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20+ Vuejs Examples For Beginners 2023

Vuejs Examples

Starting your journey as a Vuejs Developer? Then this is the collection of Vuejs Examples for Beginners 2023. Here you will find the best Vue JS project example to practice. Before we start the collection, let’s get to know what vuejs is.

What is Vue.js?

Vue.js is one of the major JS frameworks used for front-end development. It is used by big companies such as Gitlab, AlibabaXiaomi, Adobe, Euronews, Nintendo, GrammarlyCodeship, Behance, and many more.

Besides, Vue is continuously growing in popularity and is rapidly being adopted by many developers, and Vue.js tools are popping up everywhere. Apart from this, VueJS has some advantages that make it awesome such as a shallow learning curve, clear functionality-driven structure, and excellent documentation makes it easy for novices to pick it up, and for more experienced developers to make a switch from other frameworks like React or Angular.

While working with VueJS it is advisable to use the best VueJS Admin Templates to build a responsive and interactive web app. Admin templates come with ready-to-use components and unique features that can be helpful to save you time. If you are unfamiliar with the admin templates, An Admin dashboard template is basically a collection of web pages created with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript or any JavaScript libraries used to construct the backend user interface of an online application. You can use them to build any kind of web app.

In 2021, a Stack Overflow survey showed that 18.97% of developers use it regularly, and its influence within the developer community hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. There are solid reasons for planning and developing Vue.js projects. Here are some of them:

  • It combines features of React and Angular but makes customization and optimization possible
  • Besides, it’s easily adaptable and lightweight
  • Also, It’s perfect for app modification (by using routing, bundling, adding various components, etc.)
  • In addition, it enables a modular approach to feature development
  • Furthermore, it also uses virtual DOM to link data for declarative data rendering and making changes to HTML easier and faster
  • It’s reactive

In case you are looking for inspirational project ideas for VueJS then we recommend checking the VueJS project Ideas for beginners.

VueJS Example Projects

Here in this list, you will find some of the best VueJS Example projects that you can take inspiration from. The more you practice more you will learn. Also, in order to sharpen your skills, you can develop your own projects. Thus, to help you do so we have collected the best VueJS project examples. In case you are a beginner looking for tutorials to learn VueJS in-depth, then do check the Vue 3 Tutorial for beginners.

Now, let’s start the collection of Vuejs Examples 2023. In this collection, you’ll get to see some of the best Vue JS projects on GitHub. Besides, you can use these projects to build Vue projects for your portfolio. Do use the VueJS static site generator to develop an awesome web app.

Materio – Free Vuetify NuxtJS Admin Template (Free NuxtJS Admin Template 🎉)
Materio Free Vuetify NuxtJS Admin Template

Materio Free Vuetify NuxtJS 3 Admin Dashboard Template is a highly customizable and versatile administrative dashboard designed for developers and businesses. Built with the latest Vue.js 3, NuxtJS 3 & Vuetify 3, this admin template offers a modern, clean, and professional design that is both responsive and user-friendly.

Besides, the highest industry standards are considered to bring you the best Nuxt admin template free that is not just fast and easy to use, but highly scalable. Furthermore, Materio includes a wide range of pre-built components, pages, and layouts that can be easily integrated into any web application or project.

Additionally, this Admin Panel Free offers a seamless and efficient development experience. It also includes useful tools such as data tables, charts, forms, and authentication pages, making it an all-in-one solution for building dynamic and scalable web applications.


  • Latest NuxtJS 3
  • VueJS 3, Vuetify 3
  • Vite 5
  • Utilizes Vue Router, VueUse
  • Available in both TypeScript & JavaScript versions
  • 1 Dashboard
  • Remix Icons
  • Basic cards
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Organized Folder Structure
  • Clean & Commented Code
  • Well Documented

For more features, do check the premium version: Materio Vuetify Nuxtjs Admin Template

Also, available in the Django Admin Template version:

materio free django admin template

Materio – Free Vuetify Vuejs Admin Template (Free Best VUeJS Example🤩)
Materio Vuetify VueJS Admin Template

Materio Free Vuetify VueJS Admin Template is a professional and versatile dashboard template designed for developers to build responsive and user-friendly web applications. This VueJS Admin Template Free is built using VueJS and Vuetify, which are popular and robust frameworks in the web development industry.

