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10+ The Best NuxtJS Tutorial For Beginners 2024

NuxtJS Tutorial

Starting your journey with Nuxt JS? Well, in that case, you may need a NuxtJS tutorial for beginners. In this collection, we have collected the best Nuxt JS tutorial that will help you kick-start your journey with NuxtJS. Through the mentioned Nuxt JS tutorial for beginners, you will be able to learn Nuxt JS in depth.

What is Nuxt JS?

Before we check the nuxtjs tutorial, let’s get to know what is Nuxt JS first.

Well, Nuxt is a progressive framework based on Vue.js to create modern web applications. It is based on Vue.js official libraries (vue, Vue-router, and vuex) and powerful development tools (webpack, Babel, and PostCSS). Nuxt’s goal is to make web development powerful and performant with great developer experience in mind. Its goal is to help Vue developers take advantage of top-notch technologies in, a fast, easy, and organized way.

Besides, Nuxt makes your development process faster. It also has a modular architecture and over 50 modules that support tasks such as adding Google Analytics, getting PWA benefits, or generating a sitemap. In addition, Nuxt also implements the best practices of VueJS and NodeJS through its bundle analyzer and offers out-of-the-box performance tuning.

You can also use the NuxtJS Admin Template for your upcoming web app. For example, check the Materio Free Vuetify NuxtJS Admin Template

Materio Free Vuetify NuxtJS Admin Template
Materio Free Vuetify NuxtJS Admin Template

Materio Free Vuetify NuxtJS 3 Admin Dashboard Template is a highly customizable and versatile administrative dashboard designed for developers and businesses. Built with the latest Vue.js 3, NuxtJS 3 & Vuetify 3, this admin template offers a modern, clean, and professional design that is both responsive and user-friendly.

Besides, the highest industry standards are considered to bring you the best Nuxt admin template free that is not just fast and easy to use, but highly scalable. Furthermore, Materio includes a wide range of pre-built components, pages, and layouts that can be easily integrated into any web application or project.

Additionally, this Admin Panel Free offers a seamless and efficient development experience. It also includes useful tools such as data tables, charts, forms, and authentication pages, making it an all-in-one solution for building dynamic and scalable web applications.


  • Latest NuxtJS 3
  • VueJS 3, Vuetify 3
  • Vite 5
  • Utilizes Vue Router, VueUse
  • Available in both TypeScript & JavaScript versions
  • 1 Dashboard
  • Remix Icons
  • Basic cards
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Organized Folder Structure
  • Clean & Commented Code
  • Well Documented

For more features, do check the premium version: Materio Vuetify Nuxtjs Admin Template

Also, available in the VueJS Dashboard version:

Materio free vuetify vuejs admin template

We recommend checking the Nuxt JS example project for inspiration. Also, consider using the best Modules for NuxtJS to boost your workflow.

Nuxt.js supports building a variety of web apps, including the following:

  • Server-Side Rendering
  • Single Page Application
  • Static Site Generation


  • SEO with Server Side Rendering (SSR)
  • Pre Rendering
  • Code Splitting
  • Zero configuration
  • Data Fetching
  • Auto import component
  • Auto-generate router
  • Middleware support
  • Modules ecosystem


  • You can also create Universal apps without any hassle
  • Statically render your Vue apps and get all of the benefits of a universal app without a server
  • Also, offers automatic code-splitting
  • You can also easily set up transitions between your routes
  • Large Community
  • Compiling ES6/7 without extra work

Official Resources and Communities

Now, let’s start the Collection of nuxtjs tutorial..!!

Nuxt JS Tutorial For Beginners

Nuxt JS Crash Course

In this nuxtjs tutorial, you will look at Vue.js server-side rendering with Nuxt.js. Also, you will build a dadjokes app.

Nuxt Crash Course

In this Nuxt JS tutorial for beginners course, you will learn to build a complete project using Nuxt JS. In the meantime,  you will also get to know about components, pages, routing, vuex, state, getters, mutations, plugins, fetch, async, and much more.

Nuxt – A Tutorial For Beginners

Another best Nuxt JS tutorial for beginners. This tutorial describes Nuxt.js in detail. Such as what features you are getting, and how you can create your first project using Nuxt JS. In the end, you will get an overview of the files and folder structure.

Learn to use Nuxt.js

This Nuxt JS tutorial for beginners is a complete series of a total of 25 parts. Here, you will learn Nuxt JS in detail. From basics to building an app, this is a complete tutorial for beginners.

