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20+ Django Project Ideas: Examples with Source Code 2024

django project ideas

Looking for the best Django Project Ideas? Well, here in this comprehensive article you will get to know about some of the cool & inspiring Django Projects with source code. In this article, we will explore Django projects for beginners, intermediate projects & advanced-level projects.

Django Project Ideas

It’s a great experience to learn Python and Django. However, theoretical knowledge alone is insufficient. It is critical to apply your theoretical understanding to specific real-world use aces, for which building Django projects is an absolutely essential activity.

Besides, working on real-world projects is the most effective approach to learning Django or any other framework. Additionally, projects are also necessary for us to learn more efficiently, and building Django projects will give you real-world experience and equip you for the job market.

Furthermore, Django is a flexible framework for developing project ideas, especially web apps. Even though beginners might be challenged, As a result, we’ve compiled a list of Django project ideas ranging from beginner to intermediate. Try out these project ideas to put your talents to the test.

Can Django be used for big projects?

Django can be used for big projects. It is a powerful web framework that follows the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern and provides robust features for scalability, security, and performance. Besides, Django has been successfully used to build large-scale applications, including popular websites and web services, making it a suitable choice for big projects.

Which famous website uses Django?

Instagram, Pinterest, Mozilla, Spotify, Eventbrite, and National Geographic are some of the big sites that are using Django.

How To Set Up Django Development Environment:

Before you start the Django project ideas list, first understand how to set up the Django development environment.

1. Install Python

2. Set up a virtual environment to manage dependencies separately for each project and avoid conflicts

  • Install package:
python -m pip install virtualenv
  • Create a virtual environment:
For windows: python -m virtualenv venv
For macOS/Linux: python3 -m virtualenv venv
  • Activate the virtual environment:
For Windows: .\venv\Scripts\activate
For macOS/Linux: source venv/bin/activate

3. Install Django using pip:

pip install django

4. Start the project: <strong>django-admin startproject myproject</strong>

5. Run the development server

cd myproject
python runserver

Django Projects Ideas With Source Code Example – For Beginners:

This section of Django projects for beginners is for those who have just started with Django. These Django project ideas will get you started and provide you with the tools you’ll need to succeed in your career.

As you embark on these Django projects, keep in mind the core principles of software development, such as modular code organization, code reusability, and documentation. Besides, these projects will not only equip you with essential Django skills but also boost your confidence as you create functional applications.

Also, make sure you have Cross-Browser testing tools to make sure your project works well. In addition, if you’re looking for Django project ideas for next year, this list should help. To speed up your workflow, you can also consider using the AI Coding Assistant.

Now, without further delay, let’s get started on some Django project ideas for beginners to help you build your foundation and climb the ladder.

Django Blog Platform

The first one in the list of Django Project Ideas Example For Beginners is a blog platform. It is one of the ideal Django projects for beginners. Additionally, it will help beginners learn how CRUD operations and user authentication work with Django. Besides, this project provides a practical introduction to Django’s architecture. Thus, get started with it.

Features and Functionalities you can add:

  • User registration/login
  • Password management
  • Profile management
  • Comment function
  • Rating function

Django Project Example With Source Code:

Registration and login system

Django Project Ideas

A registration and login system is a basic yet essential component for most web applications. Therefore, building such a beginner project with Django helps you learn user authentication, user model implementation, password hashing, form validation, and session management.

This Django project idea can be useful as a reusable template for future applications. Thus. offering a practical foundation in account management.

Django Project Example With Source Code:

Sneat Bootstrap 5 Django Admin Template

Sneat Django Admin Template

Sneat Bootstrap 5 Django Admin Template – is the latest Django 5 Admin Template. It is the most developer-friendly & highly customizable Django dashboard. Besides, the highest industry standards are considered to bring you the best Django admin dashboard template that is not just fast and easy to use, but highly scalable.

In addition, it is incredibly versatile and very suitable for your project. Besides, this bootstrap-based Django admin Template also allows you to build any type of web app with ease. For instance, you can create: SaaS platforms, Project management apps, E-commerce backends, CRM systems, Analytics apps, Banking apps, etc.

