Chameleon Admin – Free Bootstrap Dashboard Template

Free Modern Bootstrap 4 WebApp & Dashboard HTML Template + UI Kit

Chameleon Admin Lite is a Free Modern Bootstrap 4 WebApp & Admin Dashboard Html Template elegant design, clean and organized code. Besides, Chameleon free bootstrap admin template can be used for any type of web application: Project Management, eCommerce backends, Analytics, CRM, Fitness, or any custom admin panels. It comes with 2 niche dashboards.

Furthermore, Chameleon admin template is powered with HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 4, SASS, Gulp. In addition, the responsive design looks great on Desktops, Tablets, and Mobile Devices. Chameleon bootstrap admin template comes with starter kit which will help developers to get started quickly.


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Chameleon Admin - Free Bootstrap Dashboard Template Presentation

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Chameleon Admin – Modern Bootstrap 4 WebApp & Dashboard HTML Template + UI Kit

Chameleon Admin Lite Features Chameleon Admin Pro Features
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Single Menu Template 3 Unique Menu Templates with starter kits
1 Simple Dashboard 2 Niche Dashboards
Built-in starter-kits for all layouts
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Regular Support Incredible Support
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Detailed Documentation

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It is not mandatory to use Node & Gulp as mentioned below for using this admin template, We have used Node & Gulp to compile SCSS file to CSS and generate minified dist CSS & JS file only.

Besides, you can use direct CSS and JS files to customize and use this admin template. In addition, You can also use this admin template in any JS framework like Angular, React & Vue and integrate with any back-end technology like PHP, Ruby, .Net, Java & Python, etc…


NodeJS is required to be installed on your system to run node commands. You can download and install Nodejs from this URL:


1. Download:

2. Github

git clone


GulpJS is a JavaScipt task runner. In one word: automation. The less work you have to do when performing repetitive tasks like minification, compilation, unit testing, linting, etc…

  • Install gulp globally with npm install gulp-cli -g
  • To install node packages, navigate to the template root directory, make sure to rename the default package.json file to package.grunt.json, and rename the package.gulp.json file to the package.json file. Then run npm install. NPM use the package.json file and automatically install the required local dependencies listed in it.
npm install

Running Gulp Dist Commands

Task Command Description
Dist gulp dist To clean css, js and build distributable css and js files
Clean gulp dist-clean To clean css, js files
Build JS gulp dist-js To clean js files and build distributable js files
Compile SCSS gulp sass-compile Compile scss files
Build CSS gulp dist-css To clean css files and build distributable css files

What’s included

Below is the Chameleon Admin Lite folder structure. Within the download you’ll find the following directories and files, logically grouping common assets and providing both compiled and minified variations. You’ll see something like this:

├── app-assets
|   ├── css
|   ├── data
|   ├── fonts
|   ├── images
|   ├── js
|   ├── vendors
|   |   ├── css
|   |   ├── js
├── assets
|   ├── css
|   ├── js
|   └── scss
├── gulp-tasks
├── html
|   ├── ltr
|   └── rtl
├── src
|   ├── js
|   ├── scss
├── gulpfile.js (gulp tasks)
├── package.gulp.json (gulp package json)
└── package.json (gulp package json)


Visit the online documentation for the most updated guide.

Browser Support

Chameleon Free Bootstrap Admin Template is built to work best in the latest desktop and mobile and tablet browsers,

  • Chrome (latest)
  • FireFox (latest)
  • Safari (latest)
  • Opera (latest)
  • IE10+


Contribution are always welcome and recommended! Here is how:

  • Fork the repository (here is the guide).
  • Clone to your machine git clone
  • Make your changes
  • Create a pull request

Contribution Requirements:

  • When you contribute, you agree to give a non-exclusive license to ThemeSelection to use that contribution in any context as we (ThemeSelection) see appropriate.
  • If you use content provided by another party, it must be appropriately licensed using an open-source license.
  • Contributions are only accepted through Github pull requests.
  • Finally, contributed code must work in all supported browsers (see above for browser support).



For the most recent changelog, visit the releases page or the changelog file. We will add a detailed release notes to each new release.


Copyright and license

Chameleon Free Bootstrap Admin Template is an open-source project by ThemeSelection that is licensed under MIT. ThemeSelection reserves the right to change the license of future releases.

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