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A Year of Transformation: 2023’s Journey and Future Projections

2023 Year in Review Post by ThemeSelection

First of all, Team ThemeSelection wishes you and your loved one the best time in 2024. 🎉 Well, last year was full of fun and innovation for us and we couldn’t be here without customers’ trust and faith. So, we are thankful for the love you guys have shown to us and our products. Now, let’s take a ride on the 2023 Journey.

Introduction: Celebrating Our Journey

Established in 2011, our company began as a small team of just two individuals. Our founders, Ajay and Vrushank, were colleagues at a software firm where they identified a widespread need for reusable UI Kits and Admin Panels for apps and platforms. Recognizing this gap, they set out to provide a solution.

What if we create a UI Kit and Admin Panel ourselves which will be…

  • Easy to customize based on the requirement
  • Easy to get started or integrate
  • Available in cutting-edge technologies
  • Backed by quality code, detailed documentation, and top-notch customer support.

Previously we were selling our products on different marketplaces (ThemeForest, WrapBootstrap, and more…) and found many challenges. But the primary challenge for us was to compete with low-quality products at non-reasonable prices & many more…

To overcome this we’ve decided to create our store ThemeSelection and started actively focusing on it actively since 2022.

At present, We’re a team of 22 passionate individuals, engaged in activities ranging from research, brainstorming, and creating user-friendly interfaces to development, integration, testing, support, and beyond! 🚀

Our Team at Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Overcoming Hurdles: Our Expedition Through Challenges

Following exceptional sales and customer support for our premium products on various marketplaces, we gained confidence in our abilities for research, brainstorming, and crafting user-friendly interfaces and quality code.

However, creating your own platform to sell your products on your efforts presents numerous challenges, such as…

  1. Setting Up a Digital Product Store with a License
  2. Content Management
  3. Generate quality traffic and convert it to our customer
  4. Finance & Payment Processing
  5. Security & Legal Compliance
  6. Pre-purchase and After sales support & many more…

To resolve the first two challenges we have researched several platforms for selling digital products, such as Gumroad, Sellfy, Podia, Paddle, and many more…

But, We’ve decided to go with WordPress and its amazing plugins. Because…

  1. We’ve known WordPress since the beginning of our career journey.
  2. Having your own platform/store gives you all the freedom

We are sure you might be thinking, “Are these guys serious? WordPress seems a bit old-fashioned.” But, stay tuned for the answer in this post.

Owning your own store certainly provides more freedom, but it also comes with many challenges & responsibilities.

Generate quality traffic and convert them to our customer: Freemium Model

In today’s competitive world generating quality traffic and converting them to our customers isn’t easy because there are many alternatives and similar versions available.

If you’ve made something unique, though you have to build trust with your customers by offering a free version or trials. That’s what big companies like Uber, Spotify, YouTube, Dropbox, Zoom, Slack, and many more are doing successfully.

year in a review: Quote on Freemium Model

This way, everyone gets a chance to understand our product’s code structure. Sure, not everyone who grabs a freebie jumps to the premium stuff right away.

On ThemeSelection, there are a total of 30+ Free (Open-source) products that can be freely used by the community for their projects and products. In this year, we are planning to offer more helpful resources for the community. So, stay tuned with us.

In our case, out of the 5,500 free downloads each month, approx 250 users decide to switch. So, the conversion rate is ~4.55%. But we’ve seen people who’ve hung around with our free versions for years and then decided to go premium, which is pretty cool.

Plus, we’ve also created free useful tools for designers and developers like Free UI kits and a Bootstrap 5 CheatSheet, which is a win-win for the community and us. It helped us a lot to generate relevant quality traffic.

SEO and Marketing Hurdles

Luckily, WordPress has a large community of plugins, and it’s known as the best platform when you think about SEO and speed.

For us, resolving this involves utilizing well-known WordPress SEO plugins and CDN platforms.

But, one of the challenges that remain constant every year is to tackle Google updates as the core changes in the algorithm affect the site in many ways. Our Marketing team makes sure that the site never falls in this time by following the proper content guidelines. Throughout the year there were 2 major core updates which affected our ranking a bit but we managed to rank again our aimed categories.

Another challenge was to start with the new platforms: YouTube and Meta Ads. Both platforms were new to us as we never have used them before for marketing. Our marketing team has started with these newbies with great confidence and we are looking ahead to master them both.

Conquering Milestones: A Tale of Our Achievements Throughout 2023

year in a review: Quote on Teamwork

Well, this year we achieved a great milestone – 100k Customers..!!! Isn’t it fantastic? 100k customers are now part of The ThemeSelection family for which we will be eternally grateful.

