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List of 10+ Best JavaScript Sliders 2024

JavaScript Carousel Slider Library

Looking for a JavaScript carousel Slider library to add interactive sliders to your website? In this post, we have included some best JavaScript Sliders that will help you to improve the user experience of your web page.

Sliders are the most controversial design part for web designers and developers. Some designers/developers love adding them to their websites while others do not. But still, you will find websites nowadays that rely on sliders on their web pages.

It is said that sliders can be very helpful to your web pages only if you know how to use them correctly. Therefore, before we directly head on to the list of JavaScript sliders we’d like to put some light on their impact and how to use them efficiently.

What is JavaScript Slider?

Sliders are a design element used to display visual content on a webpage in slideshow format. JavaScript Sliders refers to libraries with all the pre-written codes required to create these sliders on web pages with advanced functionalities.

Can Slider impact your SEO Score?

It will depend on how you use sliders on your web pages. If your slider is affecting the core web vital scores then it will affect the SEO score. Therefore, it is advisable to create responsive slides using a quality slider plugin or library

How can I add Sliders to my web pages?

You can add sliders to your web pages in many ways. If you want to add sliders on your WordPress websites then you can install plugins if you’re creating with programming then, you can integrate any third-party JavaScript slider library with your project.

Why Should we use Sliders on a web page?

The function of a slider in a website is to show images on the screen one after another. It has been a trendy visual feature among developers to display the main content on the homepage.

Furthermore, it provides a pleasant user experience as the user gets the information through the sliders instead of reading long pages. In addition, it helps the user to stay connected with the content and engage with the pages.

Secondly, when you’re using images to express your message it’s more likely that you’ll get connected to your visitors. You can get the most out of the slider with perfect design, good content, and an appealing UI.

For instance, you can check the demo for the sliders we have used in our latest Materio Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin Template.

But, the question arises when we should consider using these sliders, let’s find out!

Consider Adding Sliders when…

If you want to add multiple headings on the homepage

Multiple Heading Slider example | JavaScript Sliders

Consider the example of the Smarter template in which they have shown their 4 services on a single homepage using slides. Now, they have 1 slide for each service and this is their headings. But, the good thing about these JavaScript Sliders is that they move only when the user wants so it does not work like regular slideshows.

To Display Product Tours

Product Tour Slider Example | JavaScript Sliders

The best example of product tour sliders is Amazon. You will find in the Amazon interface, that they offer product images in series along with the product description. For eg, when you want to purchase a headphone you will find a list of 4-5 images where you can see the images using a slider interface.

For instance, you can see the above example.

If you want to add dynamic motions

As you can see in the below example, sliders are used to add dynamic motions to the website. This effect helps the website look visually appealing and interactive. So when you have a simple website where you just want to showcase your heading with dynamic motions, you must consider using sliders.

To showcase

If you want to showcase your work, sliders can be best for presenting your work. For instance, if you’re a designer or a web developer then, using the JavaScript library enables you to showcase your work flexibly by a slideshow animations. For reference, you can check the below example.

If you want to make navigation easy

Here navigation refers to guiding users to those web pages that are essential to them. Sometimes, you will see websites that are using a JavaScript slider in which they have routed their important web pages. For example, on any eCommerce website, you will find offers or discounted products, product launches, updates, etc.

Product Tour Slider Example | JavaScript Sliders

As you have gotten to know about the sliders, let’s directly jump on to the list of best JavaScript carousel slider Libraries without wasting any time.

While working on Javascript projects, it is also recommended to use Javascript Monorepo Tools. They will help you maintain multiple projects with ease.

We also recommend using the best IDE in Programming to boost your workflow. IDEs can help you work effectively and also save you time by providing you with the best development environment.

Swiper JavaScript Slider

Swiper is a modern and open-source JavaScript slider library that enables you to add sliders to your web pages. In addition, it provides mobile touch sliders with hardware-accelerated transitions with mobile-friendly behavior.

Furthermore, it’s also a javascript slideshow library that utilizes Flexbox for slide layout which solves all the problems related to size calculations. Swiper uses lazy loading in which the images of the invisible slides delay the loading of the images to improve the page load speed.

In addition, the slider is loaded with many many features like it supports 100% RTL support with the correct layout.


  • Integrations with Multiple libraries
  • Rich API
  • Multi-Row Slides layouts
  • Full navigation control
  • Autoplay
  • Mousewheel control, and many more…


Installation via NPM

$ npm install swiper
// import Swiper JS
import Swiper from 'swiper';
// import Swiper styles
import 'swiper/css';

const swiper = new Swiper(...);

By default Swiper exports only the core version without additional modules (like Navigation, Pagination, etc.) \. For those instructions, you can visit their official guide.


