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Super 6 DotNET CLI To Use In 2024

dotnet cli tools

Looking for the best DotNET CLI Tool? Well, then stop searching can check out this .NET CLI Tools Collection. It is a comprehensive suite of utilities designed to enhance the development experience for .NET developers. This diverse collection includes a range of powerful tools such as CommandLineParser, CliWrap, and CommandLineUtils, each tailored to streamline specific aspects of command-line application development.

What Is The Use of cli in .NET?

In .NET, the Command-Line Interface (CLI) is a powerful tool for developers. It enables seamless interaction with .NET applications and libraries through the command line. Developers use the CLI to compile, run, and manage their .NET projects efficiently.

Besides, it also simplifies tasks like building projects, managing dependencies, and executing tests. The CLI enhances the development workflow by providing a convenient way to create, build, and deploy applications, making it an essential component for developers working with .NET technologies.

Advantages of CLI

Following are some of the advantages of CLI:

  • Efficient Project Management
  • Streamlined Compilation
  • Simplified Dependency Management
  • Seamless Test Execution
  • Convenient Application Deployment
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The Best DotNET CLI Tool:

The .NET CLI tool serves as a command-line interface for a wide range of tasks, providing a unified and efficient way to manage, build, test, and deploy .NET projects. Its flexibility and extensibility make it an essential tool for modern .NET development workflows.

Furthermore, the DotNET CLI tool offers a versatile set of capabilities that empower developers in various aspects of the software development life cycle. If you are a beginner with .NET then start with the essential .NET Developer skills before jumping straight to the using tools. You can also consider Dot NET projects for inspiration and learning.

Now, let’s check the best DotNET Cli tools:

TerminalGUI GitHub stars

DotNET Cli tool

Terminal.Gui is a powerful and user-friendly utility DotNET cli tool for developing console-based applications using the .NET framework. Besides, this tool offers a robust set of commands that simplify the process of creating, managing, and deploying console applications directly from the command line. Terminal. Furthermore, Terminal.Gui can be used with any .Net language to create feature-rich and robust applications.


  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Keyboard and Mouse Input
  • Flexible layout
  • Clipboard support
  • Arbitrary Views
  • Advanced App Features
  • Reactive Extensions


  • To install Terminal.Gui into a .NET Core project, use the dotnet CLI tool with this command.
dotnet add package Terminal.Gui
How can It help you?

Gui’s CLI tool integrates seamlessly with the framework, providing developers with efficient ways to build and interact with console-based user interfaces. Additionally, with features for console application development, this DotNET CLI tool enhances the overall experience for .NET developers working on projects that rely on text-based interfaces.

Spectre console GitHub stars

DotNET Cli tool

The .NET CLI tool from Spectre.Console is a remarkable DotNET Cli tool for developers engaged in console application development. Additionally, with a robust set of commands, it also simplifies the creation, management, and deployment of console-based applications using the .NET framework. Spectre.


  • Written with unit testing in mind.
  • Supports tables, grids, panels, and a rich inspired markup language.
  • Supports the most common SRG parameters when it comes to text styling such as bold, dim, italic, underline, strikethrough, and blinking text.
  • Supports 3/4/8/24-bit colors in the terminal.


  • The fastest way of getting started using Spectre.Console is to install the NuGet package.
dotnet add package Spectre.Console
How Can It Help You?

Console’s DotNET CLI tool stands out for its focus on enhancing the visual aspects of console applications, providing developers with tools to create rich and interactive user interfaces in a terminal environment. The integration with the .NET framework ensures a seamless and efficient development experience. Thus, it is an excellent choice for those working on projects that demand powerful console-based features.

Materio Asp.NET Core Admin Template (Razor Pages)

Materio Asp.NET Admin Template

Materio Asp.NET Core Admin Template (Razor Pages) โ€“ is the latest most developer-friendlyย  & highly customizable Admin Dashboard Template based on Asp.NET Core 8. Besides, the highest industry standards are considered to bring you the best ASP.NET Core Admin Template that is not just fast and easy to use, but highly scalable.

Furthermore, you can use this template to build any kind of web app without any hassle. Hence, you should not miss this one. In addition, incredibly versatile, the Materio .NET Core Admin Template also allows you to build any type of web app. For instance, you can create SaaS apps, E-commerce apps, CRM, Analytics apps, Banking apps, etc.

Additionally, you can use this one of the best innovative ASP NET Admin Dashboard Template to create eye-catching, high-quality, and high-performing Web Applications. Besides, your apps will be completely responsive, ensuring they look stunning and function flawlessly on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.


  • Based onย ASP.NET Cor 8 Razor Pages
  • UI Framework Bootstrap 5
  • Vertical, and horizontal layouts
  • Default, Bordered & Semi-dark themes
  • Light, Dark, and system mode support
  • Internationalization/i18n
  • 5 Dashboards: eCommerce, CRM, Logistics, Academy, Analytics
  • 10 Pre-Built Apps: eCommerce, Logistics, Academy, Kanban, Roles & Permission, etc
  • 15+ Front Pages: Landing, Invoice, Payment, Checkout, Auth, etc.
  • RTL Support & much more..!!