Another milestone we achieved this year is maintaining a sales streak of around 207/month. Our target was to sell at least 200 products per month and we have succeeded In it resulting in 2495 sales throughout the year.

On the product production level, time plays a vital role. It is very important to release the products as per the promised timeline as promised to the customers. Well, we have made sure that our customers are not left to wait longer. Our Developer team has worked hard to achieve the milestone of releasing 9 products last year.

Along with the new products, keeping the old ones up to date is also necessary and again, our hardworking developer team has completed the challenging task with sheer brilliance. With the help of the design team, testing team, and marketing team, it was possible to manage 40+ updates throughout the year.

Year in Numbers: Impressive Growth and Engagement

The year 2023 was indeed phenomenal in terms of growth in general. From Organic reach to monthly downloads, we have seen immense growth throughout the year. Following are some of the amazing stats:

Statistics That Matters The Most

GA4 Statistics of ThemeSelection
  • Our organic users grew 24.97% compared to 2022
  • Organic search grew by 36.3%
  • Site sessions increased by 25.1% and engaged sessions spiked by 27.98%
  • Collectively events noted were 5,748,734 which is 38.3% higher than the previous year.
Statistics of ThemeSelection
  • In the year 2022, we got 1727 sales (Premium products) in a year which increased to 2495 in 2023 which is 30.80% higher to be exact.
  • If we take just the freebies then it went 93.13% Higher..!! From 30,445 to 58,798 downloads of free products in a year. (Ref: ts sales report)
  • Our revenue increased by a whopping 47% compared to last year. ($157,896 to $298,512 ref: ts sales report)
  • And here is the mind-blowing state of new user growth: From 49k to 100k, It grew 106% in a year..!!
  • Talking about the Social media family, we saw a 42.86% growth (14,000 to 20,000)
  • Total 210+ articles on various platforms.

Top 3 Products:

Out of 15 products, these 3 were the top-selling products of the year 2023

Sales by Country

ThemeSelection Sales by Country GA4 stats

New Products Released and Updates:

Our goal has never been to offer numerous products with extensive integrations.

Instead, we concentrate on developing a select few, exceptional design systems, such as Sneat and Materio. We provide integrations exclusively for technologies that surpass the average demands.

On the public demand and research, we decided to bring some new members to the TS family last year, and here is the list of the products that we released last year.

In addition to launching new products, we prioritize keeping our existing ones up-to-date. We strongly believe that long-term customer support is a crucial pillar of our business.

  • Throughout the year there were 40+ Major & Minor updates

Innovation at ThemeSelection: New Features and Templates

year in a review: Qoute on Innovation by Steve Jobs

As said by the legend himself, we agree with him. Innovation is not only a need for business but an opportunity to learn new things. We at ThemeSelection, always try to learn and implement new designs and techs for our product’s improvement and for ease of the customer.

Well, the year 2023 was full of an adaptive approach with design and tech innovation. Before 2023, we started with the Bootstrap admin templates and HTML themes, later we implemented Laravel, Vue, React & NextJS.

In the year 2023, we implemented some new techs in our products which are as follows:

Indeed it took time but there is an old saying “Good things take time”, and with time, we have improved our products with the latest updates as well as launched new products with the new techs as well.

Not only that, we are planning for other techs & design after research and on public demand which are as follows:

  • Angular
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Shadcn UI

Apart from that we are also excited to try our hands on No-code tools and AI as well. It is a fact that AI has revolutionized every field. There is no denying that, those who know how to harness AI in their respective work, will be at the top of the race so, yes, we are also planning to harness the power of AI for our products to boost productivity.

After all, change is the only constant. Right?

Customer Success Stories: Transforming Businesses

year in a review: Quote on Customers by Steve Jobs

Since the beginning, our aim remains the same: Customer satisfaction. Our uttermost priority while delivering the products is to make sure that customers are happy with the code quality and ease of use.

Following are some of the International and National companies using our product for their project.

  • T-Online (Germany) – A leading German news agency
  • RR Cables (India) – Leading Wire and Cable Manufacturer
  • Shemaroo (India) – Well-known Music and movie distributor
  • Star Health Insurence (India) – One of the top 3 health insurance companies in India
  • Eyeclick (USA) – Award-Winning Interactive Gaming Solution
  • SAE Institute (U.S.A) – leading educators in the creative media and entertainment industries

Well, here are the reviews that show our customer’s trust in us and the experience they have with our products

Reviews on ThemeSelection

Materio – Free MUI React NextJS Admin Template

Review of Materio Free MUI React NextJS Admin Template

Sneat – Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin Template

Review of Sneat Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin Template

Materio – MUI React Next.Js Admin Template

Review of Materio MUI React Nextjs Admin Template

Reviews on TrustPilot

Not only on ThemeSelection but our customers have also shared their positive experience on known platforms like TrustPilot as well.

trustpilot Review

trustpilot Review

Well, here were some of the feedback shared by the customers themselves. You too can experience the same satisfaction level by using our products. So, do try our products once.

