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7 Useful Django Cheat Sheets

Useful Django Cheat sheets

Looking for some of the best Django cheat sheets to boost your efficiency and effectiveness in building Django applications? Then you’ve got the correct article that contains the curated list of the best Django cheatsheets out there.

Django is like a super helpful toolbox for building websites with Python.

It’s famous for being easy to use, flexible, and able to handle big projects without breaking a sweat. But sometimes, when you’re working with Django, you come across lots of different commands and settings. It’s like trying to find your way through a big maze!

That’s where cheat sheets come in. They’re like magic maps that show you the fastest routes through the maze of Django.

Importance of Cheatsheets in Django Development

importance of cheat sheets in Django Development

Cheat sheets serve as an important tool for developers at every stage of their development journey for any framework. Talking about Django, its extensive ecosystem encompassing models, views, forms, templates, and more, developers often need quick access to syntax, commands, and configurations.

Hence, Cheat sheets on the other hand provide a consolidated reference point, saving valuable time by eliminating the need to scour through lengthy documentation.

Apart from that, it also enables developers to complete their tasks with greater speed and accuracy. In addition, it becomes a learning aid for beginners providing a structured overview of Django’s core components, helping newcomers grasp fundamental concepts and syntax more effectively.

Advantages of using Cheat Sheets

  • Gives quick Refrences
  • Boost your efficiency
  • Maintain consistency of your code.
  • Let you follow best practices
  • Enhances productivity and many more.

Django Cheat Sheets

If you’re a begginer learning Django then check out these best Django Courses for beginners to explore Django in-depth.

Now, without wasting any time let’s directly dive into Django Cheatsheets.

OGR: Django Cheat Sheet

django Cheatsheet by cheatography

This Django cheat sheet is based on the “Create your first app” section of Django’s documentation. It covers various fundamental aspects of Django development, including setting up the environment, project creation, database setup, creating apps, models, and views, and deploying to Heroku.

Furthermore, it provides a broad overview suitable for beginners and as a quick reference for more experienced developers. In addition, it covers the basics and fundamental concepts of Django that generally remain consistent in the community.

In case, you’re a beginner and working on Django projects then you must try your hands on this open-source Django Admin Template.

Sneat Dashboard Free – Django 5

Sneat Free Django Admin Template

Sneat Free Bootstrap 5 Django Admin Template – is the latest Django 5 Admin Template. It is the most developer-friendly & highly customizable Django dashboard. Besides, the highest industry standards are considered to bring you the best and Free Django admin dashboard template that is not just fast and easy to use, but highly scalable.

In addition, it is incredibly versatile and very suitable for your project. Besides, this bootstrap-based Django admin Template Free also allows you to build any type of web app with ease. For instance, you can create: SaaS platforms, Project management apps, E-commerce backends, CRM systems, Analytics apps, Banking apps, etc.

Furthermore, you can also use this innovative Free admin dashboard to create eye-catching, high-quality, and high-performing Web Applications. Besides, your apps will be completely responsive, ensuring they look stunning and function flawlessly on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.


  • Built with Django 5
  • Using CSS Framework Bootstrap 5.3.2
  • 1 Dashboard
  • Basic cards
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Organized Folder Structure
  • Clean & Commented Code
  • Well Documented

Django Cheat Sheet by Code with Harry

Django Cheatsheet by Code with harry

The Django cheat sheet provided by CodeWithHarry is a comprehensive reference guide for developers working with the Django web framework. Django is a high-level Python web framework that enables the rapid development of secure and scalable web applications.

This cheat sheet covers essential Django concepts, commands, and best practices, making it a handy resource for both beginners and experienced developers. It includes key topics such as project structure, model definition, URL routing, views, templates, forms, authentication, and database interactions.

Django Cheat sheet by Julia Wu

Django Cheatsheet by Julia Wu

This cheatsheet serves as a valuable aid for both novices and seasoned developers, covering fundamental Django concepts, commands, and best practices.

Topics include project setup, running the server, migrations, URL routing, DRF installation, data models, Django Admin, and many more. This cheatsheet has been compiled by the author while building an experimental app.

Lucrae/Django Cheat sheet

Django Cheatsheet Github

This Django cheatsheet serves as a concise and comprehensive resource for developers building their web app on the Django framework. It follows Django v2.0 but as there are no step-up changes it can still be useful for the the ongoing Django version.

Furthermore, the cheatsheet offers practical examples for creating, querying, and manipulating model instances, facilitating efficient database operations, and many more. It also explores Django’s built-in admin interface, empowering developers to effortlessly manage site content and user authentication.

While working with Django its worth checking our Materio Django Admin Dashboard Template to create responsive web apps.

materio bootstrap django admin template

Advanced Django Cheat Sheet

Advanced Django Cheatsheet

This advanced cheat sheet is one the useful guides for developers looking to build Django web applications. It focuses on environment preparation, including setting up a virtual environment and managing dependencies.

Furthermore, the cheat sheet provides step-by-step instructions for creating a Django project, establishing the foundational structure necessary for development. In addition, it covers views, routing, and middleware, essential components for defining application behavior and handling HTTP requests.

Saeid Javadi: Django Cheat Sheet

Django Cheatsheet devto

If you’re looking for a concise guide for Django web development then this cheatsheet is for you. It covers project initialization, data modeling, and admin panel setup. Additionally, it explores routing, views (both function-based and class-based), and template rendering with custom tags and filters.

The cheat sheet includes instructions on form creation, flash messages, and authentication configuration, including custom user models. This resource equips developers with essential knowledge for building robust Django web applications easily.

Beginner’s Python Cheat Sheet – Django

Begginers Python Cheatsheet - Django

You will find many cheat sheets in PDF format and this might be one of them that is worth checking. The cheatsheet contains 4 pages covering important points like installing projects, working with models, building a sample home page, user accounts, authentication, and many more.

If you’re new to Python and exploring Django then check out these best Django starter projects to accelerate your web development journey.


There you go! these are some of the best Django cheat sheets that will help you elevate your knowledge in the Django framework. We’ve tried covering cheatsheets that will be useful for beginner as well as experience-level developers.

Think of these cheat sheets as your personal Django cheat codes. They’ll give you a quick overview of all the important parts of your Django coding like commands, tricks, and how to do things the right way.

It will not only save you time but will help you build cool stuff faster. If you enjoy using this curated collection of Django cheat sheets, please share it with your friends and colleagues.

Happy Coding Cheers!

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