Slick JavaScript Slider

Slick is a jQuery plugin created by Ken Wheeler to help developers create responsive as well as touch-enabled carousels on web pages. In addition, the plugin offers a wide range of features and customization in the sliders.

Furthermore, you will find detailed documentation on the site with lots of demos on their official site. In addition, you will find different types of carousels and sliders which you can create using slick.

In addition, it supports auto layout, lazy loading, fades, adding or removing slides, filters, etc.


  • Fully responsive
  • CSS3 supported
  • Swipe enabled
  • Infinite Looping
  • Desktop mouse dragging
  • Arrow key navigations, and many more…


These best JavaScript carousel libraries will help you save a lot of time while building web apps or pages.

Installation via CDN

Slick requires jQuery, so you need to ensure that jQuery is included in your project before you install Slick.

Using CDN:

Add these lines in the <head> section of your HTML:

<!-- Add the CSS for Slick -->
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=""/>
<!-- Add the Theme CSS (optional) -->
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=""/>

And before the closing </body> tag, include jQuery and Slick’s JavaScript:

<!-- jQuery (Slick's dependency) -->
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<!-- Slick Carousel -->
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


Flickity is one of the best touch-responsive and flickable JS slider libraries for creating carousels, slideshows, and galleries for your web apps. It is known for its smooth transitions and ability to handle dynamic and variable-width content.

Furthermore, the library uses physics-based animation logic to determine the motion of the slides, giving a natural fluid motion that feels right.

Flickity’s API provides deep control over the carousel functionality, allowing developers to programmatically interact with the slider, like initiating, stopping, and navigating between slides.


  • Touch-enabled, Responsive Design
  • Flickable Carousels
  • Flexible Layout Options
  • Built-in UI elements
  • Open-Source, and many more…


Installation via NPM

npm install flickity --save


Glide js is an open-source JavaScript slider or slideshow library that lets you build a fast, flexible, and responsive carousel. In addition, its lightweight library provides a modular structure written in plain JavaScript without any hidden dependencies.

Furthermore, it is a fully customizable library that provides a range of options to control the behavior and appearance of your sliders. For instance, it comes with a rich collection of events that you can listen to run a custom logic at specific moments.

The JavaScript slideshow library offers handy documentation as well as useful examples of a variety of sliders to get you started quickly with this library.


  • Lightweight
  • Dependency-free
  • Modular
  • Bundlers ready
  • Extendable
  • Theming, and many more…


Installation via NPM

# Install the last stable version
$ npm install @glidejs/glide

Also, check the latest Nuxt Dashboard Template version.

materio vuetify nuxtjs admin template

No UI Slider

NoUI JavaScript Slider or Carousel library

noUiSlider is the best lightweight, ARIA-accessible JavaScript range slider or say slidshow library with multi-touch and keyboard support. It is fully GPU animated: no reflows, so it is fast; even on older devices.

The JavaScript slideshow library also fits wonderfully in responsive designs and has no dependencies.


  • Accessible with aria and keyboard support
  • GPU animated: no reflows, so fast; even on older devices
  • All modern browsers and IE > 9 are supported
  • No dependencies
  • Fully responsive
  • Multi-touch support on Android, iOS, and Windows devices


We have used this slider in the Materio Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin template. Check the demo for a better overview. Materio is a very developer-friendly & highly customizable bootstrap admin template for developing modern web apps with ease.

Materio Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin Template


  • Bootstrap 5
  • 5 Dashboards
  • 10 Pre-built apps
  • RTL & Internalization i18 support
  • Light & Dark theme
  • 6 unique layouts
  • Well documented and much more.

Also, available in the React NextJS dashboard version.

Tiny-Slider: JavaScript Slideshow library

Tiny-Slide is an open-source vanilla JavaScript slideshow library that lets you build beautiful and responsive carousel sliders. In addition, it is inspired by a jQuery plugin called Owl Carousel.

Moreover, the Javascript carousel slider supports a wide range of features, including horizontal and vertical sliders, infinite looping, autoplay, pagination, keyboard and mouse wheel navigation, and more.

In addition, it includes several pre-built themes and styles that you can use to quickly customize the look and feel of your sliders. For more customization of the look and feel of your web app, you can add drag and drop library.


  • Loop
  • Edge Padding
  • Supports Touch/Drag
  • Lazyload
  • Autoplay
  • Arrow keys
  • Custom events, and many more…


Installation via NPM

npm install tiny-slider

If you’re looking for a flexible, accessible, and minimalistic carousel library that is lightweight then you should go with Embla Carousel.

