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The Best 12 Open Source React Chart Library 2024

React Chart Library

Want to show an interactive and eye-catching data visualization on your website? Well, you will probably need a chart library for that. Here we are gonna discuss such Open Source React Chart Library that will help you with your upcoming React project. React Charting library can be very helpful as it provides lots of ready-to-use components for data visualization.

The majority of programmers have a strong bond with graphs and charts. They get data directly from the database and display it in a relevant way while working on a project. However, making user-friendly charts can be difficult. Thus, spending much time on visualization is not a smart idea. That’s where you can use the React Chart Library.

With the help of chart libraries, you may easily produce impressive data visualizations. Additionally, your users will be able to quickly uncover more insightful data.

Now, let’s get to know what exactly is a chart library.

What is A React Chart Library?

React Chart Library, also commonly known as React apps, works on visualizing the data, managing the libraries, allowing users to write and design the components, and assisting them in maintaining the data. These versatile and scalable apps use frameworks that are highly functional and sustainable in the long run. Well, like chart library, React Admin Templates can be really helpful to boost your workflow as well.

ReactJS Chart Libraries are a beneficial tool for web developers who wish to integrate meaningful data into their web projects. These apps basically help web developers display how a particular application or feature is working or is expected to work in the near future. They are a boon to web developers since they help them shift their focus to producing actual data without having to worry about its design and presentation.

The chart is a common component for mobile and web apps. Different types of charts provide different information. Digital charts are popular because they allow us to understand and gather crucial data in specific formats that suit our needs. Charts for React are also easier to work with and mainly include line charts, bar charts, pie charts, Gantt, and bubble charts.

React chart libraries are also known as React apps. These apps are flexible and scalable and use frameworks that you can use over time. Chart libraries for React are a helpful tool for web developers looking to incorporate meaningful data into their web projects.

Things To Consider While Choosing a ReactJS Chart Library:

We should first comprehend some of the most crucial criteria that may help us estimate their dependability, recognition, and market perception before we begin decoding the list of the top React Chart libraries. While working on React Projects, you can also use the TypeScript React Admin Template.

The following are some of the most reliable considerations for choosing the best React Chart Libraries:

GitHub Repositories

A popular platform for hosting code and collaborating on it is GitHub. It enables teams and developers to work collaboratively on projects from any location in the world. GitHub also provides useful analytics like Fork, Star, License, and others.


A service for managing packages for the Node JavaScript platform is called NPM. It intelligently handles dependency problems and places the relevant modules where Node can find them. Developers can publish, find, download, and create node applications here. Additionally, it may be used to monitor significant statistics like weekly downloads that aid in assessing the popularity of the React chart library.

NPM Trends

For comparing downloads of various chart libraries for React, NPM Trends is a great tool. Given that it also includes links to each React charting library’s official GitHub and NPM JS sites, it is a trustworthy and comprehensive source.

Well, these were some of the main factors when choosing the Best React Chart Library.

Apart from this, we also suggest using UI kits while working on any web apps as UI kits are very helpful to create appealing web apps. You can use the free UI kits as well.

The Best React Charting Library

Many professionals are now switching their ways to use lightweight React chart libraries that are equipped with modular charting components for React to ease their work. Amidst this conventional change, we have brought a list of the best and most popular React chart component libraries to your screens.

Well, like React GraphLibrary, you can also use the React Animation Library to make your web app interactive and appealing.

Now, Without further ado, let us begin.



Recharts is the best react chart library from this list. It is highly reliable and consequently, the one that web developers and professionals use the most. This React charting library has a minimal dependency on different D3 modules and supports native SVG throughout. Recharts use just presentational components, in part due to their declarative nature. Thus, the majority of experts first advise recharts to individuals looking for a quick and straightforward method to finish their data visualization tasks.

The platform currently gets 1,248,330 npm downloads every week, a record. The program is well-liked by the developer community and makes it as easy as possible for experts to visualize their data.

This library’s main goal is to make it simple for you to create charts in React applications. Recharts’ guiding principles are:

  • Deploy React components simply.
  • Native SVG support, is minimal, only requiring a few D3 submodules.
  • Declarative elements and chart elements are only for presentational purposes.


  • Composable
  • Reliable
  • Powerful
Materio ReCharts

For example, you can check the Materio MUI React NextJS Admin Template. It has used this React chart library very well. You can check the live demo for a better overview.

Materio is by far one of the best admin dashboard templates. Highly developer-friendly & easy-to-use, this template lets you build any type of web app. For example, you can create SaaS apps, fitness apps, banking apps, educational apps, etc. with ease. Besides, it offers amazing features such as:

  • Built with Next.js v12
  • Built with MUI Core v5 stable version
  • 100% React hooks & Functional Components
  • Redux Toolkit & React Context API
  • React Hook Form + Yup
  • RTL Support
  • Light & Dark layout and much more.

Also, available in the Free bootstrap dashboard version:

Materio free bootstrap admin template


Visx React Chart Library

Another best React Chart library is Visx. It is a library of low-level visualization components that can be reused. Visx combines the power of d3 to build your visualization with the advantages of react for DOM updates. Besides, Visx also employs d3 for calculations and math. Therefore, if you’re building your own great chart library on top of visx, it’ll be simple to design a component API that completely hides d3. As a result, your team can design charts as easily as reusable react components.

