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Super Productive 15+ Chrome Extensions for Designers🤩

chrome extensions for designers

Whether you are a designer or developer, you’re well aware of Chrome’s significance in your toolkit. With the plethora of extensions at your disposal, it can be challenging to discern which ones truly merit your attention. Hence, we’ve curated a selection of the top 15+ Chrome extensions for designers. This collection of Chrome browser extension for designers spans design assistance, productivity enhancers, and design supports aimed to optimize your workflow and boost efficiency.

What are Chrome Browser Extensions?

As a web developer or designer, you know that the right tools can make all the difference in the world. That’s why you’re always on the lookout for new and innovative Chrome extensions that can help streamline your workflow.

Chrome extensions are small programs that can be added to the Chrome web browser to provide extra functionality.

They range from simple tools that make basic tasks easier, to more complex extensions that can completely transform the way you work.


  • Enhances productivity with task automation
  • Provides specialized functionalities for specific needs
  • Customization options for personalized browsing
  • Integrates with web services for seamless workflows
  • Improves efficiency with streamlined tasks
  • Facilitates data synchronization across platforms
  • Enriches overall user experience and task management

The Best Chrome Extension For Designers:

There are thousands of Chrome extensions available, but not all of them are useful for designers. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 15+ awesome Chrome extensions for designers in 2024. Btw, if you are a beginner and need guidance to start your journey as a designer, then check the most recommended UI Design books.

These extensions are essential for anyone who wants to be productive and efficient while working online. Well, this collection of Chrome extensions for designers offers a wide array of tools that cater to various aspects of web and graphic design, from font identification and color analysis to comprehensive layout measurements and image manipulation.

Now, let’s begin the collection of the best Chrome extensions for Designers

GoFullPage – Best Chrome Browser Extension For Designer

GoFullPage chrome extension for designers

Want to capture a whole webpage in a single image? Well, GoFullPage is your go-to tool here. This Chrome extension for designers enables users to capture full-page screenshots of web pages with a single click. Besides, it suppresses the limitation of screen size to capture an entire webpage, making it useful for web designers, developers, and anyone needing visual records of websites, making it one of the best Chrome Extensions for Designers.


  • Captures full-page screenshots
  • Single-click operation
  • No screen size limitation
  • Quick download option
  • Edit and annotate screenshots
  • Save in various formats (PNG, PDF)
  • Option to capture specific elements

Fonts Ninja – Useful Chrome Browser Extension For Designers

FontNinja is a Chrome browser extension for designers. It is a standalone app that allows users to identify, inspect, and even download fonts from any website. Moreover, it also provides detailed font properties and enables designers to discover and experiment with new typography easily. It has over 8,000,000 users currently.


  • Identifies fonts on any website
  • Provides detailed font properties (size, line height, color, etc.)
  • Enables font downloading for personal use
  • Includes a bookmark feature for favorite fonts
  • Offers a standalone app for extended functionality

ColorZilla – Awesome Google Chrome Extension For Designers

The next one on the list of Chrome extensions for designers is ColorZilla. It is a Chrome and Firefox extension designed for web developers and graphic designers. Besides, it also provides advanced color-picking tools and color-related functionalities directly in the browser, facilitating the process of working with colors on web pages.


  • Color Picker
  • Eye Dropper
  • Gradient Generator
  • Advanced color tools
  • Quick color reading and adjustment
  • Color transfer to other applications
  • Web page color palette analysis

Sneat Figma UI Kit & Dashboard Builder

Sneat Figma Admin Dashboard Builder and UI Kit

Sneat Figma Dashboard Builder & UI Kit is a versatile drag-and-drop Figma UI kit for creating professional-grade dashboards and user interfaces with ease. It is designed with scalability in mind, making it an ideal choice for both small and large-scale projects.

Besides, it offers an extensive library of customizable templates, UI components, and design assets that allow users to design eye-catching, modern interfaces with minimal effort. Moreover, with this UI Kit, designers can rapidly create responsive, accessible, and on-brand interfaces to deliver exceptional user experiences to their customers.

Additionally, it provides users with a wide range of design elements such as charts, graphs, tables, icons, and typography, ensuring that designers have all the resources they need to create visually stunning and informative dashboards.


  • Atomic Design
  • Auto Layout
  • Easy to Customize
  • 500+ Components
  • Text Variables
  • Well Organized
  • 100% Vector
  • Light & Dark Layout
  • Pixel Perfect
  • 100+ Screens and much more

Also, check the Bootstrap dashboard free version:


SumoPaint is an online and downloadable image editing Chrome browser extension for designers. It offers a wide range of tools and features for creating and editing images. Additionally, it also operates directly in web browsers, making it accessible without the need for installation, and also offers a more feature-rich downloadable version.


  • Online and downloadable versions
  • Wide range of painting and editing tools such as 300+ brushes, Smudge, blur, sharpen, dodge, burn, and saturation tools
  • Layers and layer effects support
  • 20+ Filter & effects
  • Selection tools with full undo support
  • 15 gradient types
  • 170 preset color selections
  • Image adjustments and filters
  • Text tool

Image Downloader

image downloader chrome extension for designers

ImageDownloader is a Chrome browser extension for designers. It is designed to simplify the process of downloading images from web pages. Additionally, it also enables users to easily select, preview, and download multiple images at once.

