20+ Best Free Admin Template For Web Applications 2021

If you are looking for Free Admin Template for Web Applications, here is the collection of some of the best admin templates available online.

Free Admin Template for Web Applications

Admin templates play a crucial role in the current scenario, for any business. Besides, it is necessary to establish and maintain a successful web presence, and for that, you are going to need the perfect admin template.

Well, mobile-first web design and responsiveness are primary needs for any template, as it makes your web app very user-friendly.  And we have taken care of that you get the best and appropriate admin template for your next project.

Advantages of using Admin templates:

  • You don’t need to start from scratch
  • Helps to build awesome web applications
  • Saves your time
  • Ready to use components
  • Gives an appealing look

Besides, these templates have a variety of useful and essential components, tools, and patterns for your web applications.

Here you will find some amazing Free Bootstrap Admin Templates as well as Angular admin template free, React redux admin template free, and many others that you can use for any type of product, web applications, or site.

All of these below-mentioned free admin templates for web applications contain at least one pre-built dashboard homepage template that can be easily customized and used as the foundation for your own project. You can opt from the selection of components, elements, and cards available in the template packs while creating your custom admin dashboard.

You can also check the collection of Free Multipurpose Website Templates.

Now, let’s have a look at the best  free admin template for web applications:🔥

Chameleon Lite – Bootstrap Admin Template (Best One)🔥

Chameleon Admin Lite is a Free Admin template for web applications. Besides it is a Modern Bootstrap 4 Web App & Admin Dashboard Html Template. Also, this template comes with elegant design, clean and organized code. Besides, Chameleon free bootstrap admin template can be used for any type of web application for example Project Management, eCommerce back ends, Analytics, Fitness, CRM, or any custom admin panels. It comes with 2 niche dashboards.

Furthermore, the Chameleon admin template is powered with HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 4, SASS, Gulp. Responsive design which looks great on Desktops, Tablets, and Mobile Devices. Also, this template comes with starter kit which will help developers to get started quickly. For premium features, you can check Chameleon Pro.


Vyexy– Admin Dashboard Template is the advanced among the all bootstrap admin template. Besides, this template is highly responsive, clean and well structured.  Also, Vuexy bootstrap admin template is laced with Vuejs, HTML (bootstrap 4), PHP (laravel 7) and React (reactstrap). This graphically enriched bootstrap template is highly recommended by the developers over the world for its user-friendly experience and speed. It is the most developer-friendly Vuejs+HTML dashboard.Which includes 100+cards, 50+ Components and many more.

Furthermore, Vuexy is an RTL ready and comes with many amazing invaluable features, which make sure developers have the best experience. We’ve also equipped the Vuexy admin template with highly distinctive and useful tools such as fuzzy search, bookmarks, floating nav bar, dark and semi-dark layout options, advance cards, and charts.

You can use  Vuexy for any kind of web application like Project management apps, eCommerce backends, CRM systems, Analytics apps, Banking apps, Education apps, Fitness apps & many more.


  • Technology: Vuejs, HTML, Vue + Laravel and HTML + Laravel
  • Frameworks: Vuesax 3.11 (Vue 2.6.10), Bootstrap 4 (HTML), Laravel 7 (PHP)
  • Design: Minimal and Clean
  • Compatible Browsers: Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge
  • Applications: ToDo, Email, Chat, Calendar, Data-list, and E-commerce
  • Dashboard: Analytics and E-commerce
  • Grid: Vuesax and Tailwind
  • Charts: Apex charts, Chartjs, and e charts
  • agGrid Table
  • Multi-Language Support
  • RTL Supported
  • 6 different demos light, semi-dark & dark versions
  • Includes 50+ components, 100+ pages, 100+ Cards & extra features
  • It comes with a free Starter kit
Apex – Angular 9+ & Bootstrap Admin Template  (Premium)

Apex – is a super flexible, powerful, clean, modern & responsive admin template. It is based on Angular 9+ and bootstrap 4 stable with unlimited possibilities. Besides, The Angular CLI makes it easy to maintain this application that already works, right out of the box.

Furthermore, it includes 7 solid & 7 gradient menu color options and 3 different sizes with organized folder structure, clean & commented code, 50+ charts, 100+ pages, 500+ components, 100+ advance cards (widgets) and many more. Also, the code is super easy to understand and it comes with a starter kit which will help developers to get started quickly. The template is fully responsive and clean on every device and on every modern browser.

