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Top 10 Open Source Next JS Boilerplate in 2024

next js boilerplate

Looking for the best Next JS Boilerplate? Then bookmark this collection for the best Next JS boilerplate 2024.

What is Next JS?

Next.js is a framework created by Vercel. It is open-source and based on Node.js and Babel. Next.js integrates with React for developing single-page apps. This makes server-side rendering very easy. That’s why it is one of the favorite choices of ReactJS developers across the globe. They also recommend using Next JS Admin Templates while working on React Projects.

Apart from that, Next.js supports static export, and pre-rendering and has many more nice features like automatic building size optimization, faster developer compilation, and a preview mode.

We recommend using the best IDE in Programming to boost your workflow. IDEs can help you work effectively and also save you time by providing you with the best development environment.

What are the features of Next JS?

– Server-side rendering (SSR)
– Static export (SSG)
– Pre-rendering
– Automatic build size optimization
– Faster development compilation

Before jumping on to the collection we recommend checking Next js Projects for inspiration. It will surely help you to improve your developing skills

Should I learn React before Next JS?

Next.js is a framework built on top of React that uses React as its underlying library for building user interfaces. Therefore, having a good grasp of React’s fundamentals, such as components, state, props, and JSX syntax, will make it easier to understand and work with Next.js.

What Is a Boilerplate?

Well, a boilerplate is a unit of writing that can be reused over and over without change. By extension, the idea is sometimes applied to reusable programming, as in “boilerplate code.”

In computer programming, boilerplate code, or simply, boilerplate are sections of code that are repeated in multiple places with little to no variation.

When using languages that are considered verbose, the programmer must write a lot of boilerplate code to accomplish only minor functionality. To know more, go through the detailed article on Boilerplate in Programming

What are the advantages of using Boilerplate code?

– Good and Readable Documentation
– Code structure with a deeper abstraction level
– Follows Proper Coding Standard
– Has CLI tool (for rapid prototyping and setup)
– Scalable
– Easy testing tools

How can boilerplates improve the code structure?

It improves the code structure by providing a starting point for developers to create consistent and standardized code. In addition, it saves time and effort by not having to create the same code again. As a result, it gives developers more consistent code based on its scalability.

Following is the list of Next Boilerplates you can use for your project.

Next JS Boilerplate:

These are some of the best next boilerplates that you can keep in check. In case you want to learn Next js in-depth then we recommend checking the Best Next JS tutorial for beginners.

Now, let’s start the collection.

CMS Cosmic

CMS Cosmic Next JS Boilerplate

Well, the next boilerplate on the list is CMS Cosmic. It is a statically generated blog example using Next.js and Cosmic.

How to Use?

Execute create-next-app with npmYarn, or pnpm to bootstrap the example:

# with npx
npx create-next-app --example cms-cosmic cms-cosmic-app

# with yarn
yarn create next-app --example cms-cosmic cms-cosmic-app

# with pnpm
pnpm create next-app --example cms-cosmic cms-cosmic-app

Medusa NextJS Starter

Medusa Ecommerce

The Medusa Next.js Starter is a boilerplate pre-configured for Medusa giving you an end-to-end ecommerce setup including product pages, search, check-out, and more. Medusa will handle all the ecommerce essential ecommerce logic such as carts, products, and orders with its open-source modules.


Before you can install and use Medusa, you need the following tools installed on your machine:

  • Node.js v16+
  • Git
  • PostgreSQL. The PostgreSQL server should also be running during your installation process.


  • App Router support, SPR, and Server Components support
  • Open-source UI components
  • Search with Algolia / MeiliSearch
  • Checkout with PayPal and Stripe
  • Responsive design

How to use it?

  • In your terminal, run the following command:
npx create-medusa-app@latest
  • Specify Project Name, You can use the default <strong>my-medusa-store</strong>
  • Enter an admin email, you can use the default <strong>admin@medusa-test.com</strong>

For further information, check the official guide.

NextJS starter Boilerplate – NextJS 14 Boilerplate

Next JS Starter Boilerplate

It’s an open-source boilerplate and NextJS starter template kit built on the latest technology to create SEO-friendly and production-ready projects. Furthermore, it has all the Next js pages are statically generated by default. You can easily switch to SSR adding getServerSideProps to your page.


