20+ Best Free and Premium Dark Theme Admin Dashboard Template 2021

Are you looking for Dark Theme Admin Dashboard Templates? Well, no look further. Here is the best collection of Dark Theme Admin Dashboard Template.

Well, it is a fact that Dark Theme Admin Dashboard has become a trend and many developers prefer to use the Dark theme admin dashboard template for their project. There are tons of admin templates available but most developers always choose dark themes to use for their project.

A dark admin theme template can be used to design graphically and visually striking user interfaces.

Why you should use Dark Theme Admin Dashboard Template🤔

There are some valid reasons due to which dark themes are used widely by developers like:🧐

  • Dark mode saves battery life
  • Dark themes can reduce eye strain in low-light conditions
  • High contrast between text and background reduces eye strain
  • Graphical representation of Charts, Dashboard, etc, look more attractive
  • Dark text on a light background is more widely used for better readability and focus during the day
  • Dark screen is helping to concentrate your eyes longer and helping your brain to keep more attention on the screen

You can see the comparison of Interest Over Time for “Dark Mode Vs. Light Mode” according to Google Trends below:👇

There is an increase in preference for dark mode (Blue line) as compared to light mode (Redline) and in the case of websites and applications also. Dark mode increase user engagement with the website especially if the website/application is related to the entertainment industry like Netflix.

We also have a Great collection of RTL Admin Panel Template Free and Premium that you can use in a project or website.🔥

Also, you can have a look at the collection of Bootstrap eCommerce Admin Template Free download, and bootstrap 5 admin template to use for any kind of web application.🧐🔥

So, go through the list of each admin templates below to know which dark theme admin dashboard template you can use for your project.

Vuexy – Vuejs, React, Angular, HTML & Laravel Admin Dashboard Template (Premium) (Must Try)🔥

Vuexy – Vuejs Admin Dashboard Template is a complete admin template that is integrated with Laravel backend. This is ready to use design, and you just need to add content in design as Vuexy is compatible with the backend and your great app or website is ready!! Besides, Vuexy VueJs is fully responsive and the most developer-friendly VueJS + HTML Admin Template. Furthermore, it comes with a package of 5 versions i.e, VueJS, HTML, Angular, VueJS + Laravel and HTML + Laravel. It has been crafted keeping in mind all the major requirements of a developer. So, give this dark theme admin dashboard template a try.


  • Technology: Vuejs, HTML, Angular, Vue + Laravel and HTML + Laravel
  • Design: Minimal and Clean
  • Compatible Browsers: Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge
  • Applications: ToDo, Email, Chat, Calendar, Data-list, and E-commerce
  • Dashboard: Analytics and E-commerce
  • Grid: Vuesax and Tailwind
  • Sketch and Figma files added
  • Charts: Apex charts, Chartjs, and e charts
  • agGrid Table
  • Multi-Language Support
  • RTL Supported
  • 6 different demos light, semi-dark & dark versions
  • Includes 50+ components, 100+ pages, 100+ Cards & Advanced Features
  • It comes with a free Starter kit
  • Useful for: any kinds of web applications like CRM, E-commerce back-end, Banking, Education, Analytics apps, Fitness apps, and more.
Frest – Bootstrap Admin Template🔥

Frest Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template is designed clean and minimal and elegantly crafted with Animated Icons. It is RTL ready template. This template comes with 6 different demos and both Light & Dark layout. In addition, You will get various useful Applications like ToDo, Chat, Email, Calendar, App Kanban, App Invoice and File Manager, and many other Rich Features.  Besides, this bootstrap admin template also includes 50+ components, 100+ pages, and 100+ Cards.

Furthermore, Frest is compatible with browsers like Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge. This admin template can be used for any kind of web application like CRM, E-commerce backend, Banking, Education, Analytics apps, Fitness apps, and more. Hence, you should not miss this dark theme admin dashboard template.

Apex – Angular 11 + HTML Admin Template🔥

Apex admin is a beautifully crafted gradient design admin template. This comes with Angular 11+ and HTML technology. It is available in both HTML and Angular version. It is build using Bootstrap 4 and ngbootstrap framework. Besides, Apex admin supports RTL language and comes with ligh/dark mode.

