Top 10 Best Node JS Framework For Web Developers 2022

best Node JS framework

Looking for the Best Node JS Framework? Then rest your search here. Here is the amazing list of the best Node JS Framework in 2022. Although, before we go through the list let’s have a look at What Node JS is and what are the advantages of using one.!!

What is NodeJS?

Well, Node.js  is an open-source, cross-platform runtime environment for executing JavaScript code outside of the browser. To run JavaScript on the backend servers, a virtual machine like V8 by Google executes JS in the server so Node is a wrapper around virtual machines like V8 with built-in modules providing rich features through easy to use asynchronous API.

Besides, backend services like APIs(Applications Programming Interfaces) use Node to build their services. These services power client applications like web apps inside web browsers and mobile apps on mobile devices. Furthermore, users see and interact with these clients’ apps, so, they are just at the surface and interact with services sitting under the server or in the cloud to store data, send emails, push notifications, kick of workflow, and more.

Thus, Node is ideal for highly-scalable, data-intensive, and real-time backend services that power real-time applications. Also, This technology advances many useful functions and features and is highly supported by a large and active web devs community which makes it the most useful technology for building real-time web applications.

Advantages of node js:

Following are some of the advantages of Node JS.

  • Great for prototyping and agile development.
  • Building super fast and highly scalable services.
  • Supports widely used language JavaScript
  • Cleaner and more consistent codebase.
  • Large ecosystem of open-source libraries.

In 2022, the demand for web applications has increased with more and more businesses employing them to deliver a better user experience. Looking at this rising demand, developers are continually testing different frameworks that offer advanced features to build web applications.

Thus, Node.js is continuing to have a positive impact on users particularly around developer productivity and satisfaction. When asked to describe Node.js, the majority of respondents use positive terms like – “fast”, “easy”, “awesome”, “powerful”, “flexible”.

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Best Node JS Framework

In this article, we have prepared a list of the top 10 most popular Node.js frameworks based on their popularity and usage among developers. Also discussed are the whens and whys of their usage to perform specific tasks during web-app development.

Following is the Chart Based on the State of JS showing the percentage of satisfaction for particular Node JS Frameworks.

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Now, let’s check the Best node js framework list 2022..!!


Express.js, aka Express, tops the list of best Node.js frameworks. It has a minimalistic approach and seems to be a classic and straightforward framework for coding architecture. Furthermore, Express aligns with the high-speed I/O operations and the single-threaded nature of Node making it a default requirement for apps built with the Node.js platform. Besides, Companies like Twitter, Uber, Accenture, and other tech giants like IBM deploy applications built with Express.


  • Rapid server-side programming packages
  • High performance
  • Super-high test coverage helps build applications with maximum testability. 
  • A myriad of HTTP helperS
  • Better content negotiation
  • MVC Architectural pattern



Fastify is an open-source Node. js web framework that remains focused on providing excellent developer experience, minimal performance overhead, and a flexible plugin architecture. Besides, as its name suggests, it is focused on speed, and can currently serve up to 30,000 requests per second. Fastify provides extensibility via hooks, plugins, and decorators. It also provides extensibility via hooks, plugins, and decorators. Furthermore, Fastify’s development efforts are focused on six main features and principles. Fastify then provides APIs for working with routes, running the server, request/response validation and hooks, lifecycle management, middleware, error handling, content parsing, and much more.


  • Highly performant
  • Fully extensible via its hooks, plugins, and decorators.
  • Schema-based
  • Developer friendly.



Nest.js is a Node.js framework, which is utilized for building proficient, versatile Node.js server-side applications. Besides, It utilizes dynamic JavaScript and is composed of TypeScript. Furthermore, Being worked with TypeScript implies that Nest accompanies solid typing and consolidates components of OOP (Object Oriented Programming), FP (Functional Programming), and FRP (Functional Reactive Programming).

Furthermore, Nest likewise utilizes Express. It also gives an out-of-the-box application design that takes into account the easy making of exceptionally testable, adaptable, loosely coupled, and effectively viable applications. In addition, Nest CLI can be utilized to produce nest.js applications with plenty of highlights.


  • Better reliability because of TypeScript.
  • Provides a modular structure to arrange codes systematically
  • Easy front end development on AngularJS because Nest and Angular both use TypeScript
  • Features of Express.js
  • Unlock amazing features using Nest CLI



Strapi is a free and open-source headless CMS delivering your content anywhere you need. With Strapi, you know where your data is stored, and you keep full control at all times. Besides, you can also host and scale Strapi projects the way you want. In addition, You can choose any hosting platform you want: AWS, Render, Netlify, Heroku, a VPS, or a dedicated server. Also, you can scale as you grow, 100% independent. Furthermore, you can choose the database you prefer. Strapi works with SQL & NoSQL databases: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, and SQLite. Moreover, you can quickly build your logic by fully customizing APIs, routes, or plugins to fit your needs perfectly.