With a clean and modern design, it offers a comprehensive set of UI components and features such as charts, tables, forms, and maps to help developers create beautiful and functional dashboards quickly and easily.

This free dashboard template also includes several pre-built pages such as login, register, error pages, and more, making it a complete solution for building web applications. Moreover, it is highly customizable, allowing developers to make changes to the template to their specific project requirements


  • 1 Simple Dashboard, 1 Chart Library
  • Available in both TypeScript & JavaScript versions
  • Single vertical menu
  • Simple Light/Dark theme
  • Basic Cards, pages, and tables
  • Simple From Elements
  • Single vertical menu

Check the Figma Version:

Materio Figma UI kit is the best Design UI Kit to use.

Figma Admin Dashboard UI kit

Louis Vuitton

VueJS examples

Louis Vuitton is a premium Vuejs examples project website. For it, Vue.js and Nuxt formed a powerful tech duo to ensure a smooth shopping experience. It’s no wonder that Louis Vuitton ranks #5 among the world’s most popular brands online, with 12% of its 2020 sales made via apps and websites. Currently, it offers ready-to-wear garments, limited collections, shoes, bags, leather goods, jewelry, cosmetics, and accessories.

VueJS examples

Hoppscotch is a free-to-use API request builder created by hopscotch. It is visually stunning and super fast. Apart from REST API support, it also features support for GraphQL. It is able to generate documentation for your API in an easy and quick manner. It is highly configurable, and provides authentication, internationalization, and much more. This one is indeed the best Vuejs example project.

Reminder Bot
VueJS examples

Vue.js can be utilized to build a website as well as an app area of the Reminder Bot. For a website, we utilized the ease of Vue.js to generate several pages via quick routing switches, plus a post-rendered HTML variety for SEO via the use of Google Puppeteer.

Besides, it will also remind you to go to the gym today, you can be reminded to do it tomorrow. In addition, in case you have to take any medication at precise times, you will be also reminded two times. Furthermore, this app has a consistent group of messages every day, every week, or once a month. Also, It can set up a chatbot, that sends out notifications.

Ride Receipts
VueJS examples

Ride Receipts is an example of an open-source desktop application that automates the procedures of downloading, organizing, and renaming Uber invoices. Instead of logging into the Uber/Lyft account so you can scan through the trips and manually download each of the invoices, Ride Receipts does that automatically.

VueJS examples

PhotoPrism is an example of a server-based app used to browse, organize, and share a personal photo assortment. Besides, the front of this app utilizes Vue.js 2 along with Vuetify and the backend is applied in Go. Furthermore, it also uses the most current technologies for automatically tagging and finding pictures and doesn’t get in the way.

Bryntum Calendar
VueJS examples

The Bryntum Calendar is a modern and flexible JavaScript calendar component with day, week, month, year, and agenda views. Besides, it also integrates seamlessly with React, Vue, Angular, or simple vanilla JS.

Vivify Scrum
VueJS examples

Well, Vivify Scrum is a web-based project management tool for small agile teams and large organizations alike. You can handle all your projects in one place – from top to bottom.

Besides, you can handle all the aspects of your business with a single agile tool, from project management and invoicing to team management and collaboration. In addition, you can also track the progress of your Projects and, just a click later, create Invoices and send them to your Clients directly from VivifyScrum. That’s what makes it an awesome Vue JS Example for inspiration.