You can use Apex for any kind of web application like Project management apps, eCommerce backends, CRM systems, Analytics apps, Banking apps, Education apps, Fitness apps & many more.

Apex Angular Admin template comes with following eye-catching features:

  • Horizontal Menu
  • Apex charts
  • Quick Search
  • Use Management
  • 3 different menu sizes
  • 7 gradient / solid menu colors
  • 25+ ready to use components
  • 6 Form Layouts & Many more…
Materialize – Material Design Admin Template (Premium)
Materialize is the #1 selling material design admin template. Besides, it comes with Google Material Design Inspired UI with gradient colors, responsive design, and amazing support are the reasons for our customers to fall in love, making it the most trusted and complete Material Design Admin Template on the market.
Materialize is a multipurpose admin template and it is useful for any kind of web application like Project management apps, eCommerce backends, CRM systems, Analytics apps, Banking apps, Education apps, Fitness apps & many more.
  • Technology: HTML and PHP
  • Frameworks: Materialize CSS 1 (HTML), Laravel 7+ (PHP)
  • Design: Material Design
  • Compatible Browsers: IE 9, IE 10, IE 11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome.
  • Applications: Chat, Email, To Do, Kanban, App full Calendar, Invoice, File Manager, Contacts, and E-commerce
  • Dashboard: Modern, Analytics and E-commerce
  • Icons: Material Design Icons
  • RTL Supported
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Vertical and Horizontal Menu
  • 5 menu style variations
  • 100+ HTML pages, 300+ components, etc.
  • Charts: Chartjs, Chartist, and Spark-line Charts
  • It comes with a free Starter kit
Frest – HTML & Laravel Bootstrap Admin Template (Premium)

Frest Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template is designed clean and minimal and elegantly crafted with Animated Icons. It is RTL ready template.

Frest comes with 6 different demos and both Light & Dark layout. Besides, you will get various useful Applications like ToDo, Chat, Email, Calendar, App Kanban, App Invoice and File Manager, and many other Rich Features. Also, this bootstrap admin template also includes 50+ components, 100+ pages, and 100+ Cards. Furthermore, frest is compatible with browsers like Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge. Also, this admin template is useful for any kind of web application like CRM, E-commerce backend, Banking, Education, Analytics apps, Fitness apps, and more.

Frest – HTML & Laravel Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template includes:

  • Multilingual
  • Impressive Layouts
  • 50+ Widgets
  • RTL support
  • 7 Workable applications and many more.
Modern Admin – Clean Bootstrap 4 Template 

Modern admin is a clean bootstrap 4 dashboard template. It includes 7 pre-built templates & 6 niche category admin templates with Modern and Material design, organised folder structure, clean & commented code, 7+ unique menu styles, 6+ admin panels, 200+ cards, 300+ HTML pages and 15+ layout variations, 100+ charts, and many more. Also, Modern admin provides RTL support. Powered with HTML 5, SASS, GULP, Pug & with Bootstrap 4 Stable version. Furthermore, it comes with starter kit which will help developers to get started quickly. Besides, Modern Admin – Clean Bootstrap 4 Dashboard HTML Template + Bitcoin Dashboard can be used for any type of web applications: Project Management, eCommerce backends, CRM, Analytics, Fitness or any custom admin panels.

Modern Bootstrap 4  Admin template comes with eye-catching features:

  • Collapsed menu layout
  • 6 in 1 admin panels 
  • 8 Unique menu style
  • Social Authentication
  • Workable Apps, Starter Kit
  • Full SASS Support and many more

Stack is a very enhanced bootstrap admin template for next generation application with latest updates and newly added features and unlimited possibilities. Besides, it is compatible with browsers like IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome and Edge. If you are particularly looking for RTL supported smart templates then this is for you.

Furthermore, it comes with 8+ pre-built demos, 100+ charts and cards, 7+ layouts, and a huge collection of components with the latest UI/UX trends. Besides, it has  Applications like ToDo, Email, Chat, Calendar, Contacts, and Project summary. It also includes the Gulp Automation System. Stack admin can be used for any type of web application: Project Management, eCommerce backends, CRM, Analytics, Fitness, or any custom admin panels. It comes with 3 niche dashboards. Also, Stack admin template is powered with HTML 5, SASS, GRUNT, JADE [Pug] & Twitter Bootstrap 4 which looks great on Desktops, Tablets, and Mobile Devices. Stack bootstrap 4 admin template comes with a starter kit which will help developers to get started quickly. It also includes:

  • 9 ready to use layouts
  • Creative Dashboards
  • 500+ Widgets
  • 14 color scheme
  • Multiple menu options

Robust is designed flat minimal and build using bootstrap 4 frameworks. It comes with 5 niche dashboards. Also, Robust admin template is powered with HTML 5, SASS, GRUNT. Twitter Bootstrap 4. It is RTL Supported.