It is the best js carousel library that focuses on fluid animations and usability, providing a robust solution for creating carousels that are both accessible and mobile-friendly.

Furthermore, it can be used with plain JavaScript and provides support for frameworks like React, Vue, Svelte, and Solid.


  • Fluid Motion & Physics-based Touch Interactions
  • Online Carousel Generator
  • Supports Customization
  • Accessibility Features
  • Looping
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly
  • No dependencies, and many more…


Installation via NPM

npm install embla-carousel --save

Splide Javascript Slider

Splide JavaScript Slider

Splide is an open-source, flexible, and accessible carousel or slideshow library written in TypeScript. Furthermore, it lets you build different types of innovative sliders by just changing options. For eg, you can add multiple slides, thumbnails, nested sliders, vertical direction, and more.

In addition, you can enhance the slider capability by using APIs or building extensions. Moreover, if you’re working on TypeScript then we recommend using Vue TypeScript Admin Template to build your web apps faster.


  • No dependencies
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple slides
  • Accepts CSS relative units
  • Autoplay with a progress bar as well as play/pause buttons
  • RTL and vertical direction
  • Mouse drag and touch swipe, and many more…


Installing via NPM

$ npm install @splidejs/splide


Flicking JavaScript Carousel Slider Library

If you’re looking for a flexible and extendable JavaScript carousel slider library that can work across any framework then you must check Flicking. An open-source library that is supported by major frameworks like Angular, React, Vue js, Preact, and Svelte.

Apart from that, it is designed to support SSR therefore, it can be used with famous SSR frameworks Next js or Nuxt js. Moreover, If you’re working on Next js projects then you can consider using the library. Furthermore, we also recommend using the Next js Admin Template to build responsive and progressive web apps.

Now, it provides you with 4 kinds of dynamic progress information and it also provides support for multiple plugins to add advanced functionality.


  • SSR Ready
  • Circular (Loop) mode
  • Ready to use the plugin
  • Mobile as well as desktop-friendly
  • Rich API, and many more…


Installation via NPM

npm install @egjs/flicking

Vue 3 Carousel is an open-source vue 3 component library that lets you create customizable carousel/slides for your vue-based projects. Moreover, the component is built using composition API and supports both mouse and Touch API.

Furthermore, it is the best js carousel library that provides a wide range of customization options. For instance, you can customize the number of items displayed per slide, the duration of the transition of animations, spacing between items, and many more.

This JavaScript carousel slider library is all set to create the best responsive slides for your Vue js-based project. In addition, we also recommend using the Vue js Admin Template to create responsive web apps.


  • Responsive breakpoints
  • Mouse/touch dragging
  • Infinity Scroll
  • Auto-play
  • Add classes for active and visible slides
  • RTL, and many more…


npm install vue3-carousel

Simple Slider

Simple JavaScript Slider

Simple Slider is an open-source, lightweight, and highly testable JavaScript Carousel or slideshow library. In addition, it is based on the requestAnimationFrame API to perform animations for each transition.

Furthermore, the distribution files have UMD support which allows for usage along with RequireJS, webpack, or just plain browser import.


  • Small size
  • Support to UMD
  • Supports Page visibility API to pause/resume transitions when the user navigates away from the page
  • Accept ease functions to customize the transition animation
  • Lots of ready-to-use examples
  • Animates any numerical CSS property, and many more.


Installation via NPM

npm install --save simple-slider

React Animated Sliderbar

React Animated slidebar is an open-source React component library that lets you build interactive carousel sliders for React-based web pages.

Moreover, it’s a JavaScript slider library for React that supports custom CSS animations. In addition, you can also use the React Animation library to add interactive animations to your web pages.


  • Ready to use slider component with animations
  • Horizontal and vertical navigation
  • Swipe navigation on touch devices
  • Infinite slider
  • Autoplay
  • Works with SSR and many more…


In addition, if you’re working on React projects then we recommend using Materio MUI React Next js Admin Template. It is the most developer-friendly as well as highly customizable React Admin Template you’ve ever seen!


The usage of best js sliders or carousels among websites and web apps has been used by many developers and designers. Many of them prefer using it while many of them do not. However, the debate about this will never end!

But, one thing is sure the usage and the library you choose can be key factors for your website performance. Therefore, we have mentioned one of the best JavaScript Carousel slider libraries in this post.

Moreover, the selection of the best js carousel or sliders library will depend upon individual needs and requirements. For eg: if you’re looking for a Slide for your Next js projects then Flicking is the best option for you.

Thank you for coming to this end, we hope that you like this post. Kindly share it with your friends and colleagues.

May your codes be error-free! Cheers๐Ÿฅ‚

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