  • Node.js 20+ and npm


  • NextJS 14
  • Strict Mode for TypeScript and React 18
  •  E2E Testing with Cypress
  • Storybook for UI development
  • Visual testing with Percy (Optional)
  •  SEO metadata, JSON-LD, and Open Graph tags with Next SEO
  • Automatic changelog generation with Semantic Release, and many more…

Tech Stacks:

  • Next.js
  • TypeScript
  • ESLint
  • Prettier
  • Husky
  • PostCSS
  • Tailwind CSS

Getting Started:

  • Run the following command on your local environment:
git clone --depth=1 https://github.com/ixartz/Next-js-Boilerplate.git my-project-name
cd my-project-name
npm install
  • Then, you can run the project locally in development mode with live reload by executing:
npm run dev

Nextron – Next.JS 14 Boilerplate

Nextron Next JS Boilerplate

Nextron is a NextJS boilerplate that is based on Electron. This helps develop cross-platform desktop applications with a modern web stack.

Tech Stacks:

  • Typescript
  • Javascript
  • Shell


  • NextJS 14
  • Show a way of developing desktop apps with only web knowledge
  • Easy to use
  • Be transparent and open to OSS developers
  • Cross-platform support (Windows, macOS, Linux)

Getting Started:

  • To create the examples/with-tailwindcss, run the command below:
# with npx
$ npx create-nextron-app MY_APP --example with-tailwindcss

# with yarn
$ yarn create nextron-app MY_APP --example with-tailwindcss

# with pnpm
$ pnpm dlx create-nextron-app MY_APP --example with-tailwindcss
  • Run npm run dev, and Nextron automatically launches an electron app.
  "scripts": {
    "dev": "nextron"
  • Run <strong>npm run build</strong>, and Nextron outputs packaged bundles under the dist folder.
  "scripts": {
    "build": "nextron build"


Superplate Next JS Boilerplate

A well-structured production-ready frontend boilerplate with Typescript, Jest, testing-library, styled-component, Sass, CSS, .env, Fetch, Axios, Reverse Proxy, Bundle Analyzer, and 30+ plugins. For now, only creates projects for React and Next.js.

Tech Stacks:

  • ReactJS
  • NextJS
  • Typescript
  • JavaScript
  • Refine


  • 30+ plugins
  • Customizable templates
  • Pre-configured with ESLint and Prettier
  • Built-in support for internationalization (i18n)
  • Ready-to-use authentication with NextAuth.js
  • Integration with Storybook for UI development

Getting Started:

  • Install npx
  • To create a new app without using presets, run the following command:
npx superplate-cli my-project

Next JS PWA Firebase Boilerplate

Superplate Next JS Boilerplate

The Next js boilerplate can be useful in creating a progressive web app. In addition, it can be suitable for any project where you want React (with Hooks) (with static site generation (SSG) or server-side rendering (SSR), powered by Next.js) as frontend and Firebase as backend.

Tech Stacks:

  • NextJS
  • React
  • Firebase
  • TypeScript


  • Login/Signup with Firebase Authentication.
  • Can use SSG getStaticProps or SSR getServerSideProps.
  • SEO support with sitemap.xml and robots.txt
  • Google Analytics and google-site-verification support
  • Flexible configuration
  • Code linting and formatting with StandardJS, and many more…

How To Get Started?

  • Clone this repository
git clone https://github.com/tomsoderlund/nextjs-pwa-firebase-boilerplate.git [MY_APP]
cd [MY_APP]
  • Remove the <strong>.git</strong> folder since you want to create a new repository
rm -rf .git
  • Install dependency: yarn # or npm install
  • Start it by doing the following:
yarn dev
  • In production:
yarn build
yarn start

Materio – MUI Free React Next.js Admin Template (The Best Next JS Admin Template Free)

Materio MUI React NextJS Admin Template Free

Materio Free MUI React NextJS Admin Template is a highly versatile and customizable dashboard template designed for developing complex and scalable admin panels and dashboards. This NextJS Admin template free is built using the latest technologies like ReactJS 18, NextJS 13, and Material UI v5, which provide the user with a smooth and efficient development experience.

With a modern and sleek design, this template is ideal for creating responsive and user-friendly web applications. Besides, it offers a wide range of features, including pre-built pages, and widgets, making it easy for developers to create beautiful and functional admin panels.

Moreover, this dashboard template free and comes with a comprehensive documentation guide, making it easy for developers to get started and make the most out of the template. With its extensive features and ease of use, this template is an excellent choice for building professional and robust web apps.


