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10+ Modern JavaScript and CSS Spinner Library


Looking for a Modern JavaScript and CSS Spinner or loader for your next project? Don’t worry we got you covered! In this fast-paced digital world, nobody likes to wait when they’re browsing a website.

We’ve all been there – A page where it takes a long time to load. It’s frustrating sometimes but when you have those little spinny things on your web pages, it always comes to the rescue.

It’s like they’re communicating to the users saying “Hang on, we’re still working on it!” They’re like the friendly faces that reassure you that something’s happening behind the scenes.

Therefore, today in this blog we’ve added the best JavaScript and CSS Spinner library that will help you to add Dynamic and animated Spinners to your web projects.

What is JavaScript Spinners

As we all know spinners are small animations or visual indicators that web developers use on web pages or applications. Moreover, these spinners show the users that a web page is still loading or processing information.

Now, these JavaScript spinners come in the form of prewritten code snippets or libraries that developers can readily integrate into their web applications or websites. In addition, it simplifies the process of creating and displaying spinners, sparing developers from the need to design and animate them from scratch.

It allows developers to control the spinner’s appearance and behavior by providing them with code snippets with the necessary HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

More or less, JavaScript spinners are handy tools that simplify the creation of loading animations and progress indicators. Furthermore, it ensures that your website or web application keeps users informed and engaged even when processes take a little time. It not only saves your time but also enhances your user experience.

What is the Role of Spinners in Web Development?

Spinners in web pages play a very crucial role in improving the user experience. Apart from that there are several important roles such as:
– Visual Feedback:
– Indicating Progress
– Error Handling
– User Engagement, and many more…

JavaScript Spinners

In this blog post, we have added both the JavaScript Spinner library and CSS loading generator separately so you can select your spinners as per your need. In case you’re looking for a CSS Spinners generator you can directly jump onto that from our Table of Contents section!


epic javascript spinner

Epic-Spinners is an open-source and easy-to-use CSS spinner collection with Vue JS 3 integration. It has a very rich collection of spinners that are animated and are available in both s html/css code snippets and easily customizable vue.js components.

The JavaScript loading spinner has more than 20 pre-built spinners with HTML/CSS code with VueJS 3 integration. Now, along with VueJS integration, it has support for Angular, React, React-native, and web components.

Vue Spinner

Vue javascript spinner

If you’re looking for a JavaScript loading spinner built with VueJS components then Vue Spinner is for you. It has a collection of loading spinners built as Vue.js components to enhance user experiences during loading processes.

Furthermore, it offers a wide range of spinner components, each designed for different use cases. You can easily integrate these spinners into your Vue.js applications by including the respective component and customizing its appearance using props.

While working on Vue projects we recommend using Vue JS admin templates to build comprehensive and responsive web apps. For instance, you can check our latest Sneat Vuetify VueJS Admin Template below.

sneat vuetify vuejs admin template


React javascript loader

React Spinners is a comprehensive collection of loading spinners designed for React.js applications, taking inspiration from the Halogen project. It offers a variety of customizable loading spinners that seamlessly integrate into your React applications.

Moreover, each loader within this JavaScript Spinners comes with its own set of default properties, but you have full control to customize them by passing props. You can also adjust the “color,” “size,” and other visual aspects to match your application’s design.

It is an open-source JavaScript loading spinner compatible with React version 16 and above and supports animations as well. If you’re looking to add advanced animation to your React project then check our post on the best React animation library.


Spin javascript loading spinner

Spin.js is an open-source JavaScript spinner-loading library that adds a touch of interactivity to your website or web application. Unlike traditional loading indicators, Spin.js doesn’t rely on images or external dependencies.

It’s highly configurable, resolution-independent, and achieves its animations using CSS keyframes. Spin.js is the perfect choice for those who want to engage their users with a loading spinner that’s easy to implement, highly customizable, and compatible with modern web development practices.


Respinner JavaScript

If you’re looking for customizable SVG spinners for ReactJS then this JavaScript loading spinner library is for you. It offers a collection of React components that allow you to easily create and customize loading spinners using SVG graphics.