Furthermore, you can also use this innovative admin panel template to create eye-catching, high-quality, and high-performing Web Applications. Besides, your apps will be completely responsive, ensuring they look stunning and function flawlessly on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.


  • Built with Django 5
  • Using CSS Framework Bootstrap 5.3.2
  • Docker for Faster Development
  • Vertical and Horizontal layouts
  • Default, Bordered & Semi-dark themes
  • Light, Dark, and System mode support
  • Internationalization/i18n & RTL Ready
  • Python-Dotenv: Environment variables
  • Theme Config: Customize our template without a sweat
  • 5 Dashboard
  • 10 Pre-Built Apps
  • 15+ Front Pages and many more.

You can consider using this admin template for Django CMS for your CMS projects as well.

Also, check the Materio Bootstrap Admin Template.

Materio Bootstrap HTML Admin Template

Calculator Application

Django Project Ideas

The next one on the list of Django projects for beginners is the calculator. Well, creating a calculator application is the easiest way to practice Django’s core features, such as URL routing, views, and templates. You’ll learn how to handle user input, perform calculations, and display the results dynamically.

As you progress, you can also enhance your calculator with additional functionalities like scientific operations or unit conversions, pushing your skills further.

Possible Functionalities & Features You Can Add:

  • Basic Arithmetic Operations
  • Advanced mathematic functions
  • User input validation
  • Unit conversion

Django Project Example With Source Code:

Following are some of the example Django Projects with Source Code which you can consider for inspiration.

Use Case:

  • This project not only familiarizes you with Django’s basic capabilities but also provides an opportunity to explore front-end technologies such as JavaScript and AJAX for a more dynamic user experience.
  • It’s a manageable project that can be gradually expanded with more features as you become more comfortable with Django.

If you need in-depth guide, please refer the article: Building Calculator App With Django

Text to HTML converter

Django projects for beginners

A text-to-HTML converter is an ideal Django project for beginners that deals with handling user inputs, processing data, and rendering outputs. This Django project idea for beginners involves creating a simple web application where users can enter plain text and convert it into formatted HTML.

In Django, such a converter can be implemented as a part of a form where users submit text, or directly within the view logic where text processing occurs.

Functionalities & Features you can incorporate:

  • Automatic HTML Tag Insertion
  • Markdown support
  • Security features
  • Customizability

Django Projects for Beginners With Source Code:

Use Case:

  • This project will also help you understand how to sanitize user input, apply to style, and utilize Django’s template filters to enhance the rendering of the converted text.
  • It can be particularly useful for content management systems, blogs, or any web applications where user-generated text needs to be dynamically converted into well-formed HTML for display on web pages.

To-do List

To Do List

A To-Do List application is an excellent Django project idea for beginners to grasp the basics of Django by creating a functional tool. You can develop such a To-Do App where users are enabled to add, complete, edit, and delete tasks, incorporating user input handling, data storage, and dynamic UI updates.

Possible Functionalities and Features:

  • User authentication
  • Task categorization
  • Task prioritization
  • Due dates
  • Search functionalities

Django Example Projects with Source Code:

Use Case:

  • This project serves as a great introduction to Django’s fundamental concepts such as models, views, templates, and forms.
  • It also introduces beginners to more advanced concepts like user authentication and handling static and media files.
  • This practical application can be a stepping stone to more complex web applications.

Calorie tracker

Django projects ideas for beginners

Health and fitness applications are getting popular day by day. So, building a Calorie tracker using Django is a must-try Django project idea for beginners. With this Django project, you will learn data management, creating models to represent food items, tracking user consumption, and calculating calorie totals.

Possible Features & Functionalities You Can Consider:

  • Goals
  • User account
  • Food database
  • Calorie logging
  • Nutrition goals
  • Meal planner
  • Charts & graphs to show daily growth

Django Project Idea Example With Source Code

Use Case:

  • This project offers a robust platform for learning Django while providing a real-world application that users could find genuinely useful.
  • It covers a range of fundamental web development concepts and introduces more complex features as the developer becomes more comfortable with Django.