Furthermore, Robust admin comes with 7 demos, 15+ layout variations, 200+ cards, 300+ pages, Gulp Automation System, and many advanced components. Besides, It supports browsers like IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Edge. It is also useful for any type of web application like Project Management, eCommerce back-ends, CRM, Analytics, Fitness, or any custom admin panels. Also, you will get 3 in-build Applications like Email, Chat, and Scrum board. Starter Kit is also provided to help the developer to use this admin template effectively.

Star Admin

Star Admin, bootstrap simple admin panel template free is a responsive admin template built with Bootstrap 4. The template has a colorful, attractive yet simple and elegant design.  Besides, the template is well crafted, with all the components neatly and carefully designed and arranged within the template. Star Admin is packed with all the features that fit your needs but not cramped with components you would not even use. It is an excellent fit to build admin panels, e-commerce systems, project management systems, CMS or CRM


CoreUI the only bootstrap simple admin panel template free you need to create amazing user interfaces. This is an open source Bootstrap 4 based admin template. This admin templates was designed as its own extended version of Bootstrap. Built in accordance to the latest standards. Based on most popular web components and frameworks.

Nice Admin Angular 9 Lite

Nice Admin Lite is a basic yet very useful angular dashboard template for your projects. If you are looking for a modern yet clean admin template for your back-end project, Nice Admin is the right choice for you. It comes with many useful components that can help you build an awesome web apps. This template emerges as simple yet beautiful in the collection of free admin template for web applications.

React Reduction

React Reduction that’s worth evaluating for your app’s dashboard. It’s a free admin template built with React and Bootstrap 4 with clean, sleek and professional design. Besides, it comes with numerous components, cards, charts, widgets, pages, and more that are ready to do their functions. Furthermore, this free React template is built on top of create-react-app so all the amazing features the tool offers are embraced in React Reduction. Ideally, this admin template has modern and colorful elements that are ideal for any applications you use it with. React Reduction integrates the basic Google Analytics as well. You should check this react-redux admin template free

SB Admin Angular

SB Admin Angular is a free, open source, Angular 9 admin dashboard template. This Angular version of SB Admin takes the layout styling from SB Admin and includes a powerful, Angular 9 based development environment and workflow that is a perfect starting point for any Angular 9 based web application or admin dashboard.This template emerges as one of the best in the collection of free admin template for web applications.

Ant Design Admin

Ant Design Admin is a free admin template built using Ant Design and UmiJS.  Besides, it features powerful internationalization features with extracting translation fields from source code, dynamic permissions, beautiful design systems, and mocked data. Furthermore, this React redux admin template free is simple and elegant. So, have a look at it.

Royal UI Free Admin

RoyalUI admin template is a free admin template for web applications. Besides, this template comes with an abundant number of handy elements and other useful features. If you are looking for a free Bootstrap admin template that will enable you to build flawless websites at a rapid pace, then it is best to select the Royal Admin template. The excellent documentation of this free modern admin template is easier to comprehend

KAdmin – Admin Dashboard Template

KAdmin is a free lightweight responsive admin theme. Built with latest Twitter Bootstrap 3.1 and contains plenty of UI components, Light and dark theme skins. Besides, this Bootstrap Admin Panel Templates is useful for any type of web applications: admin dashboards, eCommerce backends, custom admin panels, CRM, CMS, SAAS and websites: eCommerce, business, corporate, portfolio, blog.

Klorofil – Bootstrap Admin Template

Klorofil is free bootstrap simple admin panel template with clean,modern and elegant look. It has a clean design. Besides, The template provides great basic features from charts, to-do list, timeline, tables, panels, notifications, ready-to-use pages, and other elements. It emerges as beautiful admin panel template among this collection of free admin panel template for web applications.

Regal Free Bootstrap Admin

Regal is a free admin template for web applications. It has easy-to-understand code and detailed documentation. Besides, this template is incredibly flexible and easy to customize, as the SASS preprocessor is used for styling. Furthermore, the template is powered by the Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML, CSS and SASS framework. It also comes with several layouts, user interface elements, tables, graphics and other components.

