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10+ Amazing React Animation Library 2024

React Animation Library

Want to add some awesome animations to your React web pages in 2024? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here, in this post, we have listed the best React Animation Library that you can use in your React Projects.

As a Front-end React developer, you need to accept that animations on web pages play a very crucial role in improving the overall User experience. It makes your web pages and apps visually appealing by animating the text and images, adding transition effects, scrolling events, components, and many more.

We recommend using the React Admin Templates while working on React projects. Admin templates come with essential react components and features needed for react-based apps.

Now, before directly jumping on the collection of the React Animation library let’s put some light on Animation Libraries and their benefits of it.

What is React Animation Library?

A React Animation Library is a collection of pre-built tools and components designed to help developers create smooth, complex animations and transitions within React applications.

These libraries provide various functionalities, such as easing functions, spring physics, keyframe animations, and gesture-based interactions.

Popular examples include React Spring, Framer Motion, and GSAP, each offering unique features and capabilities to enhance the user experience with visually appealing animations and transitions.

While working on React Projects, you can also use the TypeScript React Admin Template.

Parameters To Select The React Animation Library:

Following are some of the parameters to choose the right React Animation Library:

  • Ease of use
  • Documentation quality
  • Community support
  • Performance
  • Feature set
  • Compatibility with the React version
  • Integration with other libraries
  • Customizability
  • Animation types supported (e.g., keyframes, springs, gestures)
  • Size and impact on bundle size
What are the benefits of using an animation library?

– Easy customizations
– Wide range of options.
– Reduces Development Time.
– Animations for every browser
– Easy to install and use, and many more…

Does adding Animation to your web pages affect your SEO?

No, Animation can be beneficial for SEO in certain contexts. It can be effective to capture the user’s attention and it lets them stay engaged with your website. Hence, the longer the user stays the better it will improve your search engine scores

React Animation Library

Now, without wasting any time let’s start the collection of the Best React Animation libraries to get you started adding awesome animations to your web pages.

Using these animation libraries and the Best IDE for React can be very helpful in boosting the productivity and efficiency of your projects.

Animation libraries not only help you to create interactive designs but it improve the user experience of your web pages. When it comes to creating such animations many designers and developers prefer these simple and ready-to-use animations libraries.

So, let’s start the collection of the best React Animation Library.

React Spring

React Spring is a spring physics-based animation library that provides modern animations for web, react-native, and react-native-web platforms. It is easy to install and comes with handy documentation for a quick start on React Projects. The library supports various UI needs such as colors, CSS variables, lengths, angles, arrays, and more.

To use React Spring to animate a simple component:
import { useSpring, animated } from '@react-spring/web'

const MyComponent = () => {
  const [springs, api] = useSpring(
    () => ({
      y: 0,
      config: {
        mass: 5,
        friction: 120,
        tension: 120,

  return <animated.div style={springs} />


  • Supports Web and React-Native Applications
  • Jest for Testing
  • Offers hooks to handle a variety of situations
  • Supports Cross-platform
  • Declarative API
  • Well documented
  • Large community support and many more.


React Motion

React Motion is an open-source React animation library that simplifies realistic animations using physics concepts for a natural and real look. The library includes various examples of different complexity levels and a large set of demos, tutorials, and examples provided by the community to help you get started quickly.

Overall it’s an effective library for all React applications. Also, you can use React developer tools in your React Application to boost your overall workflow.

To use React Motion to animate a simple component:
import { Motion, spring } from 'react-motion';

const SimpleMotion = () => (
  <Motion defaultStyle={{ x: 0 }} style={{ x: spring(100) }}>
    {style => (
      <div style={{ transform: `translateX(${style.x}px)` }}>
        Animated Box


  • Lite Bundle Size
  • Supports Server Side Rendering.
  • Larger Community Support
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Well documented, and many more.


Also, check the best Materio React NextJS Admin Template:

It is the best Admin Panel based on ReactJS

We have created this React Admin Dashboard by keeping developers in mind and making it the most developer-friendly and highly customizable Admin Template.

Framer Motion

Framer Motion is an open-source Animation library for React on the web, created by Framer. It offers simple and powerful ways to create animations, transitions, keyframes, gestures, scrolls, and more. The library comes with helpful documentation and examples for easy implementation.

