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Best Vue Plugins List For Developers

Vue plugin

Looking for the best Vue Plugins List for your next project? Then this is the best Vue Plugin list for developers.

Vue.js is one of the major JS frameworks used for front-end development. It is used by big companies such as Gitlab, AlibabaXiaomi, Adobe, Euronews, Nintendo, GrammarlyCodeship, Behance, and many more.

Besides, Vue is continuously growing in popularity and is rapidly being adopted by many developers, and Vue.js tools are popping up everywhere. Apart from this, VueJS has some advantages that make it awesome such as a shallow learning curve, clear functionality-driven structure, and excellent documentation makes it easy for novices to pick it up, and for more experienced developers to make a switch from other frameworks like React or Angular.

While working with VueJS it is advisable to use the best VueJS Admin Templates to build a responsive and interactive web app. Admin templates come with ready-to-use components and unique features that can be helpful to save you time.

If you are unfamiliar with an Admin Dashboard Template it basically has a collection of web pages created with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript or any JavaScript libraries used to construct the backend user interface of an online application. You can use them to build any kind of web app.

Now, let’s get to the collection.

Vue Plugins List

If you’ve been regularly building apps with Vue, you’ve noticed that in every app, you repeat some common functionalities over and over. For instance, you use a Log Component in every Vue app you work on. In addition, you might expose a few global functions or properties that you always find useful and usable in your apps. If this is you, then most probably you can start packing your common code into a Vue plug-in.

Now a Vue plug-in is a self-contained code that adds global-level functionality to your app. When you create it, you package it as an NPM package. Then, whenever you need this plug-in, you install it into your app to avoid the repetition of components, directives, global functions, and the like.<
Plugins are self-contained code that usually adds global-level functionality to Vue. It is either an object that exposes an <strong>install()</strong> method, or a function.

There is no strictly defined scope for a plugin, but common scenarios where plugins are useful include:

  • Add some global methods or properties.
  • one or more global assets: directives/filters/transitions etc.
  • Add some component options by the global mixin.
  • some global instance methods by attaching them to config.globalProperties.
  • A library that provides an API of its own, while at the same time injecting some combination of the above.

 In case you are just a beginner, then we recommend you to learn through the Vue 3 Tutorial For Beginners.

Now, let’s check the Vue plugins list.

Vue lazyload

Vue plugin

A Vue.js plugin for lazyloading your Image or Component in your application. Vue module for lazyloading images in your applications. Some of the goals of this project worth noting include:

  • Be lightweight, powerful, and easy to use
  • Work on any image type
  • Add loading class while the image is loading
  • Supports both Vue 1.0 and Vue 2.0

While working with VueJS projects, it is necessary that your web app works properly. To ensure the app’s performance, we recommend Testing the VueJS Application. To do so, you may need some tools to make sure your app works effectively. Here you can use the Vue Devtools.

ESLint plugin for Vue.js

Vue plugins list

This is an official ESLint plugin for Vue.js. This plugin allows us to check the <template> and <script> of .vue files with ESLint, as well as Vue code in .js files.

Besides, ESLint integrations are useful for checking your code in real-time.

Portal Vue


This one from the Vue Plugins list is to render your component’s template anywhere in the DOM (Works on the virtual DOM level, doesn’t move nodes within the DOM). Besides, PortalVue is a set of two components that allow you to render a component’s template (or a part of it) anywhere in the document   even outside the part controlled by your Vue App!

Vue notification

Vue plugins list

This is a Vue.js 2+ notification plugin used Velocity for animations. Besides, Vue Notifications comes with default styling, but it’s easy to replace with your own. Furthermore, Vue Notification can use the Velocity library to power the animations using JavaScript.


  • Position
  • Width
  • Type
  • Groups

VueJS CheatSheet: The Ultimate CheatSheet for Vue, Pinia & Vue Router

Vue CheatSheet

It is an interactive cheatsheet of VueVue Router, and Pinia. 🎊 The only Vue CheatSheet you will ever need whether you are using Vue, Vue Router & Pinia in your Vue project or starting a new Vue project.

It is aimed at a large community of Vue users who find it difficult to search for Vue, Vue Router, and Pinia.


  • Comprehensive Coverage of Vue, Vue router, Pinia
  • Interactive search
  • Concise code snippet
  • Easily copy the code snippet and use it
  • Open source

If you like it then do give it a star on GitHub.

Materio Free Vuetify VueJS Admin Template

Materio Vuetify VueJS Admin Template

Materio Free Vuetify VueJS Admin Template is a professional and versatile dashboard template designed for developers to build responsive and user-friendly web applications. This VueJS Admin Template Free is built using VueJS and Vuetify, which are popular and robust frameworks in the web development industry.

