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10+ Best Next Js Project 2024

Next js Project

Have you been searching for the best Next js Project that can help you upgrade your skills and Knowledge on Next.js? Then, you are going to see here, a list of the Best Next.js example projects.

Before jumping onto the list of Next.js example projects, let’s understand Next.js and how these projects can be helpful for your learning purposes.

What is Next.js?

Next.js Image

Next.js is a React framework that can create single-page Javascript applications. It can create super-fast and user-friendly applications and web applications with React. This enables many features that include Server-Side rendering and generating static websites.

It supports CSS styling precompiled with Scss and Saas, CSS in JS, and JSX. Next.js is used by popular companies like Netflix, Uber, Starbucks, Twitch, and many more all over the world. This makes Next.js one of the fastest-growing frameworks of React.

While working on Next js projects we recommend using the Next js admin dashboard template to save time and make the development process easier.

What are the advantages of using Next js?

– Automatic Routing
– Server Rendering
– Automatic Code Splitting
– Dynamic Components
– Static Exports
– TypeScript Support
– Hot Code Reloading

How to Organize the Next js project?

The key to organizing a Next js project is to keep things modular, consistent, and easy to navigate. It will help your project improve its readability, scalability, and maintainability. For instance, you can practice:
– Divide your project into components
– Use a consistent naming convention
– A centralized data store
– Use an ESLint configuration
I prefer using a consistent folder structure and many more…

Do I need to know React to learn Next js?

Next.js is a framework built on top of React that uses React as its underlying library for building user interfaces. Therefore, having a good grasp of React’s fundamentals, such as components, state, props, and JSX syntax, will make it easier to understand and work with Next.js.

Benefits of Learning from Projects?

You may have heard “Practice makes perfect”, projects work the same way. As you grow your knowledge of any technology/language/framework you always wanted to learn more. Hence, learning from projects is the best source of it.

Every developer should be committed to such projects for professional development and to know more about technology systems. Moreover, when you want to improve your skills it is important to know what other developers are doing. The way they approach their project and the time they have used might take you weeks to learn.

We recommend using IDE in programming to boost your work and save you time by providing the best development environment.

Best Next js Project

Now, we are going to see the best Next Js projects that can help you learn more by using these projects. The source code is easy to access hence, you can show your creativity on this project and create your unique project. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to learn through the best Next JS Tutorial.

Now. let’s check the best Next JS Project.

Materio โ€“ Free MUI React NextJS Admin Template

Materio MUI React NextJS Admin Template Free

Materio Free MUI React NextJS Admin Template is a highly versatile and customizable dashboard template designed for developing complex and scalable admin panels and dashboards. This NextJS Admin template free is built using the latest technologies like ReactJS 18, NextJS 13, and Material UI v5, which provide the user with a smooth and efficient development experience.

With a modern and sleek design, this template is ideal for creating responsive and user-friendly web applications. Besides, it offers a wide range of features, including pre-built pages, and widgets, making it easy for developers to create beautiful and functional admin panels.

Moreover, this dashboard template free and comes with a comprehensive documentation guide, making it easy for developers to get started and make the most out of the template. With its extensive features and ease of use, this template is an excellent choice for building professional and robust web apps.


  • Based on MUI And Next. js
  • Simple vertical menu
  • 1 Simple Dashboard
  • Simple from layouts
  • Basic Cards, Tables
  • 1 Chart Library and many more

By using the above next js project you can learn about many different UI components, JavaScript libraries, and the design of Admin dashboards.

Also, check the Design File:

Materio Figma UI kit is one of the best Admin Dashboard UI.

materio figma ui kit

You can also check the above Dashboard in the Vue version. The Vue Admin we have created is fully responsive as well as developer-friendly.


Kap Next js Project

Kap is an open-source  Next js screen recorder project built with web technology for macOS only. It’s a very simple screen recorder that focuses more on Quality. This open-source screen recorder is very easy to use.

Moreover, you can easily export your recorded video in multiple formats such as GIF, MP4, WebM, or APNG with optional audio, highlight clicks, and trimming. You can easily share your GIFs on Giphy. Upload it on Vercel and Streamable due to its open-source platform.

Kap has more than 16k+ stars on GitHub and it is widely used by many Designers, developers, and project managers.


  • Free and open source.
  • Gif Recorder
  • Upload to streamable
  • Easy to Export


Kutt Next js Project

Kutt as the name says, it’s a simple and modern URL Shortener. There are several URLs shortener there but Kutt is a very helpful URL shortener built on Next.js. You can easily create, protect, and delete your links in KUTT. It also has a separate dashboard in which you can easily manage and monitor your links with detailed statistics.