It also intends to build a collection of components that you can use to create your personal reusable chart library or a slick custom one-off chart. Visx is essentially agnostic and is intended to be expanded upon. It is not just a React Charting library. You’ll wind up creating your own charting library that’s optimized for your use case as you begin to use visualization primitives. Because you are in command. It has over 188,857 weekly npm downloads.


  • Create reusable visualization charts quickly.
  • Comprises predefined and programmable vision features
  • Employs D3

You can also consider using the best React CRUD Generator to speed up your workflow.


Nivo React Chart Library

Nivo provides an innovative method for web developers to generate charts and other data on the server side. There are numerous imaginative templates accessible for data visualization and presentation reasons. The chart collection provides unique and eye-catching methods for displaying significant data. It includes a broad variety of stunning charts that can easily be modified as desired. Since many of the charts it offers are adaptive by default, they display effectively on different screen widths. React Motion-powered motion/transitions are also supported by Nivo.

Nivo provides SVG, HTML, and Canvas charts in a single charting framework, as well as transitions (or motions). If you require a precise and versatile solution for your data visualization needs, Nivo is your one-stop shop. It promises to provide an exciting user experience through the use of gradients in charts. Nivo has earned more than 10.3k GitHub stars as of this writing. It features a vibrant community, active maintainers, a stunning website, and clear instructions that make it simple to start with.



Victory React Chart Library

Victory is a well-known Open Source React chart library that is used with React and React-Native. It uses React and D3, just like many of the other React chart libraries on this list. Besides, it has a lot of fully customizable charts pre-installed right out of the box.

Additionally, it features a number of charting widgets and has a uniform API across all projects. Furthermore, users can easily incorporate line, bar, pie, and candlestick charts into their projects using this versatile charting tool. Moreover, users can create information in the shape of charts both for iOS and Android applications using the same API. Cross-platform charting is made simple by the library, which is also very easy to understand and use.

It also enables the simple and convenient integration of charts, such as lines, pie, bars, and candlesticks, into web and React-Native applications. Victory, created by Formidable, has a 126,898 weekly npm download rate.


  • Zooming, transitions, and animations are all supported.
  • Modular documentation
  • Has all of the fundamental charts and is a great place to start when building unique charts.
  • Supports events that take action


BizchartsReact Chart Library

BizCharts is Alibaba’s general React charting library, which is committed to developing effective, qualified, and practical data visualization solutions for businesses’ middle and backends. It has undergone three years of baptism in Alibaba’s intricate business circumstances and is based on the React charting framework provided by G2 and G2Plot. Additionally, it meets the business implementation of traditional charts and highly customized charts in terms of practicality, usability, and richness.

They offer a remarkable and adaptable template selection. Additionally, BizCharts is famous for having the largest library of charts to date, making it a complete base for designing and data visualization. BizCharts records 27,247 npm downloads in a week, making it very well-liked in the Asian community.


  • Convenient charting library
  • Strong potential for growth
  • Most data visualization charts are supported
  • ES6 React grammar


React ChartJS 2

React-chartjs-2 is not your typical react chart library, as you will know if you are experienced with the chartjs charting library. Instead, you can define it as a react wrapper for the JavaScript-specific charting package chartjs. For the uninitiated, chartjs is a react chart toolkit that is user-friendly for beginners that leverages HTML5 Canvas elements to create chart elements that are distinct in their classes and sorts.

One must have experience with the Chartjs documentation before using React-chartjs-2. Also, it is not advisable to encounter many issues in performing the same because the framework is simple to understand. This React charting library is worth a try, with 644,736 weekly downloads. You can check the Examples for a better overview.

Besides, this ReactJS Chart Library offers 9 components:

  • Line, Bar, and Horizontal Bar
  • Doughnut and Pie
  • Bubble
  • Polar
  • Radar, and Scatter.

The same set of properties is available for all charts, which we can use to configure them. The key characteristics are

  • Data enables data to be configured for display
  • Legend properties enable customization of the chart legend
  • Axes, titles, tooltips, and animations are some more chart settings that can be configured using the options property
  • 6 different chart styles
  • Supports Animation
  • Responsive Charts
  • Highly customizable



The interactive, sophisticated, and user-friendly charting and visualization application ECharts is an ideal Open Source React Chart Library for business presentations. JavaScript is used to create ECharts to React. It makes use of the SVG and Canvas-compatible ZRender rendering engine. Additionally, the ZRender rendering engine supports both Canvas & SVG.

By adding new features and improving existing ones in story-telling and data appearance, augmented visualization and mobile responsive, collaboration and quality enrichment, programmer experience, globalization, and other areas, ECharts 5 builds on the core functionality of the previous version and makes it even easier for programmers to tell the story behind the data sets.


