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The Best Typescript IDE Every Developer Should Use

Typescript IDE

Looking for the best Typescript IDE for faster development? Then this is the best list of top IDE for Typescript. IDEs can be very helpful to boost the productivity and efficiency of projects. Thus, when you are working on the Typescript project, you should use them. Here we have mentioned some of the best IDE for Typescript. However, before we start the collection of Typescript editors online, let’s get to know about Typescript.

What is TypeScript?

Typescript Logo Image

Typescript is a superset of Javascript which is designed to scale web applications. It is an object-oriented language that is designed and maintained by Microsoft. Due to variations in Javascript, it adds some key features that are very helpful for enterprise development.

In addition, TypeScript has classes, interfaces, unions, visibility scopes, etc. It also has all the JavaScript features such as destructuring, optional chaining operators, arrow functions, and many more.

TypeScript adds optional static typing which allows you to structure and check your codes before executing them. Thus, TypeScript is very helpful in developing large-scale applications. Moreover, It’s the fastest-growing language on GitHub.

It is recommended to use the best Typescript admin templates. If you are not aware of the admin templates, An admin dashboard template is basically a collection of web pages created with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript or any JavaScript libraries used to construct the backend user interface of an online application. You can use them to build any kind of web app.

It is advisable to use the Free Admin Templates first as they will give you an idea of the code structure and also you can check if the template is suitable for you or not.

Features of TypeScript:

  • Optional static typing
  • Early spotted bugs
  • Predictability
  • Readability
  • Rich IDE support
Is Typescript faster than Javascript?

Typescript is a superset of JavaScript. Both languages have the same runtime performance as they are executed by the same JavaScript engine. However, Typescript offers compile-time type checking, which can help catch errors earlier and improve developer productivity. Therefore, Typescript may offer performance improvements in terms of development speed and code quality, but not in terms of runtime speed.

Features of The Top Typescript IDE

Well, IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a place where programmers can create their own applications by writing the code. Debuggers and compilers are usually included in IDEs, making programmers’ jobs easier. In other words, it is a piece of software that integrates the features of a text editor, debugger, and compiler into one package.

We can say that an IDE is a program that makes application development more accessible by providing a central interface with all of the tools you’ll need. To know more in detail, refer to the in-depth article on IDE in Programming

The following are the factors you can consider while choosing the right IDE.

  • Work speed
  • Ecosystem.
  • IDE should be able to open very large files and not freeze.
  • Search in source files must be easy
  • Can be easily integrated with the various build systems
  • Must be scalable over large projects

You can also check the Materio MUI React Next.js Typescript Admin Template. It is the most developer-friendly & highly customizable Admin Dashboard Template based on React. If you’re a developer looking for the Best Typescript React Admin Template that is enriched with features, and highly customizable look no further than the Materio.

Materio MUI NextJS Admin Template

Materio also offers invaluable features that aim to help you create premium quality single-page apps exactly as you imagine them. Furthermore, this React Admin dashboard comes with unique and useful tools such as fuzzy search, Dark, Semi-Dark and bordered layout options, Advanced cards, and Charts.

While working with React, you can use the React IDE to boost your workflow.


  • Pure ReactJS, No jQuery Dependency
  • Built with Next.js & MUI
  • Utilizes NextJS, React router
  • Based on functional components & React hooks
  • Includes Both Typescript S & JS Versions 🎉
  • Auth & ACL Support
  • Internationalization/i18n & RTL Ready

Best Typescript IDE:

As discussed above, Typescript offers many benefits over Javascript. As it is a superset of JavaScript, it doesn’t compromise the value that JavaScript offers, instead, it gives the best of the JavaScript with additional benefits.

For a detailed comparison between Typescript and JavaScript, you can explore the differences and benefits of each language in various development scenarios. Understanding the nuances of Typescript vs. JavaScript can empower developers to make informed decisions about which language to use based on project requirements and goals.

Now, let’s start the collection of the best IDE for Typescript 2024. These Typescript IDE for developers will surely help you to fasten your development.

Visual Studio Code

best IDE for typescript

Released by Microsoft, Visual Studio Code is open-source and available under the MIT license. VSCode is undoubtedly the most popular Free Typescript IDE due to its features and open-source nature. Besides, this best IDE for Typescript is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

In addition, it not only supports JavaScript and React but also Node.js and TypeScript. Therefore VSCode is the Top Typescript IDE to get started with. In addition, it supports a wide range of programming languages and provides a wealth of tools to aid you on your way.

