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10+ Best Laravel Vue Tutorial For Beginners 2024

Laravel Vue Tutorial

Looking for the best Laravel Vue Tutorial to sharpen your skills? Then this is the best collection of Laravel Vue JS tutorials for beginners in 2023. This collection of Vue Laravel tutorials consists of awesome learning materials that’ll help you start with Laravel and VueJS. Before we start the collection let’s discuss what laravel and vuejs are and why this duo is so popular.

Laravel and Vuejs:

VueJS, Created by Evan You, is an open-source progressive JavaScript framework for building user interfaces (UIs) and single-page applications. Besides, in comparison to other complex front-end frameworks like Angular, Backbone, React, etc, it is very lightweight and easy to use. It is advisable to use the VueJS Admin Templates for the VueJS projects.

Furthermore, Vue.js is also rapidly growing its popularity among developers and business owners. Thus, it is a great choice to build good and functional user interfaces. By using it, you can also build fast, responsive, and reactive apps.

In case you are a beginner with VueJS, you can check the Vue 3 Tutorial For Beginners.

On the other hand, Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework for the development of web applications. Recently they released the latest Laravel 10 with some updates. For further info, check the article What’s New in Laravel 10?

It is a back-end PHP-based and open-source framework used for building a wide range of custom web applications. Again, we recommend using the admin templates while working with Laravel projects. Laravel Admin Templates will help you save time and will speed up the development process.

Besides, it’s an entirely server-side framework that manages data with the help of a Model-View-Controller (MVC) design. This breaks an application’s back-end architecture into logical parts.

In case you are a beginner looking for project inspiration, we recommend trying your hands on Laravel Projects With Source Code.

Laravel Vue Tutorial

Laravel is a good Vuejs backend that was initially launched in 2011. Besides, this PHP framework could be easily integrated with Vue JS as a backend. Also, It is an MVC framework for PHP with the stated goal of “making developers happy”. Consistently delivering on this goal is why Laravel has become the most popular backend framework for VueJS.

Now, combining Laravel and VueJS for web app development indicates building a perfect application. The full-stack development approach means choosing the best effective technologies for front-end and back-end development. Besides, Adopting Laravel and VueJS fit perfectly with each other for developing complex and high-performance applications with a full-stack development strategy.

Also, VueJS enables Laravel developers to build the front end in a way that their application doesn’t have to reload the pages whenever an update is made. In addition, VueJS can also help you to create a full-scale event-driven web application that manages all the activities on the front end. Using the Laravel Vue admin template can be really helpful here.

Laravel also blends well with Bootstrap. In case you are looking for a Laravel Bootstrap Admin Template then we recommend checking the Sneat Bootstrap 5 HTML Laravel Admin Template.

sneat laravel admin template free

This Bootstrap Dashboard Template provides you with 5 useful applications that enable you to get started and build your applications faster.

Advantages Of Using VueJS With Laravel:

Laravel Vue Tutorial

Following are the reasons why you should use VueJS with Laravel:

  • Seamless Front-end Experience
  • Allows developers to issue database queries using PHP syntax
  • Streamlining the Fronted Development Process
  • Reactive components make for an amazing event-driven app
  • Efficient Single-Page Application Development
  • Also, the Steep Learning Curve

You can check the Materio Free Vuetify VueJS Laravel Admin Template. It is the most developer-friendly & highly customizable laravel admin template free based on the popular front-end framework VueJS and back-end  Laravel.

Materio VueJS Laravel Admin Template Free

Also, If you’re a developer looking for a free Vuejs Laravel Admin panel template that is developer-friendly, rich with features, and highly customizable look no further than Materio. Besides, the highest industry standards are followed to bring you the very best Free Vue integrated Laravel Admin Template. For project inspiration, you can check the best Vue Js project ideas for beginners.

Also, this free admin template offers ultimate convenience and flexibility. So, you’ll be able to build whatever application you want with very little hassle.

Also, check the Nuxt Admin Template version:

materio vuetify nuxtjs admin template

Laravel Vue Tutorial

By going through the mentioned laravel vue tutorial, you’ll be able to learn and create web apps using laravel vuejs.

Video Tutorials

Full-Stack Vue.js & Laravel

In this Laravel vue tutorial, you will learn to build a Vue.js frontend to the Laravel 5.5 API. It will be a full CRUD app with pagination and a Bootstrap 4 UI.

PHP Laravel & Vue Js Tutorial 2021 – Customer Retail Management App

Get an idea of how to build your own CRM app with laravel, PHP, and vue using this Laravel Vue tutorial. This Vuejs Laravel tutorial is inspired by

Besides, this laravel vue js tutorial will also show you how to use laravel effectively by building an API, using the UI scaffolding, and adding the CRUD to your app. We recommend referring to Laravel Vue Sample Projects for inspiration.

Full Stack Laravel and Vue.js Development

Full Stack Laravel and Vue.js Development from scratch. In this laravel vue tutorial series, you will be learning the following topics and building a real-world web application with an admin panel.

Topics covered for Laravel: Route, ​ Model, ​View, Controller, Query, Middleware, Authentication, Relationships, Email sending, and Account/Password recovery.

Topics covered For vue.js: Vue router, ​Vuex,​ Components, ​Mixin, ​Methods, Hooks,​ Filters, ​iView UI, Computed, Data function, Two-way binding,​ Axios, Vue conditions,​ Vue editor.js, Vue loops, etc.