Email sender

Django projects ideas

This Django project aims to teach the integration of email functionalities into applications. You will learn to use Django’s email libraries, configure SMTP settings, and design forms for user input. Besides, it allows you to send emails programmatically and also helps you with building a web interface for direct user interaction.

This Django project idea will provide practical experience with Django’s form validation and communication handling.

Possible Functions & Features That You Can Consider:

  • Email sending functionality
  • Attachment feature
  • Email templates

Django project with source code for inspiration:

Use Cases:

  • This project not only helps in understanding Django’s utilities for sending emails but also provides foundational knowledge in web development, such as handling POST requests, managing user sessions, and interfacing with external APIs.
  • It’s a manageable yet rewarding project that offers tangible results that can be expanded into more complex applications.

Personal Portfolio:

A Personal Portfolio website is an excellent project for beginner Django developers to showcase their skills, projects, and professional journey. By building this site, developers can practice and demonstrate their ability to work with Django’s architecture, including its templating engine, ORM for database interactions, and form handling.

Possible Features Which You Can Add:

  • Home page
  • Project section
  • Resume Display
  • Contact form
  • Testimonials

Django Project Example with Source-Code

Use Case:

  • This project covers fundamental aspects like handling static files for images and resumes, managing databases for storing project details, and processing form data.
  • Building a personal portfolio site helps beginners understand the full cycle of web development from backend setup to frontend presentation and functionality.

Django PageDown

Django projects for beginners

The Django PageDown project is an ideal starter project for beginners who want to integrate a Markdown editor into a Django-based app. This setup requires embedding the PageDown editor, which enables users to compose content using Markdown.

The main objective of this Django project is to improve the user experience through a simple & powerful editor for writing blog posts, comments, or any content that benefits from rich text formatting. Additionally, this project is also the best way to understand both front-end and back-end development in Django.

Possible Features & Functionalities to add:

  • Live previews
  • Markdown
  • post management


Use Case:

  • This project is an excellent opportunity for beginners to dive deeper into Django’s capabilities concerning handling static files, integrating third-party JavaScript libraries
  • It also introduces backend-frontend integration in web development, providing a solid foundation for more complex projects.

Also, check the best Python Debuggers to boost your workflow.

sneat bootstrap 5 Admin Template

Intermediate Django Project Ideas:

As you gain confidence in your Django skills and move beyond the beginner stage, it’s time to tackle more complex projects that will challenge your abilities and broaden your understanding of web development.

In this section, we will explore a selection of intermediate Django project ideas that will allow you to delve deeper into the framework’s capabilities.

Let’s get started!

Chat application

Django Projects for beginners

Building a Chat Application with Django is a valuable intermediate project idea that aims to improve real-time communication functionality using Django Channels for WebSockets.

This project will help you learn to handle real-time, bidirectional communication, user authentication, and message history management.

Possible Features & Functions You Can Add To It:

  • User authentication
  • Real-time message function
  • Group chat function
  • Notification
  • File sharing

Django Project With Source Code:

Use Case:

  • This project introduces the complexities of handling real-time data and provides extensive backend and front-end learning opportunities.
  • It can also be expanded with more advanced features such as video calls, voice messages, or integrating AI for automated responses.

Django Social Media App:

Developing a Django Social media app is indeed one of the best Django project ideas as you go to the intermediate level. Besides, you can cover a wide range of functionalities. Additionally, this will help you improve your skills in building complex web apps.

Additionally, you can also develop a social media app where users can create accounts, post content, interact with each other, and connect with each other like Facebook & Instagram.

Features & Functionality You Can Consider for the Project

  • User profile
  • Publishing posts and Media
  • Like, comment, share function
  • Send/accept friend request
  • Notification

Django Project Example With Source Code:

Use Case:

  • This project will improve your foundational skills in Django.
  • Also, it will help you with advanced concepts such as handling real-time data, complex database relationships, and scalability concerns.
  • You can integrate third-party services for additional functionalities like push notifications or advanced media processing.

Music player application

Django Projects for beginners

Building a music player application will enable you to work with multimedia files and explore Django’s capabilities beyond traditional web development. Also, it will not only strengthen your basic Django functionalities but also help you learn to handle media files, create APIs, and manage user-specific data.