Furthermore, it offers features such as batch download capabilities, filtering options based on size or format, and the ability to specify a save location. This tool is particularly useful for graphic designers, and anyone needing to download images in bulk efficiently.


  • Batch download images from web pages
  • Preview images before downloading
  • Filter by size, resolution, or format
  • Customize save folder location
  • Download images via the context menu
  • Supports downloading linked images
  • Option to exclude duplicate images


WhatFont chrome extension for designers

WhatFont is one of the fantastic Chrome extensions for designers. It allows users to easily identify the fonts used on web pages by simply hovering over the text and providing details such as the font name, size, and color. Furthermore, this Chrome browser extension for designers is a handy tool for designers and developers who want to quickly gather font information without digging through code. It has over 2,000,000 users.


  • Identifies fonts on web pages with a hover
  • Shows font name, size, and color
  • Displays font weight, style, and line height
  • Offers a sample of the font text for better understanding
  • Supports Typekit and Google Font API


Sider is an AI-powered Chrome browser extension for designers. that acts as a comprehensive assistant for web browsing, offering features like ChatGPT integration for real-time assistance on webpages, image tools, and PDF handling capabilities.

It’s designed to significantly boost productivity by reducing the time spent on tasks like designing, article writing, and searching for solutions. Sider supports multiple AI models, including GPT-3.5, GPT-4, Claude, and Gemini (Formerly known as BARD), making it versatile for various tasks, from AI chats to creative and document-related work, across all supported platforms including Safari, Chrome, and Edge.


  • ChatGPT integration for web assistance
  • Supports multiple AI models (GPT-3.5, GPT-4, Claude, Bard)
  • Image tools for easy manipulation
  • PDF handling capabilities
  • Enhances productivity across browsing tasks
  • Compatible with Safari, Chrome, and Edge

CSS Peeper

css peeper chrome extension for designers

CSS Peeper is another one of the best Chrome extensions for Designers and developers, enabling them to inspect CSS styles of web elements quickly without digging through the code. It acts as a smart CSS viewer, providing an organized way to view styles, assets, and measurements of elements simply by clicking on them, streamlining the design process.


  • Inspects CSS styles easily
  • Organized view of styles, assets, and measurements
  • Click-to-view element details
  • Extracts colors, fonts, and measurements
  • Easy to use for design and development tasks


image downloader chrome extension for designers

Hover Zoom+ is a browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox that enlarges thumbnails and images on various websites when the user hovers their mouse over them. This tool is particularly useful for quickly viewing larger versions of images without needing to click on each thumbnail individually, enhancing browsing efficiency and user experience on image-heavy sites.


  • Enlarges thumbnails and images on hover
  • Works on many websites
  • Quick image preview without clicking
  • Customizable zoom levels
  • Full image display on mouse-over
  • Gallery mode for image browsing
  • Configurable to exclude certain sites
  • Supports keyboard navigation

Muzli chrome extension

page ruler chrome extension for designers

The Muzli Chrome extension is a tool designed to inspire designers, developers, and creatives by providing a curated feed of the latest design, UX, and tech content. It updates every time a new tab is opened in Chrome, showcasing trends, stories, and creative ideas.


  • Curated content feed: Showcases the latest in design, UX, and tech.
  • Customizable feed: Users can tailor the feed to match their interests.
  • New tab transformation: Each new tab displays fresh, inspiring content.
  • Integration with design platforms: Connects with sites like Dribbble and Behance for direct access to design projects.
  • Bookmarking and sharing: Allows users to bookmark their favorite finds and share them easily.

Page Ruler Chrome Extension

page ruler chrome extension for designers

PageRuler is a Chrome extension for designers. It enables web developers and designers to measure the dimensions and positioning of any elements on a web page. Besides, it is the best page ruler extension for Chrome that offers a draggable ruler and guidelines for precise measurements, facilitating layout adjustments, and ensuring design accuracy.


  • Measures dimensions of page elements
  • Drag-and-drop guidelines for precision
  • Easy-to-use interface for quick measurements
  • Provides width, height, and position details
  • Customizable color and size settings for guidelines
  • Option to view element boundaries and padding


PerfectPixel is a Chrome extension designed for web developers and designers to ensure their websites match the design with pixel-perfect accuracy. Besides, this pixel ruler chrome extension also allows users to overlay a semi-transparent image of a design mock-up over a web page, enabling precise comparison and adjustments to the layout, colors, and dimensions of the web elements against the original design.


  • Multiple layers support
  • Layer inversion and scaling
  • Separate layers for each website
  • Layers are saved between browsing sessions
  • Minimalistic easy-to-use UI
  • Drag-n-drop file upload, paste from URL, paste from clipboard support
  • Keyboard arrow keys and mouse wheel support
  • Extension works with file:// scheme (local files)

SVG Grabber

SVG Grabber chrome extension for designers

SVG Grabber is a Chrome extension that allows users to easily download all SVG assets from a website with a single click. It’s designed for designers and developers who need to quickly extract scalable vector graphics from web pages, making it a convenient tool for graphic design and web development tasks.


