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5 Tips for Choosing a Theme for Your Small Business Website

choosing a theme for your small business website

Not sure which theme is right for your business? Then here you will get guidance on choosing a theme for your small business website

Planning for trying to choose a theme for your small business website
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Guide to Choosing a Template for Your Business Website

Choosing a website theme is not something you should take lightly. It affects nearly every aspect of your website. It can even affect the way it runs in some very unpleasant ways if you do not know what to look out for. This is why this process needs to be given the due consideration it deserves.

After all, a website is the face of any business. And whether you are trying to just start your small business, or are working to improve it, the website will be the cornerstone of all your efforts. To help ensure you pick the best option possible, we have prepared 5 tips for choosing a theme for your small business website!

Compatible on every platform

When choosing a theme for your small business website, you really need to get the best out of it. This means that, while you look for the website theme of your dreams, you also need to prioritize its performance. Just imagine this: You publish your dream website. Everything is seemingly going great. It runs on your own browser like a charm.

And then, your analytics software and friends both confirm that the only people who can access your browser are people using Opera on a PC. You may be using it, and the theme was built to handle well in it, but if you lose access to the users from every other device and browser, then you are not achieving what you had set out to do at all. Small businesses desperately need outreach. And a poorly optimized theme would deny you exactly that: your ability to reach wider audiences.

Pick a clean and smart design

If you want to give your website a more luxurious feel, make it more appealing, and make it far more suited to the audience in 2022, then you need to pick a sharp and minimalistic website design. It may be because of all the pandemic-induced chaos we’ve been through. But audiences generally seem to be avoiding the more cluttered and overwhelming sites nowadays.

This means, that when choosing a theme for your small business website, you could be turning people away by choosing something complex and flashy. And, again, your goal as a small business owner should be to get as many people as possible to take your website seriously. If it seems like you are both trying too hard, as well as lagging behind other websites in appeal, then you’re very likely to be passed over. Adding the advantages of a clean design, the decision should be easy.


If there is one thing that has become abundantly clear to everyone, it is that SEO is king when it comes to making your site stand out. And, while it is possible to SEO your WordPress website within 30 minutes, it would be a lot harder, if not impossible, if your theme is actively working against you. ‘How can a theme impede my SEO?’ you might wonder. Well, the answer is simple: SEO is not just about keywords.

You see, a very important metric that Google considers when ranking websites according to their SEO is actually the site’s performance. Of course, compatibility is one such aspect, and we’ve covered it already. Equally important, if not more important, however, is the speed of your site. And while some themes look visually stunning and have some very cool options, they can hinder your loading and functioning speed by a lot.

Website theme code
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Since what’s causing issues with SEO is hidden in code, it can be hard to find out beforehand

supports the plugins you need

Another thing to consider when choosing a theme for your small business website is whether it supports all the plugins you are using. As the experts from point out, WordPress has a ton of extremely helpful, and completely free, plugins to choose from. They can help you with anything from keeping your SEO better in check to tracking the activity of your website’s visitors.

Losing access to all of that functionality would hurt a lot. Especially since the issue might even affect the more expensive and significantly more important plugins that you’d gone out of your way to purchase for your business. Such plugins are often essential for the running of eStores in particular. And it is very easy for a casually crafted theme to have compatibility issues with plugins that are supposed to automate the process of purchasing goods from your website. Entirely cutting you off from profits.

Plugin list
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Plugins are essential to running any website nowadays.

Choose a highly customizable theme

The final thing to consider when choosing a theme for your small business website is its customizability. First of all, even though your business is small at the moment, it does not mean that it will remain that way. The theme you choose needs to be able to handle the growth of your website. If it can’t reach the level of customization you need at that point, you would need to change it. And brands often become associated with the design of their website.

This would be a jarring change to your customers, which some might disagree with. Then, there’s the fact that if the theme is not customizable enough, your website wouldn’t be able to stand out. Especially if the theme is popular and used by a ton of different websites. Of course, you always have the option to contact professional theme providers and get yourself a unique theme!

Website theme code
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Now that you have gone through our 5 tips for choosing a theme for your small business website, you should be familiar with what you need to keep in mind. Finally, a word of caution: Trying to make your website unique is a good thing. However, you should definitely not go too far in the opposite direction and end up with something odd.

Some of the well-established conventions of picking a website theme are there for a reason. And people prioritize certain types of websites theme precisely because they know they will produce the best results. So, walk the line between the two options of pursuing creativity versus sure results very carefully.

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