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Admin Dashboard Templates

Production-ready 🤩, easy to use, and highly customizable Admin Dashboard Templates which offers everything you need to build modern, eye-catching and responsive web applications in no time! 🚀
Admin template
Sneat NuxtJS 3 Admin - Free

Vuetify NuxtJS 3 Admin Template

5.00/5 35
Sneat Nuxt 3 Admin - Pro

Vuetify Nuxt 3 Admin Template

5.00/5 0
Materio NuxtJS 3 Admin - Free

Vuetify NuxtJS 3 Admin Template

5.00/5 1612
Materio Nuxt 3 Admin - Pro

Vuetify Nuxt 3 Admin Template

5.00/5 48
Sneat ASP.NET MVC Admin - Free

Free ASP.NET MVC Admin Template

5.00/5 2770
Materio ASP.NET MVC Admin - Free

Free ASP.NET MVC Admin Template

4.00/5 1388
Materio Dashboard FREE - Django 5

Free Django 5 Admin

5.00/5 1504
Sneat Dashboard FREE - Django 5

Free Django 5 Admin

5.00/5 1663
Materio ASP.NET MVC Admin - Pro

ASP.NET Core MVC Admin Dashboard

5.00/5 12
Sneat ASP.NET MVC Admin - Pro

ASP.NET Core MVC Admin Dashboard

5/5 57
Materio Dashboard PRO - Django 5

Premium Django 5 Admin

5.00/5 15
Materio Dashboard FREE - Laravel 10

Free Laravel 10 Admin

5.00/5 5867
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Admin Templates

Admin dashboard template makes it easy for developers to build the UI of an application’s back-end. It contains HTML, CSS, and JavaScript-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation, and other interface components, and we at ThemeSelection, create responsively, expertly constructed Premium Admin Templates dashboard, Free Admin Templates, and UI Kits using the latest technologies and frameworks. Admin Panel templates can be extremely useful in developing the best responsive web app.

What Is An Admin Template And What Does It Include?

Admin dashboard templates are generally a collection of web pages developed with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript or any JavaScript libraries used to form the user interface of a web application’s backend. These pre-built pages are integrated with the web application to perform backend tasks such as tracking and managing users, products, orders, bookings, appointments, website content, performance, etc…

Simple, Well-designed and uncomplicated Admin templates make website administration an easy task. When it comes to delivering the best performance, our admin templates are one of the best in the market. It also includes a starter kit that will help you easily kick-start your next project.

How Admin Panel Template Can Benefit Me?

Well, using the production-ready admin panel dashboard can benefit you in many ways. Firstly, the templates are of premium quality and SEO-friendly. This means that they will help you rank higher in search engine results, helping you to attract more visitors to your website. Also, You won’t have to spend hours creating your own design from scratch.

Secondly, they can save you a significant amount of time and money. They are easy to use and highly customizable, allowing users to change the look and feel of the template according to their needs. Finally, the Admin template can make your website look more professional and polished, helping you to stand out from the competition.

Now, when it comes to usage, we can assure you that you will surely find our admin panel dashboards hassle-free and developer-friendly. Although, you must have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, & JavaScript. The templates come with step-by-step documentation along with the installation & usage guide. Additionally, the templates come with a Starter kit that will help you start your project quickly instead of removing stuff that isn’t needed.

We also provide free admin templates that you can try first. By using the free admin dashboard, you can check the code quality and folder structure easily. After that, you can move to the premium version which includes more components and features that are necessary for professional-level web apps.

What Can I Build With An Admin Dashboard Template And How?

The main advantage of using an admin panel template is: You can integrate it with any kind of backend frameworks such as LaravelDjangoASP.NETSpringFlask, etc. as per your need and requirements. Additionally, you can use the admin theme template for any kind of web app as they are suitable for any sector i.e. education, management, finance, medical, fitness, etc.

For instance, with help of our admin dashboard, you can build,

  • CRM apps
  • ERP apps
  • eCommerce
  • Banking apps
  • Fitness Apps
  • Educational apps
  • Medical apps and so on..!!

Isn’t it awesome..!!?🤩


Well, You will get 12 months/lifetime support and free updates based on the license you purchase. We have excellent docs written for each product and those are available online. You can easily access our docs and support from anywhere in the world.

We also offer GitHub repository access for smoother updates and issue tracking. You will get premium quality support directly from the creators of the products. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Admin dashboards now…!!🤩

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