Noteworthy 9 React Notification Component Library To Use in 2024

react notification component library

React notification component library is a vital part of the React ecosystem. There are a variety of React notification components available, such as React Toastify, React Hot Toast, Sonner, Notistack, Reapop, and React Local Toast, which provide diverse solutions for managing notifications. Besides, from simplicity to versatility, each component brings unique features, allowing developers to choose tools that align with their project requirements. This compilation explores the strengths of these components, showcasing their impact on creating effective and user-friendly notification systems in React applications.

Why Do You Need a Notification Component?

A Notification Component is a vital element in user interfaces, serving to alert users about relevant information or updates. It provides a concise and timely way to communicate messages, such as system alerts, new messages, or completed actions. Integrating a Notification Component enhances user experience by ensuring crucial information is conveyed promptly, contributing to better user engagement and interaction.

In web development and application design, Notification Components play a crucial role in keeping users informed without disrupting their workflow. Whether it’s a success message, error alert, or a simple update notification, incorporating this component streamlines communication and helps users stay connected with the ongoing activities within the platform.

The Best React Notification Component Library

A React Notification Component is a reusable UI element in React-based web applications that facilitates the display of notifications to users. Additionally, it is a crucial part of user interface design, specifically tailored for React, a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. On the other hand, React notification component library is a set of such components.

Key points about React Notification Components:

  • Dynamic Messaging: Allows developers to dynamically show messages, alerts, or updates to users based on various events or user interactions.
  • Reactivity: Utilizes React’s component-based architecture, enabling seamless integration with other React components and ensuring a reactive and responsive user interface.
  • Customization: Offers options for customization, allowing developers to style and configure the appearance of notifications to align with the project’s design and branding.
  • Event-Driven: Typically operates on an event-driven model, responding to specific actions or triggers within the application to display relevant notifications.
  • State Management: Effectively manages the state of notifications, including their visibility, content, and any associated actions.
  • Ease of Integration: Integrates easily into React projects, making it a practical solution for handling user notifications in a consistent and maintainable manner.
  • User Interaction: Often includes features for user interaction, such as dismissing notifications or taking actions directly from the notification itself.

Now, let’s start the list.

React Toastify GitHub stars

react component library

React Toastify is a highly popular and user-friendly notification component for React applications. With its simple integration and customizable features, React Toastify makes it easy for developers to implement effective notification systems. Furthermore, this component allows for the display of toast notifications, offering a non-intrusive yet visually appealing way to communicate messages to users.

Additionally, even developers appreciate this React component library for its flexibility, enabling them to configure various notification options, including positioning, duration, and appearance. Therefore, React Toastify is widely adopted in the React community for its amazing features like responsiveness, ease of use, and ability to seamlessly integrate into diverse React projects, contributing to an enhanced user experience.


  • Easy to set up
  • Super easy to customize
  • RTL support
  • Swipe to close
  • You can choose the swipe direction
  • Super easy to use an animation of your choice. Works well with animate.css for example
  • Can display a react component inside the toast!
  • Has onOpen and onClose hooks. Both can access the props passed to the react component rendered inside the toast
  • Can remove a toast programmatically
  • Define behavior per toast


$ npm install --save react-toastify
$ yarn add react-toastify

React hot toast GitHub stars

React hot toast React notification component library

React Hot Toast is a lightweight and versatile notification component designed for React applications. Besides, it simplifies the implementation of toast notifications by providing a straightforward and customizable solution. Furthermore, it allows developers to create and display notifications effortlessly. Thus, it ensures a smooth and responsive user experience.

Additionally, this React notification component library offers a range of styling options and position configurations, allowing developers to tailor the appearance of notifications to match the overall design of their React projects.


  • Hot by default
  • Easily Customizable
  • Promise API – Automatic loader from a promise
  • Lightweight – less than 5kb including styles
  • Accessible
  • Headless Hooks – Create your own with useToaster()


npm install react-hot-toast
yarn add react-hot-toast

We have used the React toaster component in our product: Materio MUI React NextJS Admin Template as well. You can check the demo to see how perfectly it works.