  • Downloads all SVGs from a webpage
  • Single-click operation
  • Preview SVGs before downloading
  • Option to download individual SVG files
  • Easy-to-use interface


Inkscape is a free and open-source vector graphics editor used to create scalable vector images. It offers a wide array of tools and features for designers to draw, trace, edit, and produce vector imagery, including illustrations, logos, and complex artwork. Inkscape supports SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format primarily, along with capabilities to import and export various file formats, providing a flexible solution for graphic design, web design, and desktop publishing.


  • Comprehensive SVG support
  • Multiple drawing tools (pencil, pen, calligraphy, shapes)
  • Object creation and manipulation (transformations, grouping, layers)
  • Path operations (node editing, Boolean operations)
  • Text support (multilingual, on-path, text shapes)
  • Rendering (anti-aliasing, filters, rasterization)
  • Import/export various file formats (PNG, PDF, EPS, AI)
  • Extensions and plugins for added functionality
  • Customizable interface


Visbug chrome extension for designers

VisBug is a Chrome extension offering web designers and developers on-page design tools similar to those in design software. It allows for easy manipulation and inspection of web page elements, including editing text, adjusting styles, and measuring distances, directly within the browser interface, streamlining the design feedback and iteration process.


  • Edit text and images directly on pages
  • Inspect and adjust layouts and styles
  • Measure distances between elements
  • Experiment with color and typography
  • Rearrange and duplicate page elements
  • Accessibility inspection tools
  • Responsive design testing tools
  • Edit or style any page, in any state, like it’s an artboard


Dimensions chrome extension for designers

Dimensions is a Chrome extension designed for web designers and developers to measure screen dimensions and element sizes on web pages. It allows for easy measurement of margins, padding, and other element dimensions directly in the browser, making it a valuable tool for responsive design and ensuring layout accuracy across different devices.


  • Measures screen and element sizes
  • Quick margin, padding, and dimension measurement
  • Useful for responsive design testing
  • Easy-to-use browser tool
  • Helps ensure layout accuracy across devices

Site palette (Paid)

Site Palette is a Chrome extension designed for designers and developers to generate color palettes from websites. It allows users to quickly extract and view a website’s color scheme, including primary and secondary colors, and provides tools for exporting the palette to various formats, making it easier to use these colors in design projects or for brand consistency checks.


  • Integration with Google Art Palette
  • Support for Adobe Swatch
  • Palette History
  • Support for SVG format
  • Extracts color palettes from websites
  • Displays primary and secondary colors
  • Auto-generates color palettes for design use
  • Offers palette export options (e.g., PDF, PNG, SVG, SCSS)
  • Shareable palette links for collaboration

UX Check

UX Check chrome extension for designers

UX Check is a Chrome extension designed to help with the usability testing of websites. It enables users to conduct heuristic evaluations by highlighting UI elements and noting potential usability issues directly within the browser. This tool is aimed at improving the user experience by identifying and documenting areas for improvement in a structured and efficient manner.


  • Heuristic evaluation tool for UI issues
  • Highlights UI elements for usability testing
  • Notes interface for documenting usability problems
  • Facilitates structured feedback and recommendations
  • Enhances user experience by identifying improvement areas

Factors To Consider While Choosing the Right Chrome Extensions For Designers:

  • Functionality & Features: Ensure the extension offers the specific tools and features needed for your design tasks.
  • Usability & Interface: Look for user-friendly and intuitive interfaces that complement your workflow.
  • Performance & Efficiency: Choose extensions that operate smoothly without significantly slowing down your browser.
  • Compatibility: Check compatibility with your version of Chrome and other tools you use.
  • Security & Privacy: Consider the extension’s permissions and the developer’s reputation to protect your data.
  • Support & Updates: Opt for extensions with active development, regular updates, and responsive support.
  • Reviews & Ratings: Read user reviews and ratings to gauge the extension’s reliability and effectiveness in real-world usage.


This collection of Chrome extensions represents a comprehensive suite of tools that empower designers to achieve efficiency, accuracy, and creativity in their projects, making them indispensable for professionals aiming to stay at the forefront of design innovation.

In today’s digital age, Chrome extensions have become essential tools for designers looking to enhance their workflow and creativity. These extensions, ranging from font identification tools like WhatFont and FontNinja to color analysis tools like ColorZilla and Site Palette, enable designers to effortlessly identify and apply design elements directly from the web.

Image editing and screenshot tools such as SumoPaint and GoFullPage offer versatile solutions for graphic creation and full-page captures, streamlining the design process.

Additionally, utilities like PerfectPixel and PageRuler ensure precision in layout and measurement, crucial for pixel-perfect designs. With the integration of AI-powered assistants like Sider, designers can also leverage advanced capabilities, including real-time assistance and efficient handling of images and PDFs.

Each tool, with its unique features, contributes significantly to a designer’s arsenal, ensuring they have the right support at every step of their creative journey.

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