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10 Stunning HTML Invoice Template 2024

Stunning HTML Invoice Template

Are you seeking the best free HTML invoice templates for your next project or business? In this fast-paced world of business, your first impression matters a lot. An invoice is not just a document that requests payment but represents your brand’s professionalism and attention to detail.

Moreover, a well-designed invoice can leave a lasting impact on your clients adding trust and credibility to your services. Therefore, today in this post we have come up with some exceptional Invoice page templates. Hence, consider using these templates in your business or next project.

We have curated a list of well-designed HTML invoice page templates which can be useful for everyone. It does not matter whether you’re a developer, small business owner, or freelancer.

Before diving into this impressive list, let’s take a moment to explore the crucial features you should consider when selecting an HTML invoice template that perfectly suits your needs.

How to choose a perfect HTML Invoice Template?

An Invoice is a very crucial document. It serves as a formal request of payment from a seller to a buyer for the goods or services provided. Therefore, to make sure that your invoices are accurate you need to have some important elements to consider when choosing an HTML invoice Template.

  • Customer Information: In an invoice, the customer’s information is a must. The recipient’s address, name, and company name should be written and to be visible clearly.
  • Itemized List of Products or Services: When an invoice is created there must be a detailed breakdown of each product sold or service provided.
  • Precise and Organized Layout: The HTML Invoice template should have a clear and organized layout, with sections for the invoice number, date, due date, client information, an itemized list of products/services, total amount, and payment details.
  • Itemization options: Make sure the template allows you to list items or services individually, including their descriptions, quantities, unit prices, and line totals
  • Payment Information: The template should have clear and concise payment instructions, including the accepted payment methods, your payment terms, and any relevant bank details.

These are not the only elements you need to consider as there are other advanced functionalities like automatic calculation, localization, Print-Friendly Design, Tax and Discount Handling, and many more.

Invoice page Template

We have covered the key elements to consider while selecting an HTML invoice Template. So without wasting any time, let’s directly head on to our list. If you’re starting your project and looking for a landing page then do check our detailed blog on the Best HTML Landing pages.

Materio Bootstrap 5 Admin Invoice

Materio HTML Invoice App Template

If you’re looking for an Admin Dashboard template that has an inbuilt Invoice App then Materio is for you. Materio is one of the most developer-friendly and highly customizable Admin templates. It is built on the latest Bootstrap 5 and has a clean and responsive design.

Materio Bootstrap 5 HTML admin template provides 10 useful apps to speed up your application development. One app is focused on invoicing, with an intuitive UI to view your invoices, status, and previews.

Using the HTML invoice Template you can set up the functionality of editing the invoice, creating the invoice, downloading, and printing using its stunning UI.


  • Based on Bootstrap 5
  • Default, Bordered & Semi-dark themes
  • Light & Dark mode support
  • Internationalization/i18n & RTL Ready
  • Responsive Design
  • Well Documentation, and many more

Check the Materio in the React Dashboard Template version,

Materio React Free Admin Template

Sneat Bootstrap 5 Admin Invoice

Sneat HTML Invoice App Template

Sneat is a Bootstrap 5 HTML CSS Admin Template that is not only developer-friendly but highly customizable. Along with the template you will get access to 10 useful applications which include the Invoice page in HTML with the latest Bootstrap 5.

We’ve followed the highest industry standards to bring you the very best Bootstrap Admin Template that is not only fast and easy to use but highly scalable. The HTML Invoice Templates offer a wide range of functionalities like editing the invoice, previewing, downloading, and many more.


  • Based on Bootstrap 5
  • Light & Dark mode support
  • Default, Bordered & Semi-dark themes
  • Internationalization/i18n & RTL Ready
  • Responsive Design
  • Well Documentation, and many more

If you’re looking to purchase the Sneat VueJs version then check this below Vue Admin.

sneat vuetify vuejs admin template

Simple HTML Invoice Template GitHub stars

Simple HTML Invoice Template

If you’re looking for a modern, clean, and elementary responsive free HTML invoice template, then this is for you. The free HTML invoice template comes with a very simple design where you can put your logo, and the Invoice details and change the payment information, customer name, and many more by customizing the HTML code.

Moreover, you will get access to the HTML code in its GitHub repo.


  • Simple Design
  • Responsive
  • Easy to customize
  • RTL-Support
  • Box-shadow border

Responsive HTML Invoice Template

It is an open-source free HTML Invoice Template available on Codepen with a simple and responsive UI. It offers a clean and professional layout suitable for various industries. The Invoice template utilizes Bootstrap, making it mobile-friendly and adaptable to different screen sizes and devices.