Additional Info:

  • Price: Free
  • Languages: C, Python, .NET, Javascript, React through extensions
  • Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Extension or Plugins: Visual Studio Marketplace


  • It has built-in support for IntelliSense code completion
  • Imported Modules
  • Integration with GitHub
  • Wide theme selections
  • Integrated tools for testing the code
  • Version controlling via extensions
  • Built-in debugger
  • Supports syntax highlighting
  • Integrated terminal
  • Go to Definition
  • Peek Definition
  • You can also jump to any class definition
  • Tooling for JSX/React, HTML, JSON


  • It’s open-source and free to use.
  • Available for different platforms
  • Over 20000 plugins in the marketplace
  • Low memory usage
  • Multi-Language
  • Great customization
Typescript Compiling With Visual Studio Code

– Install TypeScript globally with <strong>npm install -g typescript</strong>
– Create a new folder for your TypeScript project
– Open the project folder in Visual Studio Code
– Create a new .ts file with your TypeScript code
– Compile the TypeScript code with <strong>tsc app.ts</strong>
– Run the compiled JavaScript code with <strong>node app.js</strong>
– Use a tsconfig.json file to streamline compilation
– Compile all TypeScript files with <strong>tsc</strong>
– Run the compiled JavaScript code with <strong>node dist/app.js</strong>
For a detailed guide, you can check the official documentation by VS Code


webstorm TypeScript IDE

Built by JetBrains, WebStrom is another IDE for Typescript. This feature-rich Typescript IDE includes smart coding assistance, code completion, refactoring, and error detection. In addition, it offers over 50 plugins to make Typescript development easier. Furthermore, it also navigates through JSX tags using breadcrumbs and colorful highlighting for the tag tree. Thus, it is the best IDE for Typescript Application.

It supports many technologies and languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Angular, TypeScript, Node.js, Meteor, ECMAScript, React, Vue.js, Cordova, etc. WebStorm is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Moreover, this top typescript IDE also integrates with linters, such as ESLint, for JSX code.

To know how to run Typescript in webstrom, check the official guide.

Additional Info:

  • Price: $129/year
  • Languages: Angular, Typescript, React, Vue, Node.js, Ionic, React Native
  • Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Extension or Plugins: Jetbrains


  • You can test your code with ease using tools like Mocha, Karma Test Runner, Jest, and more.
  • Trace (the process of verifying code manually) your JavaScript code with ease.
  • This IDE offers a wide range of plugins and templates.
  • It quickly rolls back to previous versions.
  • Coding style, fonts, themes, and shortcuts can be customized.
  • It offers a built-in terminal.
  • Integration with VCS (Veritas Cluster Server)
  • Parameter hints
  • Git integration
  • Intelligent Code Completion
  • Multi-line to-dos


  • As the product of the JetBean, the UI is very familiar to the famous IntelliJ
  • The JS static code scanning out of the box is very handy
  • The auto-fix is also a very productive feature to mention
  • It by default has good integration with Angular, TypeScript, Vue, React

Vim editor

Vim editor

Vim is an IDE that has been around for a long time. It’s a powerful text editor, and you’ll never force developers who use it to convert to VScode or WebStorm. Because of its configurable properties, it is well-known among developers. It’s the best free IDE for Typescript. Also, it is fully customizable.

Vim is a lightweight text editor with search and syntax highlighting. As a result, it can manage extremely huge files. Setting up Vim, on the other hand, will take a long time. The application has a graphical interface, but it must be customized, as you may have imagined. You have to sweat even for the mouse to work.

Additional Info:

  • Price: Free
  • Languages: Almost all
  • Platform: Linux, macOS
  • Extension or Plugins: Vimawesome


  • It takes very little space on RAM to run efficiently;
  • Different tabs and windows can help work on different projects at the same time;
  • Extensive plugin system;
  • Support for hundreds of programming languages and file formats;
  • Powerful search and replace.


  • It is possible to install it on a very large number of operating systems;
  • Deep editor settings, you can customize it all as you need;
  • The code editing process is speedy.
What are the best plugins offered by Vim editor for Typescript

pangloss/vim-javascript offers syntax highlight and indentation for JavaScript in general
leafgarland/typescript-vim offers syntax highlights for TypeScript
maxmellon/vim-jsx-pretty provides support for JSX highlighting



Notepad++ is a multilingual source code editor and Notepad replacement that is free (both in the sense of “free speech” and “free beer”). The GNU General Public License controls how it is used when running in the MS Windows environment.