Evolving Marketing Strategies: Connecting and Expanding

The 2023 year was all about exploration. The templates we have created for our customers have been highly praised by developers in the community, indicating our success in reaching our audience. But, what’s the secret sauce behind it?

This year, it was all about trial and experience. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it won’t but what matters is the learnings, takeaways, and the connections you’ve made. In this part, we’re going to discuss our 2023 marketing journey.

SEO and Online Presence

How do we pop up when you hit that Google search button? It’s like making sure we’re right where you need us.

Online presence in any business is vital as we are living in the internet era. It will be a huge mistake if your business isn’t well-established digitally with proper SEO.

Our marketing team has come a long way over the years in handling this difficult task. With the evolution of AI and Google’s repetitious core updates, it becomes very difficult to hold the ground. However, with a properly executed SEO strategy, we have managed to hold our positions and business successfully.

We make sure that Google policy must not be violated to achieve the desired result. Especially the E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness), is something we always follow. Our aim is not just to be ranked or get traffic, but it is to deliver what visitors are seeking.

What do we do for SEO & to improve our online presence?

  • Create valuable and informative Blogs that provide what visitors are looking for
  • Social Media Promotion on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, etc.
  • Site structuring in a way both Google bots and visitors understand the motive
  • User-friendly navigation and design
  • Getting Relevant Backlinks

Content Marketing: Informative and Educational content

“Content is the King” This quote is being used by many marketing professionals. But is it that effective? Will it bring results? One must never know until they try.

Previously, when ThemeSelection was formed, we realized that writing quality content on OUR websites is a must. Therefore, we started delivering some blogs that performed exceptionally well in the community. It not only brought users to our website but helped us to get some engagement in the community.

Till now, we have delivered over 200 blogs across various platforms such as Medium, Dev.to, Hashnode, and many more. These weren’t just ordinary blogs; they were the precious gem of ThemeSelection after our templates, sparking conversations, sharing insights, and bringing the community closer.

These are some insights into our blogs in 2023.

ThemeSelection Blog statistics for yeat 2023

Leveraging Social Media & Forums for Greater Engagement

Social media platforms are an essential part of daily life. Even for businesses, it is vital to have a social media presence. So, we actively use social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Discord, etc to engage with the community regularly.

Reddit remains one of the best platforms for us when it comes to boosting the business. There are numerous developers’ and designers’ channels where we share relevant resources. It serves two purposes, helping the community with the resources, and finding potential customers for the business.

Also, we started with the YouTube shorts along with sponsoring the Developer’s community on YouTube. It has a great marketing opportunity. YouTube also helps in branding the business along with sharing informational content for the community. Following is one of the most viewed videos of Materio Figm Dashboard Builder & UI Kit.

Twitter, on the other hand, is also a great platform for businesses. The developer community is more active on Twitter which is great for us. This year, we may try the ads on it as well.

We even share resources on the platforms like Discord. It has a great developer and designer community eager to learn and share. As said above, open sources are welcomed everywhere, and Discord is a great place to build community and a customer base.

Where do our new users come from? Here is the GA report of the last year

year in review: userbase of ThemeSelection

Inbox Tales: Our Email Marketing Touch

year in a Review

Email marketing is not dead. It is still one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to reach customers. Some say it is better than ads, social media, and organic traffic.

Imagine opening your inbox and finding an email that’s not just about us but about you. That’s our game – personalized communication that’s tailored just for you. We don’t want to be the clingy neighbor; we want to be the friendly face who drops by with exactly what you need.

And you know what? Our stats are pretty cool. We’ve sorted our emails into different categories, making sure you only get what you’re interested in. Whether it’s the update of new templates, useful resources from our Monthly Digests, or exciting discounts – we’ve got you covered.

Stats tell stories, and ours say that our personalized emails get a lot of love. Clicks opens, and replies – it’s like a little party in our inbox world, and you’re invited!

Paid Promotion Channels and Their Returns

Henry Ford Quotes on Advertising

Our journey through paid promotions was quite new for us. When we began our SEO journey at ThemeSelection, we tried to keep things as organic as possible. As we mentioned earlier, to this date, the majority of our traffic comes from our blog section.

But, diversification in marketing is important! We were looking to increase our online visibility through a platform where we could find our audience. This is how marketing works right?