It is also recommended to use the best React Chart Library as well to make your site visually appealing and interactive.

To use Framer Motion to animate a simple component:
import React from 'react';
import { motion } from 'framer-motion';

const SimpleMotion = () => (
    initial={{ x: 0 }}
    animate={{ x: 100 }}
    transition={{ duration: 0.5 }}
    Animated Box

export default SimpleMotion;


  • Lite Bundle Size
  • Highly Customizable
  • Multiple Animation Options
  • Components for every SVG and HTML element.
  • Low-Level Animation Function, and many more…


GSAP (GreenSock Animation Platform)

GSAP is an open-source JavaScript animation library that works well in React projects and across major browsers. It includes the ScrollTrigger plugin for creating scroll-based animations with minimal code.

It is known for delivering advanced sequencing, reliability, and tight control while solving real-world problems on over 11 million sites.

Besides, GSAP is a high-speed property manipulator that updates values over time with extreme accuracy. It is a flexible animation library with no dependencies.

Btw, You can also check React developer tools to boost your workflow.

To use GSAP to animate a simple component:
npm install gsap

// typical import
import gsap from "gsap";

// get other plugins:
import ScrollTrigger from "gsap/ScrollTrigger";
import Flip from "gsap/Flip";
import Draggable from "gsap/Draggable";

// or all tools are exported from the "all" file (excluding members-only plugins):
import { gsap, ScrollTrigger, Draggable, MotionPathPlugin } from "gsap/all";

// don't forget to register plugins
gsap.registerPlugin(ScrollTrigger, Draggable, Flip, MotionPathPlugin); 


  • Easy Workflow
  • Staggering Animations
  • Animate along Bezier paths with auto-rotation, momentum, physics, and advanced effects
  • FLIP technique
  • Intelligent overwriting, GC management, and many more.


Also, check the: Sneat React NextJS Admin Template

It is the best Next JS Admin for responsive web apps.

Sneat MUI React NextJS Admin Template

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React Transition Group

React Transition Group is an open-source animation library for React that simplifies creating transitions and animations. It provides components like Transition, CSSTransition, SwitchTransition, and TransitionGroup, making it easy to implement visual transitions in your projects.

To use React Transition Group to animate a simple component:
import React, { useState } from 'react';
import { CSSTransition } from 'react-transition-group';
import './styles.css';

const BasicExample = () => {
  const [inProp, setInProp] = useState(false);

  return (
      <button onClick={() => setInProp(!inProp)}>
      <CSSTransition in={inProp} timeout={300} classNames="fade">
        <div className="box">Animated Box</div>


  • In-Place transition states
  • Supports Excellent ng-animate library.
  • Multiple Enter, and exit transitions.
  • Easy-to-install guide
  • Well, Documented, and many more…


React Move

React Move is a beautiful, data-driven React Animation Library. It allows you to define your animations using durations, delays, and ease functions. It is designed to easily plugin interpolation for strings, numbers, colors, SVG paths, and SVG transforms.

Moreover, you can also easily create different animations for entering, updating, and leaving with the ability to specify a delay, duration, and ease on each key. Furthermore, it also allows you to pass your custom tweeting function.

Furthermore, there is helpful documentation available and useful examples to easily learn the library functions and components. In the above demo, you can see the example of a Bar chart with entering, Leaving, and updating transitions, built with React and react-move.

To use React Move to animate a simple component:
import React, { useState } from 'react';
import { NodeGroup } from 'react-move';

const BasicExample = () => {
  const [toggle, setToggle] = useState(false);

  return (
      <button onClick={() => setToggle(!toggle)}>Toggle</button>
        data={[{ key: 'box', x: toggle ? 100 : 0 }]}
        keyAccessor={d => d.key}
        start={() => ({ x: 0 })}
        enter={() => ({ x: [100], timing: { duration: 500 } })}
        update={d => ({ x: [d.x], timing: { duration: 500 } })}
        {nodes => (
            {nodes.map(({ key, state: { x } }) => (
              <div key={key} style={{ transform: `translateX(${x}px)` }}>
                Animated Box

export default BasicExample;


  • Animate HTML, SVG & React-Native
  • Fine-grained control of delay, duration, and easing
  • Animation lifecycle events: start, interrupt, end
  • Awesome documentation and lots of examples
  • Supports TypeScript, and many more…


Ts Particles

If you are looking for a versatile JavaScript animation library, check out TsParticles. It offers customizable particle effects, shadow effects, bubble effects, collision effects, and more for your web pages. You can also use it for animation effects like confetti explosions and fireworks.