Brilliant Bootstrap Admin Template 

Brilliant Free bootstrap admin panel template is a flat design ready to use responsive admin dashboard template. Besides, it is based on Bootstrap, HTML 5 and powered by jQuery, with amazing charts and graphs.  Furthermore, this template is completely flexible and user friendly responsive supports all the browsers and looks clean on any device. Also, this template has great design standards, which fits to all kinds of requirements with number of useful plugins. Furthermore, the customizing of this admin template is very easy with comments inline and high quality HTML Code.

Lumino:  Bootstrap Admin Template

Lumino bootstrap is simple free admin panel template for web application. It is a clean, fresh admin panel template built on the Bootstrap framework and available for free. Lumino is fully responsive, build using modern HTML5, and includes everything you need for your back end administration panel. Besides, it comes with dashboard overview page, various widgets, responsive charts, advanced data tables, forms, ui elements and sample login page. Furthermore, lumino is build on Bootstrap v.3.3.7 and uses SASS.

Ample Admin Lite

Ample Bootstrap Admin Lite is a free  Admin Template for web applications, with a broad scope of options and possibilities. It’s one of the cleanest and most beautiful Bootstrap 4 templates you can use for admin dashboards and admin panels. Besides, this stunning theme is highly customizable. If you’re working on a new project or creating a new application, then Ample Bootstrap Admin Lite can be your handy tool at all times. It’s one of the most powerful admin panels that can help transform your ideas into a full-fledged product.

HTML5 Admin Template

HTML5 + CSS3 admin is created specifically for application and theme developers who want more out of their admin dashboard. This lightweight theme comes with everything you need for your back-end administration pane. There is no j Query or other large frameworks used. Chart.js is optional for the charts and graphs but not required. Milligram and normalize.css are the only CSS dependencies, both of which are very lightweight, and the main CSS file for the template itself is only 3 Kb in gzip.

Matrix Admin

Matrix Admin is a lightweight and easy to use, clean and polished, resourceful and reliable, responsive HTML 5 and Bootstrap admin template. Besides, This template has been developed by a dedicated team of professionals that wanted to craft a unique tool for webmasters of any skill level to easily set up their own sophisticated, fully functional, resourceful website and web app admin back-end pages and interfaces in a streamlined, fast and simple platform with plentiful features and options for customization and expansion, and without having to write a line of code yourself.

Modular Admin – Free Dashboard Theme

Modular Admin has been created to help you build a modular admin dashboard area for your project. If you’re keen to use open source tools for your project, then Modular Admin certainly fits the bill in that regard. As well as being free to use, Modular Admin has a fully modern design. The default layout of the dashboard includes a good selection of panels that show off what this admin template can do. However, you’ll be free to choose which elements are displayed on your admin panel if you pick Modular Admin for your project.

Shoppy E commerce Admin Panel

Shoppy E-commerce is a flat, responsive, vibrant and clean Admin panel category Web Template. This eCommerce admin panel template is built upon HTML 5, CSS 3, and Bootstrap framework. This vibrant and versatile Admin template surely makes the top-of-list in its category. With a visually magnificent vibe, the Shoppy admin panel theme has a plethora of elements that make it a stand-out choice. The transformable navigation bar fetches the beauty and the header has the elements that are handy.


Adminator is by far the best free admin template for web applications ever released. If we would say that it is a game-changer it would be a massive understatement because it is playing a new game on its own. Period. Based on Bootstrap 4 packs the latest and greatest tools to improve web development like nothing you have ever seen released for free. Enjoy and let us know what you think in the comment section below.


As we all know that admin templates plays a very important role in developing an intreiguing web application. They help you to create a web app that can boost up your busines.

Now, it is not necessary that you start with the premium templates every time. You can first try the free admin template and then after you can go for premium ones as per your need.

This collection of Free Admin Template for Web Applications will surely help you find the best suitable admin template for your current or upcoming project. Every project/ website has it’s own requirements. And we have taken good care of it as we have gone through all the major aspects like design, responsiveness, technology, and many more.

So, all you have to do is list down your requirements and then select the suitable admin template for your project.

Each template has unique features and comes with a variety of components. Although, we will suggest you check out Chameleon Lite. This is one of the most used and trusted free Bootstrap admin templates that will suit the majority of your requirements for sure.

If you want some advanced features then you can also check out Premium Bootstrap admin templates that are packed with many of the rich advanced features. Please share your experience with the above free admin templates. Feedback is appreciated.😊

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