Furthermore, Apex comes with 5+ unique demos with dark and transparent layouts. In addition, Useful Applications like Email, Chat, and Taskboard are provided with 100+ cards, 200+ components, and many useful Pages. It also has advanced features like Bootstrap 4 Stable, Angular CLI, NgRx, AOT Support, Angular 7+, Modern Gradient UI, and much more. A starter Kit for developers is also provided so you can easily use this admin template in your project. Thus, in the collection of dark theme admin dashboard templates, this one is a must-try.


  • Angular CLI + Ng Bootstrap
  • Workable NgRx Apps
  • AOT Support + Lazy Loading
  • Starter Kit + RTL Support
  • Dark & Transparent Layouts
Corona (Free)

Corona Free admin template has beautiful typography, crisp design, and neatly designed dashboards. It also features a huge selection of essential UI elements along with apps, forms, charts, tables, and more. Furthermore, it is highly responsive.


Bootstrap 4 Dark admin is a freeBootstrap 4 admin template It is an elegant template. Besides, it offers many useful features. Furthermore t is highly responsive.


  • Browser Support: IE10+, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge
  • Html5, CSS3. Usage of modern approaches – flexbox, pseudoelements, etc.
  • 4 demo table styles and 14 different widget types
CoreUI (Free)

CoreUI is an open-source admin template available in both light and dark theme admin dashboard template built using Bootstrap framework.


  • Built with Bootstrap, SASS, and ECMAScript
  • Versions: Bootstrap 4, Angular 8, React.js, Vue.js and Laravel
  • RTL version
  • Useful: For all type of web applications such as admin panel, SaaS application, a Web Portal, CMS or any web UI
Blur Admin (Free)

Blur admin come with two versions, i.e, Mint (Light layout) and Blur (Dark Layout) and it is based on Angular and Bootstrap 3. Besides, blur admin is a free admin template.  Also, it is useful to develop any kind of web application. Furthermore, it is highly responsive and customizable.


  • Libraries include Amcharts, Chartist, Chart.js, and Morris charts
  • Available in both HTML (Bootstrap3) and Angular version
  • High resolution
  • Gulp build
  • Maps (Google, Leaflet, amMap)
Aqua UI 

Aqua UI is an elegant admin template. It also offeres multiple layouts, each featuring beautiful flat design. Besides, it is a responsive and highly customizable admin template.

Material Admin Extended – Dark Template

Material Admin is a Google Material Design inspired powerful-lightweight admin template. It is a fully responsive retina display compatible admin template based on the latest Bootstrap 4. Besides, MAED follows a unique dark color scheme tone in order to provide a better dashboard experience. In addition,  MAED comes with a large number of reusable UI components and can be used for all types of web applications such as admin panels, CMS, CRM, custom dashboard, etc.


  • Browser Support: IE11, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge
  • Comes with SCSS and GulpJs support
  • 60+ Pages, 550+ SVG fonts icons
  • Useful: For all type of web applications such as admin panels, CMS, CRM, custom dashboard etc.
MaterialPro Bootstrap Template

MaterialPro is a responsive Bootstrap admin template. It is packed with a huge collection of ready to use components. Besides, it comes with a beautiful landing page. The template is also bundled with the multiple numbers of popular third-party plugins.


  • 6 Dashboards
  • Multiple Page layouts
  • Calendar, Chat Apps, Contact, Invoice, and more
  • Cards, Components, and widgets
  • Charts, C3 Charts, and Echarts
Drift – Admin Dashboard Template

Drift is ant Angular admin template to build any small to complex size app. It offers limitless possibilities to build your next project in no time. Besides, Drift is a complete HTML jQuery starter-kit for BootStrap and jQuery lovers. With Drift, you can set admin panel, SaaS application, a Web Portal, CMS or any web UI in minutes.

Moreover, Drift also ships in-built sample application UI which you could directly use in your app. In addition, this app UI includes Todo App, Mail App, Contacts App, and Chat App. Furthermore, Drift also features pages like Login, Signup, Social Media Wall, Profile, Lock Screen, General error pages along with hundreds of widgets and metrics ready for you to jump start with your next project.


