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10+ Responsive FAQ page Templates

Free HTML Bootstrap FAQ Page template

Are you seeking a free responsive FAQ page template for your next project built on HTML Bootstrap? don’t worry we’ve got you covered 🙂

FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions, is one of the most used website components. Nowadays, you will find many businesses and websites aiming to provide quick and comprehensive answers to their users. As a result, having a responsive FAQ page with good user interface is very crucial.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best FAQ page templates designed to streamline your information delivery on your website and enhance your user experience.

Whether you’re r you’re a small business owner, a web developer, or simply looking to optimize your online presence, these templates offer practical solutions to your users.

So without wasting any time, let’s get started on our FAQ pages.

FAQ Page Template

Each template comes with code snippets and design inspiration, allowing you to easily customize and implement what best suits your needs.

Now, let’s dive into the captivating FAQ page templates without wasting any time!

Sneat FAQ Page Template

Sneat HTML FAQ Page Template

The Sneat Admin Dashboard Template offers a response FAQ page with multiple sets of features and components built on HTML Bootstrap. In addition, the Admin Dashboard has a very clean and modern UI with multiple tabs that you can switch. In case, you’re projects has FAQs in different categories then this functionality can be a great fit.

Furthermore, it uses accordion components built on Bootstrap 5 which are found to be very user-friendly. Apart from that, this FAQ page template is available in multiple front-end languages like NextJS and VueJS. In addition, you can check another version of the FAQ on the Landing page as well.

Materio FAQ Page Template

Materio HTML FAQ Page Template

The Materio Admin Dashboard Template provides a user-friendly FAQ page that comes with various features and components. The page has a modern and neat interface with multiple tabs that you can easily switch between. This functionality will be particularly useful if your project has FAQs sorted into different categories.

The FAQ page also utilizes accordion components built on Bootstrap 5, which developers have proven to be very user-friendly. Moreover, this FAQ page is available in multiple front-end languages, such as NextJS and VueJS. You can also check out another version of the FAQ on the Landing page.

FAQ by CodyHouse

Coddyhouse HTML FAQ Page Template

Codyhouse is one of the platforms that offers multiple components and features for websites and this is one of them. A Faq page template that includes a functional table of contents and accordion components.

It supports features like smooth scrolling and it is compatible with any CSS framework. Also, you can copy the HTML and JS code of this faq page using the Pro Feature. However, you can access the old version for free.

Bootstrap Free FAQ Page Template

Bootstrap Brain Free HTML FAQ Page Template

This is a Free Bootstrap FAQ page template that uses Accordion for better user interaction. It is built on the latest Bootstrap with a clean and user-friendly layout.

The template is W3C valid and SEO optimized available in HTML 5 and CSS 3. You can easily copy the code of this component on Bootstrapbrain and use it in your project.

GARO ESTATE – Free HTML5 Real Estate Template

Garo Estate HTML FAQ Page Template

The Garo Estate website template is responsive HTML that real estate agents and property owners can use. This template comes with lots of features and components among which it has a pre-built HTML FAQ page.

It uses an accordion component with a header that you can use it your existing websites by extracting the HTML code of that page.

Guidex – Online Documentation HTML Template

Guidex HTML FAQ Page Template

Gudex is a Documentation template that contains lots of components to easily make your product guide. The developers built it on the latest bootstrap technology with clean and structured code

Moreover, it is a pre-built online documentation kit that includes an introduction page, content page, installation, source file (demo), thank you page, knowledge base, FAQ page, and many other functional and responsive pages.

While working on the Bootstrap project it is worth using the Bootstrap Dashboard template to accelerate your web development.

For instance, check out Sneat Free Bootstrap Admin Template

12 FAQ Collapse

If you’re looking for a sleek and intuitive free FAQ page template for your next project then you must check out this resource. The above CodePen is designed for clarity and ease of use, enabling it to integrate with any web project and provide visitors with quick access to essential information.

It boasts a modern and minimalist design, ensuring a visually appealing experience for users with clean lines and subtle animations.

Accordion list

It appears to be a working process section of a website, but it’s actually an accordion component that you can customize for your FAQ use. Furthermore, it presents a series of accordion-style elements that offer a step-by-step guide for your users.

Apart from that, this HTML page is built with responsiveness in mind and adapts seamlessly to various screen sizes and devices.

QuickEat – React Restaurant Food Delivery NextJS Template

QuickEat React FAQ Page Template

Quickeat is a modern React NextJS Template for the Restaurant and Food Delivery industry. The template includes all the necessary designed pages for restaurants, cafes, food delivery, and many more.

There are 11+ pre-built pages available, and one of those pages has a beautifully designed FAQ section. Instead of using an accordion component, there is simple text available for FAQs that you can use in your project.

If you’re working on the NextJS project then you must check out this Open Source NextJS Admin Dashboard to elevate your next project.

Materio React Free Admin Template

Simple FAQ using HTML-CSS

This is a Free FAQ page template built using standard HTML and CSS with the accordion component. You can use the above Code pen in your project by simply using the code.

Apart from that, check out the ultimate collection of HTML CSS Admin Template


There you go! these are some of the best HTML FAQ pages!

Having a well-designed FAQ page is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity! This article has explored a variety of fantastic free and premium, responsive FAQ page templates built with HTML Bootstrap.

Whether you run a small business, develop websites, or simply want to improve your online presence, these templates offer solutions to streamline information delivery and enhance your user experience.

Explore the options we’ve provided and find the perfect FAQ page template to empower your website and answer your visitors’ burning questions with ease.

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