Notepad++ is written in C++ and employs pure Win32 API and STL, which guarantees a faster execution speed and reduced program size. It is based on the robust editing component Scintilla. Notepad++ aims to lower global carbon dioxide emissions by optimizing as many processes as it can without sacrificing user-friendliness. The PC may throttle down and use less power while using less CPU power, making the environment greener.

Additional Info:

  • Price: Free
  • Platform: Windows
  • Languages: Almost all


  • Autosave.
  • Finding and replacing strings of text with regular expressions.
  • Searching text strings within opened tabs.
  • Searching text strings in a directory.
  • Guided indentation.
  • Line bookmarking


  • Easy to use and admin
  • Light and fast
  • Extendable via plugins
  • User-defined
  • Language syntax support
  • Split screen

If you are working on VueJS projects then we recommend checking the Best Vue Editor.


sublime text

Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor that supports nearly every language. It’s small, packed with features, and works on a variety of platforms. Besides, it requires only one license to be installed on any machine.

In addition, the tool is quick, integrates with other tools, and supports Typescript as well as all web development languages. Sublime Text has excellent plugin support to expand the editor’s capabilities. It is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Plugins can be used to extend and customize the capabilities of the Sublime text editor. In practice, several JS plugins aid in the transformation of Sublime Text into a beautiful Javascript IDE. Furthermore, Sublime Text employs a proprietary UI toolkit that is intended for speed and aesthetics, utilizing native capability on each platform.


  • It offers a command palette for changing the syntax.
  • You can quickly go to the definition of class or method.
  • Sublime Text provides API to extend the features.
  • This tool supports shortcuts for ease of access.
  • Sublime Text provides a command palette to hold frequently utilized functionality.
  • It highlights the syntax.


  • Sublime Text is powerful where you need it to be, but simple and out of your way at the same time.
  • Great keyboard shortcuts and multi-selection options
  • Great package manager installation process for easily extending functionality


Atom TS Editor

GitHub’s Atom is a user-friendly open-text editor. This is one of the best free typescript IDE for both newbie and experienced developers. The system is so simple and easy to use that even someone with no coding skills may quickly learn how to use it.

It also includes a plethora of features that make the work of a developer easier, such as efficient auto-completion, numerous panes, a choice of pre-installed themes, customization capabilities, and much more. Besides, Atom is developed on JavaScript, HTML, Node.js, and CSS that runs on the Electron framework. It is compatible with Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows.

Additional Info:

  • Price: Free, open-source
  • Languages: Mostly Javascript
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS
  • Extension or Plugins: Atom Packages


  • It has an integrated package manager.
  • You can also find, preview, and replace text typed in a file or across the entire project.
  • IDE also supports the command palette to run available commands.
  • You can also easily browse and open a file or project.
  • Furthermore, you can quickly find and replace text as you type in the file.
  • Besides, this application can be used on Windows, OS X, and Linux.


  • Git Integration
  • Cross-Platform Support
  • Smart Autocompletion
  • Multi cursor support
  • UI and Syntax Themes


Netbeans best typescript IDE

In web projects, NetBeans provides excellent support for JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3, as well as the Cordova/PhoneGap framework for developing JavaScript-based mobile applications.

Syntax highlighting, autocompletion, and code folding are all available in the NetBeans JavaScript editor. JavaScript code included in PHP, JSP, and HTML files can also be edited with JavaScript editing tools. The editor includes jQuery support. Node.js and Express, Gulp, Grunt, AngularJS, Knockout.js, Jade, Mocha, and Selenium are all new or improved in NetBeans 8.2.

As you edit, code analysis runs in the background, generating warnings and hints. Debugging is supported in both the embedded WebKit browser and Chrome with the NetBeans Connector. The debugger may set breakpoints in the DOM, line, event, and XMLHttpRequest, as well as show variables, watches, and the call stack. Browser exceptions, failures, and warnings are displayed in an integrated browser log window.

Additional Info:

  • Price: Free, open-source
  • Languages: Mostly Javascript
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS


  • Project management.
  • Visual debugger.
  • Static analysis tools.
  • Code converters.
  • NetBeans Profiler.
  • Batch code analyzers.
  • Cross-platform support.
  • Multiple language support.