Talking about the template, it is the best React admin template to work with as it comes with many amazing features such as:

  • Built with Next.js v13 (Pages Router)
  • Built with MUI Core v5 stable version
  • 100% React hooks & Functional Components
  • Redux Toolkit & React Context API
  • React Hook Form + Yup
  • Ready-to-deploy Folder Structure
  • ESLint & Prettier
  • User Overridable Layout & Theme
  • RTL(Right-to-Left) Support & much more.

Also, available in the Free Nuxt Admin Dashboard version.

materio vuetify nuxtjs admin template

Sonner GitHub stars

Sonner is an awesome React notification component, that distinguishes itself with its simplicity and effectiveness. Furthermore, it aims to provide a lightweight solution for displaying notifications in React applications, Sonner is easy to integrate and quick to set up. Additionally, developers also appreciate its minimalistic design, making it straightforward to incorporate into various projects without unnecessary complexity.

Moreover, Sonner’s flexibility extends to customization options, allowing developers to control the appearance and behavior of notifications, ensuring alignment with the overall design aesthetics. Also, due to its user-friendly approach, Sonner addresses the need for informative notifications, contributing to a seamless and engaging user experience in React applications.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy Integration
  • Customization
  • User-Friendly
  • Responsive
  • Unobtrusive
  • Versatile Styling
  • Efficient
  • Developer-Friendly
  • Seamless Experience


  • Install via npm:
npm install sonner

You can also check the React Grid Component for your upcoming React project along with the React notification component.

Notistack GitHub stars

Notistack React notification component library

Notistack is a robust React notification component that offers a comprehensive solution for handling notifications in React applications. Besides, it stands out for its feature-rich capabilities, making it a popular choice among developers. Furthermore, developers can easily manage and display notifications using this React component with a high degree of customization.

Also, the component supports stacking, allowing multiple notifications to coexist harmoniously. Additionally, developers appreciate its flexibility in configuring various notification parameters, including duration, position, and appearance. Moreover, notistack seamlessly integrates into React projects, providing a hassle-free yet powerful tool for creating a dynamic and user-friendly notification system.


  • Maximum snackbars
  • Hide duration
  • Actions
  • Dismiss programmatically
  • Prevent duplicate


  • Install via npm or yarn
npm install notistack
yarn add notistack

Reapop GitHub stars

Reapop react notification component

Reapop, a notable React notification component, stands out for its robust features and flexibility in managing notifications within React applications. Developers appreciate its intuitive API and straightforward integration, allowing for a seamless implementation process. Reapop offers extensive customization options, enabling developers to tailor the appearance and behavior of notifications to suit their project’s design.

The component supports various notification types and positions, providing versatility in conveying different messages to users. With its emphasis on user experience, Reapop contributes to creating a visually appealing and informative notification system that enhances overall interactivity in React applications.


  • Robust API
  • Seamless Integration
  • Extensive Customization
  • Support for Various Notification Types
  • Flexible Positioning Options
  • Emphasis on User Experience


  • Install via npm
npm install reapop --save

You may also find using the React carousel component helpful while working on any React project.

Notification Component For ReactJS GitHub stars

react notification component library

React Notifications Component is a versatile component for managing notifications in React applications. With its comprehensive set of features, developers can easily incorporate a dynamic and user-friendly notification system into their projects. The component offers flexibility in styling and positioning, allowing for seamless integration with diverse design aesthetics.

It supports various notification types, providing a well-rounded solution for communicating different messages to users. With the React Notifications Component, developers can efficiently enhance the overall user experience by ensuring timely and visually appealing notifications that align with the project’s requirements.


  • Touch support
  • Responsive notifications
  • Standard notification types
  • Custom notification types
  • Custom notification content
  • Dismissable (touch, click, timeout)
  • Customizable transitions
  • Small library


  • Install via npm:
npm install react-notifications-component

React Redux Toaster GitHub stars

Reapop react notification component

React Redux Toastr is a notable notification component library for React applications that seamlessly integrates with Redux for state management. This library provides a robust solution for managing notifications, offering a range of features to enhance user communication.

