20+ Bootstrap Admin Template Open Source 2022

bootstrap admin template open source

Are you looking for the Bootstrap Admin Template Open Source? Then this collection is especially for you. Here you will find the best bootstrap admin templates that can be used in any kind of web application easily. if you are specifically looking for bootstrap 5 dashboards for your web apps, Also, you will find the bootstrap 5 admin template Open Source list here. In case you want to work with bootstrap 4 based templates, then don’t be bothered. Bootstrap 4 admin template Open Source list is also mentioned here as well. In short, this is the right place where you will find your best bootstrap admin template free open source.

Before we start the collection, let’s get to know a bot about Bootstrap first.

What Is Bootstrap?

Now, as we all know that Bootstrap is the most used framework. Bootstrap is a powerful front-end framework for building modern web pages and web apps. It’s open-source and free to use, but it includes a plethora of HTML and CSS templates for UI interface elements like buttons and forms. JavaScript extensions are also supported by Bootstrap.

The latest version is Bootstrap 5. The launch of Bootstrap 5 brought many improvements to the most popular CSS framework in the world, such as dropping the dependency on jQuery, introducing RTL support, massively improving the styles and markup, and adding a new utility API. Thus, it is a good option to pick the Bootstrap 5 admin template open source.

Some major changes:

  • Fixed Sidebars example not rendering correctly in Chrome
  • Fixed RTLCSS stringMap configuration snippet
  • Updated offcanvas navbar example to prevent console error
  • Fixed miscellaneous typos, grammatical errors, and links in the Migration guide
  • jQuery support removed

New Features:

  • Offcanvas components
  • New accordion
  • New and updated forms
  • Checks and radios
  • Floating labels
  • New file inputs

Advantages of Bootstrap:

  • Fewer Cross-browser bugs
  • Supports major of all browsers and CSS compatibility fixes
  • Lightweight and customizable
  • Responsive structures and styles
  • Good documentation
  • Loads of free and professional templates, WordPress themes, and plugins
  • Great grid system

Apart from this, it has a huge community. Thus, you will always find help when needed. Also, it is used by many tech giants such as Spotify, Twitter, Intel, Walmart, Alibaba, Udemy, Mint, Coursera, etc.

Why Use Bootstrap Admin Templates?

Bootstrap admin templates have been the favorite of many developers and companies as it offers many great features and advantages like responsiveness, cross-browser compatibility, and many more. Also, it has the largest community support.

Using bootstrap admin templates can be advantageous in many ways. By using the bootstrap admin dashboard, you will save lots of time, as you will no longer need to look out for the components you need. The templates come with many helpful ready-to-use components and features for developing responsive and awesome web apps.

So, using bootstrap admin dashboards in your project is undoubtedly the best decision you can ever make. Here in this collection, we have gathered some of the best open source bootstrap dashboards to help you save time.

The Best Bootstrap Admin Template Open Source

Well, you will find many Bootstrap admin templates available in the market. As a result, you can get confused to choose the right template for your project. Thus, we have jotted down a list of some of the best open-source Bootstrap admin templates.

These free bootstrap admin templates will provide attractive UI, unique functionality that is required for the admin panel, and more rich features. If you are looking for a bootstrap 5 admin template then check the collection of the Bootstrap admin template GitHub.

If you are looking for a Bootstrap Admin Template Free Download for your next great app look no further, we have a great collection of bootstrap admin templates Open Source that can enhance your website design. You can also check the Bootstrap 5 Cheatsheet.

Now, let’s dive into the collection of Bootstrap Admin Template Open Source for 2022:🔥

Bootstrap 5 Admin Template Open Source:

Sneat Free Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin Template (The Best Bootstrap Admin Template Open Source)

Sneat Free Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin Template – is the latest most developer-friendly 🤘🏻 & highly customizable✨ Bootstrap Admin Template Open Source. It is based on Bootstrap 5. Besides, the highest industry standards are considered to bring you the best bootstrap 5 admin template that is not just fast🚀and easy to use, but highly scalable.

In addition, incredibly versatile, the Sneat Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin Template Open Source also allows you to build any type of web application. For instance, you can create:

  • SaaS platforms
  • Project management apps
  • Ecommerce backends
  • CRM systems
  • Analytics apps
  • Banking apps
  • Education apps
  • Fitness apps & many more….

Furthermore, you can use this one of the best Open Source Bootstrap admin templates to create eye-catching, high-quality, and high-performing Web Applications. Besides, your apps will be completely responsive, ensuring they’ll look stunning and function flawlessly on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.