In case you are looking for Bootstrap Admin Templates then do check the Sneat Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin Template.

sneat bootstrap 5 Admin Template

The Best Open Source Vue JS Projects

Following are some of the best Open Source Vue JS projects. You can take inspiration from them & practice your skills with VueJS. We recommend using the best Vue editor for faster development. Editors or IDE basically provide a better development environment, In case you are not aware of IDE then do refer to the IDE in Programming.

Now, let’s


Koel is one of the best VueJS Examples for beginners. It is a simple web-based personal audio streaming service written in Vue on the client side and Laravel on the server side. Besides, apart from targeting web developers, Koel also embraces some of the more modern web technologies such as CSS grid, audio, and drag-and-drop API to name a few to do its job.

Well, it is necessary that while you’re working on any project, you make sure that it works properly. To ensure that, we recommend using the Vue Dev Tools.

Pagekit Vue JS Example

Another one on the list of one the best Vue JS Examples for beginners is PageKit. It is an Open-source CMS that uses Vue.js and Symfony components. Besides, It is also intuitive, flexible, and modular in design. In addition, If you want to build a website or an application, PageKit enables you to provide content in the right manner that perfectly fits your needs.

Eplee Vue JS Example

Electronic publications are modern forms of information media. Eplee is an ePub reader that provides its users clear, distraction-free reading experience. The developers used Electron.js and Vue.js for the creation of this Vue JS Example.

Vuepress open source vue js projects

The next Vue example is VuePress. It is a static site generator created by Evan You. You can create a minimalistic and SEO-friendly site with Google integration using this tool. Besides, your VuePress site will have multi-language support. Furthermore, it uses Vue, VueRouter, and webpack. In addition, it will also help you build a static website.

Vuepress Vue JS Example

IView is a set of UI components that developers can use if they know Single File Components. Besides, it also has got a friendly API and you can use it along with the Starter Kit. Although, iView does not support IE8 but has got excellent documentation.

Faviator Vue JS Example

Well, another good vue example is Faviator. It is a library for creating and using your own simple icons. All you need to do is to pass a configuration and choose the format for your file. JPG, SVG, PNG, etc. many formats are available. Besides, the website presents screenshots for every icon, and you can even choose any font from Google fonts.


Beep runs security checks on your website and keeps your passwords protected. Besides, this vue example project also executes its functioning by comparing your credentials with the database that contains leaked information. Furthermore, Beep also uses the SHA-1 algorithm that ensures security. Thus, it doesn’t store your login credentials.

Handsontable vuejs examples

HasnodeTable is a good Vue example that you can take inspiration from. Well, using Handsontable, you can create your custom data grid components along with the standard operations like- read, create, delete, and update. Besides, it has got a spreadsheet look, and you can filter or sort your records.

Furthermore, it is easy to implement, flexible, and super customizable. Besides, you can also extend it with custom plugins and edit the source code to adjust it to your product. In addition, you also get access to a comprehensive API, useful tutorials, and both community and commercial support.

Thus, do consider this Vue JS Example for inspiration.

Other awesome VueJS Projects GitHub For Inspiration:

VueJS Examples GitHub

Following are some of the Vue JS Examples for inspiration. For more detail check the collection: Vue JS Project Ideas For Beginners.

Admin Templates:
Vue Calculator
Checkout Form
Gmail Clone
Todo App
Weather App
Music App
Weight Tracking App
Recipes App
Url Shortener
Job Board Aggregator with an API


So, here was the collection of the best Vuejs Examples for beginners in 2023.

Now, while starting your journey as a Vuejs developer, you will surely find these Vue examples project inspiring and helpful. Furthermore, each example is unique and shows how you can utilize vuejs in your app.

Besides, you can also use the open-source vuejs admin template like Materio Free Vuetify Vuejs Admin Template. You’ll be able to develop any kind of app you want.

Apart from this, we also suggest using UI kits while working on any web apps as UI kits are very helpful to create appealing web apps. You can use the free UI kits as well.

We hope you like this collection of Vuejs Examples. Do tell us which one is your favorite in the comment section below.

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