The open-source library has ready-to-use components for React.js, Vue.js, Angular, and more. Plus, it comes with useful documentation and various examples for easy learning and implementation.

To use React Move to animate a simple component:
import React from 'react';
import Particles from 'react-tsparticles';

const BasicExample = () => {
  const particlesOptions = {
    particles: {
      number: {
        value: 50,
      size: {
        value: 3,
      move: {
        speed: 2,
      line_linked: {
        enable: true,

  return <Particles params={particlesOptions} />;

export default BasicExample;


  • Live preset examples are available
  • Highly Customizable
  • Multiple Animation Options.
  • Easy-to-install
  • Well, Documented, and many more.



React-Flip Toolkit is a React-based animation library used to create configurable layout transitions. It comes with various components for animating elements, doesn’t animate off-screen elements, and batches style updates to improve performance.

It works well across major browsers and uses Rematrix for matrix calculations and a simplified fork of Rebound for spring animations. This open-source library offers spring-driven stagger configurations for managing complex sequenced effects.

If you have any React Project Ideas then, using this library will surely help your projects look interactive.

To use the React Flip Toolkit to animate a simple component:
import React, { useState } from 'react';
import { Flipper, Flipped } from 'react-flip-toolkit';

const BasicExample = () => {
  const [toggled, setToggled] = useState(false);

  return (
    <Flipper flipKey={toggled}>
      <div onClick={() => setToggled(!toggled)}>
        <Flipped flipId="square">
          <div className={toggled ? 'square toggled' : 'square'} />


  • Spring-based Stagger effects
  • Animate opacity
  • Nested Scale Transforms
  • Route-based Animations With React Router
  • Callback props
  • Well documented and many more.



React-Reveal is also an animation library for React that gives out exceptional animations. This MIT Licensed Library is lightweight and written specifically for React in ES6. It can be used to create various cool reveal-on scroll effects.

Furthermore, it supports server-side rendering, and it supports all the major browsers. React-Reveal is SEO-friendly and compatible with the React transition group and application js bundle.

There are live examples like Fade, Flip, Rotate, Zoom, Bounce, and Roll to easily understand the library. In addition, you can also check their documentation for more detailed information about the library.

To use React Reveal to animate a simple component:
import Fade from 'react-reveal/Fade';

const BasicExample = () => (
      <h1>Fade In</h1>


  • Supports Server Side Rendering.
  • Revealing the images supported.
  • Custom React components
  • Easy to install
  • Multiple Animation Effects, and many more…



React Simple Animate is a simple and open-source animation library that focuses on standard CSS animation. It aims to provide a simple and great experience to get you on board with React animation.

Furthermore, It allows you to easily adjust the animation speed by adjusting the duration from 1 second to delay by 0.3 seconds. In addition, you can also easily apply CSS keyframes animation in <AnimateKeyframes /> Component by supplying an array of styles.-

To use React Simple Animate to animate a simple component:
import Fade from 'react-reveal/Fade';

const BasicExample = () => (
      <h1>Fade In</h1>


  • Animation from inline style A to B.
  • Support CSS animation keyframes.
  • Chain up animation sequences.
  • Tiny in size without other dependencies.
  • Well, Documented and many more.


To Wrap Up

So here is the collection of the best React Animation libraries that you can consider using in your React Projects. Moreover, you can easily build user-friendly animations and transitions by using these libraries. In addition, the majority of these above libraries are highly customizable and have excellent built-in functionality.

These React animation libraries are free and open source so you can easily customize your animations based on your web pages. All of them have beneficial documentation to easily get you started and implement animations on your web pages.

Always use animations that best suit the requirements of your project. Sometimes using too much animation can distract your user from the workflow if it’s not relevant. Hence make sure you use animations that are relevant and suit your project requirements.

If you are working on a Vue JS project then you can refer to the best Vue Animation Library and also use Vue Admin. Apart from this, we also suggest using UI kits while working on any web apps as UI kits are very helpful to create appealing web apps. You can use the free UI kits as well.

We hope you find this collection helpful and noteworthy. Do share this collection with your colleagues.

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