  • Supports multiple languages which helps in coding for developers.
  • Support cross-platforms like Mac, Ubuntu, Windows, etc.
  • Rich set of community-provided plugins.
  • Easy & efficient project management.
  • Bug-free formatted code and much more.


eclipse best typescript IDE

Eclipse is one of the best editors for Typescript. Basically, full-stack developers use Eclipse for JavaScript coding. Although, for JS, you need to install some specific plugins.

The accurate performance of JavaScript Development Tools is the highlight of Eclipse. A brand-new Docker UI helps to build Docker images as well as containers with the Docker CLI. Another striking feature is automated error reporting. With this feature, this Typescript IDE can send the bugs found in the IDE to eclipse.


  • Powerful Project Management
  • Almost all packages support Git integration.
  • Advanced Debugging
  • Good Auto-Complete

IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA best Typescript IDE

Well, the next one on the list of top Typescript IDE is IntelliJ IDEA. It supports developing, running, and debugging TypeScript source code. Besides, it recognizes .ts and .tsx files and provides a full range of coding assistance for editing them without any additional steps from your side. TypeScript files are marked with the TypeScript file icon.

TypeScript-aware coding assistance includes completion for keywords, labels, variables, parameters, and functions, error and syntax highlighting, formatting, numerous code inspections, and quick fixes, as well as common and TypeScript-specific refactoring. IntelliJ IDEA also verifies TypeScript code on the fly and shows errors in a dedicated Problems tool window. Compilation errors are reported in the TypeScript tool window.

Besides, Many plugins are available for almost any task a developer may need to cover. Plugins are developed by Jetbrains themselves or by 3rd parties through the SDK available for writing them.

Additional Info:

  • Price: Free/paid
  • Languages:  supports many languages besides Java, some of these are: golang, Scala, Clojure, Groovy, Bash, etc
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS


  • Clear and detailed documentation
  • Stable and robust
  • Fast and smart contextual assistance
  • Instant navigation and search.
  • Run, test, and debug.
  • Built-in tools and integrations
  • Version control


  • Intuitive and slick UI
  • Lots of plugins
  • Powerful debugger
  • Android support
  • JavaEE support, etc

GNU Emacs editor

GNU Emacs editor

GNU Emacs is a text editor with a simple user interface but a lot of useful features. It is one of the best free IDE for Typescript. The program is part of the text editor family, which is noted for its extensibility. Those who have used the Vim editor will be fairly familiar with GNU Emacs. This editor can be described as the most basic editor available, but it contains all of the necessary functionality.

Additional Features:

  • Price: Free
  • Languages: Language agnostic
  • Platform: GNU, GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, macOS, MS Windows, and Solaris
  • Extension or Plugins: Awesome emacs


  • Well-documented references are available
  • Supports Unicode files
  • Capabilities to install and download the extensions
  • It can do a lot more than React Native app development.
  • Full Unicode support


  • High-speed coding environment
  • Syntax highlighting
  • A lot of useful tutorials
  • Theme customization



The Oni typescript editor has been reimagined in Onivim 2. With Onivim 2, the language integration of VSCode, the speed of Sublime, and the modal editing experience of Vim are all combined into one product.

Onivim 2 is also constructed using reason utilizing every framework. It has a quick, native front-end and leverages libvim to manage buffers and give authentic modal editing. Onivim 2 also fully utilizes the VSCode Extension Host process, which will eventually result in full support for VSCode extensions and settings.

Additional Info:

  • Price: Free
  • Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux


  • Quick Info.
  • Code Completion.
  • Syntax / Compilation Errors.
  • Fuzzy Finding.
  • Status Bar.
  • Interactive Tutorial


  • Command palette
  • Built-in file explorer
  • Embedded neovim


On the Internet, there are a plethora of additional IDEs and editors. For you, we’ve compiled a list of the best Typescript IDEs 2024. This collection contains IDEs that will considerably assist you in streamlining your workflow.

There are numerous additional IDEs and editors available on the Internet. Thus,  to save you time, we’ve put together a list of the Best IDE for Typescript. This collection offers integrated development environments (IDEs) that will greatly aid you in streamlining your workflow.

The IDE you choose has a big impact on your development productivity. Besides, each IDE has its own set of features, advantages, and disadvantages that distinguish it. Thus, once you set the requirements, you can easily pick the right one. Once you’ve switched to an IDE to help you with Typescript development, we guarantee you won’t go back to basic editors.

We hope you find the collection helpful. Do let us know which one you are us. Also, don’t forget to share.

To make an appealing web app it is advisable to use the UI kits.

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