Features & Functionalities To Add:

  • Music library management
  • Music player interface
  • Streaming functions
  • API development

Django projects with source code

Use Case:

  • It’s a challenging yet rewarding project that can be expanded in numerous ways, including adding features like lyrics display, concert notifications based on the user’s music taste, or integration with hardware devices.

Weather Prediction Application

Django Projects for beginners

Another Django project idea for an intermediate developer. You can combine the robust backend capabilities of Django with the dynamic nature of external weather APIs. Additionally, this project allows you to dive deep into real-time data processing by fetching and displaying weather conditions based on user input, such as location searches.

Additionally, while developing this project, you will also learn JSON data handling, API integration, and the crafting of interactive, data-driven user interfaces.

Features & Functionalities you can add:

  • Real-time weather updates
  • Location-based search
  • Weather forecasting
  • Alerts
  • Notification
  • User

Django project with source code:

Use Case:

  • This project helps you improve your skills in Django.
  • Also, it helps you learn external APIs, handle asynchronous requests, and present data in various graphical formats.

You can cosider the tutorial on How to build a weather app in Django to learn in-depth.

Resume Builder

Django Projects for beginners

The Resume Builder is an intermediate Django project that allows a user to create, edit, and download professional résumés. Besides, the project could also made using Django Formsets and libraries like ReportLab for the production of professional PDF resumes.

Features & Functionalities To Add:

  • Form-Based Inputs
  • Drag & Drop feature
  • PDF Generation
  • Tips & suggestions

Django project with source code for inspiration.

Use Case:

  • This type of project allows developers to explore complex form handling, user sessions, and dynamic content generation in Django, making it ideal for learning advanced web development concepts.

Quiz Application

Django projects for beginners

This is a unique & intermediate Django project idea. This will help sharpen your skills in building dynamic, database-driven web apps. Additionally, you can use your coding skills creatively. By utilizing Django’s models and relationships, you’ll learn how to design a database schema, store quiz questions, and answers, and calculate and display scores.

Additionally, you will also understand Django’s capabilities, including session management, complex database queries, and the integration of front-end technologies for a responsive and interactive design.

Features & functions you can add:

  • Dynamic quiz creation
  • Quiz taking interface
  • Scoring
  • Leaderboard & Statistics
  • Time limit

Django project with source code

Use Case:

  • This project not only boosts the developer’s portfolio but also serves as a practical tool for educational institutions and training programs looking to assess and improve learner outcomes.
  • It’s an engaging way to dive deeper into Django’s capabilities while creating a functional tool that has real-world applications in education and training.


Django projects for beginners

This is a challenging yet rewarding Django project idea suitable for intermediate developers who want to sharpen their skills in complex system integrations and database management. Building a College ERP system in Django will require a solid understanding of database design to handle complex functions and queries efficiently.

Here, you’ll work with multiple models, implement user roles and permissions, and design intuitive user interfaces to handle various administrative tasks.

Possible features & functions:

  • Student data system
  • Faculty management
  • Course management
  • Examination section

Django projects with source code

With each project, you’ll gain valuable experience and strengthen your Django expertise. Enjoy the journey of building advanced web applications and continue to explore the limitless possibilities that Django offers.

Advanced Level Django Project Ideas:

As you master the core concepts and techniques of Django, it’s time to embark on advanced projects that will truly showcase your skills as a web developer. These projects will challenge you to think creatively, work with complex functionalities, and demonstrate your ability to build sophisticated web applications.

In this section, we will explore a selection of advanced Django project ideas that will take your expertise to the next level. Let’s dive in!

Django eCommerce

Django Project Ideas

Building an eCommerce site from scratch with Django requires some complex features such as user authentication, product management, shopping carts, and safe payment processing. Additionally, this project will teach you about data security, user privacy, complex API integrations, third-party services, and Django’s own features.

Possible Features & Functions to add:

  • Product management
  • User management
  • Shopping cart
  • Payment & checkout
  • Order Summary
  • Analytics

Django projects with source code

Use Cases

  • The complexity of eCommerce systems helps developers with performance optimization techniques and advanced security measures.
  • This project improves a developer’s technical skills as well as provides invaluable insights into building scalable and secure web applications that meet modern business needs.

