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Mobile App Builder: An Affordable Way to Increase Online Presence

Mobile App Builder

For a small business, mobile apps are the best way to reach more customers online. The cost of developing a native mobile app may seem difficult because it costs a lot to make apps for both Android and iOS. Here you can take the help of Mobile App Builder.

Not only is it costly, but it also takes a long time to create an app from scratch. If money is a constraint for you, we have a perfect solution. This solution is dependable and meets all requirements, especially for businesses that sell online.

Mobile App Builder!

Mobile App Builder

It is a tool that lets you build a mobile app without writing code. It is so simple to use that anyone with no prior technical experience can comprehend and utilize it.

For example, you have a Magento website and wish to build a mobile app. You can invest in a Magento 2 mobile app builder that will help you convert your Magento store to a mobile app. 

The conversion includes all the data on your website, like product catalogs, images, descriptions, etc. 

You can do this conversion yourself or ask the service provider to do it. They hand over a list of documents and data required for mobile app development. As soon as you share it with them, the mobile development will not take more than 2 days. 

Once the app is ready from their end, it is shared with you for testing and changes. Once everything is good to go, you can make it live within a week on both the PlayStore and AppStore. 

Thus, mobile app development is this easy with the mobile app builder.

Here are some reasons why mobile app builder is the best tool for developing mobile apps, especially for small businesses.

Readymade Templates 

Building a mobile application using native development takes a lot of time and money. Many businesses might not be able to afford custom app development.

You can simplify app development by using a template of your choice. An app builder is a great option if you’re short on time, money, or both.

These templates have a well-defined structure because they are created using standard techniques. All you have to do is choose the best fit for your requirement. The designs are customizable so that you can match them with your brand theme.

Intuitive Design UI 

Mobile App Builder

Credit: Image by Freepik

It is an essential feature for making mobile apps appealing and user-friendly. With Magento 2 mobile app builder, you get an interactive UI without writing a line of code.

You must drag and drop the widgets to make this easier. Thus, you can position them where you would like them to be.

The main advantage is that you can see right away what your app’s home page would look like. To do so, you don’t need to code. Additionally, all you need to do is alter the layout with a drag-and-drop feature.

Live Preview 

A live preview is the easiest way to see all of the changes and how the app will look. It increases visualization so you can make minor adjustments to icons, images, or their positions.

Moreover, when making changes to the app, having a live preview immediately saves a lot of time. And the drag-and-drop feature is the cherry on the cake, which makes modifications easy.

Live preview prevents you from putting your application into support mode during changes. Therefore, there will be no impact on your live application.

Benefits of Mobile App Builder

  • Customers can use mobile app builders to launch their app quickly because most features are ready to use and can be used by dragging and dropping.
  • The mobile app builder is made keeping in mind the non-tech clients. The mobile app can be developed by anyone who does not know how to code. It does not require them to write a single line of code.
  • The app builder is a relatively affordable and cost-effective option for startups, small businesses, and other organizations that are unable to afford costly native app development.
  • The cost of developing mobile apps with a mobile app builder is significantly lower than that of developing native apps. The cost of native app development could range from $1,000 to $5,000. However, you can have the app ready for $500 if you choose mobile app development.
  • There are a lot of app builders available. This makes it simpler for you to choose one that meets your needs and financial requirements. Magento 2 mobile app builder surely adds a new online selling platform for your business. You can create mobile apps for Android and iOS, the two most popular mobile operating systems.

Drawbacks of Using a Mobile App Builder 

  • You can only make a standard app when using a mobile app builder. Most of the time, there is a list of app types for you to choose from.
  • The basic customization options are available for interface customization. As a result, you must use pre-existing graphics, colors, and fonts.
  • If you have some unique requirements, mobile app builders might not be able to fulfill them. You must select one of the available features from the list.
  • Because you can only choose from the available options, your app might look like thousands of others.
  • The app builder has all the necessary features but does not meet extraordinary business needs.


In order to expand the business, mobile app development is mandatory, and there is no way out. However, if you find the right track, you can extract the most from the available resources and deliver the results in the market as soon as possible.

Magento 2 mobile app builder is the perfect solution if you don’t want to spend a huge chunk of money on developing native apps. Moreover, it is so fast that you can launch your mobile app in a week. All these are possible because of ready-to-use templates, widgets, and features. 

However, if you have any custom requirements, only part of your app needs to be developed. The service provider mainly offers customizations on top of the app builder. As a result, you won’t have to wait long for your app; if your requirements are clear, it could be available within a month.

Featured Image Credit: Image by macrovector on Freepik

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