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Svelte UI Library

If you are working with Svelte based project then this collection of the best Svelte UI library 2021 will help you to boost your workflow with ease. Before we start the collection, let’s have a look Svelte.

What Is Svelte?

Well, comparatively ReactJS and Vue, Svelte is a newbie in the list of javascript frameworks. Although, despite being the new one, Svelte has made an impressive presence in the world of web development.

Basically, Svelte is a radical new approach to building user interfaces. Whereas traditional frameworks like React and Vue do the bulk of their work in the browser, Svelte shifts that work into a compile step that happens when you build your app.

Instead of using techniques like virtual DOM diffing, Svelte writes code that surgically updates the DOM when the state of your app changes. It is usually faster when compared with less efficient frameworks. Svelte, being a compiler, compile the components itself rather than relying upon ‘virtual DOM’ to update the browser DOM.

Why Svelte?

Well, Svelte is one of the most amazing modern generation frameworks of JavaScript. It compiles the codes to pure JS i.e. JS Vanilla consisting of all third-party codes and libraries. Besides, It is considered a game-changer by several devs as it changes the manner of coding for web-app development.

Furthermore, It provides lightning speed and exceptional performance with zero dependencies, and complex management libraries’ absence. Also, companies like ebay, Pixar, Adobe are using it.

As you can see in the picture above, Svelte has surpassed the popular js frameworks like ReactJS and VueJS in terms of satisfaction in 2020. Svelte is growing rapidly and making its place because of the advantages it offers such as:

  • easy to learn. Svelte is easy to learn.
  • syntax and semantics.
  • write less code.
  • compilers enable output flexibility.
  • great performance.
  • aligns with the web platform.
  • compilers move complexity.

Now, before we head to the list of UI libraries, you can check the collection of Svelte admin template which will help you kickstart your project with ease. You can also check the detailed article on Best JavaScript Framework in 2021.

Let’s start the collection now.

UI Libraries

A UI component library is a (usually) robust set of ready-made UI components such as buttons, inputs, dialogs, and so on. They serve as building blocks for layouts. Thanks to their modular nature, we can arrange components in many different ways to achieve unique effects. Thus, we have tried to collect some of the best Svelte UI library that you can use.

Svelte Material UI – Material UI Components.

Svelte Material UI is a library of Svelte 3 Material UI components, based on the Material Design Web Components. SMUI provides Svelte components and actions for a wide variety of interface elements. Furthermore, SMUI also provides helper utilities for building custom and advanced UI components.

Also, SMUI is styled through Sass. SMUI supports all of the mixins provided by Material Design Components for Web and provides some additional helpful mixins.


  • You can add arbitrary attributes to all of the components and many of the elements within them.
  • Also, You can add actions to the components with use={[Action1, [Action2, action2Props], Action3]}.
  • Besides, You can add props to lower components and elements with “$” props, like input$maxlength="15".
  • All events are forwarded. This includes DOM events, MDC events, and custom events

Additional Info:


Smelte – UI framework with material components built with Tailwind CSS.

Smelte is a UI framework built on top of Svelte and Tailwind CSS using Material Design spec. Besides, it comes with many components and utility functions making it easy to build beautiful responsive layouts while keeping bundle size and performance in check all thanks to Svelte.


  • Text fields
  • Buttons
  • Selection control
  • Lists
  • Selects
  • Snackbars
  • Progress indicators and many more

Additional Info:

  • Git stars: 906
  • Git Forks: 82
  • License: MIT


carbon-components-svelte – Svelte implementation of the IBM Carbon Design System.

The Carbon Design System is IBM’s open-source design system for products and experiences. With the IBM Design Language as its foundation, the system consists of working code, design tools and resources, human interface guidelines, and a vibrant community of contributors. Furthermore, it is easy to use.


  • Banner
  • Button
  • Floating Action ButtonIcon Button
  • Card
  • Data Table
  • Dialog
  • Drawer
  • Elevation
  • Image List

Additional Info:


Sveltestrap – Bootstrap 4 components.

Sveltestrap is a library of bootstrap 4 components for Svelte. The philosophy of this library is to provide all Bootstrap 4 components for a Svelte app, without needing to directly use Bootstrap component classes or needing to include Bootstrap’s JavaScript.

However, to make using Bootstrap themes easier, this library does not embed Bootstrap styles directly so you will need to include Bootstrap 4 CSS in your page. The component names and props interface is inspired by the reactstrap library for React.


  • Layout
  • Alert
  • Badge
  • Breadcrumb
  • Button
  • Card
  • Carousel
  • Collapse
  • Dropdown
  • Fade

Additional Info:

  • Git stars: 572
  • Git Forks: 88
  • License: MIT


Svelte Materialify – A Material UI Design Component library heavily inspired by vuetify.

Well, Svelte Materialify aims to be a better material design component framework for Svelte, much like Vuetify for Vue.js. Also, It comes with full support for light and dark themes. Furthermore, it is extremely customizable.


  • RTL Support
  • Customizable Components
  • Custom Themes
  • Server-Side Rendering support
  • Full Accessibility Support

Additional Info:

  • Git stars: 422
  • Git Forks: 61
  • License: MIT


attractions – A pretty cool and modern UI kit

Attraction is a pretty cool UI kit for Svelte. Besides, it is styled with SAAS. It also offers 40+ components. Furthermore, it is highly customizable and easy to use.


  • Accordion
  • Autocomplete
  • Badge
  • Button
  • Card
  • Checkbox
  • Group
  • Divider and many more.

Additional Info:

  • Git stars: 202
  • Git Forks: 4
  • License: MIT


svelte-chota – Component library built with Chota, a super light-weight CSS framework

Chota is a super lightweight CSS framework, which adds only ~3kb of gzipped code to your CSS bundle. Svelte-chota is a UI kit for easily using chota in your Svelte projects. Furthermore, it is customizable.


  • Container
  • Grid
  • Buttons
  • Form
  • Nav
  • Tabs and many more.

Additional Info:

  • Git stars: 176
  • Git Forks: 10
  • License: MIT


Figma Plugin Svelte

This is a Svelte version of the Figma Plugin DS specifically for use in creating Figma Plugins. Besides, this Figma plugin improves the developer experience due to simplified markup.

It offers the following components:

  • Button
  • Checkbox
  • Disclosure panel
  • Icon
  • Icon button
  • Input and many more.

Additional Info:

  • Git stars: 94
  • Git Forks: 14
  • License: MIT



Svelteit is a minimalistic UI/UX component framework for Svelte and Sapper projects. It is also customizable.


  • Alerts
  • Accordions
  • Badges
  • Buttons
  • Cards
  • Forms
  • Images
  • Layouts & Grids and many more.

Additional Info:

  • Git stars: 52
  • Git Forks: 6
  • License: MIT



Pro-UI is a growing Svelte/Sapper UI library. It also offers reusable components like buttons, form elements, avatars, or alerts, as well as an evolving icon set. Furthermore, it is also highly customizable.


  • Avatar
  • Backdrop
  • Button
  • Checkbox
  • Chip
  • Dropdown
  • Input
  • Modal
  • Progress and many more.

Additional Info:

  • Git stars: 23
  • Git Forks: 3
  • License: MIT



So, this was the collection of the best 10 Svelte UI Library in 2021. While working with the Svelte project, these libraries can be helpful to boost up your workflow and will save you time.

Besides, each library offers useful components that you can use for your next project. So, all you have to do is prioritize the required components and then select any of these libraries.

We hope you find this collection useful. Do tell us which library is your favorite in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share.



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