For instance, You can change the count of the spinner’s children by props count, as well as the color of themselves. All of them are built with SVG, so you can easily scale them with width and height.

While working on React projects we recommend using React-based NextJS Admin Dashboard to build comprehensive and responsive web apps. For instance, you can check our latest Sneat MUI React NextJS Admin Template below.

Sneat MUI React NextJS Admin Template

CSS Spinners

Now, let’s start with the CSS spinner libraries and generators.


CSS Spinner in Sneat Bootstrap Admin Template

SpinKit is an open-source, lightweight, and pure CSS spinner library. Moreover, It is one of the most popular CSS libraries that provides a collection of simple and customizable loading spinners.

Furthermore, it includes a range of spinner styles such as “rotating-plane,” “double-bounce,” “wave,” “fading-circle,” and more with unique designs and animations.

In addition, it provides customizable pre-defined styles where developers can adjust the colors, sizes, and animation speeds of the spinners to match their website’s branding and design. Now, to add these spinners to your web pages you only need to include the CSS styles for the chosen spinner in your HTML file. No complex JavaScript is needed!

In fact, we at ThemeSelection have also used this CSS library in our Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template.


CSS loaders

CSSLoaders is an open-source CSS library that provides a collection of different types of CSS loaders and spinners. It is developed using pure CSS with no dependencies on images in the library.

Apart from that, each spinner or loader is built on top of a single HTML tag, so that it is easily portable. In addition, it offers more than 100+ types of pre-built CSS Spinners that are easily customizable.


Loading.io CSS loader

Loading.io is an open-source library that provides lightweight CSS loaders focused on speed, simplicity, and developer-friendliness. Furthermore, it provides multiple sets of pre-build spinners built with pure CSS and is fully customizable.

Now Implementing this library is incredibly easy. All you need to do is select the loader you want, copy the CSS to your CSS file, and then paste it into the HTML where you need the spinner. That’s it – you’re all set!


If you’re looking to add loading animation to the whole content of the page like Facebook, then this library is for you. It is a very simple and flexible, CSS-only, content placeholder-loading animation library.

Apart from that, the examples in the CSS library are flexible enough to play with its elements as needed. You can change the order, add an avatar or image, change text bar sizes, and many more.

CSS Loader Generator

CSS loader generator

CSS Loader Generator is an online generator project from the CSS portal that will help you customize a CSS loader for your webpage. Currently, It has more than 300 spinners that are fully customizable.

For instance, the CSS spinner generator gives you the option to customize the color, size, and speed of the CSS loader. When you end up creating your final spinner you can copy the e CSS and HTML code directly to your clipboard.

If you like this CSS generator then we recommend checking our comprehensive list of Online CSS Button generators


10015 CSS loader

CSS spinner generator is a free online tool for generating pure CSS loaders. It is one of the best CSS loader animation generators that consists of hundreds of loaders and spinners. In addition, this spinner generator has more than 250 CSS loading animations in total.

Moreover, there are hundreds of CSS loaders from various categories such as CSS spinners, CSS progress loaders, dots, bars, shapes, colorful loaders, blobs, pulses, flipping and hypnotic loaders, and many more.

materio free bootstrap 5 laravel admin template

Creative Examples with Source Code

CSS Loading Animation


Tron Spinner

You can check and play with these examples as well.


To wrap it up! these are some of the best JavaScript and CSS spinner libraries out there. In the world of web development, creating a seamless and engaging user experience is very important, and using these libraries will surely help you achieve it.

In addition, these JavaScript and CSS libraries offer a wide array of options to create visually stunning loaders that captivate your audience. From the sleek simplicity of SpinKit to the advanced React Spinner we have mentioned libraries for every need.

Now, the selection of these libraries will totally depend upon the individual needs and requirements of the project. So why wait? try out these open-source loaders on your website with your own experiments and different styles.

Lastly, don’t forget to share this blog with your colleagues and friends who are also passionate about web development.

Happy Coading, Cheers!

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