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React Hooks Tutorial For Beginners 2024

react hooks tutorial for beginners

Are you looking for a React Hooks Tutorial For Beginners 2024? Then here you’ll get some of the best tutorials regarding react hooks.

What are hooks?

Hooks are the new feature introduced in the React 16.8 version. It allows you to use state and other React features without writing a class. Hooks are the functions that “hook into” React state and lifecycle features from function components. Also, it does not replace your knowledge of React concepts.

Why Hooks?

React Hooks Tutorial For Beginners

We know that components and top-down data flow help us organize a large UI into small, independent, reusable pieces. However, we often can’t break complex components down any further because the logic is stateful and can’t be extracted to a function or another component. Sometimes that’s what people mean when they say React doesn’t let them “separate concerns.”

These cases are very common and include animations, form handling, connecting to external data sources, and many other things we want to do from our components. When we try to solve these use cases with components alone, we usually end up with:

  • Huge components that are hard to refactor and test.
  • Duplicated logic between different components and lifecycle methods.
  • Complex patterns like render props and higher-order components.

In this case, Hooks are our best shot at solving all of these problems. Hooks let us organize the logic inside a component into reusable isolated unitsHooks are functions that let you “hook into” React state and lifecycle features from function components. Hooks don’t work inside classes — they let you use React without classes. Besides, hooks are an essential part of the React Ecosystem.

Advantages of Using Hooks

The main problems which were solved by the release of hooks in React 16.8:

  • Wrapper Hell
  • Classes
  • Side effect

Apart from this following are some of the Pros of hooks

  • A better alternative to the common design patterns.
  • Easy to test and maintain (functional components).
  • Create reusable, isolated components to avoid redundant logic.
  • Easy to use write and co-locate.

Here we have gathered the best react hook tutorials for beginners to help them start with the hooks easily.

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You can also check the Bootstrap admin template version.

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Basic Hooks

The following tutorials mainly deal with the basics.

  • useState, this is a hook that allows you to use state inside of function component
  • useEffect, this is a hook that allows you to perform side effects in such a way that it replaces several life cycle methods
  • useContext accepts a context object (the value returned from React.createContext) and returns the current context value, as given by the nearest context provider for the given context. When the provider updates, this Hook will trigger a rerender with the latest context value.

We recommend keeping in check the React Developer Tools for better development.

React Hooks Tutorial For Beginners 2024:

Following are some of the best video tutorials that will help you kickstart your project with React hooks. Some tutorials cover additional hooks as well.

Now, let’s check the React Hooks tutorial for beginners.

Youtube Video Tutorials:

React Hook Beginners Course by Codeevolution

This is a set of 33 Video tutorials that deal with react hooks. It includes video tutorials with examples.

ReactJS Hooks Crash Course by Academind

If you want to learn React Hooks – a feature that allows you to work with functional React components only, then this crash course is for you. Here through this react hook tutorial for beginners you’ll dive deep into useState(), useEffect(), and custom hooks.

cOURSE for React Hooks By Ben Awad

This is a detailed react hooks tutorial for beginners by Ben Awad. This tutorial covers useState, useEffect, useRef, useLayoutEffect, useCallback, useMemo, useReducer, and useContext.

Beginner’s Guide to React w/ Hooks (2020) Free Course by Colt steele

In this react hooks tutorial for beginners you’ll get a detailed overview of What is React, React Components, Class Components vs Function Components, React Hooks, Functional Components, JSX, Render Components, Create React App,  Props, Events in React, State, React Developer Tools, Styling in React, State as Props, Loop with Map, The key Prop, Reduce,  Update State, Styling the Components, useEffect.

React Context and Hooks Tutorial By The Net Ninja

This is a set of 21 video tutorials that deal with react context and hooks.

Also, check the: Sneat React NextJS Admin TemplateIt is the best Next JS Admin Template for responsive web apps.

Sneat MUI React NextJS Admin Template

This impressive React Admin Template additionally provides six different applications which enable you to get started and build your applications faster.

Blogs/Article Tutorials

Following are some of the best articles, and blogs React Hooks Tutorial For Beginners in detail.

“Making Sense of React Hooks” by Dan Abramov

Here you’ll learn about using the react hooks such as built-in React Hooks like useState and use effect etc with ease

“From React.Component to hooks” by Octave Raimbault

In this tutorial, you’ll understand the following in detail with examples

  • How hooks works
  • Migrating from lifecycle methods to hooks
  • React Pirate
“State Management with React Hooks – No Redux or Context API” by André Gardi

In this React Hooks Tutorial For Beginners, you are going to explore react and develop a custom Hook to manage global states an easier-to-use method than Redux, and more performant than Context API. This tutorial also consists of practical examples as well.

“How to Fetch Data with React Hooks?” by Robin Wieruch

In this React Hooks Tutorial For Beginners, you’ll learn how to fetch data in React with Hooks by using the state and effect hooks. You will also implement your custom hook for the data fetching that can be reused anywhere in your application or published on npm as a standalone node package.

Primer on React Hooks

By the end of this article, you will learn:

  • What are hooks?
  • Why were they implemented in React?
  • How are hooks used?
  • Are there rules for using hooks?
  • What is a custom hook?
  • When should I use custom hooks?
  • What are the benefits of using custom hooks?
React Hooks – A deeper dive featuring the use of Context and useReducer

This is an intermediate-level tutorial for React developers that have a basic understanding of:

  • React dataflow
  • The useState and useEffect hooks
  • Global state management tools and patterns (like Redux and Flux)
  • The React Context API

While working on React projects, it is advisable to use React Admin Dashboard template to build modern, eye-catching and responsive web applications in no time!

“Using Custom React Hooks to Simplify Forms” by James King

Here you’ll learn how to use custom React Hooks to build forms that require half the code to write, are reusable, and are much easier to read.

The Guide to Learning React Hooks (Examples & Tutorials) by Eric Bishard

This tutorial will help you fork the code at any point as you’ll learn about everything from the basics all the way to advanced hooks usage examples such as useReducer managing a list of data. This guide also provides background on the history of React and its concept of state management.

React by Example: Hooks

This React hooks tutorial for beginners provides examples of usestate, useRef, and useEffect.

React Hooks: useState, useEffect, useReducer

In this React Hooks Tutorial For Beginners you’ll learn:

  • how to use React hooks
  • how the same logic would be implemented in React class components
Getting Started With The React Hooks API

In this React Hooks Tutorial For Beginners, you are going to learn and understand what React hooks are, the basic React Hooks that are available, and also examples of how to write them for your React applications. In the process, you will also get to know about some additional hooks that were shipped with React 16.8 and also how to write your own custom, React Hooks.

Learn React Hooks in 5 minutes – A Beginner’s Tutorial

In this article, you’ll get to know two of the most used hooks in React: useState and useEffect.


Following are some awesome books for React hooks tutorials.


So, this was the collection of React Hooks Tutorial For Beginners 2024.  Here we have gathered some of the most useful tutorials that will help you to begin with React hooks.

In this collection you’ll find, blogs, articles, books, and video tutorials that will help you with the react hooks and how to use them properly. Each tutorial is well explained.

So, keep this collection in check as it will help you to start with react hooks with ease. Also, don’t forget to share this collection.

Apart from this, we also suggest using UI kits while working on any web apps as UI kits are very helpful to create appealing web apps. You can use the free UI kits as well.

If you are looking for tailwind CSS tutorials, then we do have a collection of Tailwind CSS Tutorial For Beginners.

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