javascript monorepo tools

Super 7 JavaScript Monorepo Tools 2024

Want to boost your product management process? Well then, here we are gonna get to know about the super 7 Javascript Monorepo Tools that will help you manage multiple projects with ease. Before we start the list of the best monorepo tools, let’s understand what is monorepo and how it can help you. What Is Javascript Monorepo Tools? A Javascript monorepo tool is a software tool that helps developers manage…

Cross Platform Application

Key Considerations For Building Cross-Platform Application

People are using apps on all sorts of platforms, including Windows, Android, and iOS. Each of them has unique needs. Is it possible to effectively address them with a single codebase? By developing cross-platform applications, you can easily overcome all the challenges. You can deliver consistent user experience across all devices and operating systems. Also, the single codebase makes the development of an application a lot easier. But what are…

Why you need a CRM Mapping Tool?

9 Reasons Why a Sales Team Needs a CRM Mapping Tool

Historically, sales teams have used pen and paper to gather and qualify leads. They would run around the office without a clear process. For the under-organized, it can be tough to maintain a solid strategy and come out successful on the other end. Those who have adopted a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or a CRM mapping tool usually have a process established. Having a dynamics 365 map makes it easier…