  • Responsive Design
  • Company and Customer details
  • Services/Products Table
  • Monospaced Font
  • Shadow Effects, and many more…

Invoma – Invoice HTML Template

Invoma Invoice Template

Invoma is a powerful premium HTML Invoice Template that comes with all the major components and elements. Furthermore, invoice template provides you with 12+ general-purpose Invoices with all different types of designs. For instance, it has designs like minimal, creative, colorful, and dark.

In addition, it has 20+ category-based invoices like eCommerce invoices, Movie ticket sales, Coffee Shop, Hotel booking, Money exchange, Travel agency, Flight booking, Bus ticket booking, Train ticket booking, Car booking, Medical, Internet billing, and many more.


  • No Bootstrap Dependency
  • 36+ Modern invoice template
  • 100% Responsive Layout
  • PDF Download
  • Easy to customize
  • Cross Browser Compatibility, and many more…

Koice – Invoice HTML Template

Koice HTML Invoice Template

Koice is another premium HTML invoice template that is built on the latest Bootstrap 5. Furthermore, it has a very clean and responsive design with RTL support with 8 different Variant designs and layout of invoice templates.

Besides, it will help you to create invoices for business, recharge, flight, hotel, car, bus, train, and movie ticket booking. Koice is built with simple and easy-to-understand code that any developer can change and customize the code as per the project’s need.


  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • RTL Support
  • Based on Bootstrap 5.0.2
  • Well Commented Code
  • Easy to Customize, and many more…

Ivonne – Invoice

Ivonne HTML Invoice Template

Ivonne is a pure HTML Invoice template with a minimal, clean, and unique design. In addition, it has a responsive design that comes with twelve (12) prebuild demos like Bus booking, Car booking, Flight booking, Domain Hosting selling invoices, Hotel booking, Internet billing, Medical, Money exchange, Movie booking, Student billing, Train ticket booking and many more.

Moreover, these invoice templates can be easily customized as per your project needs and requirements.


  • 12+ Modern invoice template
  • PDF Download
  • Print support
  • No Bootstrap dependency
  • Easy to customize
  • Cross Browser Compatibility, and many more…

Invo – Invoice HTML5 Template

Invo Invoice Template

If you’re looking for a developer-friendly Invoice template that is built on Bootstrap 5 then Invo is for you. It has a very clean and responsive design that you easily implement into your website.

Furthermore, using Invo you can generate any sort of invoice for restaurants, hotels, eCommerce, online services, car dealers, real estate, etc. Invo comprises a of total 17 Invoices of different layouts so that you can fit your needs. Although with its clean and commented code, you can customize the template as well.


  • Built on Bootstrap 5
  • PDF Download
  • 17 different invoice
  • The exact look on the print window
  • 100% Responsive Layout
  • Font Awesome Icons, and many more…

Digital Invoico – Invoice Template

Digital Invoico HTML Invoice Template

Digital Invoico is another HTML Invoice Template with No Bootstrap dependency. It has 20-category-based invoices like Agency invoices, Movie ticket sales, Hotel booking, Money exchange, Bus ticket booking, Medical, Restaurant billing, Business, Stadium Seat service, and many more.

Moreover, it has a very minimal and modern design that is 100% responsive and works across all major browsers and devices. Invoico also has a PDF generation option where you can convert invoices into PDF format.


  • Dark and Light themes are available
  • Google Web Font
  • Well Commented Code
  • Cross Browser Support
  • The exact look on a print window, and many more…

If you’re working on an HTML project then, I’d recommend checking out Materio Figma UI Kit to build stunning web apps.

materio figma ui kit

Invar HTML Invoice Template

Invar Invoice HTML Template

Invar is a modern, clean, and versatile HTML invoice template that provides support for PDF download. It offers 23 unique layouts for various purposes like General Invoices, Hotel and Restaurant Bills, Travel Booking Invoices, and more.

Now with these different layouts, you can effortlessly generate invoices for a wide range of purposes. Furthermore, it has impeccable code that ensures seamless integration into your application or website without changing your existing design.


  • Bootstrap 5
  • 100% Responsive Layout
  • Google Fonts
  • Easy to Customize.
  • 12+ Invoice Styles
  • Integrated Google Maps, and many more…


In conclusion, these are the best HTML invoice templates you can consider using in your projects. We have tried to cover pure HTML-based templates with No dependency on Bootstrap as well as, the template built on Bootstrap in this list.

The usage of invoices in today’s business plays a very crucial role. It could be from tracking their sales to managing their finances. Invoices serve as a legally enforceable agreement and its effect on today’s business is unavoidable.

Therefore, we have come up with this list to help you out on selecting the best HTML invoice template. Now, selection among these templates will depend upon individual needs and requirements. So choose the template wisely and share this list among your community and friends.

Happy Coding, Cheers!

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