  • Support for multiple renderings
  • Cross-platform assistance
  • Data that changes and special effects
  • Optimizing for mobile
  • Accessible design elements


react stock chart

React stock charts are your one-stop shop if you’re a web developer searching for a framework to handle your financial visual analytics needs. This is for individuals who want to display their stock chart data in flexible yet clear layouts, this React chart library is a crucial tool.

The platform has 3.5k GitHub stars and supports more than 60 technical indicators. However, a lot of users overlook the fact that this Open Source React charting library doesn’t offer regular updates or other kinds of maintenance.

React Stockcharts provides a flexible API to create charts that represent time series data. You can

  • add custom chart components
  • add custom indicators
  • access the svg elements and styling with CSS (when using SVG)
  • get fast performance to pan and zoom actions, when using the hybrid mode

It offers 10 types of charts such as:

  • Scatter
  • Area
  • Line
  • Candlestick
  • OHLC
  • Heiken Ashi
  • Renko
  • Kagi


  • Adaptation to various chart types
  • More than 60 technical overlays and indicators
  • Drawing things



Plottable is a collection of chart elements that can be used to build flexible, unique charts for websites. It offers higher-level components including plots, gridlines, and axes. Besides, it uses D3.js. Consequently, it is simpler to construct charts faster than with D3, and the charts are far more configurable than the default templates offered by charting libraries. Plottable can be compared to a “D3 for Charts” because it is a library of chart components rather than a charting library.


Ant react chart library

Ant Design Charts, which is significantly more approachable for React technology stack students, is also one of the best charting packages for React. It automatically generates high-quality charts right out of the box and encourages research into how well the charts work in their basic setting. Users can quickly change a chart’s details to suit particular business needs. The presentation and finding of information at the fundamental purpose of the chart are the focus of interactive and visual experiences.

It describes itself as an enterprise-level React UI library and design solution. Thus, Ant Design is by far the best Open Source React Chart Library. This is in part owing to the excellent documentation, which contains several examples, recommendations, and alternative methods. It’s a great platform for modifying already-existing elements and themes.


  • Easy to use
  • TypeScript
  • Pretty & Lightweight
  • Responsive
  • Storytelling

React Apex charts

React Chart Library

A wrapper component for ApexCharts called React-ApexCharts is available for integration into your React application. You can even make beautiful React Charts with a JS application. Additionally, it’s simple to update the data in your React chart. Simply updating the series prop will trigger an automatic event to update the chart.

Sneat Apex Charts

For example, you can check the Sneat MUI React NextJS Admin Template. It has used this React chart library very well. You can check the live demo for a better overview.

Sneat is by farΒ the best Next JS Admin Dashboard for responsive web apps. Highly developer-friendly & easy, this template lets you build any type of web app. For example, you can create SaaS apps, fitness apps, banking apps, educational apps, etc. with ease. Besides, it offers amazing features such as:

  • Built with Next.js v12
  • Built with MUI Core v5 stable version
  • 100% React hooks & Functional Components
  • Redux Toolkit & React Context API
  • React Hook Form + Yup
  • RTL Support
  • Light & Dark layout and much more

Apart from this, it’s a React Admin template that is suitable for multipurpose use, and appropriate for projects like SaaS Platforms, CRM systems, Analytics apps, Banking apps, education apps, and many more…


react financial chart

With typescript syntax and bug fixes, React Financial Chart has significantly improved over time. Besides, this Open Source React chart library is a good replacement for the abandoned React stock charts, despite its lack of popularity.

Additionally, you can easily modify your stock chart. Also, it lets you add composite series by changing the thickness, contours, and brushes making it the most useful React Open Source Chart library. Furthermore, if you’re looking for more such awesome resources then you must check Materio Free MUI React NextJs Admin Template.

You will find this React Admin Dashboard as the most developer-friendly and highly customizable open-source Admin Template.

Materio React Free Admin Template

Apart from this, this Free Admin is available in both JavaScript and TypeScript versions.

Rumble Charts

React Rumble chart

To show your data, you may build adaptable, modular charts using the React component. Rumble Charts uses D3. You won’t experience it, though, the majority of the time. There are numerous graph charts illustrating possibilities in the React graph chart library.

One of the anonymous charting libraries is Rumble-charts, which is a chart library for React. It is a set of parts that lets you build adaptable, assemblable charts that let you see the data. Modern templates are used in this straightforward app.


Well, this was the list of Open Source React Chart Library. Utilizing chart libraries for React has a plethora of advantages, like simple integration, convenient comparison, and of course, generating charts and graphs. Your task is made easier by a data visualization library made available in React apps. Use the top react chart libraries you now know about to lighten your workload.

These open-source libraries have received excellent maintenance, and the React communities highly endorse them. The finest React chart libraries are helpful to assist you in creating the most accurate representations of data. Additionally, it aids in the creation of applications. So pick a library that satisfies all of your requirements When selecting the appropriate diagram libraries and charts to utilize in your React project, keep in mind that all of them aim to help developers achieve a particular result.

Before picking which one to employ, look at what each one has to offer. Which React library is best for displaying your charts will depend on the capabilities you need and the specifications of your project.

In case you are looking for a timeline library then you can refer to the collection of the best JavaScript Timeline Library.

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