  • Browser Support: IE11, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge
  • 4 Prebuild Dashboard: Crypto, CRM, Listing and Real Estate
  • 6 flexible layout style, 3 available shades, 50+ widgets
  • 300+ Icons, 30+ Components, and 20+ Chart variations
  • Applications: Chat, Mail, Contact and Task Management
  • Useful: For all type of web applications such as admin panel, SaaS application, a Web Portal, CMS or any web UI
Future UI Bootstrap Admin Template

Future UI is an elegant bootstrap  admin template. It serves as the perfect starting point when working on different web app development projects. Besides, Future UI is rich in components and features that will help beginners build complex and sophisticated web applications with ease. Furthermore, it is also incredibly flexible and can be easily customized to suit different project requirements.

NobleUI – Dashboard Template

NobleUI is a admin template based on Bootstrap 4 Framework. This admin template is also available in Laravel Version.


  • Browser Support: IE11, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge
  • Package management with NPM and 1000+ Font Icons
  • Applications: Chat, Mail, Calendar, and Cropper
  • RTL version
  • Useful: For all type of web applications such as admin panel, SaaS application, a Web Portal, CMS or any web UI
Dandelion Pro – React Admin Template

Dandelion Pro is a admin template based on React Boilerplate which is built using material UI library. This is a complete ReactJS admin template based on React Boilerplate. It also provides you clean modern design and high performance react app with various color themes that follow the Material Design concept. Besides, it is useful for many web apps.


  • Browser Support: Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge
  • Based on React Boilerplate
  • Built with React.js, React Router, Redux, Webpack, Material UI and JSS
  • 3 dashboards, 2 landing page, and 40+ Reusable components
  • Applications: Chat, Mail, Contact, Calendar, and Task Board
RedStar – Material Admin Template

RedStar Hospital is a Bootstrap 4 Material Design admin template for Hospital, Health Clinics, Doctors and medical fields. It is helpful for admin staff of hospital for manage Doctors, Appointments, Bad Allocation, Payment tracking, Cost & Profit analysis, and many more.


  • Browser Support: IE10, IE11, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge
  • 3 dashboards, 8 layout styles, 600+ HTML pages
  • RTL Version
  • Useful: For Hospital, Health clinic, Doctors and other medical fields
Looper – Responsive Admin

Looper is a Admin template designed keeping in mind simplicity, user experience, interactions, and flows.


  • Applications: Calendar, Invoice, Messages, Conversation and Project Board
  • 40+ Ready pages
Enlite Prime – React Admin Dashboard Template

Enlite Prime is a fullstack website template that comes with clean modern design and integrated backend.


  • Browser Support: Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge
  • Based on React Boilerplate
  • RTL supported
  • Pre-build CRUD Apps
  • Built with React.js, Redux Saga, Webpack, Material UI and Firebase
  • 3 dashboards, 1 landing page, and 40+ Reusable components
  • Applications: ToDo, Contact, and Email
Falcon – Admin Dashboard

Falcon is a bootstrap admin template that is fully responsive with any kind of device. This is a very responsive template. In addition, it comes with an elegant design structure. Furthermore, it is highly customizable. Hence, give it a try.


  • Browser Support: IE10+, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge
  • RTL Ready
  • Gulp based workflow
  • 48+ sets of UI Components
  • 20 sets of Plugins
Uplon – Admin & Dashboard Template

Uplon is a fully responsive premium web UI kit built with awesome bootstrap v4.3.1. It also comes with super clean user interfaces, many ready to use, and highly customizable components and widgets.  Furthermore, the power of SASS and easy code allows any developer to turn this theme into a real web application. Besides, it is one of the responsive admin templates.


  • Browser Support: IE10, IE11, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
  • RTL Ready
  • 250+ Pages, 90+ Charts and 2500+ Font Icons
  • 9 pre-build layouts and 7 multi styled demos
  • SAAS Support and Gulp Support
  • Landing page Included
Beid – Admin Dashboard Template

Beid is a unique designed Admin & Dashboard template based on Bootstrap 4. This template has unique design. It also contains many components, pages, and elements of the UI.  Besides, the template also contains awesome plugins optimized for work. Furthermore, A number of pre-configured plug-in modules are also ready for a quick start.


