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10+ Trending Gamification Component Examples


Are you searching for Stunning Gamification components to add to your upcoming project or website? Don’t worry we’ve got you this time πŸ˜‰

Imagine navigating through websites and dashboards online, exploring different pages and interfaces. Now, think about stumbling upon a website that feels more like a game than another static page. That’s the magic of gamification.

Nowadays, when a user’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter it becomes very challenging to offer a refreshing approach to captivate users and keep them stick to your content.

As a result, websites and dashboards now often use gamification techniques to increase user engagement.

Importance of Gamification in Your Website or Dashboard

Importance of Gamification

Gamification includes the use of gaming elements in your web apps that encourage people to perform their tasks and complete their goals. Generally, websites and dashboards sometimes feel bland and repetitive, leading to user boredom and disengagement.

Therefore, it becomes very important to add fun and competitive gamification that can boost the effectiveness of your website or dashboard.

Here are some of the major benefits of adding gamification components.

  • Increased motivation and engagement
  • Enhanced learning and retention
  • Improved productivity
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Social interaction and many more…

Gamification Component Example

Alright, let’s get to the good stuff – the gamification components! Here are some examples to give you an idea of what they’re all about.

Sneat Gamification Component

Sneat Gamification Component

Sneat is one of the most advanced admin dashboard templates built with lots of features and components. Among these components, you will find the Gamification component on each dashboard type CRM Admin Dashboard, Analytics Dashboard, and eCommerce Dashboard.

When we were designing a dashboard we were very focused on creating stunning gamification components with eye-catching designs. As a result, you can see some of the components for Sales, tasks, upgrade amounts, and many more.

Currently, we have these gamification components in many frontend frameworks like HTML Bootstrap, NextJS, VueJS, and many more.

Materio Gamification Component

Materio Gamification Component

Introducing Materio a powerful admin dashboard template built on a Material Design system packed with features and components to streamline your project development.

One of Materio’s unique offerings is its gamification component, available across various dashboard types, including CRM admin, analytics, and e-commerce.

Furthermore, the Materio team prioritized crafting captivating gamification elements with visually appealing designs. This translates to progress bars, achievement badges, and other interactive features that motivate users for tasks like sales goals, completed tasks, and upgrade milestones.

Leaderboard Screen by Karan Menon

Leadership Gamification Example

If you’re searching for a native design that incorporates gamification, then you should definitely check out this design. It’s a leaderboard dashboard that can be used within an app design to give you an overview of individual performance with a gamified edge.

The design boasts vibrant colors, a unique layout, and excellent use of fonts. You can easily customize this design and use it to inspire your work.

Loyalty Kit

Loyalty Gamification UI Kit

Loyalty is a free Figma UI Kit that offers a comprehensive solution integrating gamification-based loyalty features tailored to meet diverse program requirements across industries.

It’s a mobile app design that consists of all the major components and features required for implementing dynamic and engaging loyalty programs.

If you’re looking for more such Free UI Kit then check out the best Materio Figma Admin Dashboard builder and UI Kit

materio figma ui kit

Kuest – SaaS Learning Management System & Gamification

Kuest SaaS Dashboard with Gamification UI Example

This design is one of the best we’ve seen from a design perspective. A user-friendly dashboard with fun game elements to make learning enjoyable. It has some best game features in the usual school dashboard, making studying more engaging and exciting for students.

Gamification Dashboard Concept

Gamification Dashboard Concept

This is a dashboard concept designed for employees to track their performance in a gamified way. It uses clean visualizations such as cards, progress bars, and charts.

Gamification in healthcare apps

Gamification healthcare app example by Fitbut

If you’re looking for a real-world example of how gamification can improve user engagement then FitBit is a good example for it. It is a wearable fitness tracker that is connected to an app with the following gamification features.

Badges give information about certain activities, social engagement to show the progress of your friends on social media, and challenges to get you going. You can check the above screenshots from the Helpshift blog.

Gamification UI kit

Gamification UI Kit

This Figma UI kit includes a diverse range of gamification cards, such as quests, loyalty, points, offers, banners, and more.

It can be easily utilized for UI/UX design projects focused on gamification or rewards, as well as adapted for other related industries.

Gamifying UI Kit

gamifying ui kit

The premium UI kit comes with a variety of pre-designed elements such as game-like icons, badges, progress bars, leaderboards, and more.

Furthermore, it also enables you to create gamified experiences that are engaging and encourage users to return for more. With this kit, you can quickly and easily design such experiences.

In case you’re looking for more such UI Kits then check out our curated list of Best eCommerce UI Kit Sketch free.

Gamification Component by Iman Ghasemian for Piqo Studio

Gamification component example for inspiration

This dribble is worth looking at for your design inspiration. In the above demo, you can see a bunch of gamification components like progress bars, leaderboard dashboards, rating cards, and many more.


So, there you have it! A glimpse into the wonderful world of gamification and how it can be a powerful tool to boost user engagement in your website or app. From gamified dashboards to captivating loyalty programs, the possibilities are truly endless.

Remember, the key to successful gamification lies in understanding your target audience and what motivates them. By incorporating the right elements and fostering a sense of competition and accomplishment, you can transform your platform from mundane to magnificent.

Moreover, while designing make sure to keep your gaming components user-friendly and make sure that they are balanced and not overused.

If you like these gamification components, share them with your community and friends :).

Happy designing 🀩!

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