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Why Your eCommerce Store needs an SSL Certificate? -A Complete Guide

eCommerce SSL certificate

We live in a digital world where people are quick to browse online for anything including shopping. The evolution of the digital landscape has seen tremendous growth in an eCommerce business. That said, amidst all the positive shifts to eCommerce, there is a vice plaguing the scene-cybercrime! That’s where we need an eCommerce SSL certificate.

Well, malicious cybercriminals have been on the rise. They take advantage of vulnerabilities to compromise a website and steal confidential information. The cost of cybercrime is projected to hit $10.5 trillion by 2025. What does it mean to entrepreneurs in eCommerce?

In this article, we will discuss in detail the eCommerce SSL certificate.

Ecommerce Security Shielding Cyberattacks

For starters, most internet users are becoming wary of online data security. They want to interact with sites they can trust. So, if you are an eCommerce site owner, you will need to implement proper security measures and prove to your users that they are secure transacting on your platform.

One of the primary ways websites assure security is by implementing encryption technology to protect user data. Websites and web browsers can be secured using what is known as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates. Well, SSLs are a chunk of code that provides an encrypted link between your servers and the end-user. They make it hard for attackers to intercept data going back and forth between the server and the web browser.

Here are some of the reasons you should invest in an SSL certificate as an eCommerce store owner:

The benefit of SSL in Ecommerce

1. Protect critical data using end to end encryption technology

eCommerce SSL certificate

Well, the primary reason for having an SSL certificate is to safeguard client-server data. Besides, SSL employs encryption technology to protect every bit of information. The data between the user and browser will not make sense to anyone without the decryption key. Thus, any army of hackers aiming for the data will encounter it in an undecipherable format that is not good for them.

Their efforts become useless against the encryption technology offered by SSL certificates. Therefore, as an eCommerce store, you need an eCommerce SSL certificate to protect the personal and financial data your users entrust you with when on your site. SSL certificate will ensure safe communication between your user and you since the information is unreadable to unintended audiences.

2. Confirm your identity

An SSL certificate offers authentication to an eCommerce site, and it is an ecommerce website security requirement. As you know, Thousands of people lose money to fake websites. Thus, one way to boost trust and assure your users of your identity is to have an SSL certificate. Although, before getting an SSL certificate, you need to go through a validation process with a certificate authority.

Besides, the independent Certificate authority verifies your identity and your organization. Users trust that the third-party certificate issuing authority does proper verification. They, therefore, feel safer interacting with a site with an SSL certificate. They are not worried about fraud and phishing attempts. That enhances your reputation further.

3. Boost search engine rankings

eCommerce SSL certificate

As an eCommerce store, you need your business to get in front of your target audience’s eyes. A potent way of marketing your business is to appear top on search engine result pages. Being on the coveted first page of SERPs is a sure-fire way to make conversions.

Search engine giants like google recognize the necessity of data security and will give the upper hand to secure pages. Acquiring an SSL certificate is an effective eCommerce SEO strategy. Your site is more likely to rank higher if you have HTTPS. And what eCommerce business does not want to be on the first page?

4. Make it easier to integrate online payments

eCommerce SSL certificate

As an eCommerce store, you need a means for your potential customers to make payments. Your site will only allow online payments if it satisfies PCI and DSS requirements.

One of the primary necessities to comply with the payment card industry requirements is to have an eCommerce SSL certificate. You need the certificate to allow online payments that your eCommerce store needs to thrive.

5. Increases conversion rates

The primary purpose of any eCommerce store is to make a profit. A huge part of making a profit is ensuring maximum conversions from the visitors to your site. And the visitors are more likely to convert if they see that your site is secure.

How do they gauge the security of your site? By checking for HTTPS. Having an SSL certificate ensures that you win the eCommerce game since more customers are willing to perform the intended actions of your site.

6. Elevate your brand reputation

Your brand is crucial in business. It is the narrative that people associate with your business. Building a reputable brand makes you memorable in your target audience’s mind and fosters loyalty. If you are running an ecommerce then, purchasing a Wildcard SSL certificate cements your business as a credible one. And that is gold for your brand.

A wildcard certificate can secure the main domain and subdomains. Your brand will grow one or two notches higher because of the boosted credibility. People will associate your eCommerce website with data security and be more willing to do business with you.

7. Stand out from the competition

Ecommerce stores are mushrooming everywhere. Have the edge over the competition to stay relevant and draw customers to your site. Getting a Wildcard SSL certificate gives you that edge. Your store stands out as a trusted brand. Customers will choose to interact with your site over the insecure competitors ones.

You can even go the extra mile and get an Extended Validation Certificate to go further ahead of the competition. It will ensure the highest level of security and prove your business’ authenticity.

8. Makes your site browser friendly

Prospective customers will be reaching you from different browsers and devices. Besides, you want to ensure that you have a good standing with all the browsers your various clients could use. Some browsers like Google tend to flag sites that seem unsafe. Apparently, your website may be on the insecure list if you do not have an SSL certificate.

Also, you cannot afford to have the leading search engine giant, Google, prevent their users from accessing your site. No eCommerce store owner should be willing to take that risk. Thus, make sure you have SSL.

Final remarks

An SSL certificate ensures data security and integrity by providing a secure communication link between a website and the browser. It does so by providing a cryptographic key that binds the data together. That makes it impossible for the confidential data and transactions to go to unintended recipients.

Ecommerce stores that handle loads of sensitive customer data risk losing credibility and ruining their reputation if their sites are not secure. Luckily, it is easy and inexpensive to obtain an SSL certificate.

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