  • Based on Bootstrap 5
  • Vertical layout
  • Dashboard
  • 1 Chart library
  • SASS Powered
  • Authentication Pages
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Organized Folder Structure
  • Clean & Commented Code

Also available in Laravel Version.

bootstrap 5 html admin template

Volt bootstrap 5 dashboard

Volt is a free and open-source Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard featuring over 100 components, 11 example pages, and 3 customized plugins. Besides, Volt does not require jQuery as a dependency meaning that every library and script is jQuery-free.

Furthermore, this product is built using the following widely used technologies:

  • Most popular CSS Framework Bootstrap
  • Productive workflow tool Gulp
  • Awesome CSS preprocessor Sass

Portal is a Bootstrap 5 admin template Open Source made for developers. Besides, The design is simple and modern and the code is written in a modular way. It’s the perfect starter template for building your web app’s admin portal.

Furthermore, all the source SCSS files are included so you can change the color scheme and fine-tune the design components to suit your app’s branding. In addition, it is built on the latest Bootstrap 5 alpha version this template is lightweight (no jQuery, only vanilla JS) and future-ready.


  • Fully Responsive
  • HTML5 + CSS3
  • Built on Bootstrap 5 (no jQuery)
  • 10+ page designs
  • 1000+ Bootstrap icons
  • SCSS source files included
  • Charts

Adminkit is a professional Admin & Dashboard template based on Bootstrap 5 that comes with hundreds of UI components, forms, tables, charts, pages, and icons. Besides, the admin kit does not require jQuery and neither does one of the 3rd party libraries AdminKit is using. Built on top of the latest version of Bootstrap 5 and HTML5, which means – robust, responsive, and easy to customize. Thus, it is the best bootstrap 5 admin template open source to keep in check.


  • 12 Demo Pages
  • 1 Plugin
  • 1 Color Scheme
  • Source Files

Mazer is a free Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template and Landing Page.

Star admin is a beautifully designed bootstrap 5 admin template with a lot of the polished Bootstrap components making up its dashboard and other pages. It has everything and more that you can expect in a free admin template.

In addition to the basic components like buttons, forms, tables, etc., Star Admin has impressive typography that compliments exceedingly with its colorful and elegant interface. Furthermore, the pre-built pages of the templates are intuitive and very well-designed.

CoreUI – Free Admin Template

CoreUI is the only bootstrap admin template open source for creating amazing user interfaces. This Open Source Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template is based on an enterprise-grade and hand-crafted UI Components Library produced and supported by professionals.

Besides, it enables you to create dependable web apps more quickly than ever before.

Xtreme – Admin Template

Xtreme Admin Lite is a carefully handcrafted beautiful bootstrap 5 open source admin template. It’s built with a modular and modern design. Xtreme Admin Lite is completely free to download and use for your personal projects. Furthermore, it is responsive and customizable.

Matrix Admin

Matrix Admin is a basic yet very useful open source bootstrap 5 admin template for your projects. Besides, if you are looking for a modern yet clean admin template for your backend project this is the right choice for you.


  • 1 Basic Dashboard
  • 20+ Pages Template
  • 10+ UI Components
  • Bootstrap 5 Version
  • Icons
  • Fully Responsive Pages

Well, Skydash is the latest Bootstrap 5 admin template from BootstrapDash. Skydash Free is their free, open-source version of it. They have partnered up with an external UI/UX team to design and develop this template, and it has a super clean and polished look. The well-commented code and detailed documentation make it super easy to work with, customize and modify as per your needs.


  • Clean and polished look
  • Well written code
  • Super easy to use and modify
  • Compatible Browsers: Latest versions of IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome.
  • Responsive layout
  • Constantly updated (Bootstrap v5 available)
  • The Pro version has multiple themes and layouts and so much more!
mdbootstrap 5 admin template

Responsive admin dashboard built with the latest Bootstrap 5. Control panel theme ideal for admin pages, analytics & configuration panels.


  • Built with the free MDB5 UI Kit
  • Super simple, 1-minute implementation
  • Plain javascript (but works also with jQuery)
  • Use in your design and create amazing things
  • MIT license – free for personal & commercial use

SB Admin is a free, open-source, MIT licensed Bootstrap admin template. Besides, this template uses the default Bootstrap 5 styles along with a variety of plugins to create a powerful framework for creating admin panels, web apps, or dashboard UI’s for your next project.