Django Video/Audio Calling App

Video/Audio Calling App is an advanced-level Django project idea that uses real-time communication technologies. Additionally, you can blend Django’s robust backend capabilities with front-end frameworks and external libraries for multimedia handling.

Furthermore, you can also improve your skills with Django in web-based communication tools. Also, it will offer practical experience in streaming media and handling concurrent sessions.

Features & functionality that you can add:

  • Text chat during calls
  • Screen sharing
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Real-time video conference

Django Project example with Source Code

Use Case:

  • This project requires a strong knowledge of Django’s backend operations. It will also require integration with modern HTML5 APIs.
  • You can use third-party libraries to handle the complexities of real-time communications.

News Aggregator

Django Project Ideas

This project will allow you to work with external APIs, data parsing, and information aggregation. Besides, you can create a News Aggregator web app that collects news articles from various sources and presents them to users in an organized manner.

Additionally, you will also need to integrate APIs like News API or RSS feeds, parsing XML or JSON data. You can also implement search and filtering functions, and offer personalized news recommendations.

Features and functionalities to add:\

  • News source integration
  • Personalized user account
  • Dynamic content curation
  • Analytical dashboard
  • Social sharing functions

Django Project example with Source Code:

Use Case:

  • Building a News Aggregator in Django offers a rich development experience, from backend API consumption and data handling to frontend user interface design and interactivity.
  • This project boosts a developer’s technical prowess and provides insight into content management and personalized user experiences.

Location-Based Web App

Django Project Ideas

A location-based web application with Django that includes geolocation data could provide content access customized by physical location. Indeed, it fits well for services like local news, weather, or recommendations for restaurants. Additionally, this will include using geolocation APIs and managing spatial data through Django’s geographic framework extensions, such as GeoDjango.

Possible functions & features:

  • Geolocation detection
  • Interactive map integration
  • Check-ins & out
  • Localized search
  • Notification

Django Project Examples with Source Code:

Use Case:

  • Building a Location-based web app in Django is technically demanding as it involves managing real-time data, ensuring accurate location services, and providing a responsive and intuitive user interface.

You can consider the article on Developing location based web app with Django.

Open Source Job Portal

Django Project Ideas

Developing an open-source job portal is indeed an advanced Django project idea. Also, it will allow you to contribute to the developer community while expanding your skills in building complex web apps using Django. Besides, you can create a platform where job seekers can create profiles, search for job opportunities, and apply for positions.

Features & functionalities to add:

  • Job listing management
  • Resume profile builder
  • Search & filter
  • App management

Django Project Example with Source Code:

Use Case:

  • Creating an open-source job portal in Django provides a real-world application that combines complex backend logic with a user-friendly interface.
  • With this project, you will learn to integrate database models, user authentication, form processing, and perhaps even integrate with external APIs for additional functionalities.

As you undertake these advanced Django projects, be prepared to dive deep into the intricacies of web development. Embrace best practices in software engineering, such as code optimization, scalability, and security. Leverage Django’s advanced features, such as caching, middleware, and asynchronous tasks, to optimize performance and enhance user experience.

Remember to document your code, write comprehensive tests, and follow software development principles to ensure your projects are robust and maintainable. Tap into the Django community for guidance, share your work, and seek feedback to grow as a developer.


In conclusion, Django offers a vast range of project ideas for developers at various skill levels. Some of the projects are beginner-friendly; for instance, a registration system can help you grasp the basics of Django, while others fall under the intermediate category, such as a chat application or a resume builder. The advanced ones are those created for e-commerce apps, video/audio calling apps, etc., where real-time communication is done and also while working on the APIs

Additionally, regardless of any project, Django is flexible enough to let you utilize your interests and good enough to improve your skills. Therefore, follow best practices, keep a modular codebase, and prioritize user experience, security, and scalability. Make the most of Django’s best-in-class documentation and the large community of developers.

Besides, Django projects won’t just develop you technically but also provide you with a very strong portfolio for your employers or clients. So embrace the journey, challenge yourself, and deliver very powerful, innovative web applications.

Happy coding, and may your Django projects be a testament to your skills and creativity!

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