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8 Best JavaScript debugger for developers

Best and Free JavaScript debugger

While working on JavaScript languages, will you imagine launching your project without debugging? No right! Debugging is the most important part for developers while developing. As a result, we have collected some best and most free JavaScript debuggers in this post.

Moreover, when you’re working with JavaScript, your codes are not necessarily correct. It would help if you had some validation for your code before making it live.

A JavaScript debugger works the same way. It helps you to find, diagnose, and fix the problem of your codes. In addition, it saves a developer’s time and improves the code’s quality.

Furthermore, there are other advantages involved in using the best JavaScript debugger. Therefore, before we directly head on to the list let’s understand debugging in JavaScript and its benefits.

How to check code using a debugger in JavaScript?

If you want to check the code in your browser then you can check the Developer tools of your browser by hitting ‘F12’ or ‘Ctrl + Shift + C’. Apart from that, you can use free JavaScript debuggers available out there.

What is the use of a debugger in JavaScript?

A debugger in JavaScript helps developers to identify and fix errors in their code. In addition, it allows them to step through their code line by line,  pause execution at specific points, and inspect variables and objects at runtime.

Difference between Debuggers in browsers vs Standalone debugging tools?

Debuggers in browsers allow developers to inspect and debug the code running in a web browser. At the same time, a standalone debugging tool is a separate software that has advanced features like integrations, multi-language support, and many more.

What is Debugging and its Advantages?

What is Debugging and its advantages?

Debugging means the process of removing errors from computer hardware and software. In context to programming, it is the process of finding and fixing errors from the source code of the web pages or software.

When dealing with programming or web pages there are chances of errors. It could be some syntax errors or minor bugs that can be a troublemaker of your code structure. Therefore, practicing debugging with your code can save a lot of time by preventing such causes.

Now, debugging and testing are both different processes, testing reveals the effect of the mistakes in the code. In addition, it will not help the developer to point out the error in the code whereas, debugging will help you to identify and fix the code.

Advantages of Debugging

  • Improved functionality
  • Better user experience
  • Code quality
  • Effective troubleshooting
  • Quality assurance
  • Better collaboration, and many more…

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What are JavaScript Debuggers?

JavaScript debuggers are the tools that help developers to find and fix errors in the code. These debuggers are designed in such a way that lets the developer troubleshoot and identify the issues in their JavaScript code.

Furthermore, their debuggers can help you identify errors like Syntax or interpretation errors, Runtime exceptions, and Incorrect logic like Logs, assertions, and Breakpoints on any lines in your JavaScript code.

Generally, web browsers come with built-in debuggers in the browser that we will discuss later on in this post. These debuggers helped the developers to analyze their web pages with advanced features and functionalities.

JavaScript Debugger

Now, that we have got the details about debugging and its advantages let’s directly head on to the list without wasting any time.

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Debuggers used in Browsers

As we mentioned earlier, every browser has a built-in tool that allows developers to debug their code in the web browser. We will mention some of the best free JavaScript debuggers that come or can be used within the browser.

Chrome DevTools

Chrome is considered to be the most used browser among users. The browser is built by Google which offers Chrome DevTools. Besides, it has a set of web developer tools that are built directly into the browser.

It can help you edit pages while browsing, managing workflows, debugging, and prototyping CSS. Furthermore, it lets you change the profiling page, load performance, and monitor network requests.

Moreover, to debug the JavaScript as well as JavaScript frameworks languages you can easily do it in the Sources panel. To use the tool you can either Right click on the web page and select ‘Inspect’ or use the Shortcuts i.e. Windows, Linux: Control+Shift+I and macOS: (⌘)+Option + I.

Safari Web Inspector

If you’re a Mac user working on Safari then you use its web tool for JavaScript debugging. Safari includes a Web inspector in which you can modify, debug, and optimize websites very easily. In addition, it also has a responsive mode in which you can preview your web pages on different sizes to check the responsiveness.

The web inspector mode in Safari provides the developer quick and easy access to development tools in a web browser. Furthermore, it lets them inspect and select individual HTML elements on a web page, view attributes, and styles and modify them in real-time.

Moreover, to use the free Javascript debugger tool, you must right-click on the web page and select ‘Inspect’ or use the shortcut key (⌘)+Option + I.

Free JavaScript Debugger in Firefox

Firefox JavaScript Debugger

Firefox is one of the most powerful web browsers that offers a free JavaScript debugger in its web developer tools. Firefox has also developed a Firefox browser for Developers enabling you to use its latest features, fast performance, and development tools.

The debugger supports source maps, allowing developers to debug code that can be minified and transpired into other languages like TypeScript. In addition, you can set breakpoints and step through your code during the debugging process.