Todo List App with Laravel and Vue.js

Here through this Laravel Vue JS Tutorial, you’ll learn to develop a full-stack to-do list web application using Laravel 8 and Vue.js 2.

Complete Employees Management Tutorial | Laravel 8 With Vuejs

Setup Laravel with Vue and Vuetify

In this Laravel Vue tutorial, you will learn how to set up Vue & Vuetify in a Laravel Application.

How to Install Vue js 3 In Laravel 8 Application – Laravel vuejs Tutorial

This Laravel Vue js tutorial will teach you to install Vue 3 to the laravel 8 application. While working on Vue 3-based projects, we recommend you use the Vue Js Admin Template to create progressive and responsive web apps.

Have a look at the ultimate VueJS CheatSheet you will ever need. 🎉

vue cheatsheet

Laravel 8 + Vue Installation and Project Setup guideline

This Vuejs Laravel tutorial shows how VUEJS can be integrated into your Laravel project. It will cover:

  • Component-based setup
  • Project inside Laravel project
  • Separate VUE and Laravel API

How to setup vue.js in laravel 8

In this Laravel VueJS Tutorial, you’ll learn how to set up vue js in laravel 8 projects. While working on web apps or websites you can always use the UI kits to give them the best & appealing look. Although, it is advisable to use the free UI kits to get the best Idea.

Laravel & Vue.js – Authentication System

In this Laravel Vue Tutorial tutorial, you will learn how to create an authentication system using Laravel and Vue.

Laravel Vue Tutorial Courses

Master Laravel with Vue.js Fullstack Development

Laravel VueJS Course

Through this laravel vue JS tutorial, you’ll learn to build a single-page application using VueJS and Laravel. Also, you’ll learn how to build a robust API Backend for any applications using Laravel.

Furthermore, throughout the course, you’ll also make a great Airbnb-like project. It’ll allow listing properties, leaving ratings, and most importantly – making bookings. This tutorial will surely help you improve your skills as a developer. Not only in regards to Laravel and Vue.js but in general.

What else you’ll learn:

  • Combining Laravel with Vue to create a powerful SPA
  • Vue/API SPA Authentication using Laravel Sanctum
  • Using Vue Router and Using VueX for global state management

Now, we’d suggest you use this impressive Laravel Admin Panel based on Vuejs. 

Sneat VueJS+Laravel Admin Template

It is the most developer-friendly and highly customizable admin template you’ve ever seen.

Crash Course Laravel and Vue JS 2021 Bootcamp + free CMS

Laravel VueJS Course

This Laravel vue tutorial is a must-have if you need to learn or improve your skills with Laravel and Vue JS. Here you will learn to set up a laravel project locally. Also, you will be able to connect a MySql database to your Laravel project locally. Furthermore, you will also learn to use Laravel Forge to do deployments to the digital ocean servers.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to set up a Laravel Project Locally
  • How to connect a MySql database to your Laravel project locally
  • Get Laravel Project online to the Digital Ocean server
  • Use Laravel Forge to do deployments to the digital ocean server
  • How to set Vue Js for your Laravel project
  • How to connect Cloudinary to your Laravel Project
  • Also, programming in Vue JS
  • How to develop Vue JS components

Article Tutorials

Laravel & Vue CRUD Single Page Application (SPA) Tutorial

In this Laravel Vue js Tutorial, you will learn and create a single-page application. Besides, you will also learn how to create, read, update, and delete using Vue.Js frontend and Laravel API backend.

How to Create Laravel 8 Vue JS CRUD Single Page Application (SPA)

Throughout this Laravel Vue tutorial, you will see and understand how to build Create, Read, Update and Delete API. Besides, you’ll also learn how to consume APIs to perform CRUD operations in the Laravel Vue JS application.

How to set up and use Vue in your Laravel 8 app

This Laravel Vue js Tutorial will teach you to set up and use Vue in your Laravel 8 app.

Build Crud App with Laravel and Vue.js

In this Laravel Vue.js Crud Example, You will also learn how to implement Laravel Vue.js crud (create, read, update, and delete) spa (Single Page Application) with Vue.jsVue Router, and Laravel Framework.

Laravel 8 Vue JS CRUD Tutorial

In this Laravel Vue Tutorial tutorial, you will learn how to implement the crud app with Laravel 8 and the Vue JS framework. As well as learn how to build crud APIs in laravel for Vue.Js spa crud example application in Laravel. Besides, this crud tutorial will also guide you on how to implement the laravel vue js crud (create, read, update, and delete) spa application with the vue js router and laravel 8 apps.


So, here is the collection of the best 10+ Laravel Vue tutorial for beginners to check if you are working with the Laravel Vue project. Besides, this Vuejs Laravel tutorial will also guide you to develop various web apps and projects.

While working with the Laravel Vue Project you may need an admin template. So, here we recommend using the Materio VueJS Laravel Admin Template. It is the best and latest Laravel Vue admin.

Well, we hope these Laravel Vuejs tutorials will help you sharpen your skills as a web developer. Keep this list bookmarked and keep learning.

Do tell us which tutorial you find the most helpful. Also, share this list as well.

In case you are looking for a ReactJS-integrated Laravel Admin Template, then check the collection of the best Larvel React Admin Template.

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