  • Browser Support: Opera, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
  • 3 Dashboards
  • W3c validated code
Webmin – Bootstrap & Angular Admin Template

Webmin admin is bootstrap 4 and angular 7 / CLI webApp template for backend admin panels. This admin is fully responsive, based on the angular 8 framework. Besides, it includes 50+ Page Templates, 20+ Ready to Use angular Components, 5 Unique Dashboards, and lots more for your backend applications. Furthermore, Webmin admin dashboard is based on a modern responsive design, which allows it to be easily customized.


  • Browser Support: IE10, IE11, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari
  • Available in both HTML (Bootstrap4) and Angular (Angular 7) version
  • RTL Support
  • Application: TodO, Chat, and  Mail Box
  • 50+ Page Templates, 20+ Components, 5 Dashboards
Upvex – Admin & Dashboard Template

Upvex is a modern, clean and responsive admin & dashboard template built using bootstrap v4. This template provides a large collection of ready to use UI elements, widgets, etc. Besides, it works seamlessly with all major web browsers and devices including tablets and phones. Furthermore, the Sass files are also bundled into it and allow you to have unlimited color and style-related customization possibilities easily. Moreover, it is one of the elegant templates.


  • Browser Support: IE10, IE11, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari
  • 6+ menu styles, 80+ pages, and 6500+ font icons
  • SASS Support
  • RTL Ready
  • Applications: Calendar, Contact and Tickets
Frogetor – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Frogetor is a Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard. It is fully responsive and includes awesome features to help build web applications fast and easy. Besides, there are tones of well designed and developed layouts, components, elements, widgets, and pages that allow you to create any saas based interface, custom admin panel, or dashboard application. Furthermore, the clean and flexible code enables you to easily. customize it. In addition, it is the elegant admin template with beautiful design. Furthermore, it is a highly customizable and elegant template. Hence, try it without any hesitation.


  • Browser Support: IE10, IE11, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari
  • RTL Support
  • SASS Support
  • Vertical & Horizontal Layout
  • Datatables, Footable, Jsgrid
  • Applications: Calendar, Contact and Chat
DashFlat – Bootstrap Admin Template

DashFlat is a modern, powerful, and creative admin and dashboard template. This template comes with both the Light and Dark vesrsions. Besides, it is built with bootstrap. In addition, it is powered with SASS, CSS3, HTML5, and jQuery.

Furthermore, this template is fully responsive. Moreover, it is flexible, user-friendly, and supports most modern web browsers. The template also has a clean code and detailed documentation. It comes with a fine selection of UI elements, page layouts, form elements, tables, and charts.  Besides, this template also features well-designed ready-to-use widgets and three e-commerce pages – Invoice, Orders, and Pricing Table.


  • Browser Support: IE10, IE11, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari
  • 1000s of icons
  • Dark and light themes available
  • Vertical & Horizontal Layout
  • Built with scss
  • Applications: Calendar, Email, Widgets, ToDo and Gallary
Hyper – Responsive Admin & Dashboard Template

Hyper is a fully-featured dashboard and admin template comes with tones of well-designed UI elements, components, widgets, and pages. In addition, The super clean and flexible layout will enable you to easily build web applications. Furthermore, its is useful to create a saas based interface, custom admin panels, dashboard, CRM, CMS, e-commerce panel, etc.


  • Browser Support: IE10, IE11, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari
  • 3 pre-built layouts and 1 landing page
  • Dark and light themes available
  • Vertical & Horizontal Layout
  • Applications: Calendar, Email, Chat, Tasks, and Projects
  • Useful: To create a saas based interface, custom admin panels, dashboard, CRM, CMS, e-commerce panel, etc.


So, after analyzing and researching tons of admin templates on the web with the dark theme, we have jotted down this collection of 30+ Dark Theme Admin Dashboard Template.

We have tried our best to cover all the best free and premium admin templates with a dark theme.

Dark admin templates can be your lead way to designing interfaces that support visual hierarchy, proper informational structure. Also, it helps to guide the attention of users with minimal effort. This list contains admin templates both completely dark-themed or has dark-themed versions.

Well, the admin templates included in this collection will satisfy all the major requirements of a developer as we have collected these templates keeping in mind the requirements of developers. So, you just need to go through the entire collection and choose the best dark mode admin dashboard template as per your requirement.

Each template offers useful features and components. Although, Vuexy Admin Template is the most loved admin template. So, we would love to recommend you give it a try.

I hope you will find the best dark theme admin template for your website or application from this collection.

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