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8 Must use JavaScript 3D library

JavaScript 3D Library

Are you in search of the best JavaScript 3D graphics Library? Then, put a break on your searches and explore the best hand-picked as well as modern 3D library in this post. Nowadays, the usage of modern JavaScript libraries helps developers enhance their projects and add advanced functionalities to them.

Therefore, as per our recent post on JavaScript game libraries, we have decided to cover 3D Libraries as well. These libraries will provide you with various functionalities and APIs so that you can work with 3D content. In addition, it makes it easier to build interactive 3D graphics to enhance the overall web experience.

What is JavaScript 3D Library?

What is JavaScript 3D Library

Do you know what is the good thing about JavaScript? It’s the functionality and features it brings to your project from their JavaScript Frameworks and libraries.

Now, a JavaScript 3D library has a collection of all the pre-written code and APIs that allow developers to add and create 3D graphics and animation to their web pages. Furthermore, JavaScript 3D libraries offer a user-friendly approach to working with 3D graphics.

For instance, you can add functionalities to your web pages such as scene creation, camera management, object rendering, lighting, materials, textures, animation, and many more.

Now, you may have seen some prefer using WebGL for adding 3D graphics but it requires a deep understanding of computer graphics and low-level programming. It can be quite challenging though! As a result, using libraries can help developers add high-level logic and creative aspects to their projects.

Advantages of using a JavaScript 3D Library

  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Abstraction over WebGL Complexity
  • Integration with Web Technologies
  • Feature-Rich Functionality
  • Faster Development
  • Customizability
  • Interactivity, User Input, and many more…

JavaScript 3D Library

Now, that you know about the JavaScript 3 library and its advantages, let’s directly head on to the list without wasting any time.

Three.js GitHub stars of Best JavaScript 3D Library

Three.js is one of the most popular JavaScript 3D libraries used to create captivating and interactive 3D graphics within web browsers. It provides you with a set of tools that simplify the process of building games, virtual reality experiences, architectural visualizations, and other engaging applications.

Furthermore, Three.js has an intuitive and easy-to-use API that provides a rich set of classes and methods for creating and manipulating 3D objects, defining materials, handling camera perspectives, implementing lighting and shadows, and managing animations.

Moreover, it also provides support for various input devices and interaction methods such as handling mouse and keyboard, integrating touch, gyroscopic controls for mobile devices, and many more.


  • WebGL-based Rendering
  • Built-in Geometries
  • Shaders and Effects
  • Camera Control
  • Cross-platform and Cross-browser Compatibility
  • Extensive Documentation and Community Support, and many more…

React-three-fiber React 3 Fiber Best JavaScript 3D Library

React 3 Fiber is one of the powerful 3D libraries that allows developers to create 3D and WebGL-powered applications using React. In addition, it acts as a bridge between React and Three.js allowing you to use React components to create and manage 3D scenes rendered with Three.js

Furthermore, it provides you with a simple and intuitive way to work with Three.js within a React environment. R3F provides React components that represent 3D objects, scenes, cameras, lights, and other elements.


  • Declarative 3D Rendering
  • Dynamic Updates
  • React Hooks Integration
  • Interactivity and Animation
  • Performance Optimization, and many more…

While working on a React project it is recommended to use a NextJS Admin template to build a progressive and responsive web app. For instance, you can check Materio Free MUI React Next.JS Admin Template.

Materio React Free Admin Template

Babylon.js Babylon.Js Best 3d JavaScript library

Babylon.js powerful, beautiful, simple, and open game and rendering engine packed into a friendly JavaScript framework. The open-source JavaScript allows you to easily create 3D objects and add them to your web pages.

It is an easy solution that provides an API to add lights, cameras, and Shapes like boxes, spheres, cylinders, Meshes, textures, Materials, and many more. In addition, BabylonJS also allows the use of meshes created from third-party 3D software like Blender, FBX, and 3DS Max.