  • Based on MUI And Next. js
  • Simple vertical menu
  • 1 Simple Dashboard
  • Simple from layouts
  • Basic Cards, Tables
  • 1 Chart Library and many more

Check the Figma Version:

Materio Figma UI kit is one of the best UI Kits to use.

materio figma ui kit

You can also check the above Dashboard in the Vue version. The Vue Admin we have created is fully responsive as well as developer-friendly.


Simple starter Next JS Boilerplate

NextSimpleStarter is a minimalistic NextJS boilerplate designed to kickstart your project with essential configurations and a clean structure.

Tech Stacks:

  • NextJS
  • React
  • Styled-Components


  • Simple and clean setup
  • Styled-Components for styling
  • Pre-configured with ESLint
  • Ready-to-use deployment configurations

Getting Started:

  • First, run the development server with <strong>npm run dev</strong>.
  • Navigate to http://localhost:3000 on your browser.
  • Start editing the page by modifying <strong>pages/index.js</strong>. The page auto-updates as you edit the file.

Nextjs Netlify Blog Template

Nextjs netlify blog template

Next.js blogging template for Netlify is a boilerplate for building blogs with only Netlify stacks. Besides, this is one of the best Next JS Templates that is also built with CMS to allow editors to modify the content in the quickest way. Furthermore, it organizes content by tags and also displays the author names who wrote the post.

Tech Stacks:

  • NextJS
  • React
  • TypeScript


  • Author: displays author names who write a post
  • Tagging: organizes content by tags
  • Pagination: limits the number of posts per page
  • SEO optimized: built-in metadata like JSON-LD
  • Shortcode: extends content writing with React components like WordPress shortcodes
  • CMS: built with CMS to allow editors to modify content in the quickest way

Next.js Starter boilerplate (Archived)

Nextjs starter

Next.js Starter boilerplate is a boilerplate application for building web apps using Express, SASS/SCSS, Bootstrap, Reactstrap (Bootstrap 4 for React), and the Ionicons icon set.

It also supports features of Authentication both via OAuth and Email using a Passport, secure session using cookies and CSRF tokens, route handling, etc. It is focused on providing all the basic yet required functionalities so we can add the business logic directly. The repository is now marked as an archive but it’s still a good starter boilerplate.

Note: This repository has been archived by the owner on Jul 15, 2020. It is now read-only.

Also check the React Boilerplates as well.

Sneat – MUI React Next.js Admin Template (The Brand New React Admin Template⚡)

Sneat MUI React Next.js Admin Template

Sneat MUI React Next.js Admin Template – is the most developer-friendly & highly customizable React Admin Dashboard Template based on MUI & Next JS. If you are a developer seeking the Best React Admin Template that is feature-rich and extremely configurable, go no further than Sneat.

Furthermore, one of the top Reactjs-based NextJS Admin Templates based on MUI Design is created using the greatest industry standards. This React Dashboard is not only quick and simple to use, but also very scalable. Furthermore, it provides the utmost convenience and versatility, allowing you to construct whatever application you desire with less effort.

Sneat also has useful features that seek to assist you in creating high-quality single-page apps exactly as you envision them. This Admin dashboard template also includes essential capabilities like fuzzy search, dark, semi-dark, and bordered layout options, advanced cards, and charts. As a result, it is the best admin dashboard template.


  • Pure ReactJS, No jQuery Dependency
  • Built with Next.js & MUI
  • Utilizes NextJS, React router
  • Based on functional components & React hooks
  • Includes Both TS & JS Versions 🎉
  • Auth & ACL Support
  • Internationalization/i18n & RTL Ready
  • Code Splitting, Lazy loading & much more

Also, available in Bootstrap Dashboard Version.

bootstrap 5 Admin Template

You can also check the above Dashboard in the React version. The React Admin Template we have created is fully responsive as well as developer-friendly.

Some Useful NextJS Examples:

Now, the following are some useful NextJS Examples of GitHub and articles.


So, here is the list of the best Next JS Boilerplate 2024. These next boilerplates are very useful. Besides, they come with unique features.

Apart from the Next Boilerplate, we have mentioned some Next JS Examples as well. These examples will surely inspire you. Besides, it is also advantageous to take the help of such resources when you are new to this.

In case you are working with VueJS projects, you can use the VueJS Boilerplates for your projects.

Apart from this, we also suggest using UI Design kits while working on any web apps as UI kits are very helpful in creating appealing web apps. You can use the free UI kits as well.

We hope you find this collection helpful. Also, do suggest to us any other next js boilerplate that we can include in the list.

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