The Best 10+ React JS Unit Testing Tools in 2021

React JS Unit Testing Tools

Are you looking for React JS Unit testing tools to make your app bug-free and up-to-date? Then here is the best collection of 10+  React js unit testing tools in 2021.

We all know the love of developers for the most popular library React. It’s easy to learn and it’s easy to build the user interface of any website using React. If you’re building an application no matter what you should test your application before serving it to the user.

If you are a frontend developer working on the React library, you might have some favorite tool or framework for testing your React application. A lot of developers use Jest, Enzyme, or some other popular tools and libraries to test the components of React application.

However, every tool or framework is not the same for everyone. There are tons of testing frameworks and tools available in the open-source ecosystem for the testing purposes of React application.

Whether you’re doing unit testing, integration testing, or end-to-end testing, choosing the right toolset and framework for testing is the key factor in leveraging TDD in React.

Before we start this list, you can check some amazing collections of  ReactJS UI Frameworks, React Hooks Tutorial For Beginners. Also, you can check the best React bootstrap admin template free. For your next React-based project you can use the Vuexy ReactJS Admin template, it is one of the best React admin templates.

Now, let’s start the collection.

Jest – Delightful JavaScript Testing Framework

Well, Jest is the most popular testing framework with more than 16M downloads a week. It is created and maintained by Facebook. The team uses it to test all the JavaScript codes including React applications. It is also adopted by Airbnb, Uber, Intuit, and other teams as well. Jest comes with its test runner and assertion functions. This framework is also good for beginners who want to try incredibly fast JavaScript codes.

  • Very fast performance. Airbnb saw a decrease in the total test runtime from 12 minutes to only 4.5 minutes when they switched from Mocha to Jest.
  • It conducts snapshot, parallelization, and async method tests.
  • Mock your functions, including third-party node_module libraries
  • Possible to manage tests with larger objects using live snapshots.
  • Standard syntax with report guide.
  • Compatible with React, VueJS, Angular, and many projects.


Enzyme – JavaScript Testing utilities for React

In this list, Enzyme is another popular testing utility. It is designed to help developers for testing the React component without any hassle. Besides, it is one of the most used frameworks developed and maintained by Airbnb. Furthermore, Developers combine it with other frameworks such as Jest, Chai, or Mocha to test the React application.

The enzyme is only used to render components, access things, find elements, interacting with elements, and simulate events. Chai or Jest can be used to make the assertions for it. You can test the outputs of React components, abstracting the rendering of components. Read more about testing the React application from the link Enzyme with Jest.

  • Use shallow rendering.
  • Access business implementations of your components.
  • Conduct full DOM rendering.
  • Use react-hooks in shallow rendering, with some limitations.


Chai-enzyme – Chai.js assertions and convenience functions for testing React Components with enzyme

Chai is a popular assertion and expectations library for node and for the browser that can be paired with any javascript testing framework. An assertion is a way to declare what to expect in a test. Mocha doesn’t come with an assertion library built-in so a lot of developers pick Chai with Mocha for testing React application. Some functionality like expect, should, and assert helps you to declare what to expect in a test. It can be used to make assertions for functions, but also components later on by using Enzyme.


React-testing-library – Simple and complete React DOM testing utilities

This React-testing-library is created by Kent C. Dodds and supported by a vast community of developers. It allows you te to test the component easily and simulates the user behavior in your tests. Similar to enzyme this library is a complete set of React DOM testing utilities focused on imitating actual user actions and workflows. You can do the following things with react-testing-library…

  • Query your elements within the text, label, display value, role, and testId
  • Fire any event
  • Wait for an element to appear with wait


React-hooks-testing-library – React hooks testing utilities that encourage good testing practices

The react-hooks-testing library allows you to create a simple test harness for React hooks that handles running them within the body of a function component, as well as providing various useful utility functions for updating the inputs and retrieving the outputs of your amazing custom hook. This library aims to provide a testing experience as close as possible to natively using your hook from within a real component.

Using this library, you do not have to concern yourself with how to construct, render or interact with the react component in order to test your hook. You can just use the hook directly and assert the results.


Majestic – Zero config GUI for Jest

Majestic is a GUI for Jest. Following are the features:

  • Run all the tests or a single file
  • Toggle watch mode
  • Update snapshots
  • Examine test failures as they happen
  • Console.log() to the UI for debugging
  • Built-in coverage report
  • Search tests
  • Works with flow and typescript projects
  • Works with Create react app


React-unit – Lightweight unit test library for ReactJS

React Unit is a lightweight unit test library for ReactJS with very few (js-only) dependencies.

By using  React-Unit you can run your ReactJS unit tests directly from node or gulp without having to install any heavyweight external dependencies (such as jsdomphantomjs, the python runtime, etc.).


Ui-harness – Create, isolate, and test modular UI components in React.

The UI Harness allows you to add a one-line startup script to your node module that provides a complete visual test and build a harness for creating and bundling your components.

With the UIHarness you can go from an empty NPM module, to cleanly building isolated React components using best practices in well under a minute.

See the quick-start sample repo


Carte-blanche – An isolated development space with integrated fuzz testing for your components.

Carte Blanche is an isolated development space with integrated fuzz testing for your components. See them individually, explore them in different states, and quickly and confidently develop them.


Unexpected-react – Plugin for unexpected to enable testing the full React virtual DOM, and also the shallow renderer.

Plugin for unexpected to allow for testing the full virtual DOM, and against the shallow renderer (replaces unexpected-react-shallow).


  • Assert React component’s output using the shallow renderer
  • Trigger events on components in shallow, full, and test renderers
  • Assert React component’s output using the test renderer (react-test-renderer (require unexpected-react/test-renderer)
  • Locate components using JSX queries in shallow, full, and test renderers
  • Assert React component’s output using the full renderer and JSX “expected” values (e.g. TestUtils.renderIntoDocument())
  • All assertions work identically with the shallow, full, and test renderers, allowing you to mix and match in your tests, based on what you need.


Redux-test-recorder – A redux middleware to automatically generate tests for reducers through UI interaction.

Redux test recorder is a redux middleware for automatically generating tests for your reducers based on the actions in your app. Currently,  redux-test-recorder-react is written to provide a GUI for recording tests in react.


So, this was the collection of The best 10+ React JS Unit Testing Tools in 2021.

With the modularity of React comes better TDD. From components to integration and end-to-end testing, choosing the right tooling can help to put this theory into practice without pain, and enjoy its benefits.

Do tell us which tool is your favorite and also suggest any other tool which we can include in the list in the comment section below.

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