  • Rendering engine
  • Cross-platform
  • Physically Based Rendering
  • Animation System
  • Collisions and Raycasting
  • Advanced Materials, and many more…

Aframe GitHub stars

Aframe is a web framework that is built on top of Three.js for building virtual reality experiences using HTML to create 3D content with simple HTML markup. In addition, it provides VR support where you can create content based on VR providing support to devices, including VR headsets, mobile VR, and WebXR.

Using A-Frame, developers can quickly build interactive 3D scenes and virtual reality experiences without delving deep into complex WebGL code. Moreover, Aframe has built-in components such as geometries, materials, lights, animations, models, raycasters, shadows, positional audio, and tracked controllers.


  • Entity-Component Architecture
  • High on performance
  • Visual Inspector
  • Speech recognition
  • Cross-Platform, and many more…

sneat free asp net core mvc admin template

Cesium GitHub stars

Cesium best JavaScript 3D Library

Cesium is an open JavaScript library for creating 3D globes and 2D maps in a web browser. It leverages WebGL to enable hardware-accelerated rendering of 3D graphics directly within the web browser. Besides, it is a cross-platform library that can run on various operating systems, devices, and browsers.

Furthermore, it can handle dynamic data visualization which can efficiently display and update large data sets in real-time. It can create 3D tiles, 3D models, Terrain and imaginary layers, vectors, geometry, and many more.


  • Supports 3D visualization
  • Terrain and imagery layers
  • Supports vectors and geometry
  • Integration with other JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue, Angular
  • 3D, 2D, and 2.5D Columbus view, and many more…

If you’re working on other JavaScript frameworks like Vue then, we’d recommend checking the Vue Animation library and React Animation Library to add interactive animation to your web pages.

Zdog GitHub stars

Zdog is a 3D JavaScript engine library  <canvas> and SVG to design 3D models on your web pages. Furthermore, it provides the pseudo-3D engine to stimulate 3D objects and space while rendering them on a 2D canvas.

In addition, it allows you to add 3D geometries, such as cubes, spheres, cylinders, and more, in a 3D coordinate space. Zdog also supports interactive animations where you can rotate scale, and move the objects in a 3D environment, creating engaging and interactive visual experiences.


  • Minified Package size
  • Straight-forward declarative API.
  • Designer-friendly
  • Pseudo-3D engine
  • No polygonal jaggies, and many more

vanta.js GitHub stars

Vanta.js is an open-source JavaScript library useful to add/create Animated 3D backgrounds to your web pages. Moreover, by just adding a few lines of code, you can transform the look and feel of your website with eye-catching visuals.

Furthermore, it is compatible with vanilla JS, React, Angular, Vue, and more making it the beginner-friendly JavaScript 3D graphics library. Vanta.js is powered by three.js (using WebGL) or p5 and offers a diverse selection of pre-defined effects that can interact with mouse and touch inputs, creating captivating animations.


  • Easy Integration
  • Cross-Framework Compatibility
  • Interactive Effects
  • Customizable Parameters
  • Efficient File Size, and many more…

vanilla-tilt.js GitHub stars

If you’re looking for interactive and dynamic tilt effects to your HTML elements then, you must go for Tilt.js. It is a lightweight open-source JavaScript 3D library that adds dramatic tilting animations that work well on both desktop and mobile devices.

Furthermore, the library does not add significant overhead to the web page, ensuring smooth and responsive user interactions.


  • Smooth.
  • Lightweight.
  • 60FPS.
  • VanillaJS.
  • Gyroscope Support, and many more…


The trend of using 3D objects in websites and making them more interactive is one of the best practices that developers are using nowadays. When it comes to enhancing the user experience or adding visually appealing objects to the website these JavaScript 3D libraries will surely help to match your needs.

Among these libraries, we hope that you were able to select a suitable JavaScript 3D library for your projects. Now, the selection of the library depends on your needs and requirements. I would recommend keeping several deciding factors in mind while choosing a library for your project.

For instance, the documentation, learning curve, advanced functionalities, features, size of the package, and many more. We hope you liked this list of the best JavaScript 3D libraries. Kindly share it with your friends and colleagues.

Happy Coding, Cheers!πŸ₯‚

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