To initiate debugging, you can select the debugger tab in the Developer tools window. The shortcuts are similar we used in other browsers.


JSBin Free Best JavaScript Debugger

JSBin is a free open-source JavaScript and collaborative web development debugging tool. It lets you experiment with your JavaScript code as well as HTML and CSS in real time.

Furthermore, the application consists of a client-side JavaScript application responsible for rendering the user interface, handling their inputs, and sending requests to the server. Moreover, JSBin has a very minimalist design with advanced features.

For instance, users can create new bins (code snippets) by typing the code in the editor. Also, you can share these code snippets with others by providing a unique URL. You can use JS Bin to isolate and replicate bugs that demonstrate a particular problem. Then share the URL to the JS Bin either as the full output or the editor view of the JS Bin.


  • Live reload both in the editor and in full preview
  • Console
  • Full unmodified rendered view
  • Linting with full config control
  • Library support
  • Custom URLs, and many more…

VSCode JavaScript Debugger

VSCode free javaScript debugger

As we all know VSCode is an open-source and free code editor developed by Microsoft. VSCode provides a built-in debugger to accelerate your edit, compile, and debug loop. Furthermore, it has built-in debugging support for Node.js runtime but can also debug JavaScript and other languages.

To debug in VS code you need to select Run and Debug on the start view or use the shortcut key F5. This will start debugging your currently active file.

Moreover, it allows you to configure and save debugging details because, while debugging creating a launch configuration file is important.


  • Breakpoints
  • Logpoints
  • Data Inspection
  • Variable substitution
  • Debug Console
  • Multi-language support, and many more…


Webstorm Best JavaScript Debugger

Webstorm is one of the best IDEs in programming used by developers. In addition, it is known for providing a development experience that is enjoyable for handling complex tasks easily.

By using webstorm you can debug any kind of application written in JavaScript languages as well as debug unit tests and build scripts. In addition, it is a TypeScript IDE in which you can write with TypeScript language as well.

Furthermore, it lets you put the breakpoints and step through in your actual source code.

To run debug, once the configuration is ready you can select the green debug icon from the drop-down list. Also, you can right-click the JavaScript file in the project view or use Ctrl-Shift-D or Ctrl-Shift-F9 on Windows and Linux.


  • Evaluate expression
  • Stepping through the code
  • App State and call stack
  • Breakpoints
  • Debug tool window
  • Remote debugging
  • Debugging configuration and many more…

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Myeclipse Free Best JavaScript Debugger

MyEclipse is another feature-rich IDE for JavaScript for creating a perfect development environment. It provides you with an environment of faster and smarter coding and debugging.

The software provides an inbuilt free JavaScript debugger in which you can do both generic web applications and Node.js files. In addition, you can modify the debug configuration as per your needs and requirements.

Furthermore, it allows debugging JavaScript with breakpoints in which you add, remove, disable as well as enable the breakpoint. The UI of the debugger window is explained below and you can also check their official documentation on debugging explaining all the features.


  • Remote debugging
  • Call Stack view
  • Profiling
  • Expression View
  • Step into/over/out
  • Console view, and many more…


Brackets Best Free  JavaScript Debugger

Bracket is an open-source modern text editor which is designed to edit HTML, CSS, and JavaScript without any hassle. Therefore, you can debug several JavaScript languages like React, Vue, Angular, etc. If you’re looking for such an IDE then you must check our list of best Vue editors.

In addition, it has a built-in debugging tool in which you can fix your codes using its helpful features.

For instance, it has a real-time connection to the browser in which you can make changes to HTML and CSS as per the changes you want on your screen. Furthermore, it lets you set breakpoints at specific lines in your code to pause the execution and examine your code.

Also, it has a debugging console in which you can initiate many actions while developing. You can view the values of variables, inspect the call stack, run the code snippets, and many more in this free JavaScript debugger.


  • Breakpoints
  • Step-by-step execution
  • Inline editors
  • Conditional breakpoints
  • Node debugger
  • Live preview, and many more…


There we go! These are some best free JavaScript debuggers that we have listed in this post. Apart from these, there can be some other debuggers as well which we can add in the future.

Moreover, the purpose of an individual while debugging a code is to maintain the quality of the code. In addition, it provides its stakeholders with a quality-assured web app that is bug-free. Therefore, the above-mentioned debuggers will surely help you to achieve such needs.

Now, selecting among these debuggers will depend upon individual needs and requirements. For instance, if you want to do the usual debugging on the real-time page then you can go for browser-based web developer tools.

We hope that you like our list of the best free JavaScript debuggers. You can appreciate this post by sharing it with your friends and colleagues.

Apart from this, we suggest using UI kits while working on any web app as UI kits are very helpful to create appealing web apps. You can use the free UI kits as well.

Happy Coding!👨🏻‍💻

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