will be the best fit for you.

In case you need an admin template for your project then we suggest Materio MUI React NextJS Admin Template. It is by far one of the best React Admin Templates.

As you can see in the demo, you can see there is a bounce effect given for each event which makes the timeline more interactive. Moreover, it also comes with useful documentation which will help you to learn about this library and create this type of timeline.


  • MIT Licensed


  • 820 Stars
  • 129 Forks


TimelineJs Javascript Chart Library

Timeline.Js  is a name similar to TimelineJS3 but they are both different from each other. It is an open-source JavaScript library that comes with a variety of options to customize the timeline on your own.

This timeline library supports making changes in the direction of the timeline and the autoplay speed. Hence, you can add your custom styling and create your timeline easily.


  • Open Source


  • 173 Stars
  • 67 Forks


As the name suggests, Chronoline.js is an open-source JavaScript timeline library that shows events and information in chronological or horizontal order. Moreover, the events and information can be shown quarterly, monthly, weekly, or day timeframes.

This timeline library only requires a list of events and their dates and it can do the rest itself. In addition, it generates events, deadlines, and schedules automatically as per the data.

Also, It uses jQuery and can’t function without raphael.js.


  • MIT Licensed


  • 591 Stars
  • 79 Forks


Angular Javascript Timeline Library

Angular-Timeline is a timeline library that creates, a responsive, data-driven vertical timeline for your events, story, and history. No doubt you can use this timeline library for multiple uses.

It’s an open-source library that is built on HTML, CSS, and Angular.js. You can create stunning timelines easily by entering the events and embedding them directly on your websites. While working on Angular projects,  you must also use Open-source Angular Admin templates as they will help you to create stunning apps in less time.

Moreover, you can also try their demo to create your timeline. There are many options like adding a New Event, shifting to the Left Side and Right Side, or Alternate Sides.


  • MIT Licensed


  • 414 Stars
  • 109 Forks


So here is a useful list of the best JavaScript timeline libraries that you can consider using in your project. Timelines have become a very important part of the technology world. Hence, As a developer, you may have to create a beautiful and interactive timeline for your projects. In addition, this open-source list will surely help you select the correct Javascript timeline library.

All of the JavaScript libraries are open source and are very useful to save a lot of your time in the developing process. In addition, you can also use premium and Free Admin Templates to kickstart your project by using these open-source admin Templates.

Moreover, while selecting the best fit I would prefer that you must know your exact requirements. You should always choose the timeline library based on the type of events and data going to be used in the timeline.

Along with Timeline Library if you are looking to add Form Validation to your web pages then you must use JavaScript Form Validation Library.

Apart from this, we also suggest using UI kits while working on any web apps as UI kits are very helpful to create appealing web apps. You can use the free UI kits as well.

Hence, select a correct timeline library that will lead you to create interactive timelines and tell your story, events, and information that is easy to understand. Kindly share it with your friends and colleagues

Happy Coding!

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