  • Modern Admin Panel
  • Database agnostic
  • Secure by default
  • Plugins Oriented
  • Blazing Fast
  • Front-end Agnostic
  • Powerful CLI
  • SQL & NoSQL databases


Koa Js

Koa is another major Node.js framework formed by the engineers of Express. It uses ES2017 async capacities. This is considered a tinier, increasingly stronger, and more expressive framework to develop APIs and web apps. Besides, Koa does not package middleware inside the center. Hence, the middlewares are progressively streamlined and every code line is granular and rich. Similarly, it considers you for structuring the parts the way you require.


  • Removes messy codes
  • Quicker coding
  • Restricts the usage of callbacks to improve error management
  • More options for customization
  • Lightweight architecture
  • Reasonable coding experience

Hapi is a trustworthy and stable Node.js framework. This Node.js REST framework is used to build REST (Representational State Transfer) APIs. Besides, Hapi provides an incredible capacity for building a server with great features like onPreHandler on a particular IP. Thus, it is known as the most favorable option for the Node.js server framework. In addition, there are features that make Hapi a suitable Node.js framework include third-party plug-in support, authentication, caching, and I/O validation.

The best part of this framework is that this is a single framework that doesn’t base on outside assistance and provides completely centralized control over every code line.


  • Operated with Postgres, MongoDB, and MySQL for building static sites
  • Lightweight
  • Develops real-time chat apps
  • Effective error management
  • Availability of Plug-ins like the travelogue, boom, yar, tv, catbox, and joi
  • Comprehensive API reference
  • Scaling architecture based on plug-ins
  • Input authentication, validation, and caching made simple



Meteor is a platform for building applications using Node.js with any frontend framework like Angular, React, or even Blaze, which is the Meteor front-end framework. The database it uses is MongoDB by default.


  • Zero configuration build tools providing code splitting and dynamic imports.
  • It is faster
  • Nicely integrated frontend with backend
  • Accounts and user authentication are excellent with meteor.
  • Excellent platform for building as doesn’t require code separate between it’s all a part of one code base that communicates smoothly.



Sails JS is another real-time best node js MVC framework. This Node JS framework was created on Express. Besides, It also builds the latest, data-driven style of APIs and web apps.  Furthermore, Sails.js can develop an API bookstore. For instance, it provides some important blueprints, so you don’t require composing any code. Also, Sails is good with nearly all frontend technologies increasing from Windows Phone, Java or Android, Angular, React, and so forth.


  • Easy management of HTTP requests
  • Extremely compatible with frontend website building platforms
  • Provides ORM (Object Rational Mapping) to offer usage of all databases
  • Smooth integration of middleware
  • Fast object modules development utilizing frontend
  • Simple project template creation


Feather JS

The Feathers.JS is another best Node JS framework. It is developed using Express JS. Besides, it is used as a microservice, fast, and for the real-time REST API.  Besides, It is best for modern isomorphic applications that can help in creating web apps. Furthermore, this framework also offers a compatible and flexible architecture that helps in developing top-notch apps.

The key features of Feathers.JS are:

  • Minimalistic web framework to develop modern features
  • Supports ECMAScript6.
  • Different functionalities combine services and hooks.
  • It allows the component and functionalities sharing much easier.
  • It is a versatile and unique Node JS framework
  • Third-party services and applications can communicate with each other easily
  • Support REST APIs instantaneously and automatically.
  • Optional plugins integration for the authorization and authentication of OAuth/email/Token to keep the user information confidential.



Socket.IO is a JavaScript library for real-time web applications. It enables real-time, bi-directional communication between web clients and servers. Besides, It has two parts: a client-side library that runs in the browser, and a server-side library for Node.js. Both components have a nearly identical API.  Furthermore, Socket.IO enables real-time bidirectional event-based communication. Thus, it is the best Node js framework.

It consists of:



So, Here were the best Node JS framework 2022 that can help in the development of websites, web apps, and mobile apps. Well, Each of the Node JS frameworks showcases its own set of features that makes the developers dive into the world of development.

Besides, it also depends on the requirements of your project. So, before you choose the framework, list down your needs and requirements. The list does not claim to be complete as trends and technologies change.  Although, it is good to be in touch with the current trends.

So, enhance your user experience with the help of the mentioned Best Node JS Framework, and let us know if we missed out on any of the Node JS frameworks.

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