Building a Serious Nuxt JS App

Through this NuxtJS Tutorial for beginners, you will learn to build a proper Nuxt JS web app. Moreover, while working with the Nuxt Js web app we would recommend you use the Vue Dashboard template to build modern, eye-catching, and responsive web apps.

Nuxt js series

From introduction and setup to creating a weather app, this NuxtJS tutorial elaborates on composition API in depth.

Create A Super Fast Nuxt.js Server With Vite! Nuxt + Vite Tutorial With Vue.js!

In this Nuxt JS Tutorial for beginners, you’ll take a look at Nuxt.js and Vite. This will create a super-fast Nuxt server, with half a second reload time!

Apart from this, check our Materio – Vuetify Vuejs 3 Admin Template that comes with the support of the latest Vite.

Materio Vue Laravel Admin Template

This Laravel Admin Panel provides 30+ Pages and, 45+ Basic & Advanced Cards for eCommerce Analytics, CRM, Statistics, and Interactive Charts

Learn Nuxtjs – tutorials for beginners

Nuxt JS Courses For Beginners:

Following are some of the best courses for NuxtJS.

Nuxt JS Tutorial for beginners

The NuxtJS tutorial course covers the fundamentals of Nuxt.js and serves as a platform for everyone who wants to get started with Nuxt. You do not need to know Nuxt.js to take this course, but you should know Vue.js. Therefore, to learn Vue Js you can check our latest Vue Js tutorial for beginners.

Now, After this course, you will be familiar with:

  • What Nuxt.js is and how it can help you and your projects
  • How to scaffold new Projects with their create-nuxt-app tool
  • The structure of a Nuxt application
  • Creating and navigating between pages
  • Setting up meta tags for improved SEO
  • Building and deploying a Nuxt.js App
  • How to deploy your apps to Heroku and Netlify

Using a Vue Admin Template can Save you a significant amount of Time and Money on your project.

Nuxt JS course for beginners

The official Nuxt study includes five sections.

  • Nuxt basics
  • Plugins and modules
  • Routing system
  • Nuxt context
  • Data exchange with the backend program (Express.js)

At the end of each section, there will be an infographic article to help you review everything you just learned.

Each review is followed by a practice session where you will practice and apply everything you have learned by creating a real app. You will also learn many new skills in this process, including how to handle cookies and create a membership system.

Using UI kits can be helpful as they allow you to create appealing web apps.


Tutorial: Build Universal Apps With Nuxt

In this Nuxt JS tutorial for beginners, you’ll build an application with Nuxt using multiple routes populated with data from an API all rendered on the server. After that, you will protect that information with authentication and require users to sign in. All you need to follow along all is a version of NPM newer than 5.2.0 and your preferred editor.

Getting Started Nuxt

In this NuxtJS tutorial for beginners, we’re going to learn how to create server-side rendered applications by using Nuxt.js, how to configure your application for development, and how to deploy it to Heroku.

Nuxt JS: Universal VueJS

In this article, You’ll learn how you can take advantage of Nuxt.js to build server-rendered JavaScript applications with Vue.js. Also, you’ll get to learn how to use its generate command to generate static files for your pages, and deploy them quickly via a service like Firebase Hosting.


Hands-on Nuxt.js Web Development
Hands on Nuxt.JS web development

This NuxtJS tutorial book starts with an introduction to Nuxt.js and its constituents as a universal SSR framework. You’ll learn the fundamentals of Nuxt.js and find out how you can integrate it with the latest version of Vue.js. After that, you’ll explore the Nuxt.js directory structure and set up your first Nuxt.js project using pages, views, routing, and Vue components.

By the end of this web development book, you’ll also have a solid understanding of using Nuxt.js for your projects. Besides, you will be able to build secure, end-to-end tested, and scalable web applications with SSR, data handling, and SEO capabilities.


So, here is the collection of the best NuxtJS tutorial for beginners in 2023. Well, Nuxt is getting more popular day by day. Thus, it can be a good start for you.

Now, every beginner needs a guide to getting started. So, here we have collected useful nuxtjs tutorials that will help you understand the basics of NuxtJS and will guide you to develop web apps using Nuxt.

Although, what makes you ace in any field is practice. The more you practice, the more you become skillful. Thus, don’t just rely on these tutorials. Do practice on your own as well.

This NuxtJS tutorial will surely help you begin with Nuxt JS. We hope you find this collection helpful. Also, do tell us any other tutorial or course that can be added here.

In case you are working on the VueJS project then do check the Vue Tutorial For Beginners.

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