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Best Next js eCommerce Template (Dashboard) 2024

Nextjs eCommerce Template

Are you looking for an eCommerce Admin Template based on Next js? Then, you have selected the correct post, where we have listed out the Best free and premium Next js Admin template that can be suitable for your eCommerce project.

As we all know, eCommerce consists of lots of operations involved, like insights about your order, transaction, sales report, product management, and many more. Now, implementing these operations from scratch can consume a lot of your time.

Therefore, these Admin templates come to the rescue providing ready-to-use components and features that are required in an eCommerce project.

In this post, we have mentioned the Next.js eCommerce Admin Template as Next.js is very useful for developing full-fledged and SSR(Server Sider Rendering)-friendly applications. Therefore, before we directly jump into the collection let’s understand Next.js and the advantages of using it.

What is Next.js?

What is Next js?

Next.js is an open-source React framework that enables the creation of single-page Javascript applications. It’s a server-rendered framework that requires minimal configuration with a steep learning curve. Hence, it is straightforward to build full-fledged, SSR-friendly web apps using Next.js.

Furthermore, this open-source React framework builds SEO-friendly websites and applications. It helps to give a competitive advantage by providing google friendly websites.

It supports CSS styling precompiled with Scss and SAAS, CSS in JS, and JSX. Next.js is used by popular companies like Netflix, Uber, Starbucks, Twitch, and many more all over the world. This makes Next.js one of the fastest-growing frameworks of React.

While working on Next js projects we recommend using the Next js admin template to save your time and to make the development process easier.

Following are some of the features that make Next js a preferable framework for developers.


  • Automatic Routing
  • Server Rendering
  • Automatic Code Splitting
  • Dynamic Components
  • Static Exports
  • TypeScript Support
  • Hot Code Reloading

Advantages of using Nextjs

  • Improved Search Engine Optimization
  • Open Graph Customization
  • Lazy loading
  • Great Developer experience
  • Easy customization and deployment
  • API support.

Apart from the following Next JS eCommerce Template Free, you can consider the Next JS boilerplates as well.

What are the benefits of using Next js for an eCommerce website?

When you’re using Next.js for your eCommerce project it can bring many benefits:
– Improve your loading speeds
– Better SEO and performance
– Better Developer experience
– High Scalable, and many more…

Can a Next.js eCommerce template be customized to fit my brand’s needs?

Yes, you can customize the Next js eCommerce template as per your brand needs. Most of the templates include source code that can be modified to change the look and feel of the website.

Next js eCommerce Dashboard Templates

Now, that we have understood Next.js and the advantages of using it in the project, let’s directly start the collection of the Next js eCommerce Admin Dashboard template without wasting any time.

We suggest using eCommerce UI Kit Sketch while working on eCommerce projects. UI kits are a library of useful components. It consists of useful resources such as fonts, layered design files, icons, etc.

Fullstack – Open-Source Next.js E-Commerce

Full Stack Template

Full Stack Open Source is an eCommerce Template built on Next js, NextAuth + Prisma, Docker + TypeScript + React Query + Stripe + Tailwind Sentry, and much more. It’s a fully responsive Next js eCommerce template with pre-built components and elements required in an eCommerce Project.

It is an Open Source project, where you will get support directly from the GitHub repo so that you can easily open issues and get the support. Furthermore, it has a very clean appealing design so you do not need to work on the design.

JamStack eCommerce

Jam Stack eCommerce

Jam Stack is an open-source eCommerce template that is built on Next js and eCommerce. It provides you with ready-to-use components and elements so that you can get a fully configurable ECommerce site using Next js.

Moreover, the site uses completely static data coming from a provider at providers/inventoryProvider.js. You can update this provider to fetch data from any real API by changing the call in the getInventory function.

Materio Free MUI React Next js Admin Template (Free Next JS Admin Template)

Materio MUI React NextJS Admin Template Free

Materio Free MUI React NextJS Admin Template is a highly versatile and customizable dashboard template designed for developing complex and scalable admin panels and dashboards. This React Admin template free is built using the latest technologies like ReactJS 18, NextJS 13, and Material UI v5, which provide the user with a smooth and efficient development experience.

With a modern and sleek design, this template is ideal for creating responsive and user-friendly web applications. Besides, it offers a wide range of features, including pre-built pages, and widgets, making it easy for developers to create beautiful and functional admin panels.

Moreover, this dashboard template free and comes with a comprehensive documentation guide, making it easy for developers to get started and make the most out of the template. With its extensive features and ease of use, this template is an excellent choice for building professional and robust web apps.


