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Sneat Design

An extensive resource library with Sketch and Figma design files, admin dashboards which house a range of Components & UI elements which helps you to build intuitive, user-friendly experiences.
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Sneat React NextJS Admin - Pro

React NextJS Admin Dashboard

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Sneat Dashboard FREE - Laravel 10

Free Laravel 10 Admin

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Premium Laravel 10 Admin

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Sneat Dashboard FREE - Bootstrap

Free Bootstrap 5 Admin

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Sneat- Sketch Admin UI Kit - Pro

Bootstrap Sketch Dashboard UI Kit

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Sneat Design

A design system is a complete set of standards intended to manage design at scale using reusable components and patterns. As the number of devices, browsers, and environments continues to increase at a staggering rate, the need to create thoughtful, deliberate interface design systems is becoming more apparent than ever, and we at ThemeSelection, create scalably, expertly constructed Sneat Design Systems, Admin Templates, UI Kits using the latest tools & technologies.

What Is Sneat Design System And What Does It Include?

Sneat design system is a set of standards to manage design at scale by reducing redundancy while creating a shared language and visual consistency across different pages and channels. It allows other brands and individuals to have a strong foundation for building upon when it comes to their own approach to atomic design, innovation, and unique brand expression.

The main features of the Sneat Design System include:

  • Clean & Flat design
  • User Interaction
  • Visual Design
  • Starter Kits
  • Design Source Files
  • Layout
  • Typography
  • Color
  • Components

Crafted with great precision and attention to detail Sneat Design System makes prototyping, product design, and product development an easy task. Highly emphasized user experience and what’s truly important on a larger scale. We follow atomic design which is a methodology for creating design systems, helping us to create robust and user-friendly design systems. This design system consists of Bootstrap Admin Templates, Laravel Admin templates & a Sketch UI kit.

How Can Sneat Design System Benefit Me?

Design systems, when implemented well, can provide a lot of benefits to a design & development team.

Well, Building a design system from scratch can be tedious and time-consuming. Your UI design should be user-friendly, be tied to brand guidelines, and look fresh and modern. UI design has evolved over the years, requiring screens to be created at a faster and larger scale. This process gets considerably more difficult when stringent deadlines and a constrained budget are introduced.

We can help you address this problem with our Sneat Design System. It can help you eliminate repetitive tasks and free up your creative energy. It can help improve design & development workflow in a number of different ways:

  • Single source of truth
  • Design with ease
  • Iterate with confidence
  • Manage updates collaboratively
  • Share with external teams
  • Keep code in sync
  • Visual consistency across products & channels
  • Allows to focus on larger, more complex problems

Now, when it comes to usage, we can assure you that you will surely find our Sneat Design Systems hassle-free and scalable. Although, you must have basic knowledge of the designing tools like Figma / Sketch.

What Can I Build With Sneat Design System And How?

Sneat Design System enables designers to develop a product in a modular fashion. Designers & Developers can utilize Design Systems in the following ways:

  • For rapid prototyping. Designers can select a UI kit based on the product requirements and use elements from the kit to quickly mock up web pages or screens.
  • For the final product design. Designers can create their own UI kit specifically for their project’s needs and use this kit during product development.
  • For final product development. Developers don’t have to waste time on repeated code snippets when everything they need is right there to copy from reusable components and/or libraries.

Designers & Developers are free to customize or scale this Sneat design system according to their project/product/channel requirements.

Isn’t it awesome..!!?🤩


Well, You will get 12 months/lifetime support and free updates based on the license you purchase. We have excellent docs written for each product and those are available online. You can easily access our docs and support from anywhere in the world.

We also offer GitHub repository access for smoother updates and issue tracking. You will get premium quality support directly from the creators of the products. So, what are you waiting for? Make Sneat Design System yours today..!!🤩

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