Its compatibility with Redux enables a unified approach to state management and ensures consistent behavior within the application. Besides, it supports various notification types, allowing developers to convey different messages effectively. With a focus on simplicity and ease of integration, this React notification library empowers developers to implement a dynamic and user-friendly notification system in their React and Redux projects.


  • Seamless Integration with Redux
  • Support for Different Notification Types
  • Consistent State Management
  • Straightforward Implementation
  • Enhanced User Communication
  • Flexible Styling Options
  • Customization for Notification Appearance
  • Efficient Handling of Notifications in React-Redux Projects


  • Install via npm
npm install --save react-redux-toastr

Notflix GitHub stars

Notiflix stands out as a powerful and feature-rich React notification component library, designed to facilitate effective communication within React applications. Besides, it comes with a comprehensive set of features, which allows developers to easily integrate dynamic notifications, covering a range of use cases from success messages to loading indicators and error alerts.

Besides, this React component library prioritizes simplicity and customization. Thus, offering developers the flexibility to tailor the appearance and behavior of notifications according to their project’s needs. Notiflix’s versatility extends to support various notification types, providing a robust solution for conveying diverse messages to users.


  • Comprehensive Notification Library
  • Dynamic Notifications for Success, Loading, and Errors
  • Simplified Integration with React Applications
  • High Customization Capabilities
  • Versatile Styling Options
  • Support for Various Notification Types
  • Focus on Simplicity and User Experience
  • Feature-Rich for Diverse Use Cases


  • Install via npm or Yarn
npm i notiflix
yarn add notiflix

React-local-toast GitHub stars

React Local Toast is a notable notification component designed for the React application, known for its simplicity and efficiency. With easy integration, developers can quickly implement this component to manage notifications effectively. React Local Toast offers a lightweight solution without compromising on essential features.

Additionally, its minimalist design, makes it a straightforward choice for projects with a desired lean yet functional notification system. This component enhances user experience by providing a hassle-free way to convey important messages or updates, contributing to the overall fluidity and engagement within React applications.


  • Local toasts are linked to particular components in DOM.
  • Toast can be displayed on the right/left/top/bottom side of the component.
  • Toast can be hidden after some timeout or hidden programmatically.
  • The component might have multiple toasts.
  • Multiple toasts stuck vertically (even if displayed on the left or right side).
  • info, success, warning, error, and loading toasts out of the box.
  • You can bring your own design. Or your own Toast component. Or your custom implementation of toasts.
  • WAI-ARIA support.
  • TypeScript!


  • Install via npm:
npm install react-notifications-component

Key factors and features to consider in a React notification component library:

When choosing a notification component library for your React project, consider following key aspects:

  • Integration: Ensure smooth integration with React applications.
  • Toast notifications: Determine the types and styles of toast notifications offered.
  • Customization: Ability to customize notification appearance and behavior.
  • Versatility: Support for various notification types (success, error, etc.).
  • Multiple notifications: The library should efficiently handle multiple notifications simultaneously.
  • Ease of Use: Straightforward implementation for developers.
  • State Management: Integration with state management tools like Redux.
  • Responsiveness: Adaptable to different screen sizes and devices.
  • Performance: Lightweight and efficient handling of notifications.
  • Compatibility: Consideration for compatibility with other React libraries.
  • Documentation: Clear and comprehensive documentation for easy adoption.
  • Community Support: Active community and ongoing development for support.
  • Styling Options: Flexibility in styling notifications to match the project’s design.
  • User Experience: Contribution to an enhanced overall user experience


In conclusion, the array of React notification components, including React Toastify, React Hot Toast, Sonner, Notistack, Reapop, and React Local Toast, showcase the diversity and richness of available tools for managing notifications in React applications.

Furthermore, each component brings its unique strengths, whether it’s simplicity, flexibility, or feature richness, catering to the varied needs of developers. Whether prioritizing lightweight solutions, extensive customization options, or seamless integration, these components collectively contribute to an ecosystem that empowers developers to create effective and user-friendly notification systems.

The choice among these components ultimately depends on specific project requirements, emphasizing the adaptability and robustness of React as a framework for building dynamic and engaging user interfaces.

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