Therefore, we’ve tried a swing on some of the well-known newsletters like CSS Weekly where our potential audience is reading those but the results weren’t quite what we expected.

Then, we moved to multiple platforms where there are some niche audiences like Vuetify, madewith platforms, and many more. The result? Well, it was decent. In addition, we observed a surge spike in our free products that resulted in our premium products as well.

Last year we hopped into the world of Meta Ads and it was indeed beneficial for our business. Meta ads are effective and cost-efficient. The ROAS for us was indeed satisfactory. Apart from ads, we also keep posting updates and releases on it along with informative news and blogs as well. We also post in developer/designer-related groups to share the resources as well.

To connect with us and to keep yourself updated, you can simply follow our Facebook page.

Facebooks ads impression of ThemeSelection in Year 2023

Responsibility: More than just Business

In the fast-paced world of tech, responsibility isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a commitment to making a positive impact beyond profits. At Themeselection, we believe that our moral responsibility goes hand in hand with our business goals.

Responsibility goes beyond business; it’s the heartbeat of ethical leadership.


Our dedication to the open-source community remains unwavering. In 2023, we actively contributed to useful open-source communities like Vuetify, Bootstrap, and Nextjs by solving issues on GitHub.

Moreover, our GitHub Organisation profile boasts 31 highly open-source repositories, which have been awarded a total of ~3.8k stars. Notably, the top 3 repositories from ThemeSelection.

We are providing free training to college interns with hands-on experience in a real-time development environment. Many of our interns have not only learned but actively contributed to our projects.

Apart from that…

We provided interns with hands-on experience in a real-time development environment. Many of our interns have not only learned but actively contributed to our projects.

Apart from these responsibilities, we took care of

  • Quality Code: Every line of code in our admin dashboard templates prioritizes Readability, Maintainability, and Scalability. This is how we’re not just building features but we’re building trust.
  • Diversity: Our team is as diverse as the technology landscape in web development. We’re proud to deliver our products with 8 Types of Frontend and Backend versions. It ensures, inclusivity and accessibility for developers worldwide.
  • Customer Support: Thanks to Intercom, our customer support has become more seamless. We’ve had a total of 1900 conversations with a median first response time of 13m and 66% 5⭐ ratings. In addition, we have successfully resolved over 700 technical support tickets and assisted developers in resolving any technical issues related to our templates.

Looking Ahead: Vision for 2024

As we are moving on to this new year, we wanted to share our secrets with you. Why? Because you’re family to us ;). Here’s a glimpse into our strategic goals and vision for 2024.

  • Upcoming Features or Products to Look Forward: In 2024, we’re rolling out new features and products designed to elevate your experience.
    • More New Pages and Apps
    • NextJS Phase 2
    • Angular Integration
    • TailwindCSS Integration, and many more…
    • Leveraging AI for documentation and customer support
    • Creating No-code tools for non-tech customers
  • Advertisements on Social Media Platforms: This year, we’re planning to explore advertisements on multiple social media platforms to expand our presence with our community. Stay updated and engaged with us on new social media platforms.
  • Explore New Paid Advertising Platforms: Our reach is growing, and so is our commitment to give out the best dashboards out there. We’ll be exploring new paid advertisement platforms to ensure that our templates reach the right audience at the right time.
  • Content Creation: YouTube Shorts and Tutorials: It’s been proved that visual content engages the audience on a deeper level than written content. Therefore, this year get ready for engaging and concise Shorts with in-depth tutorials related to web development.
  • Affiliate Marketing: We’re excited to introduce an affiliate marketing program, creating opportunities for our community to collaborate with us and share in our success.

A Heartfelt Thank you 🙏🏻

Climax Time 🎉

As we close the chapter on an incredible year, we want to begin by expressing our deepest gratitude to our cherished customers and the amazing team behind ThemeSelection.

Team bonding is not just a phrase for us; it’s a reality that strengthens our collective spirit. From playing box cricket to going on a trip we’ve fostered a culture of collaboration and Camaraderie.

Here are some snapshots capturing the moments that define our exceptional Family.

Your trust and support have been the cornerstone of our progress. Your feedback on our templates has been helping us improve our products’ quality.

Together, we’ve created a community that propels us forward, and we are thankful for every one of you 🙏🏻💜

Join Our Journey

Our journey is incomplete without you! We invite you to explore our latest admin dashboard templates and provide us with your valuable feedback.

ThemeSelection is more than a platform; it’s a community of developers, designers, and tech enthusiasts. Join us in this exciting journey by becoming a part of our community.

Stay updated with the latest news, insights, and releases by following ThemeSelection on social media.

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