This URL Shortener comes with an admin account in which you can view, delete, edit, and ban the links you have shortened. Besides, It can disable registration and anonymous link creation for private use.

Moreover, Kutt has over 7k+ stars on GitHub and it is a very up-to-date open-source project on GitHub.


  • Free and open source.
  • Custom domain support.
  • Custom URLs for shortened links
  • Set password for links.
  • Set description for links.
  • Expiration time for links, and many more…

Sneat โ€“ MUI React Next.js Admin Template (The Brand New Next JS Admin Templateโšก)

Sneat MUI React Next.js Admin Template

Sneat MUI React Next.js Admin Template โ€“ is the most developer-friendly & highly customizable React Admin Dashboard Template based on MUI & Next JS. If you are a developer seeking the Best React Admin Template that is feature-rich and extremely configurable, go no further than Sneat.

Furthermore, one of the top Reactjs-based NextJS Admin Templates based on MUI Design is created using the greatest industry standards. This React Dashboard is not only quick and simple to use, but also very scalable. Furthermore, it provides the utmost convenience and versatility, allowing you to construct whatever application you desire with less effort.

Sneat also has useful features that seek to assist you in creating high-quality single-page apps exactly as you envision them. This Admin dashboard template also includes essential capabilities like fuzzy search, dark, semi-dark, and bordered layout options, advanced cards, and charts. As a result, it is the best admin dashboard template.


  • Pure ReactJS, No jQuery Dependency
  • Built with Next.js & MUI
  • Utilizes NextJS, React router
  • Based on functional components & React hooks
  • Includes Both TS & JS Versions ๐ŸŽ‰
  • Auth & ACL Support
  • Internationalization/i18n & RTL Ready
  • Code Splitting, Lazy loading & much more

Sneat React Next js Admin template can be taken as a Next js example project as it has all the required elements of Next js to get you to understand and learn about Next js.

Also, available in Bootstrap Dashboard Version.

sneat bootstrap 5 Admin Template

You can also check the above Dashboard in the React version. The React Admin Template we have created is fully responsive as well as developer-friendly.

Next JS Landing Page Starter Template

Landing Next.js Project

Landing Page Starter Template is a free Next.js open-source template written in React and Tailwind CSS for styling.  It’s a perfect landing page coming with a clean, minimalist, and responsive React theme. The template comes up with all the required files that are needed for a landing page.

It includes the source code and documentation file for your help. You can easily customize the theme according to your needs. Moreover, the template supports cross-browser compatibility which can be very helpful.


  • Responsive design
  • 9+ Designs Blocks built into React
  • 17+ React Components
  • Next.js in version 12
  • Full documentation
  • Easy to use, and many more.

Next-Realworld Example-Conduit

conduit Realworld

This Next.js example project is an example application of a social blogging site (Medium) called Conduit. This full-stack clone is built on Next.js, React, Angular, and many more. While logging into the page, you can see pages like Sign in, Signup, and Home.

Furthermore, It Authenticates the users via JWT (login/register pages + logout button on the settings page). The clone comes with lots of general pages like the Home page, Sign in/Sign up, pages, Settings page, Editor page, Article page, and Profile page.


  • CRU users
  • JWT Authentication
  • CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) Articles
  • Next.js + SWR, and many more…

Next.js Starter-Kit

Starter Kit Next.js Project

This Next JS example Project is a starter kit template with React, Typescript, Tailwind CSS, React Query 3, and NextAuth.js. The Starter Kit comes with a guide with steps on how to use it.

It comes with Prisma 2 which helps to read and write data to the database in a safe way. You can also follow the full guide as well to learn more about this starter kit.

While working on JavaScript languages like React, and Next js we recommend you use JavaScript debuggers to make your codes error-free and save your time in developing.


  • Next.js/React 17
  • Email + Passwordless Auth
  • Postgres
  • ESLint
  • Prettier
  • Husky and many more…

Quantum Ecommerce

Quantam eCommerce Next js

Quantum eCommerce is an open-source eCommerce template built on Next.js and Nextjs Serverless functions. This Next js example project also involved many other technologies like GraphQL, Knex, Apollo, and Vercel.

Quantum has a very decent and simple styling and it comes with lots of ready-to-use pages that you can use to create your eCommerce projects easily. Moreover, The template has features like live search, and Filter products by Category that are mostly used in an eCommerce project.

Hence, such kind of Next js projects can be a great source of learning for you, if you are working on eCommerce projects. While working on an eCommerce project you can use the eCommerce admin panel template for practice.