  • Based on MUI And Next. js
  • Simple vertical menu
  • 1 Simple Dashboard
  • Simple from layouts
  • Basic Cards, Tables
  • 1 Chart Library and many more

Also, available in the Django Admin Dashboard Template version:

materio bootstrap django admin template

Resemi Admin

Resemi Admin

Resemi Admin is a free open-source Next.js eCommerce Template (Dashboard) built on the latest Next js 12, and React 18 and available in the TypeScript version. It has a built-in dark mode feature to switch between light and dark modes.

The open-source Next js Admin Panel is compact with rich components and cards to get you started with your eCommerce project. You can set up your products and data representation of the backend of your eCommerce using its rich components and charts.


  • Latest Technology Stack
  • Rich components
  • Authority Management
  • Dark layout
  • Signature Pad
  • Video Player
  • Watermark
  • Image Cropping and many more…

Next eCommerce

Next js eCommerce Template

If you’re looking for a simple eCommerce Template built on Next js with Firebase as a backend then you must check this project on GitHub. It’s a single-page eCommerce website with multiple pages like Newin, category pages, Product pages, cart, and Accounts pages.

The UI is clean and beautiful inspired by Anton Mikhaltsov and you can get the code of this functional design on the GitHub repo. This free Next js eCommerce template is very easy as you need a Firebase project and then install the NPM packages. You can also follow the installation step from the GitHub description page.

Sneat – MUI React Next.js Admin Template (The Brand New React NextJS Admin Template⚑)

Sneat MUI React Next.js Admin Template

Sneat MUI React Next.js Admin Template – is the most developer-friendly & highly customizable React Admin Dashboard Template based on MUI & Next JS. If you are a developer seeking the Best React Admin Template that is feature-rich and extremely configurable, go no further than Sneat.

Furthermore, one of the top Reactjs-based NextJS Admin Templates based on MUI Design is created using the greatest industry standards. This React Dashboard is not only quick and simple to use, but also very scalable. Furthermore, it provides the utmost convenience and versatility, allowing you to construct whatever application you desire with less effort.

Sneat also has useful features that seek to assist you in creating high-quality single-page apps exactly as you envision them. This Admin dashboard template also includes essential capabilities like fuzzy search, dark, semi-dark, and bordered layout options, advanced cards, and charts. As a result, it is the best admin dashboard template.


  • Pure ReactJS, No jQuery Dependency
  • Built with Next.js & MUI
  • Utilizes NextJS, React router
  • Based on functional components & React hooks
  • Includes Both TS & JS Versions πŸŽ‰
  • Auth & ACL Support
  • Internationalization/i18n & RTL Ready
  • Code Splitting, Lazy loading & much more

Also, available in Bootstrap Dashboard Version.

sneat bootstrap 5 Admin Template

Bazar Pro – Multipurpose React Next.js Ecommerce Template

Bazar Pro Template

Bazar Pro is a powerful Next JS eCommerce template that is built on Next JS and Reactjs. The template comes with an elegant design and multiple homepages that are responsive, production-ready, and Professional as well.

Furthermore, the code structure of this template is clean, simple, and very easy to understand. The template is built with MUI which is the most popular UI library of React. It also includes easy customization, multi-vendor pages, multiple homepages, and many more.


  • Next.js v13
  • Multiple home pages
  • Multi-vendor pages
  • Optimized for mobile & performance
  • User account dashboard
  • Admin/vendor dashboard
  • Fully responsive design
  • React hooks and many more…

Evara – React Redux NextJS Multipurpose Ecommerce Template

Evara Multipurpose Template

Evara is a multipurpose eCommerce Template that is built on React Redux, NextJS, and Bootstrap 5. x. It includes a lot of pre-designed layouts for the home page, and product page to give you the most suitable selections in customization.

When you look at the UI of this React Ecommerce Template, it is based on the Fashion shop website, but it can also be used for many other eCommerce websites such as a hand-made, organic, healthy shop, flower shop, and many more.


  • React, NextJs, Redux
  • React Toastify
  • Mega Menu Built-In
  • Redux Shopping Cart
  • Redux Add To Cart On Single Product/Quickview
  • Free Premium Quality Support
  • Logo Slider Integration, and many more…

You can take the help of Free UI kits to design an interactive eCommerce app.

