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Bootstrap 5 – Release date, Important updates and Latest Tutorial


The most popular Bootstrap source is coming up with the latest version Bootstrap 5🔥. In this article, we will share information about the Bootstrap 5 release date, Important updates in the latest version, and the Bootstrap 5 tutorial.

Bootstrap is the world’s most popular and widely used open-source framework for developing with HTML, CSS, and JS. Till now the Bootstrap team has introduced 4 versions of Bootstrap and soon going to introduce its Bootstrap latest version 5. With the launch of V5, many major changes will be introduced in the latest version.

Initially, after launching Bootstrap, the team introduced a 2nd version of Bootstrap after 2 years. Again after a year of launching V2, the bootstrap team introduced V3. It took 5 long years to introduce V4 to make Bootstrap more efficient and productive.  The current version of Bootstrap is 5.0.0


Update: The Bootstrap team has officially released the first beta of Bootstrap 5. For more detail check our latest article: Bootstrap 5 arrived, what’s new, and things you need to know about it.

Alpha 2 was released on September 29, 2020

Alpha 3 was released on November 11, 2020

Beta was released on December 7, 2020.

The Stable version is ongoing. They have done major changes till now and there are some in the pipeline. The version is yet not stable completely.  As per the source, the stable version of alpha will be released by the end of this year.

Major Updates in Bootstrap 5 Beta 1🧐

It offers some exciting new features such as:

  • RTL support (Updated) (Bootstrap 5 beta 1)
  • Upgraded Popper.js from v1.x to v2.x(Bootstrap 5 beta 1)
  • Renamed alldata attributes to include bs as an infix
  • JS enhancements
  • New RTL versions of CSS dist file, which includes grid, Reboot, utilities, and standard bundles.
  • New RTL documentation to help you get started.

Apart from this, there are some upcoming features, too.

  • Offcanvas menu
  • Upgraded codebase, including the Sass module system.
  • Increased usage of CSS custom properties and more.
Major changes include in Bootstrap’s latest version are:
  1. A new look and feel
  2. Dropping jQuery in favor of vanilla JavaScript
  3. Enhanced grid system
  4. Improved customizing docs
  5. Adding a custom set of SVG icons
  6. Adding CSS custom properties
  7. Improved Utility API
  8. Updated forms
  9. Responsive Font Sizes
  10. Migrating the documentation from Jekyll to Hugo
  11. Dropping support for IE10 and IE11

For more details and info visit the comprehensive blog on Bootstrap 5 has arrived and What’s new and things, you need to know about it?

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Bootstrap 5 Removed Jquery🔥

The bootstrap team has expunged Jquery as a dependency for regular Javascript announced on its official website. The team had opened a pull request in 2017 aiming to remove Jquery entirely from bootstrap versions, and it is now completed and replaced entirely with vanilla Javascript. Nevertheless, developers will still be able to use Bootstrap 5 with or without jquery.

We’re dropping jquery from regular Javascript. The cat is out of the bag-We’re dropping our largest client-side dependency for regular Javascript. Similar to the Hugo move, we’ve been working on this for a long time and have a pull request in progress and near completion.

This got mixed responses and opinions from web developers in development communities. It Spurred controversy for effacing Jquery from Bootstrap 5. A few of the responses of web developers for the removal of jquery are as follows.

Bootstrap 5 Release Date
Web developers response image 2
Web developers response image 3

Bootstrap 5 Columns & Rows

The bootstrap concept offered a 12-columns system is not going to vanish and will be available in Bootstrap 5 also. Web Dev can still use Grid and layout columns in Bootstrap 5.

Bootstrap rows and columns provide the most efficient solution to issues of different screen sizes. The main focus of the change in v5 is still responsiveness, though, in recent bootstrap versions, the development is focused mostly on improving performance and reducing the loading time.

Bootstrap 5 Tutorial

The Bootstrap team is working constantly to update Bootstrap version 4 with version 5 and soon it may announce the Bootstrap 5 release date. The team has done major changes till now and the last few changes are to take place soon. There’s undoubtedly a lot more in Bootstrap 5 to learn💯. You can also get the latest updates on the Bootstrap 5 Release date, its documentation, and tutorial by subscribing to our newsletter at the side right side of the page.

Consider bookmarking this article🧐 as we will update it as and when we hear from the bootstrap team for their latest version.

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