2022 January

laravel react

13 Jan: Laravel React Admin Templates & Projects 2022

Are you thinking of combining laravel with react? Then this article here is for you. Here you’ll get to know how the Laravel React duo can be beneficial for your next project. What Is React? React is an open-source, front-end, JavaScript library for building user interfaces or UI components. It is one of the best sources to create an interface for web applications. Besides, it is maintained by Facebook and a community…

angular projects with source code

11 Jan: Top 10 Angular Projects With Source Code 2022

Looking for Angular Projects With Source Code? Then here is the list of the best open-source angular projects that you can learn from. Before we start the list, let’s know a bit about Angular. What Is Angular? Angular is one of the elite JavaScript frameworks developed by Google and based on TypeScript, Angular is capable of delivering great web applications with high web page performances. Furthermore, it is fully extensible and works well…

React Static Site Generators

03 Jan: The Best 7 React Static Site Generators 2022

Looking for the best React Static Site Generators to make eye-catchy websites? Then here is the best collection that consists of some of the best ReactJS Static Site Generators. Although, before we start the list, let’s get to know about SSGs and the advantages of using them in short. What is a Static Site Generator? Basically, a Static site generator (SSG) is a tool to build a static contentful website…