  • SCSS based theme with built-in scripts for compiling Pug and CSS
  • A flexbox based layout with fixed and static navigation options
  • Toggleable sidebar menu with intuitive toggled states
  • Custom panel styling
  • Interactive charts by Chart.js plugin
  • Interactive tables by data tables plugin
  • Login, Registration, Forgot Password, 404, and Blank starter HTML pages

Soft UI Dashboard is an open-source Bootstrap 5 template crafted by Creative-Tim. The product is built with over 70 frontend individual elements, like buttons, inputs, navbars, nav tabs, cards, or alerts, giving you the freedom of choosing and combining.

Besides, this Bootstrap 5 design follows the Soft UI Design System concepts, a modern pattern provided by this amazing agency. The product comes with prebuilt design blocks, so the development process is seamless, switching from our pages to the real website is very easy to be done.

Bootstrap 4 Admin Template Open Source

Chameleon Lite – Bootstrap Admin Template (Bootstrap 4 Admin Template Open Source)

Chameleon Admin Lite is the best Bootstrap 4 Admin Template Open Source. Also, this template comes with an elegant design, clean and organized code. Besides, Chameleon’s free bootstrap admin template can be used for any type of web application for example Project Management, eCommerce backends, Analytics, Fitness, CRM, or any custom admin panels.

It also comes with 2 niche dashboards. Furthermore, the Chameleon admin template is powered with HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 4, SASS, Gulp. Responsive design which looks great on Desktops, Tablets, and Mobile Devices. Also, this template comes with a starter kit that will help developers to get started quickly. If you are looking to Download free admin templates then this is the best bootstrap admin template Open Source.

Modular Admin – Free Admin Template

Modular Admin is a modular-based bootstrap 4 admin template open source ready to complete your needs exactly the way you want. It’s scalable, well-designed, colorful, and easy to maintain. Besides, this bootstrap admin template open source is also device-friendly and fits on any screen no matter the size of it.

Furthermore, the design is modern as well as very powerful to start a new work. Above all the customization options of Modular Admin are amicably better.


  • 2 Charts
  • 2 tables
  • Bootstrap 4 cards
  • Font awesome icons
  • 7 pre built pages
Focus – Admin Dashboard Template

Focus admin is a lightweight, polished, resourceful, reliable, easy to use, and responsive HTML 5 Bootstrap 4 admin template open source. One of the biggest differences between Focus and other templates is that Focus packs some really neat features in the departments of Charts. Furthermore, there’s an extensive Forms Wizard feature that you can use to build your own step-by-step forms.

Monster Admin Lite

Monster Admin Lite is a carefully handcrafted bootstrap admin template Open Source. Besides, it has an awesome and clean design with great colors that will amaze your eyes in no time. Furthermore, the Monster Lite bootstrap admin template open source is completely free to download and use for your personal projects.

In addition, it also comes in a free version for your personal projects with the following features:

  • 7 Page templates
  • 10 UI Components
  • 10 Integrated Plugins
  • Ready-to-use widgets
  • 1 Form
  • 3 Table examples
  • 100+ Font icons

Flatlogic One is a completely new product made with Bootstrap 4.5. The template is very suitable for building analytics and data tables applications. Besides, Flatlogic One admin dashboard delivers customizable Bootstrap components for creating modern responsive web applications. Furthermore, The template is made in 3 colors: White, Orange, and Grey. The navigation is on the left sidebar and the main content is at the center-right panel.

Arbano – Free Bootstrap Admin Template

Arbano is a free bootstrap simple bootstrap 4 admin template open source made with Vue.js. Bringing a complete solution for creating a modern visual interface for your backend dashboard, Arbano reduces your effort. With loads of components, table styles, forms, and icons, organize your environment as you want.

Moreover, a bunch of widgets, charts, ready pages, and user-friendly documentation are also integrated. In addition, Google Maps along with other multiple maps like bubble maps, leaflet maps, and line maps will help you show your data more accurately.


  • Latest Bootstrap and VueJS
  • Tons of Icons
  • Graph and Charts
  • Widgets and Components
  • Multiple Maps
  • Animated Progress Bar
Black Dashboard – Bootstrap Admin Template

Black Dashboard is a powerful and component-rich free bootstrap simple bootstrap 4 admin template open source built for creating a modern admin backend. Besides, with a set of engaging tools, sublime color combinations, and amazing Bootstrap 4, this template is one of a kind.

As the template presents a robust set of plugins, it also offers lucid documentation to know inside-out of Black. However, you can also combine 16 individual components to create a new layout as you want to visualize. Furthermore, it offers the following features.