Also, available in Django Admin Template Version:

materio bootstrap django admin template

Commandline GitHub stars

DotNET Cli tool

The CommandLineParser is an invaluable DotNET Cli for developers engaged in command-line application development. With its comprehensive set of commands, it simplifies the creation, management, and deployment of command-line applications using the .NET framework.


  • Compatible with .NET Framework 4.0+, Mono 2.1+ Profile, .NET Standard, and .NET Core
  • One line parsing using default singleton: CommandLine.Parser.Default.ParseArguments(โ€ฆ) and three overload methods.
  • Automatic or one-line help screen generator: HelpText.AutoBuild(...).
  • Tested in Windows, Linux Ubuntu 18.04, and Mac OS.
  • Support default verb, HelpText localization, ordering of options, Asynchronous programming with async, Mutable, and Immutable types, etc.


  • Install via NuGet/Paket
dotnet add package CommandLineParser
How Can It Help You?

CommandLineParser excels in handling command-line arguments and options, providing developers with a streamlined way to build robust and user-friendly console applications. Additionally, it provides a seamless integration with the .NET framework ensuring a smooth development process. Thus, it is a top choice for projects that require precise and efficient handling of command-line inputs.

Cli Wrap GitHub stars

DotNET Cli Tool

The .NET CLI tool from CliWrap, hosted on GitHub at the specified link, is a versatile and efficient utility for interacting with command-line interfaces within .NET applications. CliWrap simplifies the process of executing external commands and handling their output, providing developers with a clean and intuitive API.


  • Airtight abstraction over System.Diagnostics.Process
  • Fluent configuration interface
  • Flexible support for piping
  • Fully asynchronous and cancellation-aware API
  • Graceful cancellation using interrupt signals
  • Designed with strict immutability in mind
  • Provides safety against typical deadlock scenarios
  • Tested on Windows, Linux, and macOS
  • Targets .NET Standard 2.0+, .NET Core 3.0+, .NET Framework 4.6.2+
  • No external dependencies


  • To install CliWrap in your .NET project, you can use the following command in your terminal or command prompt:
dotnet add package CliWrap
How Can It Help You?

Its lightweight design and seamless integration with the .NET framework make it a powerful tool for scenarios where command-line interactions are essential. With support for asynchronous operations and convenient error handling, CliWrap stands out as a valuable asset for developers seeking an elegant solution to incorporate command-line functionality into their .NET projects.

CommandLineUtils GitHub stars

DotNET Cli Tool

CommandLineUtils is a library that helps developers implement command-line applications in . NET. The primary goal of the library is to assist with parsing command line arguments and executing the correct commands related to those arguments. The Dot NET library also provides various other utilities such as input helpers.

Furthermore, it is a versatile and feature-rich command-line parsing library for .NET applications. Besides, it simplifies the process of building command-line interfaces in .NET, offering developers a set of tools to handle command-line arguments, options, and commands with ease.


  • Efficient command-line argument parsing
  • Comprehensive support for handling options and switches
  • Ability to define and manage commands
  • Simplified validation and error handling
  • Seamless integration with the .NET framework
  • Customizable and extensible for diverse project needs
  • Streamlined development of user-friendly command-line interfaces


  • Run the following code to install the library:
$ dotnet add package McMaster.Extensions.CommandLineUtils
How Can It Help You?

CommandLineUtils is known for its simplicity, flexibility, and seamless integration with the .NET framework, making it a popular choice for projects that require efficient and user-friendly command-line interfaces. It provides a comprehensive solution for parsing and handling command-line inputs, enhancing the development experience for console applications in the .NET ecosystem.

CliFx GitHub stars

DotNET Cli Tool

Clifx is a powerful command-line interface (CLI) framework for .NET applications. Designed by Tyrrrz, it facilitates the creation and management of command-line interfaces with a focus on simplicity and extensibility.


  • Complete application framework, not just an argument parser
  • Minimum dot net boilerplate and easy to get started
  • Class-first configuration via attributes
  • Comprehensive auto-generated help text
  • Support for deeply nested command hierarchies
  • Graceful cancellation via interrupt signals


  • Install Nuget package:
dotnet add package CliFx
How Can It Help You?

Clifx simplifies command-line argument parsing, handling, and validation, offering developers a clean and efficient way to build feature-rich console applications. Besides, its seamless integration with the .NET framework, along with support for customization, makes Clifx a valuable tool for projects requiring robust and user-friendly CLI interactions.


In conclusion, the .NET CLI Tools Collection stands as a valuable resource for developers seeking efficiency and flexibility in command-line application development within the .NET ecosystem. This curated suite, comprising tools like CommandLineParser, CliWrap, and CommandLineUtils, collectively addresses key challenges by offering streamlined solutions for argument parsing, external command interactions, and more.

With a focus on simplicity and seamless integration, this collection empowers developers to build robust and user-friendly command-line interfaces, enhancing the overall development experience in the diverse landscape of .NET applications. In summary, the synergy of these CLI tools provides a well-rounded toolkit for developers, fostering a more efficient and enjoyable development process.

We hope you like this collection and find it helpful.

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