Materialize – MUI React Next.Js Admin Template

Materialize material design admin template

The Materialize – React – Next.js, Vuejs, HTML, Laravel, Django, Asp.Net Material Design Admin Template is a comprehensive and responsive dashboard template to develop modern edge responsive web apps. It is built with Materialize CSS, which is a popular front-end framework that follows the principles of Material Design.

Besides, this admin template is compatible with React, Vue.js, Laravel, ASP.Net, and Django frameworks. With this admin dashboard template, developers can easily create stunning, visually appealing, user-friendly, and responsive web apps that work well on all devices. For instance, you can create SaaS platforms, Project management apps, E-commerce backends, CRM systems, Analytics apps, academic apps, Banking apps, etc.

It also includes a range of useful components & features like charts, tables, forms, icons, and maps, along with built-in support for Material icons and Font Awesome. Additionally, it is optimized for search engines and includes detailed documentation and support to ensure a smooth and hassle-free development process.

  • Built with React 18, Next.js & MUI
  • Vue 3, Vuetify 3, and Laravel 10
  • ASP.NET Core Razor Pages
  • ASP.NET Core MVC
  • Django 5
  • Bootstrap 5
  • Based on functional components & React hooks
  • Utilizes Vite, Vue Router & Pinia
  • Includes Both TS & JS Versions
  • AUTH & ACL Support
  • 10+ Well crafted Applications in HTML
  • Internationalization/i18n & RTL Ready
  • Free Figma Design File
  • RTL Supported
  • Multi-Language Support

Quantum Ecommerce

Quantam eCommerce Next js

Quantum eCommerce, an open-source Next.js eCommerce template, is constructed on Next.js Serverless functions. Furthermore, This Next js example project also involved many other technologies like GraphQL, Knex, Apollo, and Vercel.

Quantum has a very decent and simple styling and it comes with lots of ready-to-use pages that you can use to create your eCommerce projects easily.

Moreover, the template offers essential features like live search and category-based product filtering, which developers commonly use in eCommerce projects.

Hence, such kind of Next js projects can be a great source of learning for you, if you are working on eCommerce projects.


  • Authentication with Cookies Sessions.
  • Reset Password using email
  • List Products
  • Sort list of products
  • Add products to your Wishlist
  • Add products to the Cart
  • Checkout page, and many more…

Indigo Next JS Admin Dashboard Theme

Indigo Next js eCommerce Dashboard theme

The Indigo Next.js Admin Dashboard is a developer-friendly admin template that utilizes Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and React. The Admin Dashboard can create your user interfaces for your SaaS products, services, back office, or administrator dashboard in seconds.

Moreover, built on top of Next.js, this template empowers your web apps, making them powerful, fast, and responsive. Additionally, you can use this admin template with other React frameworks, as it is 100% compatible with any React-based project.

This React Admin Template is packed with a single dashboard with graphs and charts so that you can monitor your eCommerce data. If you are looking for a simple Next js eCommerce admin template then you must go for Indigo.


  • Beautiful, minimal design
  • Responsive design
  • Easy to use
  • Great performance
  • Highly Customizable design
  • Full documentation
  • Compatible with major browsers, and many more…

Material Dashboard React Next js

Material Dashboard React Nextjs

Material Dashboard React is a Free Dashboard Template that is built on MUI, React, and Next.js. The design of the admin template is inspired by Google material design with easy-to-use components.

This Free Next.js open-source admin template for eCommerce comes with 5 color filter choices for the sidebar and the card headers. Furthermore, if you want to use this Next js Admin Dashboard in your eCommerce project then it is perfect for backend data representation.


  • 30+ elements
  • Multiple Plugins
  • Sass file added
  • 7 Pages
  • 5 color filter choices.

Wrap UP

There we go, we have shown you the list of best Next js eCommerce Template dashboards that are widely used among developers. Moreover, there is no doubt, that these Admin Templates are completely responsive, easy to use, and highly customizable.

Choosing the right admin template is crucial for eCommerce projects. To help you, we’ve listed the best Next.js eCommerce Dashboard templates, free and premium, for your specific needs.

Furthermore, we’d recommend choosing admin templates based on the requirements of your project. For example, if you’re working on a simple eCommerce project then Next eCommerce, and Indigo Next JS Admin Dashboard Theme can be a perfect fit.

If you’re working on a complex eCommerce project then we’d recommend using Sneat MUI React Nextjs Admin Template and Materio Free MUI React Nextjs Admin TemplateAs they are the most developer-friendly admin template that comes with a ready-to-use eCommerce dashboard.

Lastly, we hope you find this collection helpful, and please do share it with your friends and colleagues.

Happy coding and Cheers!

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