  • Bootstrap 4 Template
  • Interactive Line Chart
  • 100 Nucleo Icons
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Multiple Notification Styles
  • User Profile Included
SB Admin 2

SB Admin 2 bootstrap 4 admin template open source or web app UI starter. The theme features a variety of custom jQuery plugins to add extended functionality past the built-in Bootstrap UI features.

Shards Dashboard Lite

Shards Dashboard Lite is a fully responsive admin template based on bootstrap 4.1.1. it is capable to adapt its layout to any viewport size. Besides, it has fully documented components and features, which are one of the key points when building Shards Dashboard Lite so that you can focus on building your ideal product with ease.

AdminLTE – Admin Template

AdminLTE provides a range of responsive, reusable, and commonly used components.

Tabler – Admin Templates & Dashboard

Tabler is bootstrap simple admin open source templates that bring a lot of pre-made elements to join and make a template according to your need. Regardless of the device, be it desktop or mobile, Tabler performs perfectly responsive in every situation. Furthermore, it is compatible with all major browsers, Tabler has no issues across various platforms.

In addition, modern technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery plugins trigger this template to run fast. W3c validated code works like the cherry on top of Bootstrap guidelines. Also, tabler includes more than 20 individual pages that feature countless components and other functionalities. Moreover, Sass files are also available, so that developers can easily control the workflow.

Adminator – Admin Template

Adminator does not shy away from creating powerful administrators and back-end dashboards. There is a collection of custom pages, applications, and widgets at your service that speeds up the building process. Besides, it is minimal and modern in design which makes it more fun to work with. Not to mention, appealing to the eye. Now you can have all the site and app data gathered in one gorgeous location.

Gentelella – Admin Template

Gentelella is a stunning free bootstrap simple admin open source. You can use this template to build absolutely outstanding admins with it. Since the layout and all the elements are built and ready to use, you will save yourself plenty of time with it. So, there is no need to be designing and developing an admin from scratch.

Lumino – Free Admin Template

Lumino is the free template that will allow you to do just that. It is a responsive HTML5 tool built on Bootstrap Admin Open Source Template Framework with a nice selection of features. Awesome widgets, charts, forms, UI elements, login page, and the main dashboard page, everything is carefully designed and developed for you to get the most out of each section of your newly built admin.

Furthermore, it comes with the following features.


  • Clean design with a fresh color scheme
  • Dozens of widgets including forms, charts, UI Elements, panels, alerts, tooltips, menus, and more
  • Built-in user functions and menu
  • Included notification features
Sing App Vue Dashboard

Sing App Vue Dashboard is a bootstrap 4 admin template open source built with Vue JS 2.5.2.  Besides, this template is built with the newest development stack of vue, hence you will not need to learn everything by yourself. Furthermore, Sing App Vue is a great start if you build SASS, E-Commerce, CMS, or CRM platforms. In addition, all essential components are ready to use. Also, it comes with the following features.


  • Static & Hover Sidebar
  • Fully responsive
  • Vue 2.5.2
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Advanced Forms
  • Notifications & Icons
  • Well designed Typography
Ample Admin Template

Ample Admin Lite is a carefully handcrafted bootstrap 4 admin template Open Source. Its awesome and clean design will amaze your eyes in no time. Besides, Ample Admin Lite is completely free to download and use for your personal projects. Furthermore, it is useful for Commercial use.

In addition, this open-source bootstrap 4 admin template also comes with a host of easy-to-use features and plugins that make it perfect for even novice developers. Furthermore, it offers the following features.


  • 7 Page templates
  • 10 UI Components
  • 10 Integrated Plugins
  • Lifetime free updates
  • Ready-to-use widgets
  • 1 Form
  • 3 Table examples


By putting in our effort, here we have prepared the collection of the latest bootstrap admin template open source with a flat design concept for you. We have considered all the necessary parameters like responsiveness, customizability, cross-browser compatibility, etc. So, you don’t need to search anywhere else.

Well, all the templates offer unique and rich features. Also, these templates are fully responsive, cross-browser compatible, and highly customizable.

Although, we would recommend you try Sneat Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin Template as it has some very amazing features. You’ll surely find it extremely good.

So, all of the Bootstrap admin templates above can be used as a complete solution so that you can smoothly create the front-end dashboard of your web app. Besides, these templates also come with widgets, many extra add-ons, plugins, and features (like plugins for charts & graphs, file managers, calendars, and many more).

We hope that you find the right admin template from these bootstrap admin templates. Do tell us which one is your favorite in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share.

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