With a clean and modern design, it offers a comprehensive set of UI components and features such as charts, tables, forms, and maps to help developers create beautiful and functional dashboards quickly and easily.

This free dashboard template also includes several pre-built pages such as login, register, error pages, and more, making it a complete solution for building web applications. Moreover, it is highly customizable, allowing developers to make changes to the template to their specific project requirements


  • 1 Simple Dashboard, 1 Chart Library
  • Available in both TypeScript & JavaScript versions
  • Single vertical menu
  • Simple Light/Dark theme
  • Basic Cards, pages, and tables
  • Simple From Elements
  • Single vertical menu

Check the Figma Version:

Materio Figma UI kit is one of the best UI Kits to use.

Figma Admin Dashboard UI kit

Vue Toasted

Vue plugins list

This is a responsive Touch Compatible Toast plugin for VueJS. Vue Toasted is one of the best toast plugins available for VueJS. It’s used by VueJS, Laravel, and NuxtJS and is trusted by many more organizations. Besides, it’s responsive, touch-compatible, easy to use, attractive, and feature-rich with icons, actions, and more.

Vue good table

Vue plugins list

It is an easy-to-use, VueJS (2. x) table plugin with sorting, column filtering, pagination, etc. Besides, it is an easy-to-use powerful data table for VueJS with advanced customizations including sorting, column filtering, pagination, grouping, etc.


  • Leverage checkbox table
  • Grouped rows
  • Remote workflow for your table

Vue tour

Vue plugin

Vue Tour is a lightweight, simple, and customizable guided tour plugin for use with Vue.js. Besides, it provides a quick and easy way to guide your users through your application. Furthermore, you can change the DOM of every step independently, use your own classes, and even add custom animations.

  • UI step functions
  • Debug
  • Highlight
  • Disable scroll between steps
  • Caveats
Vue plugin

Cookie info plugin for Vue.js 2. x You can easily create your themes. The classes that need to be styled are:

  • .Cookie for the container
  • .Cookie__content content with the message
  • .Cookie__button for the button


Vue plugin

A lightweight plugin for fuzzy search library, Fuse.js. It is a Vue.js plugin for the fuzzy search library, Fuse.js. This plugin wraps Fuse.js in a convenient component with most of the boilerplate and props already set up. It’s designed to enable you to drop a client-side fuzzy search into your app without much work.

The 3. x version <strong>vue-fuse</strong> is compatible with both Vue 2. x and Vue 3.x.

Materio Free Vuetify VueJS Laravel Admin Template (The Best Free VueJS Laravel Admin Template💥)

Materio VueJS Laravel Admin Template Free

Materio Free VueJS Laravel Admin Template is a modern and dynamic dashboard template that combines the power of VueJS, Laravel, and Vuetify. You can use this Laravel Admin Template Free for a wide range of web applications, including content management systems, e-commerce platforms, and other web-based applications.

Furthermore, it comes with a clean and professional design that provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The template is fully responsive, ensuring that it is accessible and optimized for all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Additionally, this free admin dashboard is equipped with a wide range of features, including pre-built pages, charts, tables, forms, and widgets that can be easily customized to suit the needs of any web application


  • Laravel 10, VueJS 3
  • Vite 5
  • 1 Simple Dashboard, 1 Chart Library
  • Single vertical menu
  • Simple Light/Dark theme
  • Basic Cards, pages, and tables
  • Simple From Elements
  • Single vertical menu
  • Remix Icons

A customizable component for adding D3 charts that bind to your components’ data. V Chart Plugin is built using Vue.js’ component architecture. This will allow the chart to be a first-class citizen of your Vue.js application. Combining multiple charts allows you to create complex dashboards and enable deeper insights into your data. All aspects of the charts can be configured to allow for full customization of your graphs along with the ability to style the SVG elements using the classes and IDs generated for each canvas element.

By adding additional charts into the import folder and importing them into the v-chart-plugin.js you can include any custom charts to use with Vue.js. Using the JavaScript API you can hook into the specific methods in the API and create a reusable component that can persist across your application.

Chart types currently supported:

  • barChart
  • vBarChart
  • lineGraph
  • scatterPlot
  • pieChart
  • areaChart
  • bubleChart

Vue pipeline

Vue plugin

An easy-to-use component to show a beautiful responsive pipeline like the Jenkins Blue Ocean plugin.