  • Authentication with Cookies Sessions.
  • Reset Password using email
  • List Products
  • Sort list of products
  • Add products to your Wishlist
  • Add products to the Cart
  • Checkout page, and many more…


Timelite Next js

Timelite is a simple web app built on React and Next.js to track the time of your work not even asking for a single login and it can work without the internet too. All the data is stored locally so you can easily access Timelite.

You can make Timelite your great companion for team management software solutions to swap between projects to track time easily. Moreover, you can easily track your time here and then input it at the end of the day.


  • Navigation
  • Edit log entry
  • Delete single log entry
  • Add a note with the #tag
  • Shortcut keys, and many more…


GFW Forest monitor tool

GFW which stands for Global Forest Watch is an online monitoring tool for, global and near-real-time forests built on React.js and Next.js. It’s a dynamic online forest monitoring tool with an alert system that empowers people for better management of the forest.

It also makes the data available for free for the forests and creates transparency about what is happening in the forest worldwide. GFW is a very useful web application that can be very helpful for research purposes.


  • Forest Watcher
  • Maps and Dashboards
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Map Builder, and many more…

Jacob Herper-Portfolio

Portfolio Template Jacob Herper

This Next Js Project is a portfolio website that is built with Next.jsTypeScript, and Tailwind. The content is managed through GraphCMS and accessed via GraphQL endpoints using Apollo Client.

It has an eye-catching design added with live simple text animation on the website. It has several ready-to-use pages like About, uses, Case Studies, etc. The website is suitable for projects like personal blog websites.


  • Tailwind CSS
  • Dark mode
  • Multiple useful Pages
  • Easy to customize, and many more…

Next Right Now

Next Right now Next JS Boilerplate

Flexible production-grade boilerplate with Next.js 11, Vercel, and TypeScript. Besides, it includes multiple opt-in presets using Storybook, Airtable, GraphQL, Analytics, CSS-in-JS, Monitoring, End-to-end testing, Internationalization, CI/CD, and SaaS B2B multi-single-tenancy (monorepo) support.

Furthermore, this Next JS boilerplate is meant for developers with basic skills in React, who are looking for a way of building production-grade web applications.


  • Stages (development, staging, production)
  • TypeScript advanced support
  • A storybook static site, to host the documentation of your React components
  • Various rendering capabilities, that allow for hybrid configuration
  • Font support (SSR/CSR friendly, no FOUT effect) (thanks to WebFontLoader)

Sanity + Next.js frontend example

Sanity Next js example project

Sanity is the best Next.js front-end page that comes with different collection options on the page. There are lots of websites available that give free/paid movies on their website and this template is inspired by one of them.

Moreover, it’s one of the best Next JS templates and comes with a landing page with the collectives of the movies and their information. You can use this template if you have a collective-based project.


  • Easy to customize
  • Simple and Clean design.



Users worldwide widely use Twitter, one of the most popular social media apps. Twimage has been created to convert tweets into images. There is no need to take screenshots of your tweets now, just copy the link of the tweet and paste it into the Twimage.

Moreover, It’s an open-source web application made with NextJS, Twitter API, and Chakra UI. This Next js project can create any image format like PNG, JPEG, SVG, and many more.


  • Customizing tweet
  • Multiple Background colors
  • Customize Size
  • Easily show/hide elements

Next-Optimized Images

If you are looking for a project which can optimize the image then go for Next-Optimized images. It can easily optimize every format of images like jpeg, png, SVG, web, and gif. The image size can be reduced and optimized between 20-60 % with ease.

Moreover, this next js example project offers a facility to improve the loading speed by providing progressive images. Image filetype like jpeg/png can easily be converted to webp on the fly for an even smaller size. In addition, you can easily resize images or generate different placeholders while lazy loading. 

This Next.js Project has more than 2k+ stars on GitHub.


  • Reduces image size
  • SVG sprites for a better performance
  • Inlines small images
  • Provides query params, and many more…


So, here are the Best Next Js example projects and we have included many different types of projects to cover different concepts. While going through the templates you will explore large code structures to small code structures. You can learn from these projects and apply them to your projects.

These projects are easy to understand, many are open source, and you can create eCommerce websites, blog sites, and plugins.

In short, use this project as inspiration and add your creativity to it. For your projects, try Materio – a free MUI React NextJS Template with ready-to-use features.

You can also unlock more features of the pro version of this React Admin Dashboard.

Moreover, going through all of these projects will help you to get more details about Next.Js and upgrade your skills in web development if you are a beginner.

If you want to explore more open-source projects then, look for the collection of Open Source React Projects that can be very helpful to learning and sharpening your skills as a React developer.

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