The Best Open Source React Projects 2021

open source react projects

Looking for Open source React Projects For your next React-based app? Then here is the best collection. Before we start with the list, let’s talk a little bit about ReactJS.

The React JS or React is an open-source, front-end, JavaScript library for building user interfaces or UI components. It is maintained by Facebook and a community of individual developers and companies. It has grown as one of the best libraries in recent years for component-based GUI development.

Although, there are other front-end frameworks like Angular and Vue.js available, what sets React apart from others is, it just focuses on component-based GUI development and doesn’t invade other areas.

Now, Developing React projects will not only help you solidify your React skills but will also allow you to explore your creative side. So, we prepared this list to help you find some of the best open source react projects.

How to choose a project?

Choose a project that will give you new knowledge. Do not choose a product that is too easy to change or debug. Find a project that you think will survive for long enough to keep what you have invested in. You also need to choose a project that will be useful to others.

You’d benefit more if you were a part of the project from the beginning so that you get to appreciate the full life cycle of a project: the idea, prototyping, design, testing, implementation.

A good way to find a project you will invest your knowledge and time in is to ask other people. There is a good chance you will get a good recommendation. Find a community that will help you grow and communicate politely.

Keep one thing in mind, just because you clone an example project from Github, you won’t really learn much from it. Before we start the list, you can check some collections of React starter kit, react hooks tutorial for beginners and react bootstrap admin template free.

Now, let’s start the list.

Vuexy – React Admin Template (Premium)🔥

Vuexy React The most developer-friendly & highly customizable React Admin Template. It is based on Create React App, Redux & Reactstrap. Furthermore, this template is a beautifully crafted, clean & modern designed admin theme. Also, it works on different workable applications including Todo, Chat, eCommerce. Besides, Vuexy Admin provides advanced cards for eCommerce, Analytics, Statistics, Weather, Charts, Maps, and Interactive. This amazing template provides  100+ pages including Profile, Knowledge Base, Search, Authentication, etc.


DevHub is a mobile and desktop app to help you manage GitHub Notifications and stay on top of Repository Activities. Save custom searches, apply filters, bookmark items, and don’t miss anything important.

Front-end technologies:


Back-end technologies:


A sample web and mobile application built with Node, Express, React, React Native, Redux and GraphQL. Very basic replica of / allows users to get monthly subscriptions to trendy clothes and accessories.

Front-end technologies:

Packaging components

Back-end technologies:

Hackernews React GraphQL

Hacker News clone is rewritten with universal JavaScript, using React and GraphQL.

Front-end technologies:


Back-end technologies:


Spectrum is one of the best platforms to build any kind of community online by combining forums and real-time chat apps.

Front-end technologies:



Kutt is a modern URL shortener with support for custom domains. Shorten URLs, manage your links and view the click rate statistics.

Front-end technologies:


Back-end technologies:

React Kanban

A Trello-like application built with React and Redux with features like creating and editing new cards, dragging around cards, and so on. Besides, It also supports GitHub flavored markdown, which enables stuff like headings and checklists on the cards.

Front-end technologies:

Packaging components


Calypso is the new front-end – a beautiful redesign of the WordPress dashboard using a single-page web application, powered by the REST API. Besides, Calypso is built for reading, writing, and managing all of your WordPress sites in one place.


Back-end technologies:


Sentry provides real-time crash reporting for your web apps, mobile apps, and games. The Sentry package fundamentally is just a simple server and web UI. It will handle authenticating clients (such as Raven) and all of the logic behind storage and aggregation.


Back-end technologies:


This is a Retrospective Idea board, powering retrospected com.

Technologies used:

Packaging components

Back-end Technologies:

Simple React To-do App

This is a sample react todo app done step-by-step.


Simple calculator built with React


React Hooks app to calculate the BMI of a person. It can store the data for 7 days with the help of LocalStorage.


SnapShot is Gallery created using React Hooks, Context API, and React Router. The Routes were set up for four default pages and a search page. Also, the images were displayed using the Flickr API and Axios to fetch data.


  • Responsive Design.
  • Search functionality added to search photos from API.

Simple photo gallery and example app with responsive image grid, columns customizing, one-column view with description, fullscreen preview with one click. Pure CSS for that.


React Lab – React UI Component Experiments


So, here was the collection of some of the best open source react projects for inspiration. You can pick any of them as per your need and requirements.

Each project offers unique features and ideas that you can use for your own projects. Vuexy Reactjs admin template is one of the best premium templates that you can use for your next react web app.

We hope this collection helps you find some great projects. Do tell us which one inspired you. Also, share your project with us, we would add it to the list of Open Source React Projects.

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