  • Created Graph according to your data dynamically
  • Responsive web design
  • SVG component
  • Fully configurable
  • Via data attributes
  • Show/Hide arrow
  • 3 kinds of lines

Vue pure lightbox

Vue plugin

Very simple lightbox plugin without any dependencies only Vue!

Vue easy toast

Vue plugin

A toast plugin for Vue2.

Eslint plugin vuejs accessibility

Vue.js accessibility eslint-plugin managed by Vue-a11y.

X5 gmaps


lightweight Google Maps plugin for Vue 2.x.


  • Map
  • Marker
  • InfoWindow
  • Popup
  • Heatmap
  • Polylines / Polygons
  • Rectangles / Circles
  • Data / GeoJSON

Vue pswipe

Vue swipe

The next one in the Vue plugin list is Vue PSwipe. This vue plugin is useful for PhotoSwipe without setting the image size. Besides, it is easy to use as there is no need to set the size. Furthermore, it supports rotation.

Vue scroll progress

Vue scroll Vue plugins list

Simple Vue.js plugin for page scroll progress bar.

Vue2 text swimlane

Vue plugins list

A Text Swimlane plugin for Vue.js to display a list of words as an animated text Swimlane.

Vue Admin Template can be very useful to build modern, eye-catching and responsive web applications in no time!🤩

Vue splash

Vue splash Vue Plugins List

A simple and cool splash plugin for vue.js.

Vue sorted table

A plugin to turn tables into sorted tables. Supports nested object keys, custom icons, and reusable components.



A Vue.js plugin to detect idle/non-active users.



A free and lightweight WordPress eCommerce plugin for developers and other digital shops.



Mouseover gallery plugin for Vue.js. Supports image and video. VueRollr is a lightweight plugin that allows you to add a mouseover gallery to your Vue.js project. Supported media now includes images and video.

Vue 3 Plugins

Following are some of the best Vue 3 plugins that you can use while working on your VueJS-based project. Talking about Vue 3, you can use the Vue Admin based on VueJS 3 for better results.

Vue toaster

Vue toaster Vue Plugins List

Vue.js toast notification plugin for Vue 3.

Vue SVG sprite

A plugin, component, or directive to simply use SVG sprite (vue 3.x, vue 2.x).

This Vue.js plugin will help you to manage the SVG sprite sheet with <strong><symbol></strong> elements. Besides, it provides a component/directive to make the use of <strong><svg></strong> and <strong><use></strong> elements easier.

This module is tree-shakable and exports the following:

  • <strong>SvgSprite</strong>, the component version (with an S)
  • <strong>svgSpritePlugin</strong>, options, and global registration for component
  • <strong>svgSpriteDirective</strong>, the directive version
  • <strong>svgSpriteDirectivePlugin</strong>, options, and global registration for the directive

Vuex overlay tools

It is a Vue 3 plugin for monitoring the Vuex store (time travel is also supported). Vuex state monitoring tool (for Vue 3)  is a temporary alternative instead of Vue-dev tools (vuex functionality). If you want new features — add a request in issues or create a new pull request. The vuex Overlay Tool plugin for Vue 3 provides monitoring of the state of the store with features from vue-devtools time-travel.


  • Overlay panel with Vuex store from your app
  • Mutations history
  • State & getters overview
  • Time travel for mutations


Vuex Vue Plugins List

Vuex is a state management pattern + library for Vue.js applications. It serves as a centralized store for all the components in an application, with rules ensuring that the state can only be mutated in a predictable fashion. Besides, it also integrates with Vue’s official dev tools extension to provide advanced features such as zero-config time-travel debugging and state snapshot export/import.

Furthermore, Vuex helps us deal with shared state management with the cost of more concepts and boilerplates. In addition, it’s a trade-off between short-term and long-term productivity.

Vue Router

Vue router Vue Plugins List

Vue Router is the official router for Vue.js. Besides, it deeply integrates with Vue.js core to make building single-page applications with Vue.js a breeze.


  • Expressive route syntax
  • Fine-grained Navigation control
  • Component-based configuration
  • History modes
  • Scroll control
  • Automatic Encoding


So, here is the best Vue Plugins list that can be helpful for your next project.

Well, this is not a complete list as there are many others available on the internet. Although, searching here and there can be time-consuming. Thus, we have gathered here some of the best and regularly updated VueJS Plugins. So that you don’t have to waste your time here and there looking for the right one.

Do tell us which one you are already using and also suggest if you have any plugins that can be listed here. Apart from this, we also suggest using a Design UI kit while working on any web app as UI kits are very helpful to create appealing web apps. You can also use the free UI kit which is available online